Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 9004: It’s my turn to attack, bring the dog head!



Chapter 9004 It’s my turn to attack, bring the dog head!


“What a move, Thousand Sword Shadows!”.


At this moment, Lin Feng’s expression was dignified. This Young Master Hei Prison’s combat strength is indeed powerful, and his supernatural powers are also extremely terrifying.


He has been completely shrouded in the world transformed by the sword shadow. It is difficult to resolve and resist. This shows that Lin Feng’s willpower has been affected. There are thousands of magical powers in this world, and there is one type of magical power that is not limited to It is powerful and can also affect the willpower of others.


When a person’s spiritual will has collapsed, it is obvious that even if this person’s combat power is quite terrifying, I am afraid that he is far from being able to display his true combat power.


In this way, this cultivator may be easily defeated by the opponent.


What Lin Feng is now encountering is such a situation. The thousand heavy sword shadow is already powerful enough, but it still contains the power to affect his willpower. This kind of power seems to have formed a little devil, and this little devil lives in the In Lin Feng’s heart, he kept hypnotizing Lin Feng, making Lin Feng give up resistance.


This is a terrible situation. Some people may not be able to resolve this situation, and they will inevitably be greatly affected at that time, and the ending may be extremely tragic.


After Lin Feng discovered this situation, he did not dare to be careless.


Lin Feng quickly released the domineering magnetic field. When the domineering magnetic field was released, an extremely powerful impact force was formed. This impact force can slow down any external force. At the same time, the formed magnetic field also These external forces can be weakened.


Lin Feng can dissipate the rest of the power by himself.


So, when Lin Feng’s domineering magnetic field is released, Lin Feng will no longer be affected by it.


It stands to reason.


In a normal confrontation with the enemy, Lin Feng would be manipulating the twenty-three stone swords to collide with the sword shadow that came from the beheading.


Lin Feng needs to use the stone sword to defuse the attacks of these sword shadows.


But in reality, Lin Feng did not do this. Lin Feng used several defensive magical powers such as Diamond Is Indestructible and Rock Solid.


Let those sword shadows kill me.


Lin Feng intends to see how strong his physical body is when he uses his strongest means now.


At the same time.


Lin Feng was multitasking, and continued to manipulate the twenty-three stone swords to kill the black prisoner.


Keng Keng Keng…


Countless sword shadows slashed on Lin Feng’s body, and there was a clanging and colliding sound immediately. The sound was like a clash of metal and iron, extremely loud.


This made Lin Feng happy. His physical body is really strong now, and none of the attacks by the ten immortal palace powerhouses with the help of top-level treasures could break his defense.


It can be called against the sky.


Of course, Lin Feng was not unaffected, in fact, Lin Feng was also affected. The sword shadows beheaded Lin Feng’s body, causing Lin Feng to suffer incomparably.


Furthermore, that powerful attack bombarded his body, and the shock force formed was quite terrifying.


Lin Feng was so shocked that he almost vomited blood.


When many people are attacked, even if the magic weapon is sacrificed, the defense of the magic weapon is still there, but they are still killed, because when the attack collides with the defense of the magic weapon, most of the attacks will It was resisted by the defensive magic weapon, but some of the attacks will form a counter-shock force, which will directly act on the monks. This counter-shock force is also terrifying enough, and some monks will be shocked to death if they can’t resist it.


The attack launched by Mr. Hei Prison directly hit Lin Feng’s body, so it has not been weakened by the defensive magic weapon.


The counter-shock force formed by this kind of attack is naturally stronger and more terrifying.


If you want to compete, it will be more difficult.


But fortunately, there is a sapling of the World Tree in Lin Feng’s body to protect his body. In addition, the magic lotus that was transplanted into his body by Lin Feng and produced from special seeds can also play a quite powerful protection effect.


In addition, Lin Feng’s physical body is still so strong.


So, even if Lin Feng received quite violent force, the impact on his body.


Still only slightly affected.


This scene was unacceptable to Mr. Hei Prison.


Because Mr. Hei Prison knew very well how powerful his attack was just now, Lin Feng actually used his body to forcibly attack his attack.


Is there any reason for this?


Lin Feng’s realm is obviously not high, but he has such a heaven-defying ability, which really makes it difficult for Mr. Hei Prison to understand.


In addition to being incomprehensible, I am deeply envious and jealous.


Master Hei Prison thought to himself, if he can kill Lin Feng, then he can get everything from Lin Feng. With Lin Feng’s low level of cultivation, he can master those things that he doesn’t know about.


His realm is so much higher than that of Lin Feng.


If he has mastered those methods of Lin Feng, then to what level will his real combat power soar, he will not be able to compete with those existences at the level of those cosmic bosses.


Thinking about it, it makes Mr. Hei Prison feel excited.


But at this time, Lin Feng’s twenty-three stone swords had already arrived. Seeing the twenty-three stone swords sacrificed by Lin Feng, Mr. Hei Prison did not dare to be careless.


With a big wave of his hand, a huge bronze shield appeared in his left hand. The current Mr. Hei Prison holds a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand.


Integration of offense and defense.


In the view of Mr. Hei Prison, although these treasures sacrificed by Lin Feng are quite extraordinary, his bronze shield is a quasi-pioneer level defense treasure. With his strength, he stimulated this level of defense magic weapon and constructed it The defense system is simply not something that people like Lin Feng can break.


Soon, under the urging of Mr. Hei Prison, the bronze shield suddenly produced extremely powerful fluctuations.


Then, a huge cyan mask emerged.


The huge cyan mask protected Mr. Hei Prison within it.


At this time.


Lin Feng’s twenty-three stone swords have also been quickly beheaded.


The twenty-three stone swords formed an extremely powerful resonance. Facing the attack of the stone swords, the top creator-level powerhouses would probably be cut to pieces instantly.


The next moment.


The twenty-three stone swords slashed fiercely on the defensive mask formed by the condensed master of Hei Prison. On the defensive mask, the defensive mask was not destroyed. It is indeed a defensive mask constructed from a top-level defensive treasure. Of course, the power of the defensive mask is so powerful that it has a lot to do with the level of the Heilongzi himself. relation.


Master Hei Prison came with his sword in hand, “It’s my turn to attack, bring the dog’s head!”.


The other people’s swords merged into one, and they rushed towards Lin Feng, intending to behead Lin Feng’s head.


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