Immemorial Sword Venerable Chapter 4211: Break the record



The so-called Dao of Taoism is the natural way of heaven and earth, also known as the Dao of cultivation.


Throughout the life of practitioners, what they pursue is the Great Way.


However, how many people can finally step into the Dao realm?


When a practitioner steps into the Dao state, his body is closely related to the nature of heaven and earth. At that time, it is almost immortal.


The strong Taoist can call the wind and call the rain, and truly achieve all things in one thought.


There are hundreds of millions of practitioners in the huge three thousand realms of the Dao, but there are not many strong Dao realm.


Even in the Fortune Palace before the shattering of the Hongmeng World, there were extremely few Taoist powerhouses, and those who were able to step into the Taoist realm could become guests of honor for any party.


Because of the great shattering of the world of Hongmeng, the cultivation environment of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Dao has been in decline. In this era, the world has collapsed, and it is difficult for such top powerhouses to appear.


Therefore, the Heavenly Dao Realm powerhouses are almost extinct, and even if there are some ancient powers, they have already practiced in hiding, and they don’t ask about the outside world.


Most of the leaders of the top forces in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Dao are also the powerhouses of the authentic realm.


The dream of all warriors throughout their lives is to step into the realm of the Dao.


Even if it’s just an entry into the Dao Realm, the Human Dao Realm.


Nowadays, Fang Chen is frantically absorbing the essence of the power in the trunk of the withered pseudo-life tree master. As long as he absorbs this power, he will have a steady stream of power in his body, and then he will be able to live forever. interest.


Besides the withered Sacred Tree of Life, three living fossils are looking at this little brother with great interest.


“Guess how long the junior brother can absorb?” Fifth senior brother asked with a smile.


Their cultivation path has basically been interrupted, and it is almost impossible to re-enter the peak, and the appearance of the younger brother is the hope of all of them.


“It should be able to absorb ninety-nine-eighty-one days.” Lao Jiu said.


He was the first to discover Fang Chen, and put him in the Palace of Fortune, and he also passed on his Heaven-Opening Axe. From a certain point of view, Lao Jiu is justifiable to say that he is Fang Chen’s master.


“Although I have not been in contact with the younger brother for as long as the old ninth, judging from his performance in the darkness and nothingness, his spiritual will is extremely strong, and his talent in the spiritual field is extremely rare. I think he It can absorb three hundred and sixty-five days.” The old eight said.


The fifth brother also sighed, if it weren’t for the younger brother, the three of them might not have seen each other until they died.


Moreover, because of the appearance of the junior apprentices, they are also more convinced that some of the apprentices and brothers of the Fortune Palace must still be alive in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Dao.


It’s just for some reason that they dare not reveal their identities, which increases the difficulty of finding them.


However, they firmly believe that as long as the younger brother’s strength rises, he becomes famous in the three thousand worlds of the Great Dao, and allows the Kaitian Axe to return to the practitioner’s sight. At that time, the disciples of the Palace of Fortune, who are hidden in the dark, will definitely take the initiative. Come and find.


Although the fifth one had the shortest contact time with Fang Chen among the three, he inexplicably believed in Fang Chen.


“I think he will break the record.” Fifth said thoughtfully.


Hearing this, both the eighth and the ninth were shocked.


They thought of the senior brother from the Fortune Palace, who also absorbed the essence of the withered pseudo-life tree. His absorption record was three years and six months.


This record was unique in the Hongmeng world of that year.


As a result, Big Brother became famous in the world of Hongmeng, and made all the top powerhouses realize his terrifying talent.


And now, the fifth child actually said that the younger brother can break the record.


The two of them don’t have to think about it to know that the record breaking in the old five’s mouth must be the three years and six months of the big brother.


“Impossible, the record of Senior Brother should be unprecedented.” Lao Jiu shook his head.


The old man also said, “I also don’t think it is possible. The record of the senior brother is simply a fantasy.”


“You’ll know when you look at it.” The fifth man didn’t explain too much.


Time passed bit by bit, and eighty-one days passed in the blink of an eye.


When the eighty-second day came, Fang Chen was still quietly absorbing the essence of the power from the withered pseudo-life tree, Lao Jiu pouted, not expecting that he had guessed wrong.




What happened next made them even more dumbfounded.


Fang Chen seems to be living in the pseudo-life tree, motionless, and constantly absorbing the essence of power.


In the blink of an eye, three hundred and sixty-six days have come.


The old fifth looked at the eighth and the ninth with a smile. The younger brother had broken the guesses of the two in a row, which made him even more determined. The younger brother might break the record of the elder brother.


Fang Chen, who absorbed the power of the essence, felt that his own power was expanding all the time. He wanted to release it, but he felt that the power of the essence was constantly being absorbed.


“When will it end?” Fang Chen muttered to himself.


Spring and winter come!


At the end of the first year, the eighth and the ninth had already set off a storm in their hearts. They stared at the younger brother with wide eyes and couldn’t believe it.


This achievement has already beaten most of the disciples in the Fortune Palace.


However, when the second year ended, the hearts of the eighth and the ninth were calm.


After two years of observation, they found that they really underestimated the potential of the younger brother.


Only the fifth senior brother, calm and composed, he could see the extraordinaryness of the younger junior brother at a glance. He seemed to be born for cultivation, and he was so in tune with the world.


“It’s been two years, is Junior Brother really going to break Senior Brother’s record?” Lao Jiu said.


“It would be a good thing if it could be broken. After all, the younger brother is our hope for the re-emergence of the Fortune Palace,” the eighth said.


The three brothers didn’t say anything, but they all thought in their hearts, if Fang Chen can really break the record of the senior brother, then his future achievements will definitely not be in the realm of Taoism, and may even become legendary of supreme existence.


You know, it is comparable to the existence of the Palace Master of Fortune.


That level, they don’t even dare to think about it.


In the blink of an eye, three years and six months have passed.


The moment Fang Chen broke the record of the senior brother, the three brothers were dancing and revelling. They were really excited. They suppressed the emotions of endless years and completely released them.


After the ecstasy.


Senior Brother Five and Old Eight, looking at Old Nine, bowed deeply.


“Senior Brother Five, Brother Eight, what are you doing?” Lao Jiu hurriedly stopped him.


“Lao Jiu, the younger brother was discovered by you. He broke the record of the senior brother and is destined to become the leader of our Fortune Palace in the future. Your contribution to the Fortune Palace is so great that you deserve our bow.” The old man said.


“Lao Jiu, I really didn’t expect that you, who was so proud back then, with your eyes above the top, actually found such a precious junior brother for our Fortune Palace.” The fifth senior brother was very excited.


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