Judge of the Song Dynasty Chapter 676: Rebellion Case (4)


Chapter 676: Rebellion Case (4)

As for the evidence provided by the Taxation Department, only Zhang Fei and Xu Zhiqian knew about it. Xu Zun did not know anything about it, but that was only because Xu Zun didn’t ask. If he asked, Zhang Fei would definitely do the same. Tell it like it is.

But he didn’t mention a word about the others.

Because this battle is crucial for the Taxation Department and the Public Security Bureau, and there is no room for failure. You must know that this is the first time that the Taxation Department has adopted violent tax collection on a large scale, killing many people, and directly Facing those local tycoons.

In fact, the Department of Taxation is trying to deal with these grassroots bandits, that is, to knock down the mountains and shake the tigers. The target is still the wealthy gentry, they are the ones who are holding power.

And those wealthy gentry knew very well, so they supported these grassroots bandits to deal with the tax department.

At the same time, the Department of Taxation also knows that doing this will definitely trigger opposition from many ministers in the DPRK and China. This feudal society is composed of officials and gentry. Dealing with the gentry is actually dealing with officials in the DPRK and China.

But if we don’t take this step, we won’t be able to raise this tax.

The Taxation Department actually relies on the Public Security and Procuratorate Law to collect taxes. Without the Public Security and Procuratorate Law, the Taxation Department would definitely not be established, because the ministers would definitely oppose it.

It’s very simple. Without the Public Security Bureau, the tax department is the emperor’s money-making minions and is not controlled by the state.

If this were possible, there would be no need for Wang Anshi to reform, and he would just set up a tax department to rob it.

As the emperor’s secret service, the Imperial City Division only has the power of investigation, but does not set up prisons. Even if the Imperial City Division finds that a minister has violated the law, he must hand it over to the Yushitai or Dali Temple. But even so, the ministers They are still dissatisfied with the Imperial City Division. They believe that the Imperial City Division should be responsible for the country, not the emperor.

Everyone knows that the Emperor is behind the Taxation Department, but the reason why they cannot directly oppose it is not because they are afraid of the imperial power, but because the Taxation Department is acting under the banner of collecting taxes in accordance with the law, rather than under the banner of imperial power.

The emperor just silently supported it.

From this point of view, the Taxation Department actually belongs to the state agency. The taxes they collect must be entered into the accounts of the Third Department. The person who distributes the money is also the Transfer Department, but this boss is the person appointed by the emperor. .

If a tax policeman is caught breaking the law, he will definitely be punished.

The Public Security Bureau also needs a tax department. If the tax law is not well implemented, many illegal things will occur, and the Public Security Bureau will be incapable of doing so.

I remember that when Zhang Fei was Erbi, nine out of ten cases were related to taxation, which often put the court in a dilemma. The judgments at that time often had nothing to do with the law and were purely related to taxation. political verdict.

To put it simply, whether the tax laws can be fully implemented is the touchstone of the public security organs and the law. If they cannot be implemented, the public security organs and the law are just superficial and useless.

Therefore, Zhang Fei was very cautious in this case and did not dare to make any negligence.

“How long will this adjourn?”

Zhao Xu held his breath and asked with a deep eyebrow.

He is eager to get angry now, and he will be ready to get angry when the case is finished.

Liu Zhao said next to him: “I don’t know for sure, but it will take at least a day or two to verify the evidence. There will definitely not be another trial today.”

Hearing this, Zhao Xu immediately stood up and left angrily.

This case really refreshed his understanding of the Forbidden Army. Knowing that he still wanted to eliminate Xixia, this was a huge blow to his confidence.

How can we fight Xixia, let alone the more powerful Liao Kingdom?

The key is, the money was spent.

This is the most hurtful thing.

It would be fine if we didn’t spend so much money, but now 60% to 70% of our budget is spent on this every year, and this is what we get in exchange for this?

Can Long Yan be furious?

“Scholar Wang, this case cannot continue to be tried like this. Even if it is to be tried, it should be tried behind closed doors.”

“If something like this is said in front of so many people, it may arouse public anger and be detrimental to the stability of the country.”

“It’s all Zhang San’s fault. This rebellion is a rebellion, and he wants to involve the Forbidden Army, which will make the Forbidden Army panic.”

As soon as Wang Anshi stood up, a group of officials gathered around him, chattering and refusing to listen.

In the past, these reasons would indeed make Wang Anshi hesitate, and he would put the overall situation first, but today, he only felt disgust in his heart and sneered: “You are really worthless, those officials have already done this to the detriment of others. You still want to help them cover up something that is conscience-stricken, aren’t you afraid of being infamy for thousands of years?”

After speaking, he shouted angrily.

The officials were immediately blinded.

Wang Anshi was too lazy to chat with them. His sleeves shook and he left angrily.

Compared with here, Sima Guang and the others are relatively quiet. It’s not that they don’t want to persuade, but they see that the faces of Fu Bi, Lu Gongzhu and others are very ugly, and they don’t dare to go up and ask for trouble. I could only endure it and watch Sima Guang and the others leave.

But in my heart I was anxious, talking and whispering in groups of twos and threes.

One of the key reasons why Li Guozhong asked Li Lei to ask for an adjournment was that he wanted to express that we had no knowledge of this case.

This is also the first time they have been involved in this kind of lawsuit. They are already worried, and of course they are scared to death if such a thing is caused again!

After seeing the young man leave, Fei Ming whispered: “They definitely knew about it, they just didn’t tell us.”

Li Guozhong nodded: “I also know this. It is impossible for them to tell us about such a thing.”

Behind them is not one person, but all the forces of Qizhou’s black and white factions. The affair between Xie Liu Wu and Wu Tian happened in recent years. It does not need to be traced back many years ago. It is impossible that no one knows about it.

It’s just that they think these are two different things. The key point is that they don’t dare to tell Li Guozhong and others about these things. Can such things be said nonsense?

Lost your head, many of them have nothing to do with this case.

Li Lei asked: “Father, what should we do now?”

Li Guozhong sighed: “If this case continues, we will only get involved in it.”

Fei Ming said: “But can we escape now?”

Li Guozhong frowned and remained silent.

He really didn’t want to fight. God knows what else could be uncovered later.

It is said that the trial is adjourned, but with so much evidence, it is impossible to verify all of it in this short period of time. Moreover, this lawsuit cannot be over in a day or two. There is no need to rush the progress. The trial will end here.

This made many people breathe a sigh of relief. Just now, they were all frightened when they were listening!

But the people are complaining more. At this juncture, if you do something like this, you can’t get up or get down. How uncomfortable it is!

It’s a good thing they didn’t prepare rotten eggs, otherwise, they would have to shout directly in the face. This kind of person is even more hateful than Wu Tian.

“How was it?”

When Zhang Fei returned home, Xu Zhiqian walked over quickly and asked, “How come the trial was completed so quickly?”

“Be careful, pregnant woman.”

Zhang Fei gave her a slightly reproachful look, then gently supported her with one hand and said, “The trial has not been completed because they did not expect that we would find out Wu Tian and Xie Liuwu’s deeds. I think Li Guozhong and the others were not satisfied with this. They all felt very scared, so they applied for an adjournment of the hearing.”

Xu Zhiqian asked: “Then will they continue to fight?”

Zhang Fei said: “They definitely don’t want to fight, but whether they continue to fight may not be up to them!”

Xu Zhiqian added: “From a judicial perspective, do they still have a chance to turn defeat into victory?”

Zhang Fei smiled and said: “How many times have I discussed this issue with you? There is no sure-win lawsuit in this world, and we are not omniscient and omnipotent. What we hold in our hands may not be the entire truth. If If they find a very crucial piece of evidence, it will be possible to overturn the situation.”

Li’s Bookstore.

At this time, a group of tea-eaters and Erbi were restless in the lobby, pacing back and forth, and occasionally bumping into each other.

Although they went to court, they also made suggestions behind the scenes. Now that they learned the outcome in court, they were all panicked.

After a while, Li Guozhong and Li Lei finally came back.

“Li Xingshou, what did they say?”

A group of people immediately greeted him.

Li Guozhong said: “They asked us to wait and see. Maybe they will take the opportunity to put pressure on the court.”

“This lawsuit is really deadly.”

“Originally this was a case of rebellion, and now it involves a case of collusion between grassroots bandits and the government. If we get involved, the whole family may suffer!”

These tea eaters and Erbi expressed their concerns about this case.

Li Guozhong sighed: “Why am I not afraid? Therefore, we have to find a way to get the protection of the imperial court first. Otherwise, we will not go to court again.”

“How to get protection from the imperial court?”

“It’s very simple. Let’s apply to the imperial court to withdraw from the case first. Based on my understanding of Zhang San, they will definitely find a way to protect us.”


“Because Zhang San attaches great importance to the public security system, if Erbi helps people litigate, it will be dangerous, which is not conducive to the public security system.”

“That’s true, and now the Procuratorate has the upper hand. If we withdraw out of fear, it will only make the Procuratorate’s victory less convincing.”

In fact, the employers behind Li Guozhong and others cannot pin all their hopes on Li Guozhong. After all, this is a feudal society, they are the owners of power, and Li Guozhong and others are just their tools.

Now that the lawsuit has reached this stage, the interests of more people are involved, especially the third government office.

So they began to express various “concerns” to the court again.

But they can’t say that the public security organs are at fault, they can only say that Dajuguan is wrong.

The big chrysanthemum is the most important thing.

This case can be handed over to the Yushitai and Dali Temple for a secret trial, and can no longer be heard in public.

Meng Mansion.

“It’s totally out of the question this time.”

Pei Wen came to the hall and said very frustrated.

Meng Qiansheng asked: “What’s going on?”

Pei Wendao: “Whether it is the Political Hall, the Privy Council, the Third Department, or the Second Government Ordinance Department, they all expressed support for the public prosecutors and the law to strictly investigate this case.”

Meng Qiansheng frowned and said, “Do even Lu Xiaokan and Deng Yushi support it?”

Pei Wen nodded and added: “I heard that the official was also present that day and was very angry about it.”

Meng Qiansheng frowned, “Can the trial be done behind closed doors?”

Pei Wen shook his head and said: “Looking at this situation, it is probably very difficult, because this is not just a problem with the tax department, but also related to corruption in the military camp, and it is so outrageous. No prime minister will support them. Nowadays, many powerful people in the capital My relatives all became distant from me.”

Meng Qiansheng sighed, “If I had known this, we might as well go to trial. Even if we give the most just verdict, it would be better than now!”

Xie Yun said: “That’s different. If this case-within-a-case had not happened, no one would be willing to try it!”

I remember that when Wang Hong, Wang Wenshan, and Gu Ji started making trouble, the court always favored them. Except for Wang Hong, Wang Wenshan and Gu Ji were only transferred because it only involved privileges and taxation, and did not involve very serious matters. corruption problem.

This is a question of two natures. For ministers, if the emperor wants to touch our privileges, then we must resist. This is just a game, and the emperor will also leave room for leeway and dare not do anything absolutely.

But this kind of corruption is another matter.

The Song Dynasty has always been relatively strict on corruption. There are very few cases of direct corruption by high-level officials in this court. Their salaries are high, they have many privileges, and rewards from the emperor, so there is no need to commit corruption. , because the Song Dynasty did not prevent annexation, they could lend money to annex land. The current corruption is concentrated at the bottom, that is, the petty officials. It was not until the reign of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty that widespread corruption began.

Nowadays, this kind of thing is even less supported. For example, Sima Guang, Wang Anshi, and Zhao Pian are more incorruptible than the other. The richest prime minister at present is Zeng Gongliang, but he is just stingy and cherishes himself. We are not like Sima Guang and Wang Anshi who regard money as dung.

When Zhang Fei exposed the Saber corruption case in court, both Wang Anshi and Chen Shengzhi, as well as Sima Guang and Wen Yanbo, became very resolute in supporting the imperial court and the procuratorate, and said they were waiting for this case. After the verdict of the lawsuit, the corruption case of the Qingping Army will be strictly investigated.

This matter cannot be brushed aside like this.

In fact, this also involves the dispute between civil and military officials. If the military general is corrupt, the civil servants will naturally not let it go.

Many censors are impeaching Xie Liuwu and others.

When all the prime ministers expressed their opinions, and their attitudes were so resolute, they naturally did not dare to make trouble again, but one thing was the same, and they could not let the public prosecutor and the law label those gentry and nobles as rebels.

This is also the interest of most of the ruling class.

But for now they can only rely on these Erbis, and their attention has returned to the lawsuit.

Li Guozhong knew that he could not escape. If he dared to withdraw, the capital would definitely not be able to survive, but he also had to make plans for himself.

Today Li Guozhong and Zhang Fei came to the imperial court to check the evidence, but when they saw Zhao Bian, Li Guozhong said: “President, we really have no knowledge of the Saber corruption case mentioned by the Procuratorate.”

Zhang Fei, who was sitting opposite, smiled and said nothing.

Zhao Bian asked: “Aren’t you here to verify the evidence today?”

Li Guozhong said aggrievedly: “But we are afraid.”

Zhao Peng frowned: “What are you afraid of?”

Li Guozhong said: “I’m worried that if we lose the lawsuit, we will be recognized by the imperial court as their accomplices.”


Zhao Bian said: “You used to help those evil people fight lawsuits, but you didn’t fight enough. When did the imperial court come to settle the score with you?”

Li Guozhong said: “But this time is different. In this case, we…”

“Nothing is different.”

Zhao Pian waved his hand and said: “Since the imperial court allowed them to participate in this case, they will not settle accounts with you unless you also participate in this case.”

Having said this, he turned his head and looked at Zhang Fei again, “Prosecutor Zhang, do you think so?”

Zhang Fei smiled and said: “If Li Xingshou says this again, then our procuratorate may really file a lawsuit against them, because their remarks may mislead the people and think that we coerced them to withdraw. This will It hurts the reputation of our prosecutor’s office.”

Li Guozhong said quickly: “I never meant this.”

Zhao Bian said: “Then you don’t need to test here.”


Li Guozhong quickly cupped his hands.

Next, Li Guozhong verified the evidence on behalf of Wu Tian and others. In fact, he just pretended to look at it. This was just an excuse. If the evidence was false, it would be his turn to investigate, and he would have been killed long ago. Found out.

However, he still pretended to delay. Time is very precious to them at the moment.

Zhao Peng also saw what he was thinking and said that if he could not provide strong evidence, the imperial court would continue the trial in three days.

Don’t think about dragging it on endlessly.

Li Guozhong could only agree.

Come out of the house.

Li Guozhong whispered: “Don’t blame Prosecutor Zhang. I was forced to do so. In fact, I really don’t want to take this lawsuit.”

Zhang Fei nodded and said: “I know, but you don’t have to be afraid. Feel free to use any means, as long as it complies with the rules, I guarantee that nothing will happen to you.”

Li Guozhong’s eyes swayed a few times, “Prosecutor Zhang, can you teach us two tricks? This is the first time we have encountered such a lawsuit.”

They had fought with Zhang Fei several times before and had personal contact with them. Zhang Fei also secretly helped them.

Zhang Fei shook his head and said: “I really can’t help you this time, because I am a prosecutor, not an Erbi. If I help you, wouldn’t I put the handle in your hands?”

“Yes yes yes!”

Li Guozhong nodded repeatedly, but thought in his heart, according to what he said, there is still a chance, but what exactly is this chance?

Zhang Fei cupped his hands again and said: “If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

“Oh, Prosecutor Zhang, walk slowly.”

Since Li Guozhong did not present any strong evidence, the imperial court will continue to hear the case in three days.

There are even more people coming back this time than last time, because public opinion about this case has fermented, and more and more people are involved.

Before the trial, Zhao Peng first announced that after verification by Li Guozhong and others, there were no problems with the evidence provided by the procuratorate.

However, he did not make a clear statement. The evidence is ironclad. After all, the lawsuit has not been completed yet.

After the announcement, the trial continued.

Zhang Fei stood up first and said, “Wu Tian, ​​can you admit that you used Liu Lian to trade sabers with Commander Xie Liuwu?”

Wu Tian nodded and said, “I admit it.”

Zhang Fei added: “That’s why you went to rescue Liu Lian because she has many key evidence of your crime.”

Wu Tiandao: “Not only that, Liu Lian is also my right-hand assistant. She can earn me a lot of money, and can also provide me with a lot of supplies and government news.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked.

Are you giving up on yourself?

But this seems normal, the evidence is solid, how can he refute it.

However, Zhang Fei did not feel happy, and just said lightly: “I’m done asking.”

Li Lei stood up and asked: “Wu Tian, ​​how did you get the tattoo on your face?”

Wu Tiandao: “I was once a soldier of the Qingping Army. Later, I was tattooed for gathering a crowd to make trouble and rushing into the capital officials.”

Li Lei asked: “I wonder why you gathered a crowd to make trouble?”

Wu Tiandao: “When I joined the army, I didn’t do it for a living, but because I hoped to go into battle to kill the enemy and serve the monarch. Unexpectedly, after entering the military camp, not only did I not get the opportunity to go to the battlefield, but I also became a servant of those civil servants. Qizhou’s general judge during the Song and Ming Dynasties often enslaved our soldiers to show off to officials who came to Qizhou.

I remember that winter, a Beijing official came to Qizhou, and Song Ming arranged for us to play gongs and drums, and also forced us to dance in front of the team, like clowns.

That’s all. Later, Song Ming entertained the imperial official at the inn, but asked us to line up outside and wait for orders at any time. This station lasted for three hours, during which they didn’t even give us a bite of hot rice. They didn’t stop drinking and having fun until the third watch. It was freezing and snowy at that time, and many of our brothers had already lost feeling in their legs from the cold.

It wasn’t until one soldier fell that I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I rushed into the post station without authorization and argued with them. As a result, I was convicted of gathering a crowd to make trouble and inciting mutiny, and was assassinated in Qingzhou. ”

Li Lei nodded, brought out another piece of evidence, and said to Zhao Bian: “This is the verdict of the case that year, as well as the confessions of the soldiers, servants in the station, and singing girls who participated in the matter. These can all prove that Wu Tian He was not lying, and the soldier who fainted at that time also had frostbite on his legs and could no longer walk. He died a year later.”

Zhao Bian nodded and said: “Submit it.”

Wang Anshi smiled coldly: “This case is getting more and more interesting.”

Zhao Xu, who was secretly sitting in the corridor, couldn’t help pinching his forehead and asked: “Is everything he said true?”

Liu Zhaodao: “It is true that many local officials often send soldiers or serve as civilians to give officials a show. In some places, the number can reach as many as a thousand.”

Zhao Xu asked: “Since you know about this, why is no one taking care of it?”

Liu Zhao remained silent.

This is the way of the world. I will give you as much ostentation as you give me. Anyway, you don’t have to pay for it yourself. If you don’t pay to death, I will go to your place and I will also get benefits.

So almost no one would say such a thing.

Qi Ji whispered: “It seems that they want to use Wu Tian’s experience to win everyone’s sympathy.”

Zhang Fei said: “This is a case of rebellion, but it is of little use.”

I heard Li Lei ask again: “Why did you become a bandit in Qizhou again?”

Wu Tiandao: “Because I still want to fight on the battlefield, serve the country, and serve the monarch, so after doing hard labor in Qingzhou for a year, I returned to Qizhou and became a bandit.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the audience looked at Wu Tian in shock.

What are you talking about?

Is this person crazy?

Serve the country and then become a bandit?

Even Zhao Xu was confused.

What’s going on?

Li Lei asked: “You said you wanted to continue serving the country, so you turned into a bandit?”

Wu Tian nodded and said: “Exactly.”

Li Lei asked: “You don’t realize this is very contradictory.”

Wu Tiandao: “This is not contradictory at all, because many leaders in the Forbidden Army, and even some commanders, are all former bandits. As long as you can defeat the officers and soldiers, as long as those officials are helpless against you, they will find a way to arrest you. You, give you an official position, let you enjoy high official status and generous salary, so I tried every means to recruit troops, expand my power, strive to attract the attention of the imperial court, and then accept the imperial edict.”


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