Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 389: Infinite Taoist priests show their power


In the distance, the holy light shines brightly.

Under the dazzling holy light, you can see that there are several things that are floating in the sacred.

That is something that makes countless Taoist priests’ hearts beat.

The things there are definitely not simple. They are treasures inherited from the old times, which make people dream.

“Don’t rush over there. The leader of the Space Insect Demon was so powerful at that time that he couldn’t take those things away. There must be formation restrictions and protection,” Lin Feng reminded.

Immortal Taoist priest naturally knows this, so although he can’t wait to kill him immediately to see what those treasures are.

But I endured it.

Lin Feng and the others cautiously walked inside. Soon, they came to a position about ten meters away from the holy light.

Lin Feng felt that if he went further, he might trigger some terrible formation restrictions.

You need to be more cautious at this time.

The sky-eating beast said, “Look at the depth of the holy light, it seems to be connected to something. Could it be a cave?”.

Wuliang Taoist said, “It’s very possible. I think the Meng Xiaolou must be among them!”.

Lin Feng said, “Let’s cast a stone and ask for directions first!”.

He flicked his fingers, and a beam of light flew forward.


The next moment, a mask made of condensed holy light appeared instantly, directly swallowing the beam of light shot by Lin Feng.

Lin Feng is not surprised that there is a formation restriction guard, they have already guessed this situation.

But it is a bit strange that the light shield formed by the formation restriction can absorb attacks.

Generally, the attack is blocked outside.

Or, just bounce the attack back.

This method of absorbing attacks is not just as simple as simply absorbing the attacks.

The absorbed attacks will also be integrated into the formation restrictions.

In this way, the energy accumulated by the array will increase.

The power of that mask will also become more powerful.

“This mask is weird. No wonder the space insect demon leader failed to break the formation restriction here in time! To break this special formation restriction, it is difficult to do it by conventional means and requires some special methods. The means will do.” The blind operator said, he is blind but not blind. In addition to being good at various deduction techniques, he is best at the formation restriction technique. Although his achievements in this area are not as good as those of Lin Feng.

But he also has his own understanding, and some of the core things and methods he has mastered are also extraordinary.

Lin Feng said, “It seems that those sacred objects play a key role. They are the focus of the entire formation’s restriction operation. If they can not resonate with the formation’s restriction, then this formation will The mask made of forbidden structures can be broken easily!”

Shilong said, “But these sacred objects are all within the formation restriction. There is a formation restriction protecting them, and there is no way to affect these sacred objects!”.

As Shi Long said, it is really difficult to influence these holy objects.

At this time, Wuliang Taoist said, “I have thought of a way!”.

“Oh? What can I do?”. Lin Feng’s eyes lit up slightly and he looked at Wuliang Taoist Priest.

Wuliang Taoist said, “It’s hard to say, but it’s easy to say. There is an extremely special method between heaven and earth. This method will consume a lot of origin to activate, and the price is extremely high. But if If the activation is successful, there is a high probability that the magic weapon suppressed in the core formation can be controlled through the restriction! For example, the several holy objects we see in front of us should all be located within the restriction of the formation here. In the formation eye, if we know this kind of secret technique, we will use this secret technique to target the most core sacred object at a huge loss, and let the sacred object escape from the core formation eye area, and the sacred object will lose its effect. By then, the power of the formation restriction will inevitably be greatly weakened. Of course, if everything goes well, you can even control the holy object to impact several other holy objects, knock them out, and break away from their original positions. The power will further weaken, and it will be quite easy for us to forcefully break the formation later!”

“But who knows this kind of secret skill? No one knows this kind of secret skill, so it’s all in vain!” Evil Dragon said.

This guy Wuliang Taoist smiled and said nothing.

Lin Feng is very familiar with Wuliang Taoist. This guy just emphasized how expensive it is to perform this secret technique.

Obviously I want to tell everyone.

If someone really knows this secret technique, the consumption is so serious that we should not give them some compensation.

Lin Feng looked at Wuliang Taoist and said, “Damn Taoist, stop being so pretentious, just say what you want!”.

Wuliang Taoist said, “I am not greedy at all. After I help you break through the formation, I will choose one of the several holy objects in it first!”.

Lin Feng said, “No problem!”.

“Haha, that’s a good feeling, please wait a moment, I will use my secret technique now!”. Wuliang Taoist priest laughed and said.

Then he began to perform secret techniques.

Poison Ancestor muttered from the side, “This **** Taoist priest is pretending to be a ghost all day long. I don’t know if this guy can really succeed!”.

Lin Feng said, “Since he said it, he should be somewhat confident!”.

The Wuliang Taoist priest seemed to be doing the same thing, jumping up and down, as if he were dancing with a great god.


The Wuliang Taoist exerted an extremely special power, which quickly flew forward.

Wu Liang Taoist’s use of this secret technique does not consume as much as he said.

But his face is not very pretty.

Obviously there is still some loss.

That extremely special power was blocked by the defensive light shield, but only for a short time.

Soon, the special power exerted by the infinite Taoist priest penetrated the light barrier.

Then, it quickly acted on one of the holy objects.

The holy object seemed to want to destroy the power exerted by the infinite Taoist priest, but something strange happened. The power exerted by the infinite Taoist priest completely enveloped the sacred object, like a tarsal maggot, not that A sacred object can be destroyed if you want to.

The methods of this guy, Wuliang Taoist, are indeed weird enough.

This guy’s attainments in the side sect are indeed extremely high.

After that special power wrapped around the holy object, it flew towards the outside of the core formation.

Of course the holy object resisted.

However, no matter how much the holy object resisted, it was of no use. In the end, the holy object flew out, and under the control of the infinite Taoist priest, the holy object continued to move towards the other one in the second formation eye. The holy object hit hard. ()


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