Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2606: End of Promise





“You are not her.”


After repelling Wawen who came to assassinate him, Kaidan glanced at Sodophie, sighed in disappointment, and prepared to leave.


Wawen’s attack and killing also alerted the Eri guards in the embassy. The nearby elves were not happy anymore. They hadn’t figured out the identity of that person and what was going on with the words between them. Naturally, they wouldn’t let Kaidan go easily.


Several elf swordsmen surrounded Kaidan, and the nearby big elf also found the commanding heights and aimed at him alone with bows and arrows. If the situation went wrong, dozens of arrows shot from different directions would be lost in an instant. Pin him into a hedgehog.


“Get out of the way.”


Kadan held the blade in front of him and threatened the elves who were blocking his way. His eyes sank, and it seemed that he would attack in the next moment. Of course, the nearby elves wouldn’t let them. Even if they sacrificed their lives, they would protect the safety of the Eri embassy.


“Wait!” Seeing that the situation became tense, it was Sodofi who took the initiative to speak up, which calmed the atmosphere a little, “He saved me, don’t do this. If he wanted to hurt me, he didn’t have to do it just now. Show up.”


Hearing this, the nearby elf guards looked at each other and finally put away their weapons.


Kadan was still on guard and was about to back away a little when Sodophie stopped her again: “This… Your Excellency the Warrior, what did you mean by that sentence just now?”


“I’m not a warrior, just a mercenary.” Kaidan corrected the error in her words, “I’m looking for someone, and I heard that you were a survivor of the last mission, so I came over to see and see Come on, I’m nosy.”


Sodophie heard the irony of the other elf guards in his words and shook his head: “I apologize to you for them, you saved me no matter what. Who are you looking for? Maybe I can give you that? The answer.”




When the words came to his lips, Kaidan showed a hesitant look again. He was not sure if he really wanted the answer. With the answer, everything was a foregone conclusion. There was no answer, at least in his heart. Can have an idea.


“I… I’m looking for a red-haired mercenary, her hair is more brown, she has a barbarian blood flowing in her body, and she loves to drink on weekdays. I promise to invite her to drink when she returns. A few days ago, her name was Tanlar, have you seen her?”


Kaidan finally asked the doubts in his heart. Although he had heard beforehand that all the mercenaries who performed the mission were killed, he still had a very small hope in his heart. He hoped that the man would come back alive, Maybe someday they will meet again somewhere in the world.


Sodophie heard who he was looking for, wasn’t it the red-haired mercenary? Thinking of the scene where the red-haired mercenary was blown up by thunder bombs, she closed her eyes tightly, and after a while, she sighed:




“Needless to say.”


Kaydan had guessed her answer from the elf’s change in expression, preventing her from continuing: “I should have stopped her from participating in this mission, I told her about the dangers of this trip, **** necromancer …”


“What really killed her was the mage’s thunder bomb.” Sodophie glanced at the nearby guards, and finally lowered her voice.


Under Kaidan’s stunned eyes, Sodophie told everything she knew.


Although Sodophie trusts those guards, she believes that after the guards hear the news, there will be a gap with the Bracadians, and they who can be selected as the guards of the embassy have strong loyalty to the Elf Kingdom, After learning about the treatment of the first aid apprentices, they would never be able to give the Bracada a good face, but this was exactly what Sodofi was worried about. In this way, if he was not careful, it would lead to even greater conflicts.


Since Lord Kailin did not inform other subordinates after learning the news, Sodophie is also inconvenient to do so, she believes in Kailin’s choice.


It was Kaidan in front of him, Sodophie saw his grief, and the kind elf was reluctant to hide the truth from him.


“What are you going to do when you find out the truth? Seek revenge against the mages of the Magic Guild?” Sodophie asked, she was afraid that Kaidan would make an irrational decision, and maybe even she would be exposed. .


“Seeking revenge?” Kaidan said absentmindedly, “Do you think I am like Tanan, or that Rhode? That is the Magic Guild, a super organization that has traversed the continent for countless years. I can do something as a mercenary. What? I did what I promised, but she made a slip of the tongue. Now, all I have to do is forget about it, leave Bracada, and move on. Am I going to kill Bracadas to vent their anger? Did nothing wrong…”


Kaidan remembered that in the previous mission, the solitary mage Tazis who learned the news of the child’s death, now he can probably understand that feeling.


He put away his saber and did not intend to stay outside the embassy for a long time. Before leaving, he revealed to the silver-haired elf: “Although revealing the employer’s information is an act of detriment to credibility, but who cares. He intends to investigate and assassinate you, It’s the new elder of the Magic Guild, Bassora. I ruined Wawen’s mission, he will definitely report the news, and now even I’m not safe, be careful yourself.”


After speaking, Kaidan passed the elf guards and left alone, while Sodophie secretly wrote down his words and returned to the quiet room under the protection of the elf guards.


Although the Bracada’s praises for Jenny are still in her ears, Sodofi’s heart is no longer shaken.


The mercenary Kaidan can choose to let go of his hatred and leave far away, but she can’ Those apprentices, as well as the mercenaries on the mission, their deaths can all be maintained on her body, if Sodophie also left, and there will never be anyone to do justice for them.


At the same time, Wavin, who failed to assassinate Sodofi, quickly fled back to the tavern.


“You failed.”


Before he could ask for a glass of wine, the cold words reached his ears. Looking at the reputation, he saw a legendary mage who had been waiting for a long time. It was the legendary mage Ra beside Elder Basora. Ace.


“I almost succeeded, but that **** Kaidan, he ruined this mission, if you want to find him, go to him!” Wawen hurriedly defended.


“The elder saw what happened, and he knew what happened.” Lais Dandan said, and at the same time handed a parchment scroll into Wawen’s hand, “Your identity has been exposed, leave the city of magic to avoid Stay out of the limelight, I think this mission will interest you.”


Taking over the sheepskin scroll, Wawen looked at the contents above. It was a bounty quest with rich rewards, and the target of the bounty was Kaidan who destroyed his quest.


“Very good…” Wawen showed a cruel smile. He couldn’t wait to kill the Kaidan who sabotaged his mission and forced him to leave the Magic City.


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