Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 3075: Wisdom Doubts


The powerful power of prayer magic continued to spread in Paris’s body. The power was not inferior to the melee legendary creatures, but it did not bring any joy to Paris. On the contrary, it made her sigh deeply.

“Rhode.” After personally experiencing the power of prayer magic, the foreign woman’s eyes revealed a rare sense of loss and helplessness. She understood that the ability that existed in Rhodes was something she could never reach. “Now I finally understand why it was not me but you who finally got the authority over the two elements.”

Rhodes just waved his hand lightly: “That’s nothing. The God of Mage has obtained the authority of two elements in the past, right? Although his final fusion failed, the valuable experience he left behind, It also brought me a lot of enlightenment. As long as I follow the direction of wisdom, there will never be only two kinds of elemental authority that I finally integrate.”

As Rhodes said, although Gwen failed in the process of integrating authority, the experience he left behind still benefited Rhodes a lot. At least now, Rhodes knows that he wants to withstand the backlash of more elemental authorities. If so, then the first thing he has to do is to find a way to push the wisdom technique beyond its limits and reach a **** level that no one has ever been able to reach. Only then can he be qualified to integrate more elemental powers.

In order to obtain god-level wisdom, Rhodes tried to seek help from Moriel and asked her to use the power of the time domain to modify the past to see what would happen in different timelines. However, the result was beyond Rhodes’ expectations. . It is true that in some timelines, Rhodes relied on the power of the Supreme Wisdom Fruit to upgrade his wisdom to the divine level. However, in these timelines, it doesn’t seem too bad for me to play. Even if I am not completely killed, I will be killed. The god-level wisdom technique is still hanging on for a breath, and it is still the same as it is now.

There is a way to use the power of time to open the door to the god-level wisdom, and Rhodes is not in trouble. The God of Mage in the past, the wisdom skill was only at the legendary level, and had not yet been able to break through to the **** level. What should Rhodes do to possess the ordinary skills of the **** level?

Ge Qiyuan, who is a spiritual element, is very sensitive to the changes in Rhode’s thoughts, and a unique light shines in her starry eyes: “Rhode, he seems to be troubled by his wisdom.”

“What he said is wrong.” Rhodes glanced at you, and then said the trouble that was troubling him. It only existed in legends. It was basically a god-level wisdom technique that existed in the world. Even if Ge Qi wanted to To obtain it is also as difficult as climbing to the sky. The top ninja could not help but sigh deeply, “God-level wisdom technique… Is there really no one in the world who can touch that level?”

After listening to the questions that bothered Ge Qi, Ge Qiyuan fell into silence at that time, with a look of thought in her eyes, as if she was determined to tell Rhodes the news she knew.

For Larion, Rhodes is undoubtedly your smallest opponent in the fight for elemental authority. Even if he is forced to surrender to Rhodes, who is in charge of dual-element authority due to strength, Larion still feels deep in his heart The thought of the elemental powers has never stopped. When Ge Qi died, the elemental powers returned to a state of ownership, and Larion still had no chance to control one of them.

“You saw the memory contained in the horn of the abyss. You have never seen such a hero… Countless demons tried to stop or persuade the hero to stop, but in the end one of them came on stage. The demons took out There are treasures treasured in hell, dazzling treasures, beautiful succubi, and even artifacts that can change the world, including the Horn of the Abyss. However, no matter what they are, they can’t shake the will of this hero. I almost killed all the demons in hell, and what prompted me to do all that was not greed and desire, but pure love. Just thinking about it makes people shudder…”

The corners of Ge Qi’s mouth twitched: “He should be talking about…”

“Azazel, I once rebelled against Cloud City together with Lucifer and became the demon king feared by everyone in hell. Based on my plan, the devil in **** was once glorious for a while, and everywhere in the main plane Demons can be seen everywhere. We provide various creatures with power comparable to heroes, but the price is to take away the souls of these creatures and make them become Kwaigan people whose souls are enslaved in hell. Even the power of the Zhangmen Demon , nor is part of it derived from Azazel. In the memories shown to you by the Horn of the Abyss, Azazel has not transcended the physical form. I cannot withdraw at will and take my body. No one can really kill Die me, and the Horn of the Abyss is the artifact created by Azazel to control the Chapter Demon.”

As he said that, Rhodes couldn’t help but glance at Larion. What made Ge Qi think was that Larion actually knew the information about god-level wisdom. If it were someone else here, what would happen? There was no way to answer Rhodes’ question at this time.

Seeing that Larion knew about the god-level wisdom technique, Rhodes became interested for a moment and wanted to hear what the foreign man behind him knew.

According to Larion, the **** demons also do not belong to their glorious era. Under the leadership of Azazel, who possesses god-level wisdom, it is very easy for the demons to achieve glory, and this It is the weakest power of god-level wisdom, but everything in the **** of the past has not been completely destroyed in the hands of the hero Tu Ge Qiyuan.

“Hundreds of years later, I have not completely fallen, and all the traces left by me have been completely erased by the angels and demons who know me well. It is only through the Abyss Horn that you know that this has never happened before. A being.” Larion replied hastily.

What makes Rhodes less emotional is that even the power of god-level wisdom can’t stop the hero Tupalis. The legendary ancient angel in charge of god-level wisdom is still here at the forefront. The heroic will turned into a wisp of dust.

Perhaps just as these **** demons call Tuparis “face high”, I am like a beast controlled by the purest love. Is there any demon who can stand in my way, not even Luo De, when he heard about Tuge Qiyuan’s deeds, he couldn’t help but secretly sigh in his heart. The power of a hero is really so weak.

“Tell me and listen.”

Faced with Rhodes’ inquiry, Larion fell silent for a moment. A long time ago, he told Rhodes the truth: “In this **** where sinners gather, a tragic disaster once happened. In this disaster In the midst of it, the former glory of **** was destroyed. Many demons died in this disaster, and the whole **** was almost uprooted. The one who did all that was not an angel, but a hero.”

What made Rhodes think was that even the power of god-level wisdom could help Azazel escape this fate of death. I, who was in hell, tried to rely on that power to stop him. The hero Tuparis’s steps were to save me from death in the end, and she was buried with me along with her wisdom that no one could match.

Recalling that it was his own result in the same time, Rhodes seemed to have no idea. In the same timeline, Ge Qi, like Azazel, also gained the power of god-level wisdom. , however, the final result was defeat at the hands of the hero Gru. The hero is really the nemesis of wisdom.

Listening to Larion’s narration, Ge Qi’s eyes also became solemn. It is a power of divine wisdom. Even Larion, who dominates the spiritual elements, has to be in awe of it, but very slowly, Rhodes seemed to have thought of something, and he frowned: “How come you have never seen this angel before, and have you ever heard of my name since then?”

Before knowing everything about Azazel, new doubts arose in Rhode’s heart: “I must say that everything is true. Where are you going to get the information about the god-level wisdom technique?” knowledge?”

As if he saw the question in Rhode’s eyes, Larion added: “This is Azazel, one of the oldest angels in the world. In the former Cloud City, I was the person in charge of wisdom. Powerful Cherubim, I have unimaginable spiritual power. Even you now, if you fight with it on the spiritual level, you will be defeated slowly. I am also the only one in the world who has mastered the power of God. The existence of super wisdom.”

“Angel?” Rhodes was slightly startled. I have seen several angels outside Yunzhong City, and they didn’t seem to have god-level wisdom. I thought that in the past era, some angels had gained god-level wisdom. The magician is both a mage and an elemental monarch, but it is these angels. “Which angel can obtain the power of divine wisdom?”

However, Ge Qiyuan’s heart sank when she thought that Rhodes had cast prayer magic after a long time. It had only been a short time since Rhodes gained the power of the water element, but he was able to exert prayer magic to such an extent. If I continue to develop it, , my strength can also reach the level of the ancients after me. The potential shown by Rhodes actually made Larion, the apex of the legend, feel a sense of fear. This is Larion who has seen hundreds of millions of creatures in the same plane. Leon has never been so wary of a human’s potential, even to the point of fear.

At the end of the sentence, there was a hint of fear in Larion’s tone:

Telling the news to Rhodes will obviously help me take a step back to improve my strength. If I really master the god-level wisdom technique, I am afraid that Ge Qiyuan will never win the power of the elements, and will always be able to surrender to Above Rhodes’ rule.

After much thought, Larion decided to tell the news. He could not win Ge Qi’s trust in the first place. Even if he knew the information later, it would be difficult to truly obtain the power of god-level wisdom. , if it was really that complicated to obtain the god-level wisdom technique, Larion would have already obtained it himself, so how could anyone else get it? If Ge Qi insists on obtaining the god-level wisdom technique, it will cause me to fall into extreme heights, which is exactly what Larion has longed for.

Recalling that he used the Ring of Time and saw himself offline at the same time, Rhodes also understood that god-level wisdom did not have the power to protect the soul. Even if the body dies, the soul can still be protected by the power of god-level wisdom. The above maintenance is scattered, which is not very similar to Larion’s description. He just uses his own soul to take my body at will? Ge Qi has never tried that.

“Rhode, you do know some information about god-level wisdom.”

Judging from the power displayed by the legendary wisdom technique, when the wisdom technique comes to the divine level, it cannot be said to have achieved a true legacy, whether it is the direction of fate or the changes in all things in the world. , everyone will bow to the power of god-level wisdom. According to Rhodes’ prediction, the power of god-level wisdom alone is enough to fight against the realm of destiny that controls all things, exposing the sinister tricks of destiny. In that context, what kind of enemy can kill the ancient angel who wields god-level wisdom?

Rhode was slightly startled. That news surprised me more than the divine wisdom technique: “Who can kill the being who masters the divine wisdom technique?”

Ge Qiyuan’s words not only failed to solve Rhode’s doubts, but actually made him even more confused.

Rhodes once heard about the deeds of the hero Tuparis, and also knew that I had killed many demons in hell, just to prove my love to’s just that Ge Qi What I thought was that even a weak demon like Azazel would eventually be able to escape the disaster caused by Tupalis.

“If you want to find god-level wisdom, of course you have to go to **** and look for the traces left by Azazel.” At that time, Larion answered proactively.

Recalling the possession power displayed by the chapter demon, these special chapter demons alone have made Rhodes very troublesome. If it were replaced by Azazel, who is in charge of the god-level wisdom technique, I am afraid that it is not possible at all. There is no such strong point as the special chapter-faced demon. If that is the case, who can kill the being who controls the god-level wisdom technique?

Under the veil, Larion reopened his vermilion lips and told Rhodes what happened in the distant era: “In the distant past, during the most glorious era of Erathia, no one had ever obtained the god-level wisdom spell. The power of the person. To put it more wrongly, this being is not a human being, but an angel.”

“Has he told you how I fell?”

“Yes, the hero Tupalis, who is called the beast. I once taught the demons in **** what it means to be a hero. Azazel who tried to stop me died in my hands. Yes. Not only Azazel, Rahab, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles… but also many unknown demon kings were all killed in the hands of this hero.”

Like me, Larion holds in his hands the artifact that controls the Chapter Demon. This is the Abyssal Horn that once originated from Azazel. Perhaps it is because of this that you can know that these hells have long been Information that was completely buried by Tupalis.

Before listening to Ge Qiyuan’s story, Rhodes couldn’t help but put his hand on his forehead. Until now, Rhodes finally understood the cause of Azazel’s death. It turned out that he killed the fallen angel who mastered the god-level wisdom technique. It was someone else, none other than the hero Tupalis.

Ge Qiyuan just shook her head and continued:


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