Long Live Summons! Chapter 2: : [Gemini Talent]



The little girl asked this, and immediately made the beautiful woman come back to her senses.


   She wiped her tears anxiously and wiped her entire face. Yue Yang saw her face that was messed up with mud and tears, and his eyes felt a little hot. He took a deep breath, suppressed his excitement, and stretched out his hand to wipe it for her.


  The beautiful woman didn’t allow him to wipe her tears with her hands, blocked Yue Yang’s hand at once, and turned around and went out in a hurry.


   Yue Yang saw her disappearing back, and he stood for a long time.


  ”Little brother, why does mother cry?” The little girl asked curiously, but instead of delving into this question, she held up the big windmill in her hand: “Look, is my windmill good-looking? This is I bought it on the street, and there are still delicious candied haws on the street, but my mother didn’t buy it…Little third brother, I have to ride a wildebeest and a high windmill to turn fast!”


   Yueyang sweats profusely, is this little girl too naughty?


  Riding a wildebeest?


   Does the hapless man who committed suicide often coax her like this? Don’t let this little thing see the flaws yourself.


   It’s impossible to put her on her neck and ride a wildebeest. What if she falls?


   But there is no need to refuse the little Lolita’s request, she just needs to transform into Wei Shu, classmate Yue Yang picked up the little girl, quickly lifted it up in the air, and then put it down again, so happy that she giggled and held it continuously. Four or five times, the little girl smiled softly and fell into Yue Yang’s arms.


  ha, it’s not easy to pick up a little loli.


   Outside the door, the beautiful woman who hurriedly washed away the tears, especially the watery face, came back, and Yue Yang hurriedly put the little girl down.


  The little girl didn’t follow her, she insisted on nudging him. The beautiful woman leaned over and hugged this little thing, and said with a beaming face: “San’er, hurry up, let Siniang see what your talent and life guardian beast are… San’er, I said earlier, You will be successful, hey, this is fine. After waiting for so many years, you finally succeeded. San’er, you are finally out of your head! Hurry up, open the Summoning Book and let Siniang take a look. It makes me happy too! “




   and the life guardian war beast?


   With such a question in Yue Yang’s heart, knowledge emerged in his mind like aura.


   First of all, he found a problem, that is, crossing, this is no longer the earth, but another world.


  In this land called Longteng Continent, there are countless powerful people living in this land, headed by the Three Kingdoms royal family, the four major families, and the four major sects. In addition to the imperial families of the three big countries that the emperor passed down from generation to generation, there are also four families of Feng, Xue, Yue, and Yan. In the world, there are four more mysterious sects. The four major sects gather many powerful people in the Longteng Continent who are dedicated to the pursuit of heaven. Usually, they rarely go through the world. Only every three years, they send their disciples out of the mountain to lead the best juniors to start cultivation.


   Among all the strong, except for the descendants of the royal family and the four major families, only a few geniuses can successfully contract this very special treasure and summon the treasure.


The advantage of    Summoning Tome lies in its owner, any one of them may grow into a peak powerhouse.


   If there is no, the chance of becoming a peak power is very slim!


   Yue Yang discovered that this Dragon Continent is almost purely the world of summoners.


   There is no magic or grudge, only summoning!


   Summoning is all-encompassing in this world. There are elemental summons that are similar to magic, enhanced summons that are close to fighting, and war beasts that are similar to the summoning… In short, summoning is in this world. Just as it is common for Chinese students to go to school, there are also academies that specialize in teaching summoning.


  Although almost everyone knows summoning, not everyone can own the Summoning Tome. On the contrary, the owner can be said to be extremely rare.


  For example, a person with a Summoning Tome is like a high-achieving student among hundreds of millions of students who can be admitted to Harvard and Cambridge.


   Everyone is eager to have a collection, but that is only the patent of a few geniuses!


   After successfully contracting the Summoning Tome, every owner of the Summoning Tome will automatically awaken a certain talent in the body, and at the same time will get a life guardian beast that is most suitable for the owner to upgrade.


   “Ah, yes, but I don’t know what my talent is!”


   Yue Yang is also very curious because of the knowledge that has emerged in his mind, what kind of talent has he awakened by the Summoning Book?


  He prayed in his heart, but don’t make instant noodles, don’t be talents related to otaku, otherwise, let the beautiful woman see it and you will be finished!


   Crossing male student Yueyang opened the homepage of the Summoning Book and found that the top of the page was his own big avatar.


   looks pretty cool.


Under   , his level is indicated: first-level novice apprentice, beginner.


   Behind this novice apprentice, there is a very brief grade evaluation note.


   Novice Apprentice: You are the weakest existence in the world, but fortunately, as the owner of the Summoning Tome, you still have the hope of becoming a strong one.


   Yue Yang rolled his eyes when he saw it… the weakest one is whether the ant is good or not. No matter how weak he is, he is much stronger than the ant. It is too uncomfortable to hit people’s self-esteem. Skip this level evaluation, the bottom half of the page is everyone’s talent. According to the knowledge and memory transmitted to Yue Yang from the book, each person has one kind of talent, except for very few people who will be the same, the talents of most people are completely different.


   Of course, this may have something to do with not many people owning the Summoning Tome.


   Seeing his talent, classmate Yue Yang was stupid.


  His talent is not soaking instant noodles, or downloading **** and playing ergonomics, but a talent that makes Yue Yang sweat.


   To be precise, this is a very special, rare, magical, and enviable Gemini talent. Originally, everyone’s talent will show a related talent pattern under the head portrait, but Yue Yang’s talent image is a combination of the left and right patterns.


   On the left is a mysterious back, which can be vaguely recognized as Yue Yang’s back.


   On the right is a frontal portrait hiding in the dark. If it weren’t for a back figure, it’s harder to recognize Yue Yang. His face is not clear, except for his gleaming wolf-like eyes. Show any specific features. In the whole pattern, most of them are dark and fuzzy, except for the two star-like eyes, there is no light.


   What makes Yue Yang the most sweaty and maddened is the evaluation of this kind of Gemini talent.


  Disguise talent: You are as cunning as a fox, you are as sinister as a viper, and you are good at disguising yourself like a chameleon. Your whole image is full of illusions, and no one can see your heart. Your talent abilities will increase as your level increases. At present, your talent level is level one.


   Wisdom Eye Talent: You have eagle-like eyes~ IndoMTL.com~ You have a prophetic sense, you see through the souls of creatures like a death god, you have the insight to see through everything in the world, and you are never deceived by any illusions and illusions. The talent abilities will be strengthened as the level increases. At present, your talent level is level one.


   “Fuck…” Classmate Yue Yang almost didn’t fall down. He thought to himself, is he so cunning or so insidious?


  Although I try to see through the thin code with my eyes when watching the Cavalry A film, this trick is something that every wolf will do.


   To talk about the look in his eyes, Yue Yang feels that he is not too good, because when the actresses put on their clothes, they can’t recognize a few except for the pirate Wang Wujie and the four kings of the new world, Aoi and Yoshizawa. .


   can this be regarded as a smart eye?


   As for disguise, let alone disguise, I will not easily disguise myself at all, at most lying and deceiving people!


  Besides, who hasn’t lied before? Even if it is a child, if a parent asks who has watched an Aiqing action movie, who would be so stupid and frankly admit it?


   such a twin star talent……


   Yueyang classmate is very embarrassed and wants to squat to the corner to draw circles.


   “San’er, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have talent. As long as you work hard, Si Niang believes that you will definitely become a strong man like your father!” The beautiful woman’s eyes were red, and her voice was a little choked to comfort Yue Yang.


   “Huh?” Yue Yang was silly when he heard that, he was obviously a Gemini talent, what did she say?


   Could it be that she couldn’t see her talent?


   Could the disguise talent be a passive skill? Doesn’t need to be displayed and is always effective? No… Classmate Yue Yang jumped up, pointed at the pattern on the Summoning Book, first swallowed nervously, pressed his heartbeat, and then asked: “You, you, can’t you see this pattern? You really see it. Can’t you see the words on this?”


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