Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 9003: Lin Feng vs. Black Prisoner


Chapter 9003 Lin Feng confronts the black prisoner

Young Master Hei Prison and the others came to the outskirts of a dark forest. They did not directly enter it. Young Master Hei Prison took out a compass-like thing and observed it carefully.

There are two possibilities for that compass.

The first possibility is that the compass is a token, and Mr. Hei Prison can find out some things through that token.

The second possibility is that the compass is not a keepsake, but an ordinary compass, and Mr. Hei Prison is good at some strange techniques of dunjia, and he can use the compass to deduce something he wants to know.

After some research, Mr. Hei Prison waved his hand, and then walked towards the depths.

The rest followed closely behind.

Lin Feng also lurked into the dark mountain forest, followed behind Mr. Heiyu and others, walking all the way to the depths. It is not easy to find the exact location, even Mr. Heiyu has been looking for it for a long time Time, went to many places in a row.

Just now, the last place was determined.

The place determined by Mr. Hei Prison is located deep in a water pool, which is a huge rock wall.

The huge rock wall is very steep.

The surface is extremely smooth.

Like a mirror, Mr. Hei Prison didn’t know what method he had used.

The rock wall began to shine brightly.

From a distance, the rock wall really becomes an extremely smooth mirror.

The mirror also reflected bright light, as if the sun was shining on it and being reflected.

As for the Hei Prison Master, with a big wave of his hand, he engulfed several subordinates with mana.


The next moment, they flew into the mirror-like rock wall.

“Huh? It seems that there should be a space of its own, I’ll go in and have a look!”.

Lin Feng couldn’t help thinking.

Thinking of this, Lin Feng acted quickly.

He quickly flew towards the mirror-like rock wall, Lin Feng thought that there would be obstacles.

However, the mirror-like rock wall did not hinder him in any way.

Lin Feng entered the space inside very smoothly.

After you come in.

Lin Feng discovered that he had entered a huge valley.

He is still in the outer area of ​​the valley.

The Black Prisoner and others have already entered the inner area of ​​the valley.

Lin Feng also swept towards the inner area of ​​the valley, and soon Lin Feng came here, and saw that there were twelve huge stone statues standing in the inner area of ​​the valley.

These twelve huge stone statues are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

It just corresponds to the twelve yuan day.

These existences in front of me should be Twelve Yuanchen.

And these stone statues are probably the most precious things in the Yuanchen ruins.

“Give it to me!”.

At this time, the Hei Prisoner had already made a move, intending to collect the Twelve Yuanchen Stone Statue, but after trying a lot, he was unable to collect the Twelve Yuanchen Stone Statue.

Lin Feng flew out and laughed loudly, “Young Master Hei Prison, it seems that the Twelve Yuanchen Stone Statue has nothing to do with you, so let me collect the Twelve Yuanchen Stone Statue!”.

Master Hei Prison naturally saw Lin Feng flying towards him.

In his eyes, there was a sudden murderous intent. He sneered and said, “Boy! I didn’t go to find you, but you ran over to die on your own initiative? Without the support of the monk army, you counted in front of me.” What is it? I can kill you with one hand!”

Lin Feng was not surprised when the Black Prisoner said this. After all, when they fought before, Lin Feng was only a quasi-pioneer at the level of two or three fairy palaces, and his realm was not as high as it is now.

At that time, Mr. Hei Prison was almost a quasi-pioneer of the Ten Immortal Palaces, and his real combat power should have surpassed the Ten Immortal Palaces.

It’s very normal for Mr. Hei Prison to look down on Lin Feng.

He was still suffering from Lin Feng’s place before, which made the Black Prisoner mad with hatred.

Now when confronting Lin Feng, it is natural that he can’t help mocking Lin Feng with his words. Of course, he does have a contempt for Lin Feng in his heart.

Lin Feng said, “Young Master Hei Prison, let’s try, who will win today!”.

“Boy, die for me!”, Young Master Hei Prison slashed at Lin Feng with his sword, a dazzling sword energy condensed, and that sword energy had the power to break through the sky.

It’s incredibly fast.

In the blink of an eye, he flew in front of Lin Feng.

The terrifying sword qi slashed down instantly.

It seems that he wants to split Lin Feng in half.

Facing such a terrifying attack, Lin Feng did not dodge. He stepped forward and punched the terrifying sword energy.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help being slightly taken aback. What’s going on?

That kid, do you want to shake the sword energy with your body?

Isn’t this asking for trouble?

But at the next moment, Lin Feng’s fist collided with the sword energy from Master Hei Prison’s beheading, and Lin Feng directly shattered the sword energy from Master Hei Prison’s beheading.

This shocked everyone, this body is too tyrannical, it can be described as super abnormal.

Master Hei Prison became more vigilant. He felt that a monk like Lin Feng, whose body could be described as perverted, would definitely look for opportunities to fight him in close quarters.

In this way, his advantages can be fully utilized.

But in fact, Lin Feng did not do this.

Because Lin Feng knew that Mr. Hei Prison was too cautious, and it was not easy to get close to Mr. Hei Prison.

Of course, there is another important reason, that is, Lin Feng’s strength has greatly increased now, and he also wants to test his own combat power through the black prisoner, so Lin Feng wants to have a fight with the black prisoner All-round duel.

Lin Feng directly summoned the twenty-three stone swords. This guy, Mr. Hei Prison, also existed beyond the era, and he is also a descendant of Twelve Earthly Branches.

It is also restrained by his stone sword.

To deal with such a terrifying powerhouse, Lin Feng had to have the upper hand, otherwise, it would not be an easy task to defeat Twelve Earthly Branches.


Lin Feng let out a soft drink, and under his control, twenty-three stone swords (the broken sword was not summoned by Lin Feng) quickly slashed towards Mr. Hei Prison.

“Boy, court death!”.

Several subordinates of Young Master Hei Prison shouted angrily and rushed forward to help.

But these people couldn’t resist the attack of Lin Feng’s stone sword at all, and were beheaded by Lin Feng’s stone sword in an instant.

Then, under Lin Feng’s control, those stone swords continued to kill Young Master Hei Prison.

Young Master Hei Prison saw that all his subordinates were killed by Lin Feng, even though he was a man with a heart of stone, at this moment, his eyes couldn’t help bursting out with murderous intent.

He shouted angrily, “Boy, I’m going to tear you to pieces!”.

“Thousand sword shadows!”.

Master Hei Prison held the sword in both hands, a circling circle came in the void, and then he slashed towards Lin Feng with his sword.

I saw it immediately.

The endless sword energy condensed and came towards Lin Feng.

The horrific sword energy was so powerful that it could destroy the world, it could be called a peerless terror, and it instantly overwhelmed Lin Feng.


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