Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2729: Fire Elemental



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Looking at the Lord of the Undead in front of her, Luna was also filled with emotion.


No matter how intelligent she is, she can’t imagine that the necromancer who came to the Magic Guild with her, who seemed to have nothing special except for being arrogant, suddenly became Braka Da’s conqueror led an army of undead under his command and defeated the Mage Empire that had been strong for countless years. How could this not surprise her?


On the other hand, Luna herself looks a lot darker. With the fire element monarch taking away the power of the world, all her powerful fire magic has become a decoration. Now, she has become a mere mana. In terms of spellcasting ability, it is not as good as the official mages of other departments.


With the complete silence of the fire element, the most affected are undoubtedly those spellcasters. Now, even Luna’s heroic specialty, the flaming fiery magic wall, can’t be used at all.


But because of this, after learning that she had had several relationships with Rhodes, at the common request of other elemental envoys, the task of visiting Rhodes and seeking benefits for the element city also fell to her. on the head.


“Rod, I am here for the elementalists and elemental creatures. The elemental monarchs have completely awakened, and they will soon break free from the seal and destroy the entire world. I believe that with your intelligence ability, you will be able to deal with the elemental monarchs. We can’t bear to see this world destroyed by the elemental monarchs, and we want to discuss with you how to fight them. The reinforcements of the elemental people also require land settlement.”


Looking at the black-robed man in front of her, Luna sighed. Although she was very curious about how Rhodes conquered the entire snowy region, in the face of major events, she could only put aside her doubts and talk about important things. matters.


“I think you’ve come to the wrong place, ma’am.” Facing Luna’s remarks, Rhode waved his hand, “This is my wedding celebration, although it hasn’t officially started yet, but you should say congratulations on my wedding. Be happy.”


Luna looked at Rhodes angrily and amusingly. Judging from Rhodes’ reaction, he clearly understood the dangers of the elemental monarch, and also understood that the whole world was at stake.


If even such a big event as the complete silence of the flames can’t be investigated by his subordinates, it can only show that he is unqualified in intelligence gathering. However, with such a major event that endangers the world in front of him, Rhode seems to be Indifferent, calm when it sounds good, and insensitive when it sounds bad, as if the only thing worthy of his attention is the current wedding.


“Your Majesty Rhodes, this is a major event related to the safety of the world. I’m afraid my blessing to you should be slowed down.” Luna said.


Listening to the change in her tone, Rhodes was also a little helpless, but it was really not the occasion to discuss the Elemental Monarch incident. Rhodes wanted to send her away and asked her to go to Speaker Erica to discuss these matters, but suddenly he As if thinking of something, he stopped and left.


Not long ago, Rhodes acquired a special ability, which is the same domain of the King of Lust. Perhaps in the use of the domain, Rhodes is not as skilled as the King of Lust, but in the current occasion, it seems that he can bring to a good effect.


Thinking of this, Rhode didn’t hesitate, and started the effect of the field of love. Even if he couldn’t control his mind like a **** king, it seemed like a good choice to passively enhance his charm.


In the eyes of Luna on the side, Rhode seems to be a little different. He is exuding an aura that Luna is familiar with, but Luna can’t tell where that aura comes from. She just felt extremely close, which made her involuntarily want to approach Rhodes to investigate carefully.




Luna frowned. She looked at Rhodes carefully and finally found the problem.


That aura clearly belongs to the fire element. The fire element, which has long been silent in the world, actually appeared on Rhodes, and it was still so strong, as if it had never been affected at all.


Put it on other people, maybe don’t understand what this means, but as a legendary elementalist, Luna, how could she not understand the meaning, and then looked at Rhodes in surprise: “You are Challenger… I know that a leader like you will never let the atrocities of the elemental monarchs indulge, and will definitely take action secretly, it seems that I am not wrong.”


Luna secretly scolded herself in her heart, how could she miss such an important clue, if it weren’t for Rhodes suddenly


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I felt an aura that made her very close, which aroused her curiosity and made her feel Rhodes carefully. She might miss the opportunity to deal with the elemental monarch.


“What are you talking about?” Rhode was a little helpless, and the effect of the field of love was somewhat unexpected. He just wanted to passively improve his charm, but he turned into some kind of challenger.


Luna showed a confident look: “Your Majesty, don’t show it anymore, I’ve seen through your identity. The fire element in you is so strong, so strong that even I deeply desire it. At this point, you must be a challenger who secretly prepares strength and prepares to seize the throne of the fire element monarch, if not, how can you still have the fire element in your body?”


As she spoke, Luna also showed an envious look. If she could still have those fire elements after the flames were silent, her strength would not have dropped to the current level.


“…” Now Rhodes can’t tell, he is not a challenger, he just has the same domain as the fire element monarch, but these secrets can’t be told to the element envoy in front of him.


On the contrary, the more Rhode explained, the more he concealed his identity in Luna’s eyes. Driven by an inexplicable force, Luna, who had long been confident, said to Rhode:


“Rod, you don’t have to worry that I will reveal your secret as a challenger. You can rest assured that there are still many challengers in this world who are trying to fight against the awakened elemental monarch, as far as I know. , there are two challengers in Eli, ready to seize the power of the elemental monarchs and save our world.”


Even in the bottom of Luna’s heart, she took the initiative to help Rhode figure out a reason for her refusal to admit her identity. Dealing with the Elemental Monarch is of great importance. If the news is leaked a little, it will cause the Elemental Monarch to be alert. Of course, it is impossible for him to tell the news to an outsider who only has a few relationships.


From Luna’s point of view, everything is so reasonable, but unfortunately she has no idea that Rhodes is not a challenger at all.


“Really? Can you tell me who the two challengers in Eri are?” Listening to Luna’s remarks, Rhode asked again, he did not directly refute Luna’s words, but Follow her words.


At this time, Luna was embarrassed. It wasn’t that she wanted to hide it. If Rhodes was just an ordinary lord, Luna would not mind telling Rhodes the identities of the two. His identities are extremely special. Now, he is already the conqueror of Brakada. If he were to know the identities of those people, it would be inevitable that some accidents would happen.


In the end, Luna shook her head with a bit of apology on her face. For the consideration of Element City, she couldn’t tell the truth: “I’m sorry, Your Majesty Rhode, I can only tell you that the two challengers, One intends to challenge the water element monarch, and the other intends to challenge the air element monarch.”


Seeing Luna’s expression of shame, Rhode didn’t ask any further questions. From the elemental monarch they planned to challenge, Rhode found some clues, which also made Rhode guess. Luna has disclosed enough information, and the subsequent information investigation will be handed over to the intelligence organization under her command.


Aside from Rhodes, who else is capable of being a challenger? You must know that Rhodes has the same domain as the fire element monarch. It can be said that he has mastered the housekeeping skills of the element monarch. Others do not have this kind of opportunity. With this question in mind, Rhodes soon had an answer.


The legendary Frozen Divine Sword is now in Eri. Those who dare to challenge the reliance of the Water Elemental Monarch may have nothing to do with that Divine Sword. Even Rhodes, who has hundreds of millions of marine undead, did not dare to collide with the water element monarch on the ocean. Apart from the sword of ice, Rhodes could not think of the reason why they dared to challenge the water element monarch.


As for the qi element monarch, Rhode does not know about it, but those who want to challenge the qi element monarch will have extremely terrifying qi magic attainments. In Rhode’s memory, there are only very few people who meet this requirement. a condition.


Just as Rhode was thinking about it, Luna also approached him, gently grabbed the robe hanging down from his back, put it in front of him and sniffed it, carefully feeling the Qi system above.


My thoughts were interrupted by Luna’s movements, and Rhode’s mouth twitched: “What are you doing?”


“I’m feeling that unforgettable familiar breath… the breath of flames.” Luna’s eyes showed a bit of nostalgia and reminiscence, since the flames in the world went silent


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After that, she hadn’t felt the breath of flame for an unknown time, and almost forgot the warmth brought by the flame. And the fascinating flames now exist in Rhodes body, and only by his side can Luna feel a thing or two.


The journey against the elemental lord has not been smooth. Luna has been wanted by all creatures who believe in the elemental lord of fire. She simply cannot return to the elemental plane of fire and relive the flames that make her fascinated.


Rod scratched his head helplessly. If someone else said that, he might think that person was trying to rob him of his ghost king’s cloak. Don’t look at the dark cloak behind Rhodes, which is very shabby. It is a powerful artifact that can change the pattern of the world, and it cannot be easily grasped by others.


Rod pulled off his robe and pulled the cloak away from Luna’s hand. Luna showed a look of regret and loss, like a girl who just found an interesting toy but was immediately snatched away. On the side he was stunned.


Seeing this situation, Rhode let out a dry cough. The effect of the field of love is more peculiar than he imagined. In addition to his own abilities, the field of love can also be used in combination with other fields. The Luna in front of him is the Affected by both the realm of love and the realm of burning.


I am afraid that even Cecilia in **** could not imagine that her realm would have such an effect. Even as the king of hell, she never had multiple realms. Having a realm of love has already made her Located on the top of hell, who would have thought that there is still the ability to superimpose the domain?


“Your Majesty Rhodes, as a member of the elemental envoy, I am also the one who will cooperate with you as a challenger. Can I ask you for something?” At this moment, Luna finally asked. .


“What do you want?” A bad premonition flashed in Rhode’s heart. She wouldn’t want her own ghost king cloak, would she? That’s not a reasonable request. If she really said that, Rhodes would wonder if her sanity was also affected.


Fortunately, her next words made Rhodes slightly relieved: “I want something full of flames, but unfortunately all the flames in the world have been silenced with the awakened elemental monarch, and only Only in you can I feel that breath… So, I want one of your personal things, whether it’s treasure, equipment, or clothing.”


After learning of Luna’s request, Rhodes pondered for a moment, and finally nodded: “You want something full of flame? Well, please wait here for a while.”


Speaking, Rhodes ignited flames all over his body, and his body shuttled through space in the flames.


Feeling the raging fire, Luna’s heartbeat also accelerated slightly. Rhode was just as she imagined. He is a challenger who is qualified to compete for the throne of the fire element monarch when the flames are silent. The heart-warming flame has already explained everything to her.


Thinking of Rhodes who left on purpose, Luna’s face was slightly hot, why did he leave at such a time? Could it be that he really intends to satisfy what he just said and give himself a piece of clothing full of flames?


The flame breath exists in the current Rhodes. In order to ensure that the flame breath will not dissipate over time, the clothes that Rhodes took out can only be replaced by him just now. Could it be that he was trying to avoid changing it himself? This is why I chose to leave temporarily. Could it be that the famous Lord of the Undead is also shy in front of him?


Just as Luna’s reverie continued, the flames ignited in front of her again, and Rhodes also returned from another dimension.


“This thing will definitely meet your requirements.” Rhodes patted his chest and said, as if he was extremely confident in the things he brought.


Luna opened her eyes wide, ready to take a closer look at what Rhodes took out, while covering her mouth with her hands, because only in this way could she hide the swirling red glow on her face.


“Feel it well, it belongs to the breath of the fire of doomsday.”


As Rhodes spread his palms, Luna finally appeared in front of her palms, and she was completely stunned. It is a crystal that exudes a strong flame breath. In the era of silent flames, it is undoubtedly extremely rare to still emit the power of flames.


“You can handle it carefully. If you accidentally smash it, it will lead to a large-scale doomsday judgment.” Rhodes said with great satisfaction.


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