Invincible God of War Chapter 5389: Kill (ask for votes)


“Don’t you want to take it back?”

Qin Feiyang frowned.

Since it is confirmed that it is not the masked woman, shouldn’t she be let go?


When he noticed Lu Qiushao’s eyes, he suddenly realized.

He fell in love with this woman.

If it is a normal relationship, a woman can still climb a branch and become a phoenix.


Everyone in Feilong City knows Lu Qiushao’s virtue.

At the beginning.

The masked woman went to assassinate him because she wanted to avenge her companions.

So, once this woman falls into the hands of Lu Qiushao, it will definitely not end well.


“This happened because of me, I have to help her escape from Lu Qiushao’s clutches.”

Qin Feiyang murmured, looked at Lu Qiushao with a smile and said, “Young City Master, it’s unnecessary, she is an irrelevant person.”

“Here are you qualified to speak?”

“Who do you think you are?”

Lu Qiushao stared at Qin Feiyang, his eyes filled with contempt and said: “Although your cultivation is good, don’t forget your identity, you just need to follow my orders.”


Qin Feiyang whispered.

It was really the first time that I saw a **** who dared to be so arrogant in front of him.

Looking at Qin Feiyang, Lu Qiushao said, “Now I will order you to take her down and bring her back to the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“But she is innocent.”

Qin Feiyang frowned.

“Wang Xiaofei, you are presumptuous.”

See it.

Zhao Dasong hurriedly yelled, walked up to Qin Feiyang, and said in a low voice: “Are you looking for death? How dare you go against the wishes of the young city master? Hurry up and do what he said, or you won’t be able to eat anything later. “

Qin Feiyang bowed his head and remained silent.

“I didn’t expect you to be such a kind person.”

Lu Qiushao looked at Qin Feiyang jokingly, and said: “If you don’t want to do it, then I have to let you do it. You can take her back now, let her wash it, and find her a nice dress.” , and send her to my palace.”

Qin Feiyang frowned slightly, and turned to look at the woman.

That woman was scared to death.

Hearing Lu Qiushao’s words now, he trembled even more.

The same goes for other villagers.

Although they had never met Lu Qiushao before, they had heard a little about this dude’s name and his usual evil deeds.

As long as the woman he takes a fancy to, there will be no good results.

“Young City Master, I’ll catch her!”

Zhao Dasong saw that Qin Feiyang had not moved for a long time, so he looked at Lu Qiushao and said with a flattering smile.

“Get out!”

“Who asked you to interrupt?”

“Are you capable?”

“Believe it or not, I will destroy you.”

Lu Qiushao raised his eyebrows.

“Young City Lord, spare your life!”

Zhao Dasong’s face changed, and he knelt on the ground begging for mercy.

He originally wanted to help Qin Feiyang out of the siege, but he didn’t expect to offend Lu Qiushao.

Lu Qiushao, he must not afford to offend him.

After working in the city lord’s mansion for so many years, he knows Lu Qiushao’s character very well. Once he is angered, it will definitely be a dead end.

“I don’t know what is good or bad.”

Lu Qiushao glared at him, then looked at Qin Feiyang and said, “I’m going to let you do it today. I’ll count to three. If you don’t do it, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”




As the word “three” blurted out, Qin Feiyang clearly felt a strong killing intent in Lu Qiushao.

He sighed, looked at the woman, and said apologetically, “I’m sorry.”


“I beg you, let me go!”

The woman looked at Qin Feiyang pleadingly, tears streaming down her face.

Because she can also see that Qin Feiyang is the only one here who still has a heart of sympathy.

The others all looked indifferent.

Qin Feiyang shook his head and said, “I have to listen to the orders of the young city master.”


The woman shook her head, her face pale.

The hundred villagers also looked at him pleadingly.

“Don’t do it yet?”

Lu Qiushao snorted coldly.

Qin Feiyang sighed, turned to look at Lu Qiushao, and said, “Young City Master, they are so pitiful, just let them go!”

“Interesting, very interesting.”

“Your sympathy really makes people want to laugh.”

Lu Qiushao sneered, looked at the mysterious guard behind him, waved and said: “Kill him, no, first I will abolish him and bring him back, I want him to understand that my orders cannot be disobeyed of!”


There used to be two Xuanmo bodyguards here, but before Lu Qiushao brought ten more, so there are twelve Xuanmo bodyguards in total.

Hearing Lu Qiushao’s words, the twelve Xuanmo guards immediately bowed to take orders and surrounded Qin Feiyang.

“Young City Lord, you are the son of the City Lord of Feilong City, why should you feel sorry for this country girl?”

“Letting her go is tantamount to letting yourself go.”

Qin Feiyang shook his head.

“Leave me alone?”

Lu Qiushao was taken aback.

What do you mean by this?


“If you really want to do something, I’m afraid your life will be here today.”

Qin Feiyang looked at him seriously and said.


Lu Qiushao was taken aback.

The other guards and the twelve mysterious guards were also stunned.

What’s going on?

Is this threatening the Young City Master?

This guy must have eaten the guts of the ambitious leopard!

“Wang Xiaofei, you are too presumptuous, quickly kneel down and kowtow to the Young City Lord to make amends!”

Zhao Dasong came back to his senses, and immediately sneered at Qin Feiyang.

This is the beginning for him to distance himself from Qin Feiyang.

Because Qin Feiyang’s move is undoubtedly offending the majesty of the young city lord, and it must be a dead end.

If you don’t express your position quickly, you will be implicated later.

But Qin Feiyang ignored him, looked at Lu Qiushao and said: “Young City Lord, listen to my advice, don’t go on a dead end.”


Lu Qiu looked at Qin Feiyang a few times, raised his head and laughed, and said, “You really don’t know how to live or die.”

As the voice fell to the ground, the murderous intent in his eyes surged out, he looked at the mysterious demon guards, and shouted: “Abolish his cultivation, cut off his limbs, I will make his life worse than death!” /


Twelve guards of the mysterious demon rushed forward immediately.

A group of guards immediately dispersed and surrounded Qin Feiyang.

But just when they thought that Qin Feiyang would kneel down and beg for mercy in the face of the twelve mysterious demon guards, a more terrifying aura suddenly emerged.

In a split second.

The twelve Xuanmo bodyguards flew out, with blood gushing out one after another.


“This breath!”

A group of people looked shocked.

Especially Lu Qiushao, his face was full of disbelief.

This is actually the breath of the eternal powerhouse!

This person is actually a cultivation base of the Eternal Realm?

How did he know.

The realm of eternity is just the tip of Qin Feiyang’s iceberg.

“Why don’t you just listen?”

Qin Feiyang looked up at Lu Qiushao, shook his head and sighed.

“What do you want to do?”


Lu Qiu said angrily with a gloomy face.

What about the Eternal Supreme?

In front of him, you have to bow your head and bow your head.

But he didn’t know Qin Feiyang’s method. If he knew, he wouldn’t think so, and would immediately kneel on the ground and beg for mercy.

For Qin Feiyang, the threat he is most afraid of is this kind of dude.

Let’s not even talk about the dude, even if the Heavenly King Lao Tzu comes down, it’s useless to him, he must be killed.

“Wang Xiaofei, you’d better figure out who you are, this is the Young City Lord of Flying Eagle City!”

A mysterious demon guard spoke.

It is also confident.

Everyone thought that Qin Feiyang didn’t dare to really kill Lu Qiushao.

However, the voice did not fall.

Qin Feiyang waved his hand, and a force of law, like a tide, rushed towards a group of mysterious demon guards.

“Not good!”

“He dared to kill!”

The faces of the twelve mysterious demon guards changed drastically, and they immediately turned and fled.

However, with half a step of eternal cultivation, can you escape from the eternal powerhouse?

Speak bluntly.

No matter how many half-steps of eternity come, an eternity who is the most powerful can instantly kill at will.

Accompanied by screams, twelve Xuanmo bodyguards died one after another, and blood stained the void.

Looking at this scene, Zhao Dasong and his group of guards all turned pale.

This person actually actually did it?

The same is true for Lu Qiushao.

The face is full of disbelief.

Unexpectedly, this person would dare to kill all the mysterious demon guards.

More important.

The other party even killed the Xuanmo bodyguards, so he certainly wouldn’t care about killing him one more.

“Quick, protect me!”

He was clever, and quickly looked at Zhao Dasong’s group of guards and yelled, then turned and fled alone.

Obviously he wanted these guards to back him up, help him block Qin Feiyang, and give him a chance to escape.

A group of people faced Qin Feiyang with panic in their eyes.

Even the twelve mysterious guards were instantly killed by Qin Feiyang, let alone ordinary guards like them, so they didn’t dare to go up.


Qin Feiyang waved his hand, and a force of law rushed forward.

“Brother, don’t kill me because I led you the way back then and lived under the same roof.”

Zhao Dasong was clever and immediately knelt on the ground begging for mercy.

Seeing this, the others knelt down and begged.

But Qin Feiyang was indifferent.

With a loud bang and howls, a group of guards instantly disappeared.


He took a step forward, and within a few blinks, he caught up with Lu Qiushao who was fleeing.

“Brother, I have something to say.”

Lu Qiushao’s face changed, and he waved his hands quickly and said, his face was full of panic.

Qin Feiyang said calmly: “When you bullied those innocent women, why didn’t you tell them well?”

“I was wrong, never dare again.”

“Don’t kill me…”

“Don’t you want to be a guard of the mysterious demon?”

“As long as you let me go, I will arrange this for you when I go back.”

“This kind of trivial matter, I only need a word, and I can help you.”

Lu Qiushao said.

“You don’t think I’m so easy to deceive, do you?”

“I’m afraid that when you return to Flying Dragon City, you will ask your father to arrest me immediately!”

Qin Feiyang shook his head and laughed.

Can such a small thought be hidden from his eyes?

“No, you trust me, I swear.”

“If there is half a sentence of deceit, it will be thundered!”

Lu Qiushao swears to the sky.


“This kind of joke, do you think I will believe it?”

“Go to the underworld and slowly repent for the sins you have committed!”

Qin Feiyang smiled indifferently, and mercilessly killed Lu Qiushao with one palm, leaving no remnant soul left.


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