Martial God Asura Chapter 5013: Current opportunity



“Use fraud?”


“The people in the Longxiquan Pavilion all admitted that I unlocked the real dragon chessboard. You actually said that I used fraud?”


“Is Tianfeng Sword Pavilion in this way?”


“If this is the case, then this token, I don’t want Chu Feng.”


While Chu Feng was talking, he threw the guest invitation that was just given to Chu Feng by Chu ancient sayings, and threw it directly on the ground.


“Hmph, your kind of tricks tricked me into my junior sisters.”


“Chu Feng, I said, I will not bully you, what is your Xiuwei tell me, I will suppress the cultivation to the same realm as you.”


“Let’s have a fair test, I, Li Han, will never take advantage of you.”


“If you dare not, just admit your mistakes.”


“Anyway, unless you beat me today, don’t want to leave safely.”


Then Li Han said very strongly.


Probably because of the backing of the black-haired old man, his confidence, and his arrogance, are more prosperous than in the Longxiquan Pavilion.


Chu Feng glanced at the Prison Sect Hell Envoy, and saw that the Prison Sect Hell Envoy did not respond. He obviously didn’t want to care about Chu Feng.


But Chu Feng knew that the Prison Sect Hell Envoy could never fail to save Chu Feng.


So even the black-haired old man from Tianfeng Sword Pavilion who Li Han found is a powerhouse in the semi-god state.


But Chu Feng is not afraid.


“Are you a fifth-rank martial master?”


“You don’t need to suppress the cultivation base, I, Chu Feng, can beat you.”


Chu Feng said to Li Han.


While speaking, he also circulated the cultivation base of his fourth-rank martial arts.


“This kid is actually a fourth-rank martial artist?”


“I really can’t see it.”


Feeling Chu Feng’s cultivation level, the disciples of Fengjian Pavilion also showed surprised expressions that day.


Even the black-haired old man in the demigod state has his eyes changed.


“Although the fourth-rank martial master is strong, he is obviously not the fifth-rank martial master’s opponent. Since this son knows the cultivation level of Senior Brother Li, why should he fight? Is there a problem with this son’s head?”


“There is absolutely a problem. I have said that Senior Brother Li said that he would suppress the cultivation base, but he said no. Isn’t this looking for death?”


But soon, the disciples of Tianfeng Jiange began to ridicule Chu Feng again, not because of anything else, but because they were full of confidence in that Li Han.


If they had the same cultivation level, they felt that Chu Feng might not be undoubtedly defeated.


The cultivation base is one grade higher than Chu Feng, so how can Chu Feng win?


“Boy, are you sure?”


“The sword has no eyes, do you really want to use the fourth-rank martial arts cultivation base to fight me?”


Even Li Han looked at Chu Feng in disbelief.


Noise la la la—


At this moment, a thunder pattern appeared on Chu Feng’s forehead, and his cultivation was also raised from a fourth-rank martial master to a fifth-rank martial master.


“Which so much nonsense, I don’t want to waste time with you.”


“Whether it is to fight or not to fight, then hurry up and stop fighting.”


Chu Feng said impatiently.


“It turns out that I have practiced God Punishment Profound Art. No wonder I have such a big tone.”


“But if I dare to challenge my Li Han, even if God punishes mystery, he is not qualified.”


“Boy, this is what you asked for!!!”




I saw a flash of light flashing, and Li Han had already rushed towards Chu Feng.


And Chu Feng didn’t shrink back, but when he shot, he also went to Li Han’s impact.


Boom boom boom——


At the time of the roar, raging force wreaked havoc on the heavens and the earth.


But this amazing battle ended before it lasted long.


Li Han was the first to fall out of the battle circle, not only with blood on the corners of his mouth, but also the arm holding the soldier was directly cut off.


But at this time, Li Han’s cultivation is not a fifth-rank martial master, but a seventh-rank martial master.


But the people at Tianfeng Jiange were not surprised.


Li Han possesses a god-given divine body, and has practiced the profound arts of Tianfeng Sword Pavilion, and then takes special forbidden drugs.


He can continuously improve his cultivation base of two ranks on the basis of the fifth rank martial arts.


But at this time, everyone in Tianfeng Jiange was still full of shock.


They are not shocked by Li Han’s improvement, but Li Han’s cultivation has been improved to this point, but still lost, and lost so quickly.


It’s all because of Chu Feng.


At this time, Chu Feng, holding the Sword of Ancient Heroes, stood above the void.


Looking at Chu Feng like this, the disciples of Tianfeng Jiange were full of fear in their eyes.


Not because of anything else, but because of Shi Chu Feng’s cultivation base, he also reached the seventh-rank martial arts realm.


On his forehead, there are not only thunder patterns, but also thunder armor on his body. The most important thing is that he unleashes the power of the four elephants.


This is Chu Feng’s confidence, Chu Feng’s confidence to fight Li Han.


But obviously no one else expected that Chu Feng would be so strong.


Don’t talk about the people of Tianfeng Sword Pavilion.


Even the Hell Envoy of the Prison Sect was surprised.


“Such a powerful child appeared in the East Region, I didn’t even know?”


The Prison Sect Hell Envoy looked at Chu Feng at this time, and there was also a surprise in his eyes.


And Chu Feng, for this duel, did not have the slightest surprise.


So it is better than Li Han, and there is no joy on his face, because he knows that the matter has not ended there.


After all, the most difficult thing for Tianfeng Jiange to deal with right now is not Li Han, but the half-god, black-haired old man.


The old man, although he hasn’t said a word since he appeared.


Just by looking at his fierce face, he knew that he was a bad person, who supported Li Han.


“Li Han, don’t hesitate to apologize to this young hero.”


Finally, the black-haired old man spoke, but what he said surprised Chu Feng very much.


He didn’t even support Li Han, but instead asked Li Han to apologize to Chu Feng.


“My skills are not as good as others, I surrendered.”


And Li Han actually got up obediently and really apologized to Chu Feng.


Just as Chu Feng was puzzled, two more figures appeared.


It’s the ancient language of Chu, and the unfathomable old man I just met in the Longquan Tavern.


“Young Master Chu Feng, you are too mysterious. I just want to test your identity and see if you can tell where you come from from your martial arts skills. In fact, there is no malicious intent.”


“Please don’t blame Li and don’t blame me, in fact, even if you just lost, we won’t be difficult for you.”


Chu Gu Yu said to Chu Feng.


And her remarks also restored the truth of the matter.


For a long time, this is the meaning of Chu ancient language.


They didn’t really intend to embarrass Chu Feng, but wanted to use this method to tell where Chu Feng came from.


While Chu Gu Yu was talking, the probing hand grabbed the guest invitation that Chu Feng had just thrown away from the ground.


But she looked at the token, but put it away again.


“The invitation to the guest is not worthy of the strength of Chu Feng. If Chu Feng doesn’t dislike it, please accept this.”


While Chu Gu Yu spoke, he took another token from his arms and handed it to Chu Feng.


This time it is also an invitation order, but it is no longer a guest invitation order, but a supreme invitation order.


The meaning of this token is completely different.


It must be a very noble person to get such an invitation.


“Master Chu Feng, this senior.”


“I have offended Tianfeng Jiange just now, please forgive me.”


Seeing that Chu Feng had accepted the invitation, Chu Gu Yu gave a gift to Chu Feng and the Hell Envoy of the Prison Sect and apologized.


And Chu Feng is somewhat angry in his heart.


But he knew that now is not the time to be angry.


Now it’s an opportunity instead.


This is indeed wrong in Chu Gu Yu, but it also shows that she really wants to know Chu Feng, or to get to know Chu Feng.


Now, she also knows that her behavior is inappropriate, and she feels guilty to Chu Feng.


At this time, if she offers to help her, she may not refuse.


So Chu Feng gritted his teeth and still secretly transmitted the voice to Chu’s ancient sayings.


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