Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art: 262 women


Chapter 9474 Women

The forty-sixth peak is indeed a bit unusual.

When Lin Feng tried to sense the giant eye on the 46th mountain peak, he suddenly had a different feeling.

He felt as if he was under a giant eye.

Sure enough, this is the easiest place to sense the location of the giant eye.

However, Lin Feng still couldn’t sense the specialness of the giant eye. This giant eye hides countless secrets. However, these secrets seem to be covered by the fog. No matter what methods others use, they can’t help it. Clear away the fog.

As the saying goes, if you don’t have the ability to clear the fog, you will naturally not be able to access any secrets.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but wonder if he could find a way to integrate himself into this eye. When countless people were observing this huge eye, this huge eye might also be observing the world. In fact, this kind of speculation is a bit scary. If this eye is observing the world, then it means that this eye is alive, not just a simple eye. But if this eye is alive If so, who gave it life is worth pondering.

But no matter what, since Lin Feng thinks he can try to integrate into this eye, he will try it according to his own ideas.

However, how to integrate yourself into the giant eye is a more difficult problem.

Many times, the idea may be right.

But you may not be able to find a way.

Even a proud man like Lin Feng will encounter such troubles.

If you can connect with the giant eye, through this connection, you may be able to “integrate into the giant eye”.

But now.

Lin Feng cannot do this either, so he must find a new method.

“Perhaps, I can turn myself into air, and air can be integrated into any substance! Especially living substances, which are inseparable from air!”. Lin Feng couldn’t help but think.

Of course, the turning into air mentioned here does not mean that his body turns into air.

Wouldn’t this make the body die?

The turning into air mentioned here refers to the thought that one’s body has turned into air. After forming this thought, one can then try to integrate one’s body into the giant eye.

It’s just that many people may not understand how they can mentally feel that they have become air without turning into air. In fact, this is not only a change in concept, but also involves the understanding of Tao.

For Lin Feng, it is not difficult to create such an idea.

It’s a bit hypnotic.

Lin Feng felt as if his body was beginning to decompose. His body became light and buoyant, able to fly with the wind and blend into any world.

Even the formation of the universe is inseparable from him.

Because he has turned into air.

Lin Feng began to try to integrate himself into the giant eye.

He began to slowly approach the giant eye.

No matter how hard Lin Feng tried before, he could not reach the location of the giant eye.

But after turning into air, Lin Feng was able to do this.

It’s amazing.

Only when you reach the giant eye can you realize your own insignificance.

Lin Feng felt like an ant.

And that giant eye is a high-altitude **** who rules everything in the heavens and the world. No one can compete with him. No matter who is in front of him, he is extremely humble.

If the monk’s willpower is not strong enough and he is affected by this kind of thought, he may even become a slave of the giant eye.

Similar things are not uncommon in the world of cultivators.

Fortunately, Lin Feng’s willpower was strong enough and he quickly overcame the influence.

He is like air, gradually blending into the giant eye.

After integrating into the giant eye, Lin Feng began to try to become a part of the giant eye, and then use the giant eye to see the world.

Of course it won’t be so smooth in the beginning.

Lin Feng couldn’t see anything. He just felt as if an ordinary person had entered the underwater world. When he opened his eyes, it was very blurry.

But as time goes by.

Things are starting to change.

The originally blurry vision is now becoming clearer.

Finally, Lin Feng was able to see some scenes clearly.

It’s just that he hasn’t seen anything special yet.

I don’t know how much time has passed.

Suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes widened and he said in surprise, “What is that?”.

Lin Feng did observe something that surprised him. The area was suspended in the sky and covered with countless clouds. It was not clear, but Lin Feng saw something sharp appearing among the clouds. .

It looks like the spire of a building.

Of course, it is just Lin Feng’s guess now.

When Lin Feng was about to observe further, suddenly, Lin Feng felt a cold aura enveloped him. In fact, that aura was extremely weak, and ordinary people might not be able to sense it, but Lin Feng’s perception was too powerful. , even if the breath was extremely weak, he still caught it.

Lin Feng quickly opened his eyes. He looked around with vigilant eyes, and he felt wary in his heart. Mainly because Lin Feng was worried that the one who was secretly spying on him was the existence of King Orochi. Although King Orochi was very powerful, It’s outrageous. You should not bother doing such treacherous things.

But nothing can be said for sure, and the demon snake monks have a gloomy temperament and their reputation has never been very good.

Lin Feng naturally needs to take more precautions.

Suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly focused, and he locked his eyes on the water pool below. He felt that the person peeping at him should be hidden in the water pool. If so, the person peeping at him might not be the Great Snake King.

Because even if King Orochi really wanted to deal with him, he would not hide in a pool of water.


Lin Feng said coldly.

The beings in the pool didn’t seem to want to hide themselves. Lin Feng saw the water rolling in the pool.

The next moment, a black light rose into the sky.

After the black light dissipated, a woman appeared. This woman was extremely tall and hot, dressed in black, with snow-white skin and a beautiful face.

Her beauty is the kind of enchanting beauty that gives people the feeling that she is not a serious woman.

After the woman appeared, she said to Lin Feng, “I can sense your extraordinary power. Sister, I have encountered a bottleneck in my practice. If I eat your soul source, I should be able to break through immediately!”

Although this woman spoke nicely and calmly, her words contained a murderous intent.

I saw this enchanting woman exhaling gently towards Lin Feng’s soul.

A group of dark power suddenly shrouded Lin Feng. It was unknown what kind of strange power the dark power was. Wherever it passed, the void instantly froze.

This woman seems to want to make Lin Feng’s soul freeze with the void, unable to move, and then eat Lin Feng’s soul.



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