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Listening to the soft words of the King of Lust, Rhode knew that in order to increase the value of the succubus, he deliberately said words. At best, he put gold on his face, and at worst, he sold himself and boasted. Rhode’s attention was still attracted by Dolana.


Lord looked at Dolana carefully. He would have named Succubus so much because the salesman’s words of the **** king played a role, and because he had heard the name.


In hell, even on the plane of candy, Rhodes had heard the name of Dolana, Fang Guerasia, Cun with the same name, although he has now become a legendary succubus, he escaped from the control of the king of lust, and was even more The King of Lust gave it as a gift.


Ceccia evoked Dolana’s Ba, and pinched her face again, like checking the state to see what was right, Rhode hurriedly stopped the movement of the **** king, who knew what he would do:


“Let’s talk about your experience. I have heard about some deeds, but I have not been able to confirm them. Now, many things will be answered.”


Hearing what Rhode said, Cecilia let go of Dolana’s face: “The ancient generation, Erathia, launched a protracted war. Although he did nothing, he counted Millions of people lost their lives, and even indirectly led to the decline of the Holy Kingdom in the future. How difficult is it to explain the value?”


Listening to Cecilia’s words, Rhodes forbidden to look back at Dolana. If these things are true, then Dolana is indeed of unimaginable value.


Dorana, dressed as a lady, noticed Rhode’s gaze, and her face also showed a smile of Danya. Although she was not as lively as Cecilia, her temperament seemed colder.


Rod seemed to have thought of something and confirmed: “What do you mean, Dolana’s ability to charm millions of troops? Extraordinary power.”


“Well…it depends on my own understanding. I can’t be sure, anyway, what kind of ability.” Cecilia covered her lips and teeth with her palm. Although Rhodes saw the face, Rhodes could also imagine the sinking smile. .


Dorana seemed to want to say something, but under the coercion of the King of Lust, she could only keep her mouth shut and wait for the final result.


Cecilia glanced at Dolana, who was calm, and said, “So much has been said, what is the ranking? It’s best to give an answer, but if so… hum.”


Ceccia raised her head, her eyes with a kind of savage threat, and the threat of cherishing the girl’s delicate body was not convincing. After fading from the realm of love, Rhode’s eyes did not have that fatal attraction.


Nevertheless, Rhode wants to be haunted by the **** king all the time. Who knows what kind of trouble Cecilia, who escapes like this, will cause him for a moment. Rhode just wants to send it away as soon as possible.


“What ranking do you want?” Rhodes asked helplessly.


“Think about it…” Cecilia’s eyes rolled, and her eyes were like water, “At least three.”


“Okay. After comprehensive consideration, Dolana, who can charm millions of troops, is indeed more valuable than ordinary gifts. After multiple confirmations, the ranking of gifts has been raised to the third place. , the results will soon reach the ears of their kings.” Rhode thought for a while.


What Rhode didn’t expect, Cecilia seemed to be satisfied with the ranking: “Only the third place, are you really sure? What about at least the second?”


The corner of Rhodes’ mouth twitched, thinking that he had made an exception to raise the ranking of Cecilia’s congratulations, Cecilia was still satisfied: “It’s an inch.”


Speaking, Rhode’s head knocked, and he didn’t realize that something was right until he put his hand away. In the face of Yin Nuota’s speechless questions, he would do everything, the one-eyed fairy dragon, and the **** king of hell.


Being knocked on the head by Rhodes, Cecilia was also stunned. How dare a demon in **** dare to do such a thing. A demon is only worthy of kneeling feet. In my memory, I didn’t expect Rhodes to be so evil that he dared to hit his head with his hands…


Rod coughed dryly, and just wanted to explain a few words, Cecilia had puffed up her cheeks, glared at Rhodes, and regardless of He Li’s ranking, she directly crossed the space.


“Wait, I’ll raise the ranking of congratulations to second place, okay?” Helpless Rhodes had no choice but to say to the afterimage of Cecilia’s gradually dissipating space, but he didn’t get any response. The girl’s heart is already here.


Rod scratched his head. Although he finally sent the difficult King of Lust away, things seemed to develop as expected. That’s all, Rhodes also had a hunch that although he tried his best to avoid it, he still offended the King of Lust, and he knew what trouble the girl would cause.


Thinking, Rhodes sighed helplessly, ready to leave, and then test the efficacy of the field of love. Beside the **** king, dare to use the power of the field of love blatantly, it is bound to cause trouble.


What kind of victory is it to be able to use the realm of love against the power of the king of lust?


Rod was waiting to leave, but was suddenly stopped by another cold voice: “Respected Lord of the Undead, the king will be dedicated to you, will you be called your Lord in the future?”


“Whatever.” Rhode waved his hand and stopped, the succubus Dolana, who was being congratulated by Chessia.


Dorana was also obviously relieved after the suppression of the **** king.


Ceccia’s suppression of all aspects, as the most beautiful woman in the world, the beauty of the king of lust, any other beauty seems dull, especially Dolana, who is a succubus, she used to be very confident , The face that made him crazy, for a moment seemed to become dust in the mud, just thinking about it, made him feel ashamed.


That’s all, as the ruler of the world’s lust, the **** king holds the lifeline of the succubus, and the succubus and the demon must obey the command of the **** king, otherwise they will lose all their power.


Lust is to a succubus what fire is to a demon. Without the blessing of flames, the demon’s power has plummeted, and he can only fight close to one another like ordinary creatures. Except for a higher attribute, it has no advantages, and all bloodline characteristics cannot be used. The same is true for succubuses without lust, and even in combat, they are weaker than ordinary demons.


Dorana breathed a sigh of relief when the Lust King left. Although she was greeted by the Lust King as a gift, she didn’t have any complaints. It was her destiny as a succubus.


What Dolana didn’t expect, the new master of the eyes was so daring, that he dared to knock on the head of the always elusive king of lust, to be able to see the king of **** shriveled, to secretly laugh, to see the new master of eyes, indeed So the same.


“Lord, as your possession, I must remind you that you can be fooled by the king of lust. Although it is true that millions died, but because of the whole father, there is no temptation as the king of **** said. Wan Jun’s ability, I said it on purpose, I just want you to improve your ranking.” Dolana reminded.


As for one point, Rhodes had already anticipated that, and believed that Cecilia would definitely be able to give himself the succubus capable of seducing millions of troops as a gift. If it is a real succubus, its power is enough to threaten the **** king, and the **** king wants to eradicate it.


Rod waved his hand: “I understand, don’t worry, I will send the battlefield to deal with the enemy.”


Early on the plane of candy, Rhodes went to Gwen’s cake Lasia, learned the secret of Guerasia, and knew exactly what happened to Dolana. If all that is true, Dolana of the eyes is only fortunate to fall into hell, and has no **** for the king’s mouth, the power to charm millions of troops.


“It’s great that you can understand the difficulties.” Dolana Lutanya’s smile, matched with the dress of a noble lady, gave her an intellectual temperament, “Since you are like this, you will also improve the king of lust. Ranking? If you do, you’ll let it go.”


“I know.” Rhodes was a little helpless. He already had a deep understanding of one point. The level of difficulty of the **** king was equal to that of the king. He even swears that he can achieve his goal. In hell, no demon dares to refuse. As a king, even Rhode, who has mastered the field of love, cannot easily send him away.


“I will still follow what I said, and I will raise my ranking to the third, and the second position. As for the complaints of its kings… Dare to complain and question the king of lust, I can only vent my anger to body. During the period, it is best to be cautious.” Looking at Dolana, Rhode reminded.


Dorana also showed some unexpected eyes. From the description of her creatures, the Lord of the Undead is cruel, evil, bloodthirsty and ruthless. Its creatures are simply inaccessible, and they are in danger of being killed at every turn. Another king who is the most powerful in the world is married, but the rumors seem to be true.


From what Dolana observed, although Rhodes was powerful, he didn’t have that kind of arrogance. Instead, he seemed to be very thoughtful. Even the succubus he planted as a gift would consciously feel it. Worrying, I know that even the succubus king, Ceccia, has done a bit. Cecilia’s eyes, those succubus-like chess pieces, no matter how they are driven, they are free, and they will care about the succubus’s every move.


Lord did not know Dolana’s thoughts and tried the power of the realm of love.


The succubus has a very high charm, and many abilities of the body also need to be linked to the charm. However, the charm is a hidden attribute, and it will directly display the attribute panel. Even Rhodes can’t see what he is. How many charm attributes.


And the power of the field of love can affect the level of the charm attribute. Through Cecilia’s use of the field of love, Rhode vaguely perceives the use of the field of love. It can lock the charm attribute of Yi to the most valuable level, which is why Rhodes sees Cecilia and will feel free in his heart. Generated, the idea of ​​the most beautiful woman in the world.


And when Rhodes’ own domain of love cancels out the domain of Cecilia’s body, the girlish appearance revealed is the true appearance, the result revealed after the filter of charm is removed.


Thinking of Cecilia’s use of the field of love, Rhodes also imitated and raised his charm attribute to the highest level. In this state, any creature driven by affection will be attracted to Rhodes voluntarily, and finally sink, even if nothing is done, the effect will appear.


Reflecting Dolana’s body, her breathing became faster and her eyes became more moist. Even if Rhode just said a few words, he won the favor of belonging to a great extent, but only the most basic effect of the field of love, as for the real ability of the field of love, especially its comprehensive ability, Rhode also did not Not implemented.


Looking at Dolana, Rhode was very satisfied with the efficacy of the field of love. As a creature driven by lust, the succubus’s perception of **** is extremely obvious, and it also allows Rhodes to stimulate the field of love a little to achieve very good results.


For some succubuses, the realm of love that Rhodes casts is like the highest level of mental magic, enough to completely steal the nerves that belong to him. According to Rhodes’ expectation, the effect of the field of love can also be effective for the abyss demon family, but Rhodes will have nothing to try with those demons.


After feeling the power of the field of love, Rhodes heart also sighed a little. The will of the succubus is even lower than Rhodes imagined. If the target who bears the power of the domain is replaced by a hero with firm will, I am afraid that the difficulty of controlling it will be less increased.


In addition, those heroes whose will is stronger than steel and more stubborn than rock are even completely immune to the charm of the realm of love. One fight with the **** king, Rhodes was able to escape the control of the realm of love, so it is thanks to his hero York, and the same is true for letting him be a hero.


Ludzhi, the power of the field of love can affect the strongest heroes in the world, and his plans will also change.


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