Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 261: Transaction


Lin Feng waited patiently.

Not long after, the Venerable Divine Sheep came back.

Venerable Shenyang said, “Five thousand super-level fairy stones! If Mr. Ji agrees, you can enter the forty-sixth mountain to practice!”.

“Five thousand yuan? You might as well go and grab it!”. The black tiger and leopard beast on the side suddenly started shouting.

Indeed, these five thousand pieces of ultra-level immortal stones are not a small amount. Countless powerful people may not be able to accumulate five thousand pieces of ultra-level immortal stones in their lifetime.

The Venerable Shenyang said, ‘The price is not high, and what you have entered is the 46th peak, which is not comparable to ordinary peaks! “.

Lin Feng said, “The price is indeed a bit expensive. That’s good. Two thousand super-level fairy stones. Go and tell me. If the Orochi King agrees, we can trade with him immediately!”

The Lord Shenyang said, “I don’t need to go back and ask Orochi. I can give you an answer now. Orochi will not agree. His lowest bottom line is five thousand super-level fairy stones!”.

The black tiger and leopard beast said, “Sir, forget it, let’s not continue to argue with them. To be honest, there is nothing special about these mountain peaks. The giant sensor eye can’t sense anything. I’ll go look for it again and see if there are any. If other people do this business, if they don’t have it, they’ll have to go somewhere else to sense the giant eye!”

Lin Feng instantly heard the hidden meaning in the black tiger and leopard beast’s words.

A cooperation requires a battle of wits and courage.

The black tiger and leopard beast wants to play a double act with itself, making the Venerable Shenyang feel a sense of urgency.

In this way, Lin Feng and the others can take the initiative.

Lin Feng understood it and said, “Over the years, many people have sensed the giant eye, but they can’t sense anything. So for me, sensing the giant eye is just a whim. Whether I sense it or not is irrelevant. Now, go and see if anyone is willing to be the middleman. If not, I won’t be too lazy to find out. If you have this time, you might as well look for opportunities elsewhere. You might be able to find some big opportunities! “.

“Okay, then I’m going!”. The black tiger leopard beast said and was about to set off.

At this moment, Venerable Shenyang was indeed a little anxious.

The Venerable Shenyang said, “You two! Don’t be so impatient. I think there may be room for discussion on this matter!”.

The black tiger and leopard beast said, “But you just said that the Orochi King would not let go after insisting on five thousand super-level fairy stones!”.

The Venerable Shenyang said immediately, “There is such a thing, but I think you two really want to get into it and gain some insights, so I don’t mind humiliating myself and asking the Orochi King!”

Lin Feng said, “Okay, let’s wait!”.

Venerable Shenyang left again. Not long after, Venerable Shenyang returned. He smiled and said, “Good news, good news. King Orochi agreed to reduce the price, but the price of two thousand is really a bit too low. If you add one thousand more, you can get in with three thousand!”

“If you don’t have to talk about it, forget it!”. The black tiger leopard beast said, and then acted like he wanted to talk to someone else.

Venerable Shenyang said quickly, “Okay, okay, two thousand is two thousand, but my reward is not included in it.”

“It’s natural!”. Lin Feng nodded.

The Lord Shenyang immediately took Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast and flew towards the 46th mountain peak.

Not everyone can enter the Holy Eye Mountains.

There are powerful restrictions here. If ordinary people enter without tokens, they will be attacked.

Only those who own the token, or enter with the person who owns the token, will not be attacked.

After entering the Holy Eye Mountain Range, Lin Feng felt an extremely special power flowing in the void. This power was very gentle, just like the power of the moon.

Soft, supple, and silky smooth.

This Holy Eye Mountain Range is indeed a bit unusual.

The black tiger and leopard beast said to the Lord Shen Sheep, “Brother, you can come and go freely within the Holy Eye Mountain Range. It seems that you are doing well. You must be highly regarded by the Serpent King, right?”.

The Venerable Shenyang also said with some pride, “In this way, there is nothing wrong with me. I have a life-long friendship with Orochi King, so I can enter and exit the forty-sixth mountain. Don’t worry, Orochi King is Very kind! You can rest assured and feel the giant eye on the forty-sixth mountain!”

Lin Feng just smiled and didn’t say much. However, Lin Feng didn’t believe even half of what Venerable Shenyang said about King Orochi being kind.

How can an existence of this level, especially one that occupies a mountain peak in a place like the Island of Nothingness, be kind to others?

But there should still be at least the spirit of contract.

After all, such a powerful person should still have a face.

Not long after, Lin Feng and the others arrived at the forty-sixth peak. Lin Feng sensed it with his spiritual sense and found that there should be more than a dozen auras on these forty-six peaks.

Those people should be those who have a deep relationship with the Orochi King, so they can stay in the mountain to practice.

The Lord Shenyang brought Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast to a huge practice cave, where they met the Orochi King.

The Orochi King is a black giant snake with its body coiled together. He did not transform into a human form. He looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Outsider? Which force does he belong to?”.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “It’s a small sect, but you may not even know about the Orochi King!”.

Orochi King did not dwell too much on this matter. He said, “Two thousand super-level immortal stones will allow you to stay here for ten days! After ten days, if you still want to stay here, you have to I paid for it in addition!”.

“Yes!”. Lin Feng nodded.

He then handed over the money.

Orochi King said to Venerable Shenyang, “Fellow Taoist, take them to the back mountain to practice!”.

“Good”. Lord Shenyang responded and immediately led Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast to the back mountain of the 46th mountain.

This forty-sixth mountain peak is extremely huge and spreads out for dozens of miles.

The back mountain is densely wooded and even has waterfalls and pools. The environment is extremely good.

The black tiger leopard beast had no interest in sensing the giant eye, so he found a place not too far away from Lin Feng and fell asleep.

Sleep was a huge help in his recovery.

Lin Feng sat cross-legged on a smooth stone. He first adjusted his condition to the best, and then he began to try to understand the mysterious giant eye deep in the clouds above the sky. , see if we can have some closer connection with the giant eye.


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