Infinite Clone System Chapter 1: Attachment


A crescent moon is like a hook, and the stars are scattered under the hook, reflecting on the post-war town.

The town is full of dilapidated houses, the ceilings fell, the walls were smashed, the ground was full of signs of collapse and fire, and even the moisture in the air was reduced by the burning of the flames.

This is a small town on the border of the country of fire. Not long ago, it experienced a fierce ninja battle. I don’t know how many people died in this unknown town.

Naoto Uchiha walks like a walking corpse on the desolate streets. The surrounding scene is like a cemetery, and he walks in this small town like a ghost crawling out of the grave.

In fact, it is true to describe him as a ghost. Not long ago, he was a corpse buried in the ruins.

The current Uchiha Naoto can stand up again, that is because his current body is no longer the original soul of this body.

It took a long time for him to come back to his senses. And when he figured out the situation, he showed a somewhat helpless expression.

“I actually traveled to Hokage…” He found a half-collapsed wall, leaned on it, felt the pain all over his body, and sat on the ground.

He came from Earth, and for some reason came to the world of Hokage and attached himself to the dying Naoto Uchiha.

“But… the system…”

He organized the information about the system in his mind. In layman’s terms, it is to collect prestige points, and then through these prestige, you can get the ability of characters in various worlds.

But the system isn’t as smart as the other novels, and it doesn’t give him any tasks.

The character cards in the system correspond to five levels, namely s, a, b, c, and d. The higher the level, the more prestige value the character card needs.

His current reputation value is 4396 points. After all, as the Chunin of the Uchiha family, being able to open the Ergou jade writing wheel is not bad among the huge Uchiha family, so there are still many people who know about him. .

“Unfortunately, the lowest level D-level character card also needs 1000 points to redeem…”

And one more important point—

Naoto sets his sights on the dense corpses in this broken town

Although the system can exchange character cards, it cannot conjure a person out of thin air, but can only exist if the character card acts on the human body.

After resting for about a quarter of an hour, Naoto forced his body to stand up, staggered to a few corpses, and sealed them with a scroll.

The strength of the character card is naturally limited by the card level, but the attached body is also very important. And here happened to have experienced a great battle. There are only two dead Shang Nin, and it would be a pity not to take them away.

When these ninjas die, they usually destroy their own brain nerves in some way to prevent information leakage, but they have no effect on the clones of the system.

He didn’t think much about it at all, and directly exchanged a D-rank character card

[D-Class Card – Flying Shadow]

In his mind, a short boy in black, about 1.6 meters tall, but the most striking thing is that he has a third eye on his forehead.

Naoko was shocked when he saw him. He had no idea that his first character card would be Hiei!

“No…it shouldn’t be the last flying shadow, I guess it should be during the dark martial arts conference…”

In Naoto’s impression, Hiei, who was at the Dark Martial Arts Conference, has finally mastered the flame killing Heilongbo and destroyed half of the arena in the battle with Wuwei. His strength is already terrifying!

Naoto took out the corpse of the dead Jōnin in Yunyin Village, and at the same time put the card into it with his consciousness, and the body suddenly changed from a strong young man to the character on the card. image.

Naoto controls Hiei to stand up and looks at himself with some novelty. Two perspectives appear in his mind, one is from Naoto Uchiha, the other is from Hiei, both perspectives exist at the same time but Not interfering with each other, this is an experience that straight people have never had in the past.

“After all, it’s still during the war. Maybe some ninjas will come to clean up the battlefield at some time. It’s better to return to the stronghold to recover from the injury.”

If he was alone, he naturally wouldn’t dare to traverse the battlefield at will, but with the flying shadow clone, there is no such worry. Judging from the information and feelings he got, the strength of this flying shadow clone should have the level of Jōnin, and the flying shadow itself is agile, so even a straight person with an oil bottle should be safe. arrived at the base.

This year is the forty-eighth year of Konoha. If he remembers correctly, the vigorous third ninja war is about to end. As long as he returns to the stronghold, he will most likely return to Konoha because of his serious injuries. Then the most deadly war period can be spent.

Thinking like this, Naoto was about to leave, but stopped again


Naoto frowned. He is now seriously injured. If he just returned to the stronghold, it would be difficult to explain how an exhausted and badly injured Chunin could return to the stronghold through the roar of artillery fire.

“If I remember correctly, the patriarch Uchiha Fudake is at the defense line five kilometers away from here.”

The Third Ninja World War has reached a fever pitch. With the end of the Battle of Kamabashi Bridge, Iwa Shinobi is no longer able to continue the war against Konoha. The war against Konoha can be said to have been completed by half. The rest is the Land of Thunder.

And I heard that the ninjas led by the third generation Raikage were still fighting on the border between the land of thunder and the land of the land, so the village wanted to take this opportunity to launch a wave of offensive and completely expel Yunyin ninjas.

In order to gather combat power, even the head of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Fugaku, rushed to the front line, and was stationed in a small town not far from Naoto at this time.

It’s been a while since the battle here ended. If the information has spread, then the ninja from Konoha should have arrived.

A distance of five kilometers is just a short distance for a ninja.

“In other words, not only my side, but other places were also attacked?”

“It shouldn’t be, now anyone with a discerning eye can see that the war is about to end, how could Yun Yin still invest such a large force?”

After the battle of Kannabi Bridge, Konoha did not hurt his bones. As long as he was dragged to Yanyin to withdraw his troops, he could free up his hands to fight against Yunyin Village with all his energy, and once Konoha gathered all his strength , that would be terrifying.

It is impossible for Yunyin Village to fail to see this, so they should have already made preparations for a truce, and this attack is more likely to be the last counterattack. The town where Naoto is located is most likely a bait, and their real purpose is most likely to eat the ninjas who come to help!

For a ninja village, the upper-level combat power is the most important. As long as you can kill a few of them, then this attack will make a lot of money!

“But no matter what, I have to go and see it.”

Flying Shadow’s clone looked up at the dim sky, and there was a chill in his cold eyes.

He can’t wait to test his strength


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