Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2654: Research results



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“Here she is.”


Feeling a certain kind of stalwart, like the aura of the master of all things emerging from the sky, Rhodes, who was welcoming the guests, couldn’t help but stare.


Beside Rhodes, there is the King of the Cavemen who came from the Beast Crest Wasteland north of Krulord and blesses him and Moril, a Doomsday King that Rhodes has never heard of before.


Kerg, the great leader of Krulord, had already surrendered to Moriel and accepted the transformation of the sorcerer. Tanan, the hero who had returned from the dead, also served for Rhode. In a sense, There is a deep connection between Rhodes and Krulord Wasteland, and his wedding with Moriel also attracted many barbarians.


Due to etiquette, Rhodes could not neglect the guests who came to bless him. Even the king of cavemen who was only fifth-order, Rhodes had to greet him with a smile, but in front of the Lord, these things had to be put aside. If he neglects the master of the wedding because of a small loss, it will not be worth the loss.


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Lighting up the entire city of magic is a magical prop that Moriel has never seen before. They are tubular objects that emit bright light like lightning is imprisoned inside.


“What is this?”


Although she had already heard about the special features of the Magic City from the information of the sorcerer, Moriel was still shocked when she saw it with her own eyes. She stretched out her dragon claws and carefully wiped the surface of the tube. Except for the feeling of slight heat, the ‘lightning’ in it didn’t seem to be affected.


“These are ‘lamps’.” Rhodes came to her and introduced to the big red dragon, “They are the products of the ‘Titan Project’. When the flames of the world go out, they can guide the light for us, although I don’t need these lights myself to see through the darkness, but if you like, I can pass on the knowledge to the sorcerers.”


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Under normal conditions, Rhode’s lightning strikes deal 480 base panel damage. The sorcerers, as requested by Rhodes, count the lightning energy that deals 1 damage as unit 1 in the Titan plan.


1 point of lightning energy is enough for a lamp to illuminate for a day, and each lightning bolt released by Rhode can store 480 points of lightning energy. When Rhode fully activates the Titan Arrow, it only takes a few In an hour, tens of millions of lightning energy can be stored, and there is no need to worry about the consumption of these lights.


In addition to light tubes, many lightning weapons were also born in the Titan project. Unfortunately, the power was not up to expectations and could not be used to deal with the enemy. However, some simple electrical appliances were deeply loved by other undead. Over time, their Life will be completely transformed.


Until this moment, the Titan Project finally showed its terrifying potential, and it is no wonder that when Erica accepted the appointment of the Speaker, she would come up with this plan at the first time.


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“Ah… these are nothing.” Hearing Moriel’s praise, Rhode waved his hand and snapped his fingers at the same time.


As he moves, the rays of light converge in a bundle, hitting the position where he is standing from all over the top of his head.


Several vampires flying in the sky are holding a special circular lamp. The circular lamp is surrounded by a special prism. Under the calculations of the magic scholars, the prism can effectively refract the light, so that the It is combined into a bunch and plays an eye-catching role. This characteristic round lamp is also referred to by Rhodes as a “spotlight.”


“After we get married, you will feel a different surprise every day.” Rhode stood beside the big red dragon, stretched out his hand, and slowly stroked Moriel’s dragon scales.


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