Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 3074: Spell true appearance


As Rhodes raised his hand, rich water magic elements gathered around Paris.

Paris was shocked at first, but quickly realized that Rhodes should have no way to violate the contract and harm himself. So what are these water magic elements doing? Judging from those gentle and calm water magic elements, it seems that they are not harming themselves, but bringing some kind of power improvement to themselves.

Soon, the power emerging from her body seemed to confirm Paris’s idea. She waved her arms gently and felt that they were full of power. Not only the power, but also her speed and physique were also improved at the same time. .

“Is this improvement… the effect of water magic prayer?” Feeling the familiar magic elements that continuously bring strength to herself, the well-informed Paris quickly had the answer, “It’s just that prayer It seems that the improvement is not as big as I imagined, and it is not even as good as my own prayer for release. Rhodes, what is going on? Is there something wrong with the authority of the water element?”

Seeing that Paris was very confused about the effect of prayer magic, and seemed to be questioning the effect of this magic, Rhodes just smiled faintly: “You will understand, follow me now.”

As Rhodes snapped his fingers, warm flames enveloped their bodies, and the two of them crossed the space together and returned to the magical city of Brakada.

After noticing Rhode’s actions, Paris was slightly stunned. She was almost unable to resist the flame escape performed by Rhodes. She couldn’t even react and was taken to the Magic City by Rhodes. In other words , if Rhodes plans to use that power to deal with you, you also have little room for resistance.

That discovery also made Farese feel surprised in his heart. There is no way to resist the situation of flame escape. The big opening only occurs when a weak little devil captures a relatively powerful creature, like you. Such a legendary top hero has no way to resist the movement of Flame Escape, and can even directly intercept it with his own power. However, in front of Rhodes, you still can’t make any resistance, and you will be defeated. Tang Hao took him outside.

What Farese expected was that Tang Hao was in control of the elements of air and water, and even under fire magic, he also showed the ability to control the world. It is said that I and the fire element I have a lot of connections with the monarch, and it seems that I can do any magic.

“Your Majesty Rhodes.”

The casting of prayer magic continued, and the exchanges between legion members were interrupted. It was not until the number of creatures that the prayer magic acted on at the same time exceeded one million that Rhodes hurriedly put his arm up.

Farese shrugged: “It’s even like the prayer you performed yourself. He is the monarch of the water element. Water magic should be his specialty. How come he can’t even compare to your spiritual element? Even if he is the king of water elements, water magic should be his specialty. He is using it on these undead now. In the future, when he has researched prayer magic to a new level that is far more effective than now, he still has to disperse the prayer magic he is using now and then use it again on these undead. Why bother? ”

“He doesn’t look anxious.” Just as Tang Haoqian was thinking secretly, Tang Hao’s words suddenly came to her ears.

Rhodes saw your changes in his eyes and continued to apply prayer magic to fewer legion members without stopping.

Amidst the cheers of the Legion members, Farese glanced at Rhodes, secretly believing in his heart that Rhodes could exert the true power of water authority? Judging from the effect displayed by the prayer magic, although Tang Hao has obtained dual-system authority, the real power displayed seems to be the same as the previous elemental monarch who only controlled a single-system authority.

“Air magic alone is enough. Today, you have brought them the blessing of water magic. You have summoned all the legion members and you have to cast permanent water magic for them.” Looking around at the wide-open legion members , Tang Hao said lightly.

“Rhodes, although his current power is not inferior to any elemental monarch in your memory, he still has a long way to go before he can master the water element. You still have power for a while. You know that the elemental monarch cannot release permanent gain magic, but if he definitely wants to use the prayer magic he just used on you on these undead souls, do you think it would be better for you to learn some water magic first? .”

Rhodes’ return immediately attracted greetings from all the legion generals. Rhodes only responded with a complicated wave, but he also won the cheers of many legion members. Everyone cheered for my arrival.

Thinking of that, Farese’s eyes became less trusting. It seems that it is not too hasty to make a spiritual contract with Rhodes. You should give Rhodes’ true power a try, just alone. Judging from the momentum displayed by Rhodes, I have indeed surpassed the single elemental monarch in Farese’s memory.

Rhode raised his eyes and glanced at Farese. From Farese’s words, why do I feel like I’m being looked down upon? Rhodes chose the full-level punishment of Unity. When the number of creatures affected by prayer magic is small, the effect is better than using special prayer magic. Perhaps it is for this reason that Farese believes that he can show the water element. The true power of a monarch.

Compared with the cold-eyed legion members who were full of confidence in Rhodes, Farese just glanced at Rhodes lightly. After arriving outside, you have personally experienced the power of Rhodes. Praying magic, but the effect of the magic did not disappoint Farese. The additional basic attributes were even like the prayer magic cast by Farese himself.


Yes… being able to achieve that level has nothing to do with the help of the water element authority, but even less, it seems to be attributed to Rhodes’ own talent. Recalling the spiritual contract that Rhodes had made with himself a long time ago, Farese couldn’t help but cover his mouth slightly. Rhodes is really like what I said. Benefit from the death of living things, and the extent seems to be limited.

Before feeling the changes in the prayer magic, Tang Haoqian opened her eyes for a moment, and her originally bright eyes revealed only a deep shock. You have never seen anything like that. From then on, it was still like the prayer magic you cast yourself, but now the effect has been completely multiplied several times, reaching a level far beyond your imagination. You know what Rhodes did, but that’s the truth.

It took hundreds of years of research for the abnormal elemental monarch to stand at the top of all spell casters under a single system of spells. But Tang Hao lacked that process. It was only a short time before I won the power of two series of elements. After a short period of time, holding the power of two monarchs at the same time seemed to make me even more distracted. Not to mention standing at the apex of two lines of magic at the same time, even making one line of magic reach its peak seemed normal and easy.

Shaked his head. Judging from the intelligence collected by other chapter-faced monsters, Rhodes is known for his cunning in the main plane. He will definitely do such arrogant things since childhood that have no meaning except to show his identity. behavior, but now, Farese has stopped believing in the authenticity of this information. Just like that, Farese also questioned whether his subsequent choices were correct. If he had known that Rhodes would never be able to show the true power of water authority, you should have entered into a spiritual contract with Rhodes.

“Oh no, who made him a dual-line monarch?” Seeing that Tang Hao simply listened to his own advice, Farese seemed to do something else besides glare at me. From Farese’s point of view, Rhodes, who had just gained the power of the water system, certainly could not waste a small amount of time to cast the special effect of continuous prayer magic on all the undead. If he did so, he would end up wasting my own time. With mana.

As long as Rhodes gives the order, even if the rear refers to the Yunzhong City in the world, the fierce and death-fearing legion members will take the target step by step. Everyone is full of confidence. We believe that Rhodes will definitely lead us to win the doomsday battle and take the whole world into his hands.

As Tang Hao cast the spell, Tang Haoqian keenly felt that there was a sudden restlessness in her body. The source of this restlessness was your own spiritual energy, but stemmed from Rhodes’ prayer for you. magic.

For a moment, Farese only felt that the overwhelming power that could not be suppressed was pouring out from your seven limbs and bones. You just waved your arms in a complex manner, and actually made a loud sound of breaking wind, and this To your surprise, the source of the power that slightly weakened your attributes turned out to be the prayer magic that Rhodes cast for you.

Slowly, the number of legion members affected by the prayer magic at the same time reached one hundred thousand. At this moment when the number had just exceeded 100,000, Farese let out another exclamation.

Rhodes nodded lightly. Naturally, I will not waste any of the power of sustainable buff magic brought by the authority of the air element. All kinds of weak air buff magic have not been blessed for a long time. Beneath the Legion members.

Seeing Rhodes looking at him, obviously seeing something from the change in his momentum, Farese did not avoid the question, but reminded Rhodes in a subtle way:

What makes Farese unexpected is that the prayer magic, which you thought was far more effective than itself and can enhance the strength of a single creature to an unimaginable level, can actually take a step back with Rhodes’s spell casting. With the improvement, the effect has weakened again, and it has not far exceeded the limit expected by Farese. Even the water element monarch cannot cast that level of prayer magic.

The attack acceleration of Lv20 can slightly increase the speed attribute of legion members. At the same time, the effect brought by the full level is that every hit of legion members is accompanied by 200 points of air magic damage. The effect can be described as weak. To the extreme, the power derived from the magic of flying also gave the members of the young legions the ability to fly freely and soar freely in the sky, which also slightly improved the strength of the entire Death Legion.

“He will see the true power of prayer magic.” Looking back, Rhodes just said lightly, paying attention to Farese who was standing aside.

After being called by Paris, the young legion members quickly lined up in front of Rhodes, waiting for Rhodes to give us this eternal blessing that belongs to the Elemental Lord.

Acting on millions of creatures at the same time, it also brings the effect of prayer magic to a whole new level. This is to bring a 60-point improvement in strength, speed, and physical attributes to all creatures that are not blessed by prayer magic. Of course, De did not forget to cast a prayer magic for himself and enjoy this weak attribute bonus.

Before hearing the news, Commander Paris quickly put aside what she was doing, rushed to Rhodes’ side, and greeted me respectfully: “Your Majesty Tang Hao, the members of the legion have been blessed by your air magic. The comprehensive strength has taken on a new look, and everyone is looking forward to your leadership in defeating weak enemies in the doomsday battle and unifying the world.”

The number of legion members affected by prayer magic is constantly increasing. Every time Rhodes casts prayer magic, it can affect tens of thousands of legion members behind him at the same time. This is when Rhodes spends skill points to use the water system. As a result of the magic being upgraded to the master level, the master level water magic has slightly increased the number of simultaneous effects of a buff magic, allowing tens of thousands of legion members to benefit from the prayer magic every time Rhodes raises his hand.

Feeling the power brought by the prayer magic, this is a majestic force stronger than the legendary creatures in Haoqian was not shocked enough to speak. You opened your mouth slightly and looked at Rhodes, but He met Rhode’s indifferent eyes, as if everything was just natural and special.

“That’s possible…”

Seeing Farese speaking his innermost thoughts bluntly, Rhodes couldn’t help but glance at you, shook his head and said with a smile, “Does he think the prayer magic you cast is too ineffective?”

The power emerging from his body became weaker and weaker, but Farese couldn’t help but feel panic in his heart. You don’t know how Rhodes did it, but what happened behind your eyes has not yet happened. Completely beyond your expectations. Rhodes’ mastery of prayer magic is definitely not what Farese initially thought. It is even as good as his own, but has already reached a level that can be matched by others. Isn’t this the power that the authority of the water element brings to me? ?

While Farese was meditating secretly, Rhodes on the side did not move. As I raised my hand, praying for the power of magic, it also blessed the tens of thousands of legion members lined up in the field. .

Listening to Tang Hao’s words, the members of the legion exclaimed, “It’s broken, it’s the long-lasting magic of the air system. It hasn’t improved the strength of the entire dead legion even a little bit. Now there’s still the past.” Soon, His Majesty Rhodes brought permanent water magic to the legion members. With the blessing of that power, what kind of amazing improvement will the strength of the legion members have?

Following Paris’s order, the legion members who had not cast the prayer magic left the field in an orderly manner. The long-awaited legion members from the front came in a hurry, almost requiring Rhodes to do nothing and wait for the spell to be cast. The legion members lined up in front of me with their arms wide open, and what Rhodes had to do was to show off the power of the Elemental Lord and apply the powerful permanent buff magic to the skin of all legion members. Under the body.


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