Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 390: Five treasures from the old era



A violent collision sound was heard.

The second sacred object was directly knocked away by the first sacred object controlled by Wuliang Taoist.

The Infinite Taoist Priest also wanted to control the two holy objects to continue to collide with the other three holy objects, but was hit by a beam of light swept out by the formation restriction.

The Wuliang Taoist screamed and flew backwards.

Everything was so sudden that Lin Feng and others had no time to help Wuliang Taoist priest resist the beam just now.

Wuliang Taoist fell heavily to the ground.

Lin Feng and the others hurried over. Lin Feng helped Wuliang Taoist priest up and asked, “Taoist priest, how are you? Are you okay?”.

Wuliang Taoist priest cursed and said, “Oh, something happened to me. I was seriously injured. Without Wan’er’s 8,000 super-level immortal stones, I’m afraid I won’t be able to recover at all!”.

“Don’t have sweet dreams!”. Lin Feng said speechlessly, and then he felt relieved. Seeing Wuliang Taoist like this, there should be no problem. This guy has a treasure to protect his body, and he also has some extremely weird methods. It is not easy to hurt him. things.

Lin Feng said, “Now that the two core sacred objects are out of the formation’s eye, the power of the defensive mask condensed by the formation’s restrictions has been greatly reduced. Let’s just attack the formation directly and forcefully break it! “.

Wuliang Taoist said, “I have suffered too much loss, so I won’t take action!”.

“Well! You can just rest there!” Lin Feng nodded and said.


Lin Feng and others teamed up to attack the defensive mask.

With so many of them, their attacks are naturally extremely powerful.

Originally, the defensive light shield can continuously absorb attacks, and then after the energy is converted, it increases its power.

But after the two core holy objects left the formation.

This ability has been extremely weakened.

The energy that can be absorbed has also become extremely limited.

When the upper limit of absorbed energy is exceeded, new attacks will cause damage to the mask.

As time went by, the light shield condensed by the formation restriction gradually showed some subtle cracks. After discovering this situation, Lin Feng and others’ spirits were suddenly lifted.

This is a good start.

Half an hour later.

There was a clicking sound, and the defensive mask was already full of cracks. As Lin Feng and others attacked, the cracks on the defensive mask continued to increase, and the cracks also became It grew bigger and bigger, and finally, the defensive light shield could no longer support it and was completely shattered.

After the defensive mask was broken.

The several holy objects inside fell to the ground one after another.


The Wuliang Taoist priest jumped up quickly and flew towards the five holy objects as fast as lightning.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel speechless. This guy looked half-dead just now. When he saw that the formation restriction was broken, he immediately became lively and energetic. He was afraid that if he was slow, the treasure would be taken away from him. This This guy is really a thief.

But this is also the infinite Taoist priest that Lin Feng is familiar with.

One day this guy will have no more desires.

Only Lin Feng doubts whether this immeasurable Taoist priest who has no desires or desires is really an immeasurable Taoist priest.

Lin Feng and the others also walked over quickly.

The holy light outside these five things has been restrained, and now you can see clearly what these five things are.

The first thing was something like a cloth bag.

The second thing is a white jade finger.

The third item is a jade pendant.

The fourth thing is a dagger.

The fifth thing is a bronze mirror.

It is these five things that allow the formation to continuously absorb external forces when they are used to support the formation.

These five things are not simple.

Immortal Taoist Priest has sensed it once and said, “These are treasures from the old era. The dagger and the bronze mirror are treasures at the level of the universe boss. The other three are not magic weapons!”

Lin Feng also sensed that the dagger and the bronze mirror were indeed two magic weapons, and their levels were extremely high.

This kind of quasi-pioneer-level magic weapon at the level of a universe boss is indeed relatively rare.

As for the other three things.

That thing like a cloth bag actually had a big world inside it. This surprised Lin Feng. He refined a cloth bag into a big world. It took such an incredible ability to do it. Such a thing, but there are people who have accomplished such a feat.

The white jade plate finger is a bit more mysterious. Lin Feng doesn’t know what it is specifically. It can be confirmed that this thing does not seem to be a magic weapon.

It is probably an extremely special treasure from the old times. It will take some time to thoroughly study this white jade plate finger.

The last thing, that jade pendant-like thing, is obviously like a token.

Although this jade pendant-like thing is not a magic weapon, its value is much greater than that of a magic weapon.

Because Lin Feng felt that this jade pendant might have a huge relationship with the fairy mansion in the old days. To be precise, it might have a huge relationship with the owner of the fairy mansion.

The owner of the Immortal Mansion was one of the top ten powerful men in the old era.

In the old era, I don’t know how many terrifying beings were born. That being can be ranked in the top ten. You can imagine how terrifying he is.

And the Immortal Mansion that Meng Xiaolou and Ba Beast found back then was most likely just one of the inheritance of that strong man.

A strong man like that must have more than one inheritance.

Relying on that jade pendant, you might be able to find other inheritance places. Thinking about it makes people feel extremely excited.

This guy, Wuliang Taoist, chose that mirror.

That mirror is of a very high level and is extremely extraordinary. It can play an important role at critical moments, so there is nothing wrong with Wuliang Taoist Priest choosing it.

Lin Feng put away the rest of the things for the time being.

They then walked deeper.

Not long after, we arrived in front of a cave.

Lin Feng and others entered the cave directly without stopping.

When they entered, they saw that there was a plant that was more than ten meters high growing in the cave.

This plant formed a huge flower.

This flower is completely snow-white.

There is an extremely holy feeling.

Among the flowers, there seemed to be a female nun lying there.

“Not dead, that Meng Xiaolou is really not dead!”. Wuliang Taoist priest exclaimed.

It seems that Lin Feng’s previous guess was extremely correct.

Of course Meng Xiaolou may have had some problems back then, but the problems that occurred to her did not kill her.

“Whoosh whoosh”.

At this moment, dense vines suddenly emerged from the huge vegetation. Those vines were like tentacles, entwining towards Lin Feng and others.

Those tentacles seemed to want to wrap around Lin Feng and others, making Lin Feng and others become the nourishment of this giant plant. ()


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