Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation: wedge



To eat or not to eat?


This is a question. Xiao Chen looked at the dark “elixir” in his hand, and thought a little tangled that the elixir was a gift from the store when Xiao Chen bought the Cultivation Daquan on Taobao.


The Taobao store seems to have a little bit of 250 yuan. After buying this 250 yuan cultivation book, the other party actually sent an elixir that is said to be able to soar during the day.


Xiao Chen was usually very interested in these methods and legends of cultivating immortals, so he bought it without thinking.


Three years, Xiao Chen practiced for three years according to the exercises in this book, but he did not make any progress. In addition to remembering the refining medicine, talisman, formation, and magic weapon refining contained in it, the rest is ignorant.


But Xiao Chen didn’t give up, he put his idea on the elixir, and this dark elixir looked very strange.


He once smashed it with a hammer. The hammer was just about to approach the elixir. The surface of the elixir seemed to be wrapped in an invisible barrier. No matter how hard it was, the hammer could not get close to the elixir.


The mysterious immortal fate in the legend may be in this elixir, Xiao Chen hesitated in his heart, this elixir is very strange. If you eat it and it’s fine, but if something goes wrong and you turn into a ghost, what should you do?


This is also the reason why he has never dared to eat this elixir.


Eat? Still not eating?




Xiao Chen was ruthless, and finally decided to eat this elixir. If you don’t succeed, you will become a benevolent. There has never been a free lunch in this world. If you want to succeed without risk, it is absolutely impossible.


Closing his eyes and pinching his nose, Xiao Chen put the elixir into his mouth and swallowed it down. Xiao Chen clearly felt the elixir sink to his dantian. Flocking to the surrounding, the whole body’s blood seems to be concentrated in the soul.


Xiao Chen only felt dry mouth, dizzy, as if his soul was about to fly out, his consciousness gradually blurred, and slowly he lost consciousness.


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