I Can View Character Attributes Chapter 363: Beginning



“This way.”



Twelve spider-shaped predators scattered out, but Xia Xu and Grant were like no one in the heavily guarded Gardner mental hospital.



The surrounding terrain, surveillance, and sentries were all detected in advance by the spider-like predators walking in the dark, and everything was invisible under the smart glasses.



Soon, the two sneaked into the ward where Cui Xinghua was originally.



As expected, Cui Xinghua was no longer there, and the layout inside was also turned into a mess, as if it had experienced a storm.



“Ato, remember the taste of Cui Xinghua, maybe it will be of use.”



Xia Xu rummaged through the ruins and found a piece of clothing that should have been worn by Cui Xinghua.



“You talk to a dog like this, can it understand?”



Grant was a little curious.



He naturally knows about trained working dogs, but they are basically motivated habitual training and require specific instructions to command, so dogs can’t understand like people talking.



“It doesn’t understand, but you can understand. It just so happens that you also have half werewolf blood, which is one quarter of canine blood. Would you like to try it for you?”



Xia Xu rolled his eyes.



Ato, who was beside him, gave him a more humane glance, hummed in his nose, and then walked leisurely to the clothes and sniffed, and nodded towards Xia Xu, indicating that he had remembered .



“It… it stares at me? Nods?”



Grant was stunned and pointed at Atto with a look of astonishment, his arms were slow to put down.



“It is said that Ato is not an ordinary dog.”



Xia Xu shrugged slightly.



Although Atto has been injected with the wolf-enhanced serum, the wolf-enhanced serum is only to strengthen the wolf gene. Its genetic essence has not changed. It is still a ‘dog’, and it has nothing to do with the werewolf.



Werewolf is the gene fusion product of human and wolf genes as the main body, and there are a lot of traces of artificial modulation.



For example, the genetic encryption that dissolves directly after death, the transformation of the normal state and the werewolf state, and the specific appetite of human beings, these are all artificially woven genetic blueprints.



After all, the origin of this thing is the weapon of war developed by the Swu Kingdom, which may be a special plan based on the tactical purpose of throwing into the enemy’s rear to create chaos.



Dogs are domesticated products of wolves. They are highly similar in genes to wolves, but compared with werewolves, they are only related to a small part of wolf genes in werewolves.



Therefore, Grant could vaguely sense some of the similar threats emanating from Ato at the Science and Technology Museum because of his intuition of hunting werewolves all year round, but he felt vaguely and even mistakenly thought it was his own illusion.



And then again, Ato is best at attacking and hiding. After he really restrains his breath, he is basically no different from an ordinary dog.



In reality, although there is also something more metaphysical, such as aura and momentum, it is more of a psychological gap and spiritual feeling, but there is no general skill that can tell the strength of the opponent at a glance.



It is precisely because of this that Grant did not connect the Ato in front of him with the vague feeling he once had in the Science and Technology Museum.



Seeing that Grant obviously still didn’t look at Ato, Xia Xu didn’t explain it further.



Anyway, if you want to save Cui Xinghua, the armed conflict should be inevitable, and you will know it naturally, maybe you can see the wonderful expression on Grant’s face.



“Wait a moment, my robot is exploring the structure of the underground base.”



After letting Ato remember the taste of Cui Xinghua, Xia Xu did not let him follow him immediately, but stayed in Cui Xinghua’s ward and waited.



The spider-shaped predator is small in size and more convenient to move. Before he came in, he had already divided some units and climbed into the ventilation duct that Zhao Ming and the others said, and sneaked into the underground base along the duct.



It will take a while to figure out the structure and defense of the underground base. It just so happens that Cui Xinghua’s ward has just been overturned, and the building is empty. Normally, no one will come over, so you can rest here.



“Where did you get these robots from? They seem to be very useful. Can you buy me a few to play with?”



Grant was really envious this time. He looked at the bow and arrow slingshot hanging on his body, and suddenly it didn’t smell good.


This is going back to Milikan, and my collection of precious hot weapons doesn’t seem to be as cool as these robots.



What’s more, these robots are cool and practical at the same time. They are omnipotent in combat, search, and exploration. He has never been so easy to sneak into these heavily guarded bases before.



“I’m afraid you won’t be able to play. These robots are all controlled by brain waves, and twelve are used for distraction.”



Xia Xu spread his hands.



He doesn’t cherish this broom, but he really can’t even use it for Grant.



Although arachnid predators have certain AI intelligence, even the simplest integrated commands always need to process the visual and auditory information they feed back.



Even if he remotely controls twelve spider predators, it is a bit difficult, but this is still under the premise of super brain medicine blessing and no delicate operation.



As a normal person, I am afraid that a few machines are enough. If the formation operation is performed, the cart before the horse is reversed.



Even if it is close-range control within the field of vision, it is not something that any ordinary person can adapt to.



If you really want to describe and analogize, this kind of manipulation is like a strategy game like Warcraft Interstellar. In the field of view, the operation is to issue commands one by one and control the units to perform micro-operations. Outside the field of view, it is to open more than ten sub-bases or even ten Play the game on multiple computers.



Needless to say about the difficulty of the latter, even the former is not something that ordinary people can play well. Even if it is barely able to do it, it will take a lot of training and adaptation. He can control it so easily thanks to the super brain. The brain overclocking effect brought by the potion.



However, it is impossible for him to disclose such a sensitive thing as super brain medicine to others unless he is a direct descendant of himself.



Not even Grant, he finally removed himself from the super-brain plot, and he didn’t want to cause an accident and make a mess.



“Do you want to be so exaggerated? Twelve distractions?”



After listening to Xia Xu’s words, Grant showed a monster-like look, and said quietly: “It seems that you really came to the right place today.”






Xia Xu hadn’t thought about it at first, and only after going through it in his head did he understand what Grant meant in the second half of the sentence.



Where is this place?



A mental hospital.



This guy is alluding to his schizophrenia.



“Seriously, I’m really interested in these spider robots, and I don’t need to be distracted. Can you give me a head office?”



Grant said with a smile.



“Okay, I’ll charge you the cost, 800,000.”



Xia Xu raised his eyebrows and squinted at him, stretched out his hand, and made a gesture of counting money.



“What? How much?”



Grant jumped up and said, “Eight hundred thousand? What about you robbery? I can buy a sports car~IndoMTL.com~ Believe it or not, this is high-tech, of course it will be a little more expensive, eight hundred thousand is counted. At the cost price, do you believe that I dare to sell it for eight million?”



Xia Xu looks like you are rare and strange.



“So, you robots…”



Grant’s face twitched slightly.



He also earned two or three million in Milliken recently. He thought he was already a rich man, but he never expected that the cost of several other robots would be more expensive than his own net worth.



A single spider robot costs 800,000 yuan, so isn’t it 8 million for ten?



What kind of fighting robot is this? Is this Nima throwing money at people? If three or four units are destroyed in the battle, wouldn’t it mean that he lost his entire net worth?



I just tried to buy it as a reconnaissance equipment?



Buy a fart! I have the money to buy a sports car, buy some drones, and buy a batch of high-end hot weapons, isn’t it much cheaper than this?



“As I said, I recently made a billion.”



Xia Xu looked at Grant with a smile.



“Oh God, your faithful believers have finally seen you again, is there anything I can do for you?”



Grant, who deeply realizes that he is still a poor man, finally regains his original intention at this moment, showing the surprise and enthusiasm that he first met.



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