Martial God Asura Chapter 5011: Chu Ancient Language



“Is this…is the Dragon’s Breath token?”


Everyone leaned forward and looked seriously at the token in Chu Feng’s hand.


Although this token looks ordinary, it has the word Dragon’s Breath written on it, but these two words have already explained its identity.


At this time, all the shopkeepers in the Longxiquan Pavilion stepped forward.


They checked the real dragon board repeatedly, and they should also be sure whether Chu Feng really unlocked the real dragon board.


“Guardian, you…you actually unlocked the real dragon chessboard.”


Soon, they looked at Chu Feng again, and this time, their eyes looked different at Chu Feng.


Obviously, they already have the answer.


“I shouldn’t be blindfolded, right?”


Chu Feng asked.


“Of course not, you really unlocked this real dragon chessboard.”


“My son, you are really amazing. You must know that after so many years, you are the first and only person who can unlock this true dragon chessboard.”


Dian Xiaoer talked with Chu Feng again, and even his tone became extremely respectful.


“How about, would you like to bet?”


Chu Feng looked at Li Han.




At this time, Li Han’s expression was very ugly, as if he had eaten shit. He should be eager to find a gap and get in.


Because it is really embarrassing.


“What kind of expression is Li Han, isn’t it that I can’t afford to lose?”


“Will you bet and lose, yes.”


“This man, he is really capable.”


At this time, those onlookers also began to booze.


They looked down on Chu Feng before, but now they are pointing the irony at Li Han.


“Hmph, Li Han, I am not someone who can’t afford to lose, take it…”


Li Han is still very dissatisfied. This can be seen from the tone of his speech, but in this situation, he can’t help it.


He gave the twenty Longquan coins in his hand to Chu Feng.


“Please bring me two bowls of Longquan.”


Chu Feng handed twenty Longquan coins to Xiaoer of the shop.


“Give me a bowl too.”


Immediately afterwards, the woman from the Tianfeng Sword Pavilion also asked for a bowl of Longquan.


“Good guest officer, come soon.”


Not long after Xiaoer left, he brought two bowls of Longquan up. This time, the speed was much faster than before.


Perhaps, this is a different treatment.


After all, Chu Feng is no longer an ordinary guest official in their eyes.


“This time, I can have a good drink.”


Chu Feng handed the two bowls of Longquan to the father and son.


“Young man, this…this is not so good, we only need a little bit.”


“This…this is too bad.”


The middle-aged man was a little embarrassed.


“Brother, I don’t need so many.”


Even the naive little boy shook his head again and again, although his eyes were full of longing.


“You are welcome, it is rare to have this fate.”


“Actually, I am also looking at your son’s face.”


“Looking at your son, I know you are a good father.”


Chu Feng told the truth.


Chu Feng thinks that he is not a bad person, but he is definitely not a great good person whose mission is to save the people of the world.


Chu Feng’s cultivation is not for all sentient beings, he just selfishly wants to protect his relatives and friends.


So Chu Feng’s good deeds are also based on feelings and fate.


The father and son touched Chu Feng’s heart and made Chu Feng do this.


“Little hero, good people will be rewarded.”


The middle-aged man took the two bowls of Longquan and started drinking with the little boy separately.


But at this moment, another bowl of Longquan was handed to Chu Feng.


“Don’t just focus on doing good deeds. It’s rare to see Longxiquan Pavilion open, and you have to drink yourself.”


It’s the heroic woman in Tianfeng Jiange.


It turns out that the bowl of Longquan she wanted behind was for Chu Feng.


“In Xiatian Fengjian Pavilion, Chu ancient saying.”


“There have been many offenses before, and I have asked the son to have a lot of them, and this bowl of Longquan, as an apologize.”


The woman held the bowl of Longquan with both hands, and even gave a polite when she spoke. This attitude is much better than before.


“Chu ancient saying, she is the granddaughter of the pavilion master of Tianfeng Sword Pavilion?”


“I have heard of Chu ancient sayings a long time ago. It is said that his talent is stronger than Li Han, and sooner or later he will surpass Li Han and become the strongest disciple of Tianfeng Jiange.”


“It’s just that she rarely leaves Tianfeng Jiange, few people have seen her true face.”


“Unexpectedly, she is such a heroic girl, she is really different.”


After the woman introduced herself, some discussions sounded in the spring hall.


This also explains why even Li Han’s young disciples would surround this woman.


It turns out that she is a character with both identity and strength.


This kind of person does not become the darling of Tianfeng Jiange, but is unreasonable.


“Your name is Chu Guyu?”


Compared to other people, Chu Feng is more concerned about this woman’s name.


“Well, what’s the matter?”


Chu Gu Yu asked a little puzzled.


“Not only does it have the same last name, but this name is also very kind.”


Chu Feng smiled.


After all, his eldest brother in the Chu family is called Chu Guyu.


This woman is called Chu Gu Yu, although he also knows that only the homophony is similar, not the real name is the same.


It still feels very kind.


Nothing else, just because Chu Guyu, the big brother, has too much weight in Chu Feng’s heart.


After all, when he was young, Chu Feng suffered a lot of bullying in the Chu family. If it weren’t for the protection of his foster father and Chu Guyu, Chu Feng’s life would be very sad.


So even if it’s just a homophonic sound, this name does get Chu Feng’s favorability bonus.




“You can really bullshit, you can feel kind with a name? From my point of view, you are not kind, but rather excited?”


Then Li Han murmured not far away.


Looking at Li Han’s sour Feng smiled.


“Ms. Chu, in Chu Feng, today’s acquaintance is fate. Since this bowl of Longquan is the girl’s mind, Chu Feng will laugh at it.”


Chu Feng took the Longquan from Chu Gu Yu, raised his head and drank it.


This time I feel more refreshing than before.


If it is possible, Chu Feng is also willing to use Zunbing for another bowl of Longquan, because this Longquan feels absolutely worth the money.


“Master Chu Feng, being able to unlock the real dragon chessboard so easily is really breathtaking.”


“Presumably Young Master Chu Feng, he must be a famous teacher and a good disciple”


“Where are you from?”


Chu Gu Yu asked Chu Feng.


If you say, previously, she just wanted to unlock the real dragon chessboard.


So now, she is already interested in Chu Feng.


“I am not here.”


Chu Feng gave an understatement.


But he also expressed that he didn’t want to reveal too many thoughts.


“Master Chu Feng, was he originally from outside?”


“Fengjian Pavilion that day, in fact, it should be the landlord’s friendship.”


“I don’t know Mr. Chu Feng, would you like to sit in my Tianfeng sword pavilion?”


asked Chu Guyu.


“No, let’s go another day.”


Chu Feng said, because he knew that even if he wanted to go, the Prison Sect Hell Envoy would not agree.


“Whenever Mr. Chu Feng comes, I will welcome him at Tianfeng Sword Pavilion.”


While speaking, the woman handed a token to Chu Feng.


That was an invitation to the guests of Tianfeng Jiange.


“Thank you.”


Chu Feng was not polite, but directly accepted the invitation.


Chu Feng may not go to Tianfeng Jiange, but when people show good intentions, Chu Feng can’t refuse the kindness.


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