Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2728: The power of the realm



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The Realm of Love can be used for stealth.


Lord had discovered something about the early actions of the King of Lust. If he traded for the Domain of Love, he would still be unable to see through the stealth effect of the Domain of Love.


After mastering the field of love, Rhodes also tested his ability to sneak, and soon got a satisfactory answer.


Many powers can be used for stealth, the most common is undoubtedly the second-order camouflage method. In addition, the assassins of the Thieves Guild have also mastered a unique stealth method, which is a long-term training. gradually acquired skills.


Let Rhode marvel at the stealth ability brought by the field of love, which is far beyond conventional stealth methods. Even if Rhode does any action, he will be noticed by others.


The stealth ability in the field of love is achieved by shielding love, just like at this moment, when Rhode used his ability, Dolana’s sight immediately disappeared.


Dorana was a little surprised at the sudden disappearance of Rhodes. She looked around, but she couldn’t see Rhodes’ figure, and Rhodes did nothing but expand the field of love, and always stayed in place.


Seeing the appearance of Dolana looking around, Rhodes also understood. Dolana didn’t see herself, but because her love was blocked, she couldn’t have any emotions for herself. From her vision, Rhodes was like a tree by the roadside, and there was nothing special about her feet. It didn’t matter how Rhodes acted. , will only be seen.


Rod tried to wave to Dolana, and then waved the Titan Arrow, but there was still no response. Even though Rhode had already swept the Titan Arrow across his body, he didn’t realize that the stealth ability brought by the Domain of Love, Even better than Rhodes imagined, even if he hides from the dark assassins, he can still be detected. If he did such an extraordinary move, it would have been exposed long ago.


Thinking about it, Rhode also began to understand why the King of Lust reacted like this when stealth was seen through, because that is something that can happen at all. Anyone with love can see through stealth, let alone stealth. Those actions fell into Rhodes’ eyes.


After completing the initial test for the field of love, Rhodes also turned off the functions belonging to the field.


The ability of the field of love is extremely comprehensive. It is a comprehensive field that integrates offense and defense. In vain, Rhodes spent 500 sin karma points in exchange. In contrast, although Flam’s Burning Domain is powerful, Rhode is, after all, the monarch of the fire element, and cannot use Burning Domain in all aspects.


, the comprehensive performance of the field is relatively strong, which means that when no item can reach the limit, each item has certain defects compared with the top field.


The realm of love can use love to dissolve the killing intent of the enemy, turn the enemy into a friend, and become its own strength, but it cannot truly achieve the ultimate defense like the inert realm, fixing the damage to 1 point , in the face of those enemies who ignore the realm of love, even the king of **** must seek the protection of the king of laziness. In addition, in terms of attack, it is far from the tyrant who has burned all the flames in the field.


For Rhodes, these are all problems, the realm of the body, far from the realm of love. If the field of love is put first in exchange, Rhodes will face all kinds of troubles. As for now, when all aspects of his abilities are improved, what Rhodes lacks is exactly the same comprehensive field.


After the realm of love was lifted, the recovered Dolana seemed to realize her gaffe, so she could only scold herself for her high spirits. Why did the new master behave so badly? The legend of **** once won the trust of the king of lust, but now it is similar and shows a qualified side.


How did Dolana know that, apart from its powerful strength, the eyes and eyes have no advantages in other aspects, but they have mastered the same field of the King of Lust. If she could know a little bit, Dolana would be surprised.


“Lord, please forgive the rudeness…” Seeing that Rhodes looked at him, Dolana also returned to her former dignity and apologized to Rhodes.


Rod waved his hand and did not blame Dolana for his rudeness. Speaking of Dolana’s rudeness, the Lord is also because Rodna tried the realm of love and felt the power of the realm of love. Rhodes, naturally, will be angry because of this.


Rhode looked at Dolana’s figure, and after releasing the realm of love, he looked elegant and dignified, but he was very aristocratic. The wrapping of the long skirt and the iconic tail of the succubus were also blocked. Anyone who sees it at first sight will only be regarded as the lady of Erathia.


The unique temperament of a succubus also makes Dolana attractive, making it easier to gain the favor of its creatures. If you increase your favorability a little, I am afraid that only succubus will have such an advantage.


Although Eri’s elves have the same appearance, but those elves are always arrogant and rarely approachable, but succubus rarely shows a proud side, and only has the kind of king of lust, and there is a hint of demeanor. The arrogance of the eye, but the succubus, is extremely good at listening to the troubles of the heart, and also belongs to the power.


Looking at Dolana, it was indeed much more pleasing to the eye than the average undead. Rhode immediately said, “I give it a task. Lead the undead and greet the guests.”


Dorana nodded slightly: “It will definitely satisfy you.”


Lord didn’t say more, I believe that Dolana, who has a lot of temperament, will be able to complete the task successfully. It will be suitable for the succubus to complete the tasks for welcoming the guests. , can only show that it is a legendary succubus. Rhodes can also take advantage of the period to continue testing the various abilities that belong to the field of love.


Rhod put his hand on Dolana’s shoulder, flames surged from Rhodes’ body, and the two crossed the space together to the main hall where the guests were greeted.


Feeling the power of the long-silent flames, Dolana opened her eyes. Her crystal clear eyes were also filled with some doubts. After she understood why the flames in the world were silent, Rhodes was still able to use the flames that belonged to them. the power of.


Frum took away the flames of the world and betrayed the **** demons he trusted. The **** has already spread, and all the demons are full of Flam’s behavior, but they dare to complain about anything. One of the sources of power of the flame **** demon, just imagine how powerful Flam would be after taking away the flames in the world? How dare ordinary demons say anything, even the battle of doomsday was forced to be postponed, and only the king of **** would investigate this matter.


Dorana, a legendary succubus, has already communicated with various channels, and has clearly understood the whole thing, and even heard more inside information. For example, Flam has teamed up with several other ancients and is preparing to wipe it out completely. Except for the main plane. And what really puzzles me is why Rhodes can still use the power of flames?


Aware of the doubts in Dolana’s eyes, Rhodes has long been surprised by this, and wants to explain to him every time he encounters it, so he directly ignores the doubts of Dolana’s eyes.


Dorana felt a little suffocated. When the devil sees any doubts on weekdays, he hates to keep everything hidden in his heart, just to please his heart. Although he is as beautiful as the king of lust, he can also make thousands of demons dumped with a wave of his hand.


However, General Rhodes’s confusion was completely ignored. As a master and servant, he could rashly ask questions. Dolana just seemed to take a sigh of relief, hiding her doubts in her heart.


Go to the main hall where the guests are received, Rhodes, the succubus that the Legion had been transformed from, also greeted the arriving guests. In the distance, you can still see the hands of Moriel. Even Rhode has to admit that, as a legendary succubus, Dolana’s appearance and temperament are the best of the lustful kings.


“Rod Majesty.”




Seeing Rhodes’ arrival, the nearby hands saluted one after another. Rhodes only waved his hands, indicating to continue with the hand thing, and then he went to find the succubus Fenli, who was in charge of the groom.


“Let, as the head of the prime minister, greet the kings who arrive.” Rhodeyong ordered suspiciously.


Fenli, the succubus with a sweet smile on her face, dared to refuse, only to see Dolana behind Rhodes, and the smile on her face froze. Yueluoduo came to Dolana’s side: “Princess Dolana? Thinking of seeing… Yes, I haven’t become a member of the undead.”


“I’ve become an undead, with those dead spirits, how can I show the temperament that belongs to a succubus?” Perceiving the provocative meaning of Fenli’s words, Dolana pointed it out.


“…” Fenli’s face changed slightly, but because of Rhode’s order, she couldn’t do anything special, so she had to remember what she had suffered, and then followed Rhode’s order to guide Duo Lana greets the kings.


On the side, after Rhodes brought Dolana to the main hall to welcome the kings, he wanted to leave and continue to test the power of the field of love, but was seen by the sharp-eyed messenger.


“Rod, thinking of seeing each other again… Maybe it should be called Lord Rod?”


Hearing the familiar voice, Rhodes was stunned for a moment. He seemed a little familiar to the sound, but he remembered where he heard it.


Following his reputation, Rhodes saw a female elemental envoy with a ring on her forehead. The elemental envoy was wearing a red and white robe and a fiery pattern on her face, which also showed the identity of the elemental envoy.


The Fire Elementalist Luna, Rhodes and Bracada met. At the beginning of the Battle of Brakada, Luna, who was there, noticed the flame mutation in the elemental plane, and asked the mages of Brakada to discuss the matter, and Rhodes, who was looking for the remains of Tanan, also met there.


As the situation changes, Rhode’s undead army, even the mages of Brakada, appears to be bleak. This Brakada has completely fallen into Rhode’s hands. Even if he sticks to it, he is still desperate The mage who gave up will also be persuaded to leave by Serena, the leader of the resistance army released by Rhodes. The Lord of Bracada has been completely rewritten.


Compared with Rhodes, Luna looked a lot worse. After knowing the truth of the elemental monarch, she felt sympathetic and endured to see all the creatures on the main plane destroyed, and immediately united to refuse to obey the order of the elemental monarch. , the same element of justice came to the main plane, looking for a way to fight against the elemental monarch.


And the important event of the third expansion, the establishment of Element City.


Because Rhodes has to deal with a lot of things, he almost completely forgot about it. Although the crisis of the elemental monarch is imminent, the whole world will destroy the hand of the elemental monarch, but if Luna shows up to Rhodes, I am afraid It is hard to remember that those elements are rushing to the main plane.


The main city of World Elements is located at the junction of various forces, which is also the location of the disputed land of Verning. As an independent force independent of each force, and also against the heavy force of the elemental monarch, the present of the element city has not been targeted by the rest of the even described as smooth sailing.


In the first world, Lu’s situation was far from the same. Rhodes set his sights on the land of Verning early, where the base camp has also risen all the way. However, in the Battle of Bracada, when Somra learned that After the news of Yin’s death, President Ren released a chain lightning that surpassed the limit.


Even Rhodes, after learning about Werning’s situation, can’t sigh at Somra’s strength. If Rhodes happens to be wearing the Electric God pendant that blocks all lightning damage, he can only rely on the limited range. The forbidden magic ball could not stop all the chain lightnings released by Somra. It would take a little effort to conquer Brakada.


The power of the demigods deeply entered Rhodes’ heart. Even in the doomsday battle, Rhodes never saw Somra show his full strength, but he succeeded in driving the giant monster into a state of rage. , so as to feel the destructive chain lightning.


Here, Rhodes already owns the entire Brakada Snow Region. Compared to this, Verning’s territory is truly pitiful. And this time, Luna is for the scorched earth of Verning.


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