I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child:



In the spacious and luxurious master bedroom, one floor-to-ceiling window was not closed, and the autumn breeze blew the apricot curtains high, and the moonlight sprinkled from the window on the marble floor in the bedroom, and the floor was covered with silver frost.


The area where the villa is located is very quiet, and when you listen carefully, you can only hear the wind whistling outside the window and…groans and groans.


On the big bed in the middle of the room, high-end and expensive silks are scattered, which can cover the lower part of the man’s waist. The man’s bronze skin and strong back muscles are undoubtedly revealed under the moonlight.


The groans and moans inadvertently leaking from the lips and teeth are as sweet as honey soaked in the depths. The pleasant pleasure and sensation make Ye Zhen unconsciously grasp the man’s broad and powerful back. Hearty **** and love come to an end.


The man lay down on Ye Zhen’s side, and a pair of strong hands embraced her.


Ye Zhen is like a contented fox, lazily nestled in the man’s arm, his slightly squinted eyes happily lifted up slightly, opened his eyes in a daze, but in vain, a pair of deep and awe-inspiring eyes grabbed all the attention of his mind. .




Ye Zhen suddenly woke up from his sleep and looked around blankly. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the room were closed tightly. The sun shone in from outside the window, and the whole room was illuminated extremely brightly through the apricot curtains.


She clutched her banging chest, and slowly sat up, her white silk pajamas slipped from her shoulders, and her white and slender shoulders were marked with two red nails.


Looking at the unconscious man on her side, her cheeks were slightly red and hot, as if she was still in the invigorating scene in a dream.


Thinking of the man’s deep and sharp eyes in the dream just now, like a pool of dark, bottomless spring water, Ye Hao’s beautiful brows were slightly frowned, he lifted the quilt and glanced, and the white nightdress was worn on him intact. , Except for the uncomfortable sticky sweat on the body, nothing else.


Don’t blame Ye Zhen for making a fuss, it’s that the dream is too real, and it’s not the first time this kind of dream.


Although she is young, with the enthusiasm, desire, and hope of a young man, but the number of dreams is too much, she is still with the man next to the pillow who has been in a coma for a year.


Since she traveled here and became the wife of the man next to her pillow, such dreams would happen every other time.


Yes, she passed.


Ye Zhen woke up and found himself lying next to Lu Beichuan, a vegetative who had been in a coma for a year, and became his wife.


After a month of observation, Ye Zhen finally had to admit that she had traveled through the novel “Newly Married Wrong Love”.


In the novel, Ye Qing and Ye Zhen are twin sisters. They have the same appearance but different personalities. The sister is enthusiastic and generous, and has always been the pride of parents since childhood, and the child in the mouth of other parents.


Under the background of such an excellent sister, the mediocrity of her sister has been magnified countless times. Ye Zhen began to complain about all the injustices and encounters, and began to resent her, and her parents married her to Lu Beichuan instead of her sister. It was her first step towards destruction.


Lu Beichuan in the novel is a villain. He was injured in a deliberately planned car accident and became a vegetative person. He would wake up after a coma for a year. During this year, the Lu family’s grandfather, also Lu Beichuan’s grandfather, was given advice by a master. Marrying Ye’s parents and daughters and giving grandson a joy, Lu Beichuan will surely be able to tide over the difficulties.


Ye Zhen’s father was a useless second-generation ancestor. The Ye family’s family property was completely defeated by him. He was a gambler and selfish. Father Lu promised that as long as the Ye family married his daughter, he would help the Ye family. The company that lost money.


Listening to Mr. Lu’s words, the Ye family simply prepared to marry Ye Zhen’s sister Ye Qing.


Ye Qing has long fallen in love with the male lead. After hearing the arrangements of the Ye family’s parents, she eloped with the male lead, abandoning her identity as a daughter of a daughter, and living a hard life with an innocent poor boy. There is no news now.


However, the sister is gone and the sister is still there. Anyway, the two sisters look the same, even their parents can’t recognize them, let alone the Lu family, so Ye Jiaxin married Ye Zhen with peace of mind.


Marrying a vegetative, Ye Zhen, has no problem at all, but the problem is that this vegetative will wake up after he has been in a coma for one year, that is, one month later.


Ye Zhen also dared not say anything after marrying into the Lu family. Naturally, he didn’t take care of Lu Beichuan who was still a vegetable.


Perhaps this year’s vegetative experience. After Lu Beichuan woke up, his temperament changed drastically, and he was able to deal with things without compromise. He dismissed the so-called Mrs. Lu and met his enthusiastic and generous sister by coincidence. He also knew that It should be the truth about her sister who married herself back then.


Compared with the shrewd and capable sister and the mediocre and stupid sister, Lu Beichuan was consciously deceived. When Lu Beichuan knew that the male protagonist was actually his half-brother, he started his villain to seize power and wives. the road.


Naturally, Ye Zhen, as a substitute for her sister, did not have a good life after Lu Beichuan knew the truth. He became a substitute for her sister and was vented by the villain.


The resentment accumulates, Ye Zhen relied on his wife Lu to show off in front of his sister, and was repeatedly beaten in the face. Later, he gave birth to a son for Lu Beichuan. Naturally, the son grew up in this environment, and the three views would not be good. How upright, the father and son are embarrassed for treacherous, insidious, cunning and scheming, and their high IQs are all used in crimes and crimes. For a long time, they have played around with the male protagonist.


But the villain is the villain after all, and the family finally reaped the consequences. After the villain was knocked out by the male protagonist, Ye Zhen, as the villain’s wife, naturally couldn’t escape the law and spent the rest of his life in prison.


The Ye Zhen in the novel is Ye Zhen, and she is her. Although she is Lu Beichuan’s wife now, Lu Beichuan is a vegetable. As long as she finds a way to leave the Lu family within this month, the ocean will leap and the sky will let the birds fly. Are you afraid that there will be no good life?


As for the life and death of the Ye family, what does it matter to her?


Have the ability to get Ye Qing back.


The knock on the door outside interrupted her thoughts.


“Miss Ye is early.” The old housekeeper who had been serving the Lu family for many years stood respectfully outside the door, pushing a trolley with a tool for Lu Beichuan to clean.


The Lu family has a long history. The ancestors inherited not only huge wealth, but also old-fashioned and pedantic rules.


She is Lu Beichuan’s wife, so every time she wakes up, she must clean her husband first.


Ye Zhen scrubbed the towel handed over by the housekeeper in warm water, then opened the quilt covering Lu Beichuan, unbuttoned the pajamas on his upper body, and wiped it on his arm, shoulder blade, abdomen and other places.


This is what she does every day, but she can only do it.


In the past, a nursing union scrubbed Lu Beichuan’s body, but after Ye Zhen got married, the Lu family told her that as Lu Beichuan’s wife, only you can have intimate skin contact with Lu Beichuan.


…It’s been 8102, where are so many stinky faults of feudal thought?


Under the gaze of the housekeeper, Ye Zhen really had no room for laziness. He was extremely careful and wiped Lu Beichuan’s body as seriously as he treated a work of art. From the red face and ears at a loss when he first arrived, to the face he is now. If you don’t change your appearance, you won’t be surprised, thanks to Ye Zhen’s credit after reading many Western statues. What’s more, Lu Beichuan’s figure is no worse than those statues.


The warm towel was wiped on every inch of Lu Beichuan’s skin, and the flesh on his arms and abdomen was not too loose to the touch. Ye Zhen couldn’t help but think of the dream last night.


In the dream, Lu Beichuan’s deep and deep voice made her mind sway, his powerful palms held her palms tightly, and the muscles on her abdomen and arms showed a sense of strength, once and for all, she was not allowed to hide, and she was not allowed to escape. , Let her not tolerate it, make her excited, make her happy, make her cry.


Ye Zhen turned around and washed the towel in hot water and wrung out, and gently wiped Lu Beichuan’s cheeks. His facial features were well-defined and deep. This man was impeccably handsome, just unaware of his closed eyes. What was it like after opening it, was it as dark and cold as she dreamed it last night.


She took the towel and wiped her earlobe on Lu Beichuan’s auricle, gently squeezing her earlobe, Lu Beichuan’s eyelids moved suddenly, and she could clearly see the eyeballs under her eyelids rolling in the eye sockets, as if the next second was about to Opened like. Ye Zhen noticed it, took a look, and continued to clean his ears, indifferent.


At the beginning, Ye Zhen really thought that Lu Beichuan was about to wake up, but the family doctor told her that the slight twitching of her fingers and eyelids was a phenomenon of neural reflexes and was normal.


But think about it. In the novel, Lu Beichuan woke up a month later. It is not the time yet.


After cleaning, Ye Zhen rubbed the lotion on the palm of his hand, and the warm palm wandered all over Lu Beichuan’s body. Ye Zhen saw that Lu Beichuan’s right little finger was stirred, and his thoughts rested on his firm lower abdomen again. Feeling and squeezing, passed the addiction.


It is also strange that other vegetative patients have been in a coma for a year, not to mention skinny, but their physical condition is not much better. In other words, they will not maintain such a good body like Lu Beichuan.


After finishing all the cleaning work, Ye Zhen was too tired to straighten up. He dressed Lu Beichuan and covered it with a quilt. The old housekeeper in his sixties who served the Lu family for a lifetime is respectful and respectful. Ye Zhen said: “Thanks.”


Ye Zhen lowered his eyebrows and smiled, without saying anything, walking into the bathroom to wash.


She had just entered the bathroom, and professional doctors and nurses came in to check on Lu Beichuan and feed her scientifically.


These steps are beyond the scope that Ye Zhen can handle.


After washing, Ye Zhen glanced at it and went downstairs.


In the restaurant, Lu’s parents and a young man were sitting at the dining table, the main seat was empty, and Mr. Lu did not come.


“Dad, mom, good morning.”


Father Lu glanced at Ye Zhen and nodded.


Ye Zhen saw that the theme was empty, and asked, “Where is Grandpa?”


“The old man went back to the old house for a few days. How is Beichuan today?” Mother Lu was neatly dressed, made up exquisite, and she couldn’t see her age at all. She was glamorous in front of her, and tried her best to protect herself as Mrs. Face.


On the surface, Ye Zhen maintained his mediocre side, lowered his eyebrows and said pleasingly: “Everything is okay.”


“It’s okay?” Mother Lu put down the dishes, “You are the daughter-in-law of the Lu family. Fortunately, these two words are perfunctory me or your husband?”


Mother Lu was originally dissatisfied with Ye Zhen. She was not the right householder. She was timid and timid. She had no opinion. If it weren’t for Mr. Lu to speak to her son, she would never agree to this marriage. !


What’s more, it’s been a month since Beichuan hasn’t woken up yet, so it’s useless at all!


Father Lu condensed his eyebrows, “Well, early in the morning, isn’t there a doctor upstairs to check it?”


Mother Lu was holding her anger, but her voice lowered, “She is Beichuan’s wife, and it’s her job to take care of Beichuan!” Looking at Ye Zhen, “Remember, you have nothing to do with Beichuan.” Write down the details, and immediately tell me and the doctor what is wrong. Your husband is still ill. Don’t go out if you have nothing to do. You should learn massage techniques with nursing engineers. Beichuan will wake up in the morning and evening. More massage will help him recover later. Help.”


Ye Zhen doesn’t know how many times he has heard words like this. He has always been deaf, “Okay, I remembered.”


Ye Zhen is also very pitiful for Lu Beichuan’s fucking, he can’t control his own man, and even swallows his anger to let the illegitimate son of the Lu family enter the door. It is actually quite sad for a woman to do this.


“Eat first.” Father Lu glanced at Mother Lu, then motioned Ye Zhen to sit down.


Ye Zhen sat down next to Mother Lu, and the young man at the table opposite looked at him with a smile.


A low-level pie with a thief and a mouse-eyed face, with an irritating face.


Lu Beichuan’s father, Lu Shaoren, is not a good man either. The red flag at home does not fall, and the colorful flags are fluttering outside. The illegitimate sons who are living outside, all the little swallows are eager to get together, but there is a serious son like Lu Beichuan. Now, with Father Lu, Lu Shaoren didn’t dare to really lead people home.


One year ago, Lu Beichuan had a car accident, and the hospital issued a critical illness notice. It didn’t take Lu Beichuan’s life. He almost took Lu Beichuan’s **** life. Later, after being diagnosed as a vegetative person, Father Lu received a satisfactory one. The illegitimate son brought home, that is, the young man in front of him, Lu Beifan.


Lu Beichuan was in a coma, and everyone in the Lu family couldn’t be inherited from the great cause of the Lu family, so Grandpa Lu opened his eyes and closed his eyes.


Lu Beifan, from his looks to his personality, to his ability to be unable to support the wall with mud, is an idiot who thinks he can be the second master of the Lu family.


As soon as Ye Zhen got married, his squinted eyes never moved away from Ye Hao, coveting Ye Hao’s beauty, and once forcibly hugged Ye Hao’s heart and liver baby pistachio in front of Lu Beichuan’s bed. Fortunately, Lu Beichuan is a vegetable and cannot be heard by the outside world. Otherwise, his wife and younger brother will stage a live erotica in front of him, shedding sheep on their heads, it will be alive and well.


However, after Lu Beichuan woke up, the second young master’s fate was indeed miserable.


It’s just such a little clever, in front of the cruel villain, it’s not enough to look at.


The servant of the Lu family brought Ye Zhen breakfast, and he heard Father Lu say: “You should be familiar with the company’s things for two months after you have had breakfast. You will go to the company with me after breakfast.” Obviously speaking to Lu Beifan.


Lu Beifan raised his eyebrows with joy. Being able to go to the company with Lu Shaoren also shows that this is to officially recognize his identity, recognize his position in the company, and train him as an heir.


He suppressed his excitement, “Good dad.”


Ye Zhen Yuguang glanced at Mother Lu, who was trembling all over but tried her best to endure, and his eyelids drooped.


In such public occasions, Mother Lu needs to be generous, considerate, considerate for the entire Lu family, and more importantly, to maintain the dignity of her husband, not in front of her daughter-in-law and illegitimate children like ordinary women in the family. Arguing against her husband.


There are a lot of powers and wrongs. Lu Beifan can still be complacent now. When Lu Beichuan wakes up, the entire Lu family, let alone Lu Beifan, even Lu Shaoren, has no place to stand.


The dinner table seemed calm, but something was gradually wrong under the dinner table. Lu Beifan, who was sitting opposite Ye Zhen, had his legs stretched out to Ye Hao’s thigh.


In Lu Beifan’s view, the beautiful little sister-in-law guards a vegetative person, like a living widow, she is violent!


His cheap eldest brother is not going to get better, instead of wasting it, it is better to try something for yourself, anyway, the whole Lu family will belong to him in the future.


The shy and timid little sister-in-law suddenly became noble and glamorous these days, but she suffocated him.


Ye Zhen put down the spoon and smiled and looked at Lu Beifan, “Sorry, my leg was accidentally put under your feet. Can you remove your feet from my thighs?”


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