Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art: 127 Two groups of people with fighting spirit and fighting style



There are still many opportunities in this little Xuanhuangtian, such as the famous Xuanhuangjie, which makes people fascinated.


But the point is, these places aren’t something you can find just by looking for them.


When he first entered Xiaoxuanhuangtian, Lin Feng did have the idea of ​​looking for the Xuanhuang Realm, but now, Lin Feng’s chances are quite good.


In addition, the current Xiaoxuan Huangtian is really dangerous for them.


It’s better to leave here.


Unless they really sense something, they can get the opportunity of the Xuanhuang Realm in a relatively short period of time, and they may go on a journey.


And on this day.


The Golden Demon Ancestor said, “I…seem to hear a voice!”





What’s the situation? “



Lin Feng looked at the Golden Demon Sacred Ancestor in surprise.


The strength of the Golden Demon Sacred Ancestor is extraordinary. Under normal circumstances, he will not be confused by some illusions. Since he heard some voices, it means that there may be something really transmitting to him.


Lin Feng has experienced a similar thing. He has many opportunities because he sensed something, or heard some voices calling him, and then got these opportunities.


The Golden Demon Sacred Ancestor said, “The voice is getting clearer and clearer, I heard the two characters Xuanhuang”.


“Xuanhuang two characters?


Does it have something to do with Xuanhuangjie? “



Lin Feng said in surprise.


Xiaoxuanhuangtian is a place of amazing opportunity, a place that Xiaoxuanhuangtian has dreamed of trying to find, but can’t find it, but finally has a fate with the golden demon holy ancestor?


If so, that would be great.


Everyone has to follow the golden demon holy ancestor.


Bai Moli said, “But even if there is a chance, we have to be careful. This Xiaoxuanhuangtian is a little weird, and there are evil places everywhere, so we have to guard against it!”



Lin Feng nodded and said, “This is for sure, and we also have to guard against some traps and other situations!”



The Golden Demon Sacred Ancestor looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Young Master, what do you mean?”



Lin Feng said, “Don’t think too much, I naturally won’t doubt you, but who knows if that little Xuanhuang God, or his symbiotic body evil spirit stone statue will do something special, these two statues. Existence, one light and one dark, managing Xiaoxuanhuangtian for such a long time, if they want to do something, it is not difficult!”



“Well, it does!”



Everyone nodded.


Lin Feng said to the golden demon saint, “You try to find that place first, and when it’s almost there, it’s not too late for us to explore the surrounding situation!”



Never objected.


And the method proposed by Lin Feng is also the best way to solve the problem at present.


The crowd slowed down.


The Golden Demon Sacred Ancestor tried to sense the sound, and he flew in one direction with Lin Feng and the others.




It was a cloudy place.


There is a row of Ruixia, rushing from the depths of the clouds to the sky, rendering the sky very beautiful.


A dozen monks stood on a mountain in the distance.


The leader is none other than the cultivator transformed by the Evil Spirit Stone Statue. Standing beside him is the Poisonous Scorpion Empress.


As for the rest, they are all strong at the commander level of Xiaoxuanhuangtian.


“Just these people?”



The scorpion queen frowned slightly, and then said, “Then Lin Feng, Bai Moli and others, although the number is small, but the means are still very powerful, I said this not to praise them, but to seek truth from facts. Therefore, it is not easy for us people to deal with them!”



The monk who was transformed by the evil spirit stone statue couldn’t help showing a smile. He said, “The other party is not stupid. If they want to lead them into the urn, they will also check whether there is a monk army around. If a monk army is transferred. , they won’t be easy to get into by then!”





, the scorpion queen nodded, she said, “Maybe we can open a space-time passage here in advance, and when Lin Feng and the others are trapped, we will mobilize the monk army, and then they will inevitably be unable to escape! “



The monk turned into the evil spirit stone statue looked at the poisonous scorpion empress and asked with a smile, “Empress, what did I tell you before?”



The scorpion queen frowned slightly. She felt that her proposal was very good, but obviously the stone statue of the evil spirit did not seem to agree.


The monk who was transformed by the evil spirit statue said, “You can’t kill a chicken with a bull’s knife, Lin Feng, Bai Moli and others are nothing to me, and I said before that we are playing abusive— Kill the game and call in the monk army to deal with them, do you still have the pleasure of the game?”



The scorpion queen does not agree with the words of the evil spirit stone statue. She thinks that killing Lin Feng and other talents is the most important thing. What game is it to play, isn’t it bad?


So she said, “It doesn’t matter whether the game is a game or not, the most important thing is that it can solve the serious problem of the confidant!”



“Empress, do you think that Lin Feng, Bai Moli and others can pull out some waves in my hands?”



The stone statue of the evil spirit said, and turned over his right hand, as if he was admiring his right hand. This guy is not an ordinary narcissist.


The Empress Poisonous Scorpion probably heard a little impatience in the language of the evil spirit stone statue. Thinking about it carefully, this evil spirit stone statue can mobilize the existence of the source power of Xiaoxuanhuangtian. He is already strong enough, and then mobilizing Xiaoxuanhuang With the power of Tian Yuanyuan, what level would the combat power have soared to? Besides, there are so many strong people around them as support.


And, there are pitfalls here.


The time and place are right and people are on their side.


Under such a circumstance, if Lin Feng and others are still allowed to escape, they can buy a piece of tofu and kill them directly.


The scorpion queen said, “Sir Evil Spirit is powerful, and Lin Feng and the others naturally can’t turn any waves, everything is just as Lord Evil Spirit said.”


The statue of the evil spirit said with a smile, “You will see a good show!”





Two days later.


Lin Feng and the others saw from a distance in the depths of the mountains in front of them, Ruixia exhaled, purple air soaring into the sky.




“It’s the deep place!”



The Golden Demon Ancestor said.


Lin Feng and the others squinted and looked into the depths, this place is indeed a bit extraordinary.


Lin Feng said, “Explore the surrounding situation and see if you can find anything unusual!”





, everyone responded.


Lin Feng, Bai Moli, Golden Demon Sacred Ancestor, Zhen Immortal Stone, Shi Hua, all shot.


It is equivalent to five masters exploring at the same time, which is equivalent to exploring five times.


If there is any dangerous situation, Lin Feng feels that among them, there must be one person who can detect some abnormality.


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