Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art: 263 Uniform the female cultivator of the demonic snake clan


This kind of method used by women is really a powerful method.

If Lin Feng’s perception was correct, this woman should also be a monk from the Demonic Snake Tribe.

However, she should be regarded as a very elite woman among the female cultivators of the Demonic Snake Clan.

It’s a pity that she doesn’t want to be friends with Lin Feng, but wants to eat Lin Feng’s soul.

How could Lin Feng endure it?

Facing the woman’s attack, Lin Feng dodged slightly and disappeared. The woman was very surprised when she saw this scene, because she thought she could imprison Lin Feng, but Lin Feng easily resolved her confinement technique. , and disappeared without a trace, which really made her a little unbelievable. After all, she knew exactly what her methods were. She couldn’t understand that a young human monk like Lin Feng was so powerful. It’s just a primordial spirit, or maybe even just a deputy primordial spirit. It’s already so powerful. If it were the main spirit, it might be so powerful.


With a flash of light, Lin Feng appeared behind the woman. With a casual sweep, Lin Feng blasted the woman with powerful force.

The woman seemed to be aware of it, turned around and quickly struck Lin Feng with a blow.

She was knocked back a few steps, but did not receive any damage. After all, Lin Feng has a soul body and is mainly good at mental attacks.

Lin Feng also knew that this woman might have a deep relationship with the Orochi King, so he did not kill her all.

He said, “If it weren’t for giving face to the Orochi King, you would be dead. Get away. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel!”.

When the woman heard Lin Feng scolding her, she immediately looked at Lin Feng with angry eyes.

She admitted that she had underestimated Lin Feng’s abilities.

However, this does not mean that she is afraid of Lin Feng, and some of the methods she has mastered can naturally restrain these spiritual beings.

Even if Lin Feng makes her feel very unusual, she believes that solving Lin Feng’s problem is not a big problem with her own methods.

“Little brother, you have some ability, but you seem to be a little too arrogant!”, the woman said with a sneer.

“Are you arrogant? You have the strength! You can naturally do many things. Only people who don’t understand think others are arrogant!” Lin Feng said lightly.

The woman choked and felt uncomfortable at Lin Feng’s words.

She said coldly, “Huh, what a ridiculous guy. He’s just a soul body, but he dares to be so presumptuous in front of me. I will devour your soul body today!”.

“Eight Directions Divine Photo!”.

After she finished speaking, the woman from the Demonic Snake Clan directly displayed an extremely powerful magical power. Her magical power did have some meaning. After it was displayed, it seemed to appear in eight different directions. Eight-wheeled sun.

Each sun is so bright and dazzling that people’s eyes seem to be blinded by the eight suns.

As for the Yuanshen body, which itself belongs to the dark attribute, it must be restrained by the sun.

The magical power of the Bafang Shen Zhao is one of this woman’s secret methods. She is extremely confident in her Bafang Shen Zhao. In the past, she even used the Bafang Shen Zhao to defeat several old people and succeeded. He killed two of the old people and devoured them, greatly increasing his strength.

She believed that Lin Feng could not compete with these eight suns.

But at this moment, Lin Feng said, “You are a monk from the Demonic Snake Clan, and you are a race with darker attributes. However, this magical power is the most powerful and the most yang magical power, and it conflicts with your body. , if such a magical power falls into your hands, it can be regarded as a secret investment, and it will not have any effect!”

Lin Feng’s words made this female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Clan very angry. She is also a goddess-like existence. Her talent has been ridiculously strong since she was a child, and now she has become a quasi-pioneer level. Strong.

As a person, I am still extremely proud!

But now, Lin Feng has been demoted to him as if he is worthless. This is something that even my uncle cannot bear, but my aunt cannot bear it.

The female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Tribe said coldly, “You know what? I’ve met many people who like to brag, but all those people together are not as capable as you. Now all the cows in our Island of Nothingness are about to be lost to you.” It’s so awesome that it will be difficult to eat beef in the future.”

Boom boom boom!

After finishing her words, the female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Clan began to activate the “eight-rounded sun” to attack Lin Feng. Each round of the sun radiated a terrifying beam of light, locking Lin Feng’s body, and wanted to completely destroy Lin Feng. It was like destroying Lin Feng’s body. Although it was just a fake sun transformed by magical powers, it was no small matter.

Monk, in the face of such an attack, if you are not careful, you may be defeated.

But to Lin Feng, it was nothing.

Now Lin Feng uses the Jianmu Tree sapling to communicate with the main and deputy souls of this deity.

The power he can mobilize is already quite terrifying.

In addition to existences at the level of universe bosses, there must also be existences at the level of universe bosses supported by flesh and blood to pose a threat to Lin Feng. It is difficult for ordinary quasi-pioneer-level experts to deal with them now. What kind of threat did Lin Feng pose?

Facing the powerful attack from the female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Tribe, Lin Feng directly used his spiritual field.

The mental field had a great impact on the spirit of the female cultivator of the Demon Snake Clan, making her mistakenly believe that the existence she locked was still Lin Feng’s true self. In fact, the real Lin Feng had disappeared again, but the demon snake The female snake cultivator didn’t notice it at all.

This is the terrifying thing about the spiritual field. It can silently change other people’s perception of the spiritual world without even arousing the other person’s alertness.

So when the terrifying attack of the female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Tribe hit Lin Feng, although it destroyed Lin Feng’s body, it was not the real Lin Feng at all.

The destroyed Lin Feng was condensed again.

“How is that possible?”. Seeing this scene, the female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Clan had an expression of shock and disbelief. She had clearly locked onto Lin Feng. Now it seemed that what she was attacking was not Lin Feng’s true form at all, but what she had condensed was still just one. phantom.

The female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Clan felt that things were a little out of her expectation.

So, she thought about quickly retreating and keeping a certain distance.

But at this moment, a light flashed slightly in front of her.

Lin Feng stepped out of nothingness.

Get very close to her.

It’s almost over.

The female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Clan could even feel Lin Feng’s strong masculine aura.

The next moment.

Lin Feng quickly took action and gently touched the lower abdomen of the female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Clan. The female cultivator from the Demonic Snake Clan immediately felt that the mana in her body collapsed in an instant. Her enchanting and charming body was unable to support itself and fell limply towards the ground. .


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