Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 1: Beginning to become a dragon







The rain in early August fell like bean seeds toward the ground, and the dense raindrops could splash on the ground.


In the quiet campus, one or two students hurriedly ran towards the dormitory building with umbrellas.


A student was sitting by the lake in the pavilion on the campus, and the rain hit him mercilessly.


In just a few seconds, the student’s body was soaked by the rain.


“Hehe, poor!”


The boy looked pale and looked at his reflection in the lake, which was scattered by the rain, and felt sad in his heart.


“Why is God so unfair?”


A hint of mockery appeared on the boy’s face.


The boy’s name is Wang Xian. He is a freshman at Jiangcheng University. He is a sophomore after the start of the school year.


When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, only Wang Xian and my sister Xiaoyu lived together.


Both of them are very smart. Wang Xian was admitted to a well-known university, Jiangcheng University, and his sister was also admitted to Jiangcheng University this year.


He has a lovely younger sister. In addition, he has a like-minded female friend. Although the two have no definite relationship, they are better than lovers.


Even though he has to use the rest time to work to support him and his sister, he is still very satisfied.


But just yesterday, the girl who had been working outside with him all the time, and the girl they had always had a very close relationship with had a good relationship with a man who drove a luxury car.


Yesterday, the girl said to him coldly, I am fed up with this poor life, and I want to pursue a new life.


He still clearly remembered the sneer, ridicule, and disdain on the corner of the luxury car man’s mouth, and he hugged her and left.


“Reality, money, hehe.” Wang Xian had a mocking look on his face, staring blankly at the lake in front of him, as if the rain fell on him without any feeling.




The voice of the phone rang, Wang Xian took out the phone, and saw the message from his sister, a faint smile appeared on his face.


“Da Zha, I’m Gu Tianle, I’m Xi Zha Zhahui, Tan Wan Lanyue, a new version of the ship that I haven’t played in the department, I need to experience it for three minutes, Lizao will do the same to me, Love Elephant Festival game.”


However, when he just turned on the phone, raindrops fell on the screen, and an advertisement popped up with a very loud sound.


“This broken mobile phone…” Wang Xian’s face showed bitterness, and his broken mobile phone, which was paid for calls, often popped up advertisements.


He pressed it with his hand.


I just removed Zha Zhahui’s ad, but another one popped up.


“The beginning is Jackie Chan, and the advanced stage travels the universe!”


“Did you even bully me?” Wang Xian held the phone tightly.




A sound of thunder and lightning suddenly came, and following Wang Xian, she felt her hands go numb.


“What’s the matter?”




A silver-white lightning bolt landed in his hands without warning, Wang Xian’s body froze, and he plunged into the lake.


“The beginning is Jackie Chan, and the advanced stage travels the universe!”


The old mobile phone in his hand dutifully uttered the sound of advertisements, and immediately after, Wang Xian’s rigid body noticed that the screen of the mobile phone was glowing.


An image of a dragon appeared in the phone, and the dragon let out a silent roar and drilled straight out of the phone.


That’s right, it’s an incredible drill out of the phone.


Wang Xian saw a palm-sized dragon, and it entered his mind directly.


“The beginning is a dragon.”


A voice suddenly appeared in his mind, followed by Wang Xian who was shocked to see the picture that appeared in his mind.


Name: Wang Xian


Race: Human (can be transformed into a dragon)


Level: Level 1


Dragon Qi: 1/1000


Ability: Domination of the Aquarium (rule over the aquatic species below your own level)


Devouring creatures (devouring creatures to extract dragon energy)


Cultivation Technique: Divine Dragon Transformation


“What’s going on here? What the **** is going on in my head?”


Wang Xian looked at the sudden appearance in his mind with a stupefied face. However, at this time, he suddenly found that he was able to breathe when he was in the water.


“I was able to breathe and even speak in the water, this…” Wang Xian’s eyes widened, he felt that he was even more comfortable in the water than on land.


“What do you mean by transforming into a dragon? Could it be that I can transform into a dragon?” Wang Xian muttered in astonishment as he looked at the picture in his mind.


“Beginning as a dragon, the host can become a dragon.” A voice suddenly appeared in his mind.


Wang Xian was stunned and said incredulously: “I can really become a dragon, a dragon.”




At this moment, Wang Xian noticed that his body seemed to have undergone tremendous changes, and he shook his body slightly.


“This…” Wang Xian felt that he had turned into an elongated creature. He lowered his head slightly and saw that he had four claws, each with nine fingers.


The claws are like eagle claws, and each palm is like a tiger’s paw, with fish scales on its body.


“It’s really a dragon.” Wang Xian’s eyes widened, horns like a deer, head like a camel, eyes like a rabbit, neck like a snake, belly like a mirage, scales like a fish, claws like an eagle, palms like a tiger, ears like Niu, this is the dragon in Chinese legend!


He moved slightly and easily swam out seven or eight meters away.


“Shenlong.” Wang Xian’s heart trembled: “But now I seem to be only the size of a palm.”


He saw a small fish swimming next to A message appeared in his mind.


Small white fish: level 0


Extractable Dragon Qi: 0.001


Wang Xian hesitated for a moment, then with a movement, he opened his mouth and swam over quickly.




The little white strip didn’t even react, so it was swallowed directly by Wang Xian.


“Adds 0.001 dragon energy.”


A hint appeared in my mind, causing Wang Xian’s body to stop.


“I can become a dragon, can I become a human again?” Wang Xian asked.


“Yes.” The voice in my head sounded.


“What’s the use of dragon energy?” Wang Xian asked with a flash of light in his eyes.


“Dragon Qi can be used to increase the level, to condense supernatural powers, and to transform the aquarium.”


“Condensing magical powers? What does it mean to transform the aquarium?” Wang Xian asked immediately.


“The dragon is one of the strongest creatures in the universe. The power of the dragon lies in the dragon’s qi. The dragon’s qi can transform itself to condense its magical powers. The dragon transformation is about the use of the dragon’s qi.”


“Dragon Transformation?” Wang Xian thought that he had a cultivation technique, and his heart moved.


“Dragon Change!”


At this moment, a majestic voice resounded in his mind, a voice like a might, a voice like a prison.


Immediately following, dragons circled in his mind.


There is a fiery red dragon with flames all over its body.


There is a frost dragon whose whole body is frozen thousands of feet.


There is a blue dragon whose whole body is blue with endless vitality.


There is a black dragon with black flames all over its body.


A hurricane-carrying wind dragon with wings.


All kinds of dragons circled, finally condensing the dragons and turning them into three majestic characters.



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