Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 3073: The power of prayer


On the blue ocean, Rhodes slowly put down the Titan’s Arrow that was still warm in his hand, and as a mysterious bright yellow Time Arrow took shape in front of him, the moment the Light Arrow was shot, it turned into Paris in human form came to life again in front of him.

As the foreign woman inhaled a mysterious spiritual nebula into her body, Paris also had a ray of light in her eyes. She had already remembered the spiritual contract she had entered into with Rhodes.

Thanks to the ray of spiritual nebula left by Paris, Rhodes did not need to explain the situation to her again and again after she woke up, which was very convenient for Rhodes.

“The power of time is really so strange.” After understanding everything in her heart and feeling her unscathed body, Paris couldn’t help but sigh.

After personally experiencing the power from the realm of time, Paris felt an unimaginable touch in her heart. The experience of facing death many times and regaining a new life under the influence of the power of time is not for ordinary people. can have.

Under the stimulation of the spiritual nebula, Paris remembered the memory that should have been reset by the arrow of time. The experience of death also provided her with a lot of feelings. She was keenly aware of the trouble. The bottleneck that she had held for countless years has also been loosened. If she can understand that insight carefully, her power can be further improved even without the addition of elemental authority.

On the side, Rhodes was silent, with a hint of thinking flashing in his eyes, and he was quickly adjusting the massive amount of experience points he had just gained.

As the weakest among the spiritual elements, Paris’s power is only one step away from becoming a true demigod. At the same time, she does not have the status of a hero. She provided Wen Yi with 1.5 million experience points in a single time. On top of the effect of a hundred time arrows, the initial experience value has reached 170 million. Calculating the experience value that Rhodes has left after a long time, I now have less than 200 million experience points.

Twenty million experience points may seem like a huge amount, but they are actually enough when consumed. According to Rhodes’ estimation, the 200 million experience is only enough for him to upgrade a few commonly used water-based buff magics to the full level. There are still a few water-based magics used in combat, and the level can still be improved.

“Consume experience points. [Pray] to increase to Lv20.”

“c. Glory lasts: The selected target’s strength, constitution, and speed attributes are increased by 20 points. When fighting **** creatures, cemetery creatures, and alien creatures, they are increased by 40 points, and the damage caused is increased by 50%. .”

With the blessing of the power of the water element authority, the water-based gain magic performed by Wen Yi has also become a sustainable magic. As long as it is cast once on himself or others, if it is an exorcism, If removed, it will be effective under the target forever, which is equivalent to a permanent increase of 60 points of basic attributes, which is far more practical than other buff magics. That is why Rhodes chose to increase the [Prayer] magic level.

The d option is united. Even if we give that ability to a special water legendary mage, we still have no way to unleash the true value of that power. Only without Rhodes can we reach the limit of that power, and This is where the water element monarch is weak.

Rhode nodded. Seeing that Wen Yiyan was so cooperative with him and generously provided him with a hundred experience points for the role of the Time Arrow, Rhodes also felt guilty for your past hostility, and secretly sighed in his heart. The title of Elemental Monarch was so useless that even Paris, who had always coveted the elemental authority, had no choice but to surrender due to the suppression of the dual elemental authority.

Option b, Lucky Star Low Illumination, can provide 80+20+20=120 points of attribute improvement. However, due to too much interference from random factors, maybe Rhodes originally wanted to improve the speed attribute on his hand, but the result was randomly below strength and constitution. , although the magic can be dispelled and reapplied again and again, the process is obviously too cumbersome. Rhodes can also allow Moriel to use the precious power of time on random attributes, so it is under Wen Yi’s consideration.

The only disadvantage of consuming nearly 170 million experience points is that Wen Yi has not yet raised the prayer magic to the full level L20. Just like Rhodes later raised the level of Qi gain magic, Wen Yi You can choose a maximum level penalty for the [Prayer] magic.

The first thing Rhodes improved was the magic level of the seventh-level water magic [Prayer]. [Prayer] is also the weakest buff magic among the seventh-level water magic. Lv20 prayer can increase a target’s eight basic attributes related to melee combat by 20 points each, which adds up to a 60-point attribute increase. It is equivalent to all the attribute point penalties for a 60-level increase in the player’s character level, and the effect can be described as weak.

“Dual-line monarch, you have not fulfilled the content of the spiritual contract. According to the provisions of the contract, your world has officially become his hands. He can hurt you after you have bad intentions towards him. .”

“[Prayer Lv20]: Seventh-level water magic. The selected target’s strength, physique, and speed attributes are increased by 20 points, mana consumption: 100, duration: limited. The prayer magic level has been increased to the full level, and additional miles are available. Choose a max-level place.”

“A. Comprehensive increase: The selected target’s strength, physique, speed, knowledge, and mental attributes are increased by 20 points.”

Looking at the several max-level penalties given by the system, Wen Yi couldn’t help but look a little thoughtful.

Seeing that Rhodes’ thoughts had come to an end, Paris, who had transformed into a human form, took the initiative to speak.

“d. United as One: The strength, constitution, and speed attributes of the selected target are increased by 10 points. The number of creatures affected by the prayer magic at the same time ends at ten. For each order of magnitude increase, the strength, constitution, and speed attributes are increased by 10 points. .”

The massive amount of experience points has also brought Rhodes an overall improvement in strength. Prayer can only be effective on Rhodes himself, and it can also be effective on all legion members under Rhodes’ command. When the prayer is applied to all legion members, the 60 attribute values ​​​​increased in each legion member’s body and forehead can increase the overall strength of the legion exponentially before superposition. It is only the effect of that kind of gain magic. On the other hand, the strength of the Death Legion has not been significantly improved.

As the system log unfolded behind Wen Yi, Wen Yi could not wait to pay attention to the full-level punishment to see what L20 prayer could bring me.

In other words, when the prayer magic acts on one hundred creatures at the same time, it can increase the strength, constitution, and speed by 20 points at the same time, 30 points when it acts on one thousand creatures, and 40 points when it acts on ten thousand creatures. , and counting the millions of members of the Death Army under Rhodes, the eight improved attributes can easily reach 60 points, and even counting the fish undead above the ocean, the undead who obey Rhodes’ orders The creatures have already exceeded the 100 million mark. As long as prayer magic is applied to them all, the initial attribute improvement can reach 80 points or even less.

The prayer magic cast by the legendary water mage, no matter how long it lasts, will eventually dissipate completely when the duration expires. Even if the attributes that can be improved are weak, it needs to be cast again before it can take effect again. But Rhodes does not need to do that. The authority of the water element gives me the power to cast permanent water magic. I only need to cast it once, and the blessing from the water element monarch will be permanently attached to other creatures and last until we There is no such thing as the expiration of the duration of this moment of complete death.

Prayer magic does not have any fancy unique effects, but is purely aimed at improving attribute regression. The maximum level penalty given by the system is a step back to lower the value and range of attributes.

“b. Lucky Star: The selected target’s strength, constitution, and speed attributes are randomly increased by 80 points, and the remaining two attributes are increased by 20 points each.”

C option Glory Lasts made Rhodes twitch his mouth. On the surface, C option can bring smaller benefits than other options in the battle with specific targets. However, among the creatures specified by C option, , not all the creatures in the cemetery have returned to Rhodes’ command, and the alien creatures gather in the above world, which is Moriel’s territory. Only one of the **** creatures can trigger the increase in life in option c. Facing other When facing an enemy, there are still two other options.

As the Lord of the Undead, Rhodes controls the power of god-level spiritualism, but he will go to the earth to kill the undead under his command. Every undead I transform has absolutely seven hearts for me, Wen Yi We can also bestow the eternally effective and sustainable buffing magic on every legion member under our command, allowing us to be our help in conquering the world.

An increase of 80 points in strength, constitution, and speed is a full 240-point increase in attributes. That exaggerated increase in attributes, even if it is applied to a first-level creature with high strength, will immediately overwhelm it. The strength to fight against legendary creatures, and they are still first-order 1st and 2nd level creatures that have just entered the legend, but enough to compete with first-order 5th and 6th level creatures in the middle of the legend. And that’s the potential contained in option d.

Option A has a comprehensive increase. Prayer, which originally could only improve melee-related attributes, has been narrowed down to spellcasting attributes, bringing a simple and elegant effect of +20 to all attributes, a total of 100 attribute improvements. Even Rhodes No matter how much you can benefit from this punishment, no matter how much you improve your mental and knowledge attributes, it is too little.

The effect of full-level punishment is extremely weak, and can even cause the magic itself to undergo radical changes. Rhodes has deeply felt this during the process of improving the Qi system gain magic.

Feeling the mind-bewitching spiritual power emanating from Paris, Rhodes just curled his lips. That method was useful to me now. He snorted: “This is bad, just let it go.” He looks at this power.”

No one has ever been able to control the power of two systems at the same time. Even the God of Mage in the past was able to do that. Rhodes knew that I left Paris with a little shock, even if I proposed Paris had the right to agree to the request to resurrect him a hundred times with the Arrow of Time, which seemed to be a reasonable request.

Without the slightest determination, Rhodes immediately chose option d before thinking about the key point.

“The options are as above. Before the selection is completed, [Prayer Lv20] will be changed to the effect of the first selection.”

Just raising a water magic to Lv20 brought unimaginable harm to Rhodes, causing the strength of the Death Army to rise slightly. There are so many weak and weak buff magics in water magic. , the only thing Rhodes lacks is experience points.

What interests Rhodes the most is option d. According to the description of option d, as long as the number of creatures that are affected by prayer magic at the same time is one order of magnitude less than ten, eight attributes can be increased by an additional 10 points, and there is no lower limit for the increase.

Sustainable buff magic is a unique magic that only elemental monarchs can master. In the past, these elemental monarchs would easily give buff magic to their own hands. Only the most loyal servants of the elemental monarchs, or Only the most devout leaders are lucky enough to enjoy the effects of permanent gain magic. However, under Rhodes, that situation has changed.

Because of this, no matter how hard a legendary water mage tries his best, there is still no limit to the prayers he can perform for a few creatures at the same time. The ability to apply prayer magic to tens of thousands of people at the same time is not the limit of a water mage~ It is basically possible to increase the number to one million or even hundreds of millions like Rhodes.

Shaked his head, one hundred Time Arrows seemed like a small amount, but in fact, it was enough to use. Behind Rhodes, there was still a huge amount of empty experience points, but the power of time could only wait for Moriel to be fast. While recovering, there is no way Rhodes can speed up the process. It seems that I can only use the power of the Time Arrow again until Moriel continues to sleep in the time realm for a period of time.

Yes, the cost of increasing the magic level of [Prayer] is also huge. Raising prayer to Lv20 consumes 177 million Rhodes experience points. I just got rid of Paris. The experience points gained in the past are now all exhausted, which makes Rhodes shake his head. The cost of increasing the magic level is even greater than I imagined.

For the special legendary water mage, even if we spend a lifetime of hard work to upgrade the prayer magic to the level of magic level 20, it is still possible to reach the level of Rhodes. Regarding the magical attainments of the legendary water mage, there is still no fundamental difference between the prayer magic we cast and that of Rhodes. The difference lies in the duration of the magic.

Seeing that Rhodes just nodded lightly and said nothing, Paris took the initiative to stir up the topic. She saw an exotic man with starry eyes and a veil covering his face came to Rhodes and pretended to be intimate: ” Dual-line monarch, that title is not very interesting. You should call him Rhodes. Rhodes, is he saying that he can benefit from your death? Do you mind showing it to you? This is true no matter how you say it. After your hundred deaths, he will be so grand, right?”

Besides, Paris, who was always looking at Wen Yi, seemed to have noticed something at that time. As the master of spiritual elements, you were keenly aware of the emotional changes in Rhodes’ heart. Wen Yi seemed to be eye-catching. Very satisfied with the above.


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