Martial God Asura Chapter 5014: The difference between heaven and earth



“Miss Chu, dare to ask you what are the realms of the two seniors of Tianfeng Jiange?”


Chu Feng asked.


“The one with black hair is the master of the penalty pavilion of my Tianfeng sword pavilion. He is a first-grade demigod.”


“And this one next to me is the Supreme Elder of my Tianfeng Sword Pavilion, he is a second-grade demigod.”


Chu Guyu is a smart person. Seeing that Chu Feng asked by voice transmission secretly, she also responded secretly by voice transmission.


“Can you let that elder, check, what kind of cultivation is this one next to me.”


Chu Feng said in secret.


Chu Guyu was silent for a while, but quickly responded.


“Master Chu Feng, the senior next to you should have treasures on him, and the elder Taishang can’t find out his cultivation level.”


“Mr. Chu Feng, since you are a companion, why don’t you ask him directly, are you unfamiliar?”


asked Chu Guyu.


“More than being unfamiliar, I don’t know what to say, I am now a prisoner, I was kidnapped by this person.”


Chu Feng said.


“Master Chu Feng, really?”


asked Chu Guyu.


“This kind of thing, how can I dare to make a joke.”


Chu Feng said.


“If this is the case, then Master Chu Feng will follow me back to Tianfeng Jian Pavilion, I am Tianfeng Jian Pavilion, and I hope Master Chu Feng will be safe.”


Speaking of these words in Chu ancient language, Chu Feng has a bottom in his heart, and Chu ancient language is obviously willing to help Chu Feng.


After talking with Chu Feng in secret, Chu Guyu spoke to Chu Feng openly.


“Young Master Chu Feng, I think my grandfather should also want to see you very much. Is Young Master Chu Feng willing to visit my Tianfeng Sword Pavilion as a guest?”


“If you stay as a guest, we will have something to do.”


But this time, before Chu Feng could answer, the Hell Envoy of the Prison Sect spoke up.


And his voice is somewhat indifferent.


At this moment, Chu Feng secretly shouted badly. Chu Feng felt that the prison sect **** envoy was probably aware of something.


“Miss Chu, if you can save me, I will thank Chu Feng again in the future.”


Chu Feng hurriedly secretly communicated in Chu ancient sayings.


“Young Master Chu Feng, don’t worry, just leave this to me.”


Chu Gu Yu has just finished saying this.






The sky trembled! ! !


The two majestic coercion have been released from the Supreme Elder of Tianfeng Jian Pavilion and the main body of Tianfeng Jian Pavilion Penalty Pavilion respectively.


These two forces of coercion are both semi-god and extremely powerful.


It is the coercion that truly possesses the power to destroy the world.


But it didn’t affect others, but precisely rushed towards the **** sect **** messenger.


It’s just that the power couldn’t reach the **** sect **** envoy, but after getting close to him, it stopped.


The Prison Sect Hell Envoy, who had taken precautions long ago, used his coercion to block this power.


Now, Chu Feng can analyze the strength of the Prison Sect Hell Envoy by comparing it with the aura of the Heavenly Wind Sword Pavilion Supreme Elder.


The coercion of the Prison Sect Hell Envoy is the same as the Supreme Elder of Tianfeng Jian Pavilion, he is also a second-rank demigod.


They are both second-rank demigods, and Chu Feng’s confidence has increased a lot.


Although the Prison Sect Hell Envoy is very strong, after all, there are so many people in the Tianfeng Sword Pavilion, and it may really be able to defeat the Prison Sect Hell Envoy.


“Chu Feng, is this what you mean?”


“Are you asking them for help?”


The Prison Sect Hell Envoy looked at Chu Feng.


Sure enough, he had already guessed how the situation was formed.


“Senior, don’t blame me.”


“You know that I have to go back, because there is something important to do.”


Chu Feng said to the Prison Sect Hell Envoy.




Who ever thought, the **** envoy of the Prison Sect gave out a sneer.


“You ask them, do they dare to help you?”


The Prison Sect Hell Envoy cast his gaze to the Heavenly Wind Sword Pavilion.


“It’s so arrogant, do you treat me as a vegetarian in Tianfeng Jiange?”


“Today… if you don’t explain clearly why you want to kidnap Young Hero Chu Feng, you can never get away safely.”


The Supreme Elder of Tianfeng Jiange said.




“Tianfeng Tianfeng Jiange, how dare you talk to me like this?”


“Look carefully and see who I am.”


The **** of the prison sect finished speaking, and a hurricane revolved around his body. At the same time, the hat on his head and the robe on his body began to change.


Soon, the real robe of his prison school **** envoy emerged.


“You…are you from the Prison Sect?”


Looking at the dress of the prison sect **** envoy at this time, the complexion of everyone in the Tianfeng Sword Pavilion changed drastically, and extremely obvious fear appeared on their faces.


Even the elders of the Heavenly Wind Sword Pavilion are no exception for those with a second-rank demigod cultivation base.


“Sorry, I really don’t know who you are.”


“If I knew that you were a member of the Prison Sect, I would never dare to intervene in your affairs.”


Tianfeng Sword Pavilion Supreme Elder, and the penalty pavilion master, not only hurriedly put away the coercion, but also apologized to the Prison Sect Hell Envoy.


Even Chu Gu Yu didn’t dare to speak.


“Hurry up, otherwise…I will destroy you and your Heavenly Wind Sword Pavilion.”


The Prison Sect Hell Envoy said coldly.


As soon as he finished saying this, all the people in Tianfeng Jian Pavilion disappeared. It can be said that they disappeared completely.


Seeing this scene, Chu Feng’s heart was cold.


I originally thought that I could get out of trouble, but I never thought that the reputation of the Prison Sect could be so great in Totem Tianhe.


He didn’t fight at all, just showed his identity, and he frightened Tianfeng Jiange.


“Chu Feng, you kid should give up the idea of ​​going back. No one can change the thing I decide.”


The **** envoy of the Prison Sect, who scared away the Tianfeng sword pavilion, was also a little proud and couldn’t help looking at Chu Feng.


But at this look, he also changed his expression.


He discovered that Chu Feng was gone! !


No… it’s not that Chu Feng is missing, but that the space he is in has changed.


The mountains in the distance and the forests in the vicinity are disappearing.


It was replaced by a mist.


The mist has swallowed the entire world, making him unable to see anything.


And soon, two figures walked out of the mist.


“Is it you?”


Seeing these two, the **** envoy of the Prison Sect was also a little surprised.


Because of these two, he knew each other, and he had just seen them in the Longxiquan Pavilion.


These two, just now, asked Chu Feng for the father and son of Longquan.


But seeing the father and son again, their temperaments are completely different.


Clearly dressed and looks exactly the same as in Longxiquan Pavilion.


But at this time, the father and son gave people the feeling that they were completely oppressed. Even the little boy should not be underestimated.


“It turns out that the strength is hidden. Let’s go, what do you do?”


The Prison Sect Hell Envoy asked.


“Don’t take this kid away.”


The middle-aged man said.


“Do you want to be nosy, too?”


The Prison Sect Hell Envoy asked.




The middle-aged man smiled Then he said:


“If I want to be more nosy, you from the Prison Sect, don’t even think about walking into the Nine Soul Tianhe.”


“I don’t want to do anything with you today, you first **** Chu Feng back to Jiuhun Tianhe.”


“After Chu Feng returned safely to the Nine Souls Tianhe, Song Yun, I can let you take it away, but that little girl, you have to hand it over, neither she nor Chu Feng belong to your Prison Sect.”


The middle-aged man said.


Although the tone is flat and not hostile, everyone can hear it. This is not a discussion at all, but an order.


“It looks like you are from the Nine Souls Tianhe?”


“I have been in Jiuhun Tianhe for so long, why didn’t I expect that someone would dare to speak such a big tone in front of my prison sect.”


“I tell you, you have angered me, it’s best to get out of here, otherwise…”




The prison sect **** messenger uttered a scream before finishing speaking.


Suddenly the entire world was distorted, and the Hell Envoy of the Prison Sect felt a very powerful sense of oppression.


That feels that his body is no longer under his control, and even his life is also not under control.


“I don’t know the end of angering you.”


“But I advise you, don’t irritate me.”


The middle-aged man spoke again, his tone still very flat.


But looking at this middle-aged man wearing a sack and carrying a firewood axe again, the **** envoy of the Prison Sect is full of fear.


Now, he knows very well.


In front of this man, he has no chance of winning.


The gap between the two is a world of difference! ! !


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