Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2595: Attack in the rear





“Lord Somra… We just received news that President Yin Lai was assassinated by the enemy and is now dead…”


Shallow underground, the mage captain hiding here looked at the news just received with an unbelievable expression.


Beside him, the gods and monsters, who maintained the size of ordinary people, also knew about this, and their faces showed a bit of sadness, and their actions were finally slow.


In the realm of forbidden magic, Somra’s power is greatly limited. Even if he has the power of a demigod, he can’t release any spells. Do you want to make him look like a giant monster, punch and kick Do you fight the enemy? That would only attract the ridicule of the enemy.


To this end, after the mage’s negotiation, Somra traveled to Vernin, preparing to launch a surprise attack on Rhodes’ lair.


In the past, there have been legendary mages who have done this kind of thing. They tried to destroy the towns behind the Necromancers by harassing and attacking them. However, they achieved very little. Just killing some Necromancers did not affect the war situation at all, let alone the death of the Necromancer. There is a big demon who has heard the news, and if you are a little careless, the mage who comes to harass will be instantly beheaded by the big demon on the spot.


Eri’s jungle guardians are experts in guerrilla warfare, but when they face the corpse witches all over the mountains and fields, they also seem helpless, and the mage’s move has not achieved much.


As a demigod, Somra didn’t bother to take part in the surprise attack in the rear, but the defeat in the frontal battle also made him have to pay attention to the power of the necromancer and the existence of the power of forbidden magic, which made his All his skills have become useless, and only an unfettered battlefield can allow him to exert all the power that is not weaker than the Qi element monarch.


After thinking twice, Somra found the mage vanguard who had been hiding in Werning, ready to destroy the enemy’s nest in one fell swoop, but his action was still a beat, and President Yin Lai was the first to encounter an accident.


“…President Yin Lai tried his best to kill the hero Tanan, and the enemy no longer had the realm of forbidden magic! After the death of the president, Esquel took over as the president of the Magic Guild…”


The mage captain of the vanguard is still reading the content of the information, and Somra’s face gradually changed from grief to anger:


“In the days of Ancient Erathia, the angel Andorra burned the city in a rage and burned hundreds of thousands of lives. I didn’t understand before, what was it that made the angels stunned and attacked ordinary people at all costs. Now I understand, It is the horrific cruelty of the enemy. I will let the souls of the dead here feel the rage that has been accumulated for a long time in Brakada.”


Feeling Somra’s words that could not contain his anger, the nearby mages held their breaths, their eyes glowing with enthusiasm. As Somra, who has been following the **** of mages and guarding Brakada since the golden age, he can represent Brakada’s former glory better than anyone else.


Sumra’s figure turned into a thunderbolt, teleporting to the sky like lightning, and every hidden mage was covered with a layer of air shields to resist the next attack.


“What’s that?”


“Enemy attack! Quickly notify the legion leader!”


In the city of Sao, looking at the giant monster that floated above the sky, its size suddenly increased, like the appearance of a god, the undead in the city panicked and screamed incessantly.


The death knight Kane, who stayed here, responded immediately. He told the commander of the garrison in the city: “It seems that the enemy has at least the strength of a legendary mage. Don’t panic, let the residents of the city hide in the underground passage, and then send the corpse. The witch troop went to meet them, called back the great demons patrolling nearby, and then decided whether to ask General Falezer for help depending on the situation…”


Before Kane could complete the order, the enemy’s offensive arrived one step ahead. The rolling thunder roared continuously, and several thick and unparalleled lightnings bombarded from the air. After landing on the ground, the lightning quickly split and spread, moving towards It swept through in all directions, like fierce silver snakes, attacking and killing the enemy.


In just a split second, most of the undead creatures in the city were killed or injured. The corpse witch troop that had just formed the formation didn’t even have the slightest wave, and was instantly wiped out under the bombardment of lightning. After escaping, even the entire black cloud was shattered by lightning.


Above the sky, Somra watched all this indifferently. If it weren’t for the existence of the Forbidden Realm, the enemy who dared to kill Brakada would end up the same.


After the lightning swept through the city, there were not many undead left in the city, but Somura was not satisfied with all this. He had not really killed those undead. When Rhodes came, the undead would still wake up in his death domain. Only by smashing those undead souls to ashes can they cut off their vitality.


Sumra spread his hands, and several **** of lightning appeared in the ruins of Sao City. The lightning **** contained a powerful attraction. The dead souls and the debris of collapsed buildings were all attracted by the lightning balls, moving towards It flew away quickly.


The lightning ball is like a black hole that engulfs everything, and everything near it disappears. After the lightning ball swept through the entire ruins, there were only a few large building ruins left, other small fragments, and the corpses of the undead have all disappeared.




Clinging tightly to a pillar, Death Knight Kane barely escaped the catastrophe. When the lightning struck him, it had already split several times, and the damage caused was not enough to destroy him. He was strengthened by the hero template. The body looked at Somra who descended from the sky, Kane smiled bitterly: “Your Excellency has such power, why do you want to take action against us in the rear city, why don’t you go to Lord Rhodes for advice? “


Sumra just looked at him indifferently: “Don’t blame me. It was Rhode who got you involved. If you want to blame, go to your leader Rhode, but I think he’s too soon. He has no In the Forbidden Demon Realm, it won’t be long before I will silence him with you.”


Lightning flashed from the back of Somra, smashing Kane’s body to scum. His body was completely absorbed by the lightning ball, and there was no trace left. Even if Rhode returned, he would definitely It cannot be resurrected.


Sumra stood in the ruins of Sao City, and he sighed deeply as he looked at the ruins where there was no one, and even the underground passages used to hide had been cleared.


According to the default rules on the continent, demigods like him cannot intervene in ordinary battles, and the aftermath of the demigod battles is enough to wipe out the existence of unknown ordinary creatures.


However, in this war that has affected the entire Brakada, he can no longer pay attention to those rules. Rhode is determined to destroy the Mage Empire, and of course he will not sit still. Sao City is just the beginning, and his lightning will only stop by destroying Verning, destroying Diya, and making those enemies fear.


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