Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 1: : Tianwu Continent, waste wood Xiao Chen


Tianwu Continent, Great Qin Kingdom, Mohe City, Qizi County, Xiao Family.

Xiao Chen was sitting on a house in the backyard of Xiao’s family, with blue sky and white clouds, the wind was sunny, and the sky was clear, but Xiao Chen’s mood was extremely depressed and unhappy.

He vowed that if he had the opportunity to return to Earth, he would not buy anything sold on Taobao if he was killed.

At the beginning, he bought a 250 yuan comprehension book on Taobao, and the other party also sent an elixir that is said to be able to soar during the day.

Xiao Chen was usually very interested in these methods and legends of cultivating immortals, so he bought it without thinking.

Three years, Xiao Chen practiced for three years according to the exercises in this book, but he did not make any progress. In addition to remembering the refining medicine, talisman, formation, and magic weapon refining contained in it, the rest is ignorant.

But Xiao Chen didn’t give up, he put his idea on the elixir, and this dark elixir looked very strange.

He once smashed it with a hammer. The hammer was just about to approach the elixir. The surface of the elixir seemed to be wrapped in an invisible barrier. No matter how hard it was, the hammer could not get close to the elixir.

This miraculous performance made Xiao Chen’s heart ruthless, and finally decided to eat this elixir.

Unexpectedly, after swallowing the elixir, Xiao Chen found that he had indeed ascended, but this world of soaring was not the legendary fairyland, but a world called Tianwu Continent.

It took a long time for him to realize that he had transmigrated and possessed a person also named Xiao Chen.

If it was a normal transmigration, he would endure it. After all, which transmigrator is not a terrific one, he raised his hand to destroy countless strong men, and waved his hand to countless beautiful women screaming.

Tianwu Continent is a world where the strong are respected, but the guy he possessed is indeed a complete training waste. He is sixteen years old, and he has not even succeeded in condensing his martial arts.

The Xiao family is the largest family in Mohe City, and Xiao Chen is the son of the head of the Xiao family, which sounds quite majestic. But because of his practice of useless firewood, even the servants in this family looked down on him. The name of Xiao Chen’s useless firewood can be said to be well known in the entire Mohe City, which made him despised when he went out.

“Young Master Xiao, the first elder asked you to go to the martial arts hall for a strength test. If you’re okay, hurry up and go. I’ve heard it, and it’s up to you whether you go or not.”

Suddenly remembered voice interrupted Xiao Chen’s thoughts. It was a maid from the Xiao family who spoke, but she didn’t even look directly at Xiao Chen on the house. After she finished speaking, she ignored Xiao Chen. Morning left directly.

The servants who can enter the Xiao family have the qualifications to cultivate. The maid who just spoke is not very qualified, but she successfully condensed the martial arts at the age of twelve, which is more difficult than Xiao Chen at the age of sixteen. Wuhun’s waste wood is much stronger. In addition, Xiao Chen always likes to talk to these maids because of his identity, and his reputation is extremely poor. How can others look down on him.

“A maid dares to despise herself, what exactly did Xiao Chen do?” After listening to the maid, Xiao Chen’s mood became even worse. The roof jumped off.

What made Xiao Chen’s mood worse was not because of the maid’s attitude, but because of what the maid said, the Xiao family’s strength is tested every three months!

Through the memory of this body, Xiao Chen knew that all the younger generation of the Xiao family had to undergo a strength test every three months.

To examine the current state of cultivation, those who progress will be rewarded, and those who are lazy and stagnant will be punished lightly or severely. Most of the young disciples will be in a good mood on this day, and individual leaders are looking forward to being able to shine on this day.

But this day was a kind of torture for Xiao Chen. Ever since he was eight years old, his cultivation has been stagnant. He has always been in the realm of the ninth grade of soul refining. A true warrior.

This day has been his dream every year for the past eight years. Every time he is tested, he has not made any progress in the ninth rank of soul refining, and those family children of the same age as him have already gathered their martial souls. Those with good talent have even reached the pinnacle of martial artists and are moving towards a stronger martial artist.

When Xiao Chen arrived at the martial arts hall, the large-scale martial arts field of several hundred square meters was already full of people. There were no less than 800 people who were carefully counted. These were all children of the younger generation of the Xiao family. At the age of 20, the worst cultivation base is in the realm of a warrior, which shows how strong the Xiao family, the first family in Mohe City, is.

He just found a corner and stood there. He didn’t expect to shine He just wanted to come and go quietly.

At this time, there is an old man standing next to the Demon Sealing Stone used to test the strength of everyone. This person is Xiao Qiang, the elder of the Xiao family. His own strength has reached the peak of the great martial artist. Patriarch Xiao Xiong is also a master in the entire Mohe City.

A boy of 18 or 19 was standing in front of the Sealing Magic Stone. The boy was about to take a test when he turned around and found Xiao Chen in the corner.

The corners of the boy’s mouth were slightly upturned, revealing a faint sneer, and said yin and yang strangely, “It turns out that Brother Chen has come a long time ago, so why are you standing so far away? Since he’s here, let Brother Chen come to test first.”

Xiao Chen gave a wry smile, the more you hide from him, the more you come to the door. I’ve already stood far enough away, so he still sees him. The person who spoke was Xiao Jian, who was Xiao Chen’s half-brother. Every time he tested, he would make fun of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen started cultivating at the age of four. In less than a year, he officially realized the vitality of heaven and earth. It took another year to reach the realm of the first-rank soul refining. After three years, he reached the level of eight years old. At the ninth rank of Soul Refinement, he was about to condense his martial soul. His talent at that time can be said to be difficult to see in the Xiao family for a hundred years.

At that time, Xiao Jian was still wandering around the fifth rank of Soul Refining. Everyone in the Xiao family focused on Xiao Chen. All the praises of the elders in the family appeared on Xiao Chen. Xiao Jian was like a puppet. Generally, everyone forgets about him.

Since then, he has hated Xiao Chen. He is Xiao Xiong’s son. Why should he be forgotten, and Xiao Chen should be loved by everyone.

The surrounding children of the Xiao family all look like they are watching a good show. Every time the strength is tested, Xiao Jian will humiliate Xiao Chen in a different way. They are all used to it. And watching this former genius become the current one, they felt an inexplicable pleasure in their hearts.


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