Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art: 292 Suddenly fell out


The leader was a woman. The woman looked like she was in her thirties and looked well maintained.

Situ Jie, who was severely beaten yesterday, was standing next to this woman.

“Mom! These guys are the ones bullying me!” Situ Jie pointed at Lin Feng and others and said.

Obviously that woman was Situ Jie’s mother. Lin Feng had heard something about the forces on Situ Jie’s mother’s side. Situ Jie’s mother came from the South China Sea Demonic Dragon Clan.

The current patriarch of this clan is the South Sea Demon Dragon King who was invited by Demon Heavenly Layman, Jiuyun Demon Lord, Nangong Qinghan and others in the inland world to deal with Lin Feng.

At that time, Lin Feng had experienced the strength of the Demonic Dragon King of the South Sea. This person was indeed ridiculously strong. There were at least 300 powerful men in the Immortal Palace who could walk sideways in all the worlds. This guy was definitely determined before. It’s not that powerful. Lin Feng probably got a lot of opportunities after the great changes in the world, so his strength improved extremely quickly. In fact, this is normal.

After the Great Change of Heaven and Earth, many strong men were born, precisely because these people seized the opportunity of the Great Change of Heaven and Earth.

Even including Lin Feng, his real and rapid rise was only after the Great Change of Heaven and Earth. It was just because Lin Feng was too young. Compared with those ancient strong men, when the Great Change of Heaven and Earth just happened, Lin Feng’s realm was still relatively low. So now Lin Feng has not yet reached their height, but Lin Feng has slowly caught up now.

And there is such a big backer as the Nanhai Demon Dragon Clan.

The people on Situ Jie’s side are naturally quite arrogant and arrogant. They are the only ones who bully others. How have they ever been bullied by others? This is definitely something that cannot be tolerated. In fact, before coming here, Lin Feng also guessed that this might happen. Of course, if it is possible, Lin Feng does not want to continue to have conflicts, but if it really happens, Lin Feng is not afraid. .

There are not many things in the world that make Lin Feng afraid.


And Situ Jie obviously felt like a mama’s boy. His mother, Situ, looked at Lin Feng and the others with a gloomy expression, and said coldly, “You guys are so brave, you bullied my son. You still dare to come to my Situ’s house, but you just need to tell me that Situ Yi secretly sent you to do this. I can consider sparing your lives today, otherwise, you people will not end well! “.

This Situ Jie is a direct descendant of the family, but he is not very good. He is extravagant and licentious, never does good things or bad things, and his talent is not very good. He is a weakling. Situ Yi is a commoner, but he has strong talents and good manners. It’s also relatively decent. Although he is a commoner, he has already made his mark. Obviously, the Situ family has formed two factions. One side supports Situ Jie, and the other side supports Situ Yi. However, because Situ Yi is a commoner, the people who support him are relatively small. There are much fewer people than those who support Situ Jie, but even so, Situ Jie also feels some pressure, so he is unwilling to give up any opportunity to attack Situ Yi.

The same is true this time.

Both parties knew that Lin Feng and the others could not be Situ Yi’s people.

And the conflict yesterday was caused by Situ Jie’s desire to dominate the Nian’er Nuer sisters.

It doesn’t matter, they don’t care whether you are Situ Yi’s person or not, as long as they can frame Situ Yi and frame Situ Yi, this can further attack Situ Yi.

None of Lin Feng and the others are stupid, so they naturally understand all the grudges here.

Lin Feng said calmly, “I don’t want to mention what happened yesterday anymore, and I just want to ask Situ Yi about some things. I have no intention of getting into your dispute!”.

In fact, Lin Feng’s temper is already very good.

After all, Lin Feng and the others are more terrifying than the other. If these five powerful men join forces, the Demon Dragon King of the South China Sea will be enough to drink him a pot.

Lin Feng just doesn’t want to waste too much time and energy on these idle things now.

But the key point is that Lin Feng doesn’t want to talk to these people, but these people want to hold Lin Feng tight.

Then Situ Jie said fiercely, “Boy! Do you think you can get over it so easily if you offend me? But it’s not that I can’t give you another chance. That’s fine. You will treat the two sisters beside you Give me flowers, and then I can consider letting you go!”.

Lin Feng and others were almost speechless. This grandson is still thinking about the Nian’er Nuer sisters. Even Xielong feels a little embarrassed. He Xielong, whose blood is so pure, is not as pure as this grandson. Generally, when you see a beautiful woman, you can’t walk.

And this guy is just a mixed-blood guy, and he doesn’t have much dragon blood flowing.

Only women are left in my mind.

However, it seems understandable that the weaker the guy is, the weaker his willpower will be, and it is normal for him to be unable to control himself.

“Okay, I agree, you are so manly, come here quickly! Take us away, we will follow you wholeheartedly!”. At this time, Nu’er changed from her normal state and looked at Situ Jie shyly. She was already charming and enchanting, and speaking in that shy tone could kill someone.

This Situ Jie’s eyes straightened instantly.

He then burst into laughter and said, “You two sisters are quite aware of current affairs. I am not wrong about you!”.

As he said that, he was about to come over.

But he was stopped by his mother.

“Be careful of scams!”, his mother warned.

Situ Jie looked disapproving and said, “Mother, this is our Situ family. Do you think these people dare to resist me in our Situ family? They are just because they want to die. slow!”.

Situ Jie’s mother thought about it and felt that what Situ Jie said made sense, so she nodded and did not stop Situ Jie.

Situ Jie’s mind is now full of the scene after he got Nu’er Nian’er.

He can’t wait to leave here with Nu’er Nian’er.

Soon, he came to Nuer Nian’er.

The look in Situ Jie’s eyes was as evil as he wanted.

Any woman who is stared at by this guy will be disgusted and scared at the same time.

“Hey, I’ve kept these two beauties waiting for a long time. Now, brother, I’ll take you away!”. Situjie said with a weird smile, that expression was really too vulgar.

“Whose brother are you? Are you worthy of being such a grandson?” Who knew that Nian’er suddenly turned his face and kicked Situ Jie hard.

Situ Jie was unable to dodge and was immediately kicked away. He fell heavily to the ground, rolling and screaming.

Since then, there has been another “wasted person” in the world.


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