I am God Chapter 327: Belonging to the path of the evil **** of original sin?


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Miracle City.

This city is different from the City of Lights. The owner of the city is one person, and the elder is another person.

But the city lord is the heir of the elder.

As the population of the city increases and the Land of the Rising Sun becomes more and more prosperous, various things are no longer what they used to be, and one person can do them all.

Many elders in Land of the Rising Sun have divided some of their rights and handed over the administrative chores to others.

Of course.

There are also people like Hingis who cling to their rights and refuse to let go.

In Miracle City, the tall building that looks like a super-large lantern is the temple.

A raging flame burns on the top floor of the temple.

The firelight refracts down through the dome, and shines through the windows in all directions outside.

At the same time, the light and shadow on the dome are also projected on the square outside.

From the eyes of the citizens of Miracle City, the holy flame seems to have mysterious power, protecting the city.

On the square outside the city, there is also a statue of a goblin in a smock, and its posture falls lightly to the ground, as if it has just descended from the Kingdom of Creator God to the world.

“Master Elder!”

“Master Elder!”

The middle-aged snake man came out of the temple wearing a light-colored robe of a servant of the gods. His clothes were not as gorgeous as that of Hingis, but other alchemists passing by stopped to show respect to him.

The elder of Miracle City looked majestic.

Not responding, but walking directly past these people.

The elder walked all the way down from the height and across the square.

Finally stopped in front of the goblin statue.

He has passed under this statue countless times before, and he has long been accustomed to everything here.

After all, no matter how beautiful and magnificent the scenery is, I can no longer arouse the slightest wave in my heart.

But at this moment, he didn’t know why he stopped in front of this statue.

The elder of Miracle City raised his head.

Looking at the divine spirit who is said to live in the Kingdom of the Creator God.

The goblin can’t tell the gender, but the craftsman carved out the youthful face with superb skills.

The details of the smock are vividly carved.

It seems to fly at any time.

Looking at the statue, the elder of Miracle City immediately thought of many things: “The demon spirit envoy!”

If the goblin is the messenger of the master of dreams, it represents the master god.


Can he, and his family, also become the apostle family of the God of Alchemy and Desire?

Like goblins and fairies.

Represents the majesty of the ruler of the dream world, conveying his oracle.

The elder of Miracle City is one of the two preparatory apostles chosen by the God of Alchemy and Desire, but he still has not yet become a fourth-level power user.

The technique of divine favor is a secret technique used by the clover to break through to the fourth-order apostles. It was proposed by the first-generation sage of the Temple of Truth, Sang De’an, and perfected by the second-generation sage, Lan En.


The priests of the Sanye people are completely different from the ordinary snake people and alchemists.

Clover people need to pass the sun flower cup to become the second order.

The Snake Man can break through directly from the bloodline, and even directly obtain the power of the seal of law from the bloodline.

The alchemist can even have more possibilities through the gift of God, and at the same time bind all the power to the lamp of the divine deed.

If an alchemist wants to use divine grace to break through to the fourth level, he must target the characteristics of the alchemist and the difference in strength.

Make some changes.

The elders of Miracle City came all the way to a mansion in the city.

He does not live in the temple.

He didn’t feel like Hingis felt that as long as he lived in the temple, he seemed to represent a god.

Just fine.

Looking down on the world from above.

As he walked, he was thinking about the issue of divine grace.

“Divine Favor Art combines curse seal, spiritual power, and divine blood into one.”

“Using the suppression of spiritual power, the oppression of the three is combined into one, and finally the God Stone is born, and then Myth’s own brain.”

“Why not?”

“What else is needed?”

“What needs to be done?”

The elder of Miracle City walked into the mansion, and happened to meet his son who was in charge of the city lord.


My son has already moved out, and he usually has something to do when he comes back.

The elder of Miracle City also knew, so he led him to the depths of the mansion and asked directly.

“What’s wrong?”

“What happened again?”

The son followed his father and said to the elders of Miracle City: “Recently, the Alchemy Council was elected, and people from the school started to make trouble again.”

“They want to fight for greater power in Parliament, and even our seats.”

“Especially the inheritance of several schools in the city.”

He knew his father’s character and knew that he didn’t like to listen to other people’s pleasantries and nonsense, so he said it directly.

The elder of Miracle City said in a voice of iron and blood: “Suppress it.”

As the son of Miracle City’s lord, he immediately asked worriedly, “Will there be any trouble?”

The elder of Miracle City looked at his son: “Only a family maintained by blood can maintain the glory of God from generation to generation.”

“The people of those schools don’t know the heights of the sky and the earth, they don’t have the heart of awe, and they are not worthy of being believers of God.”

“I will be an apostle.”

“Our family will become an apostolic family.”

The elder of Miracle City walked to the door, turned his head and said to his son.

“It’s not just these schools.”

“Together with the golden blood of the Xinji family, it will all be a thing of the past.”

Ecstasy appeared on his son’s face, and he no longer had any worries.

“I know what to do.”

After saluting to his father, he left in a hurry.

The struggle between the alchemist family and the alchemist school became increasingly fierce; it did not become stable with the arrival of the apostles, but became more cruel.

The elder of Miracle City raised his hand.

The heavy stone door in front of him was pushed open, and the ritual array engraved on the bracelet was activated.

Not just one door, but many doors behind it are also opened.

The elder of Miracle City walked through the passage and walked to the innermost empty room. On the floor of the room was engraved the ritual array of divine grace.

The elder of Miracle City walked up, ready to continue to study and try the power of divine grace here.

But when they reached the center, they were suddenly taken aback.

“Who’s hiding there?”

“Come out!”

The elder of Miracle City turned his head and looked into the dark corner.

I saw only a snake man standing in the corner, his eyes shone slightly in the darkness, revealing malice.

The other party seems to have heard what the elder of Miracle City said to his son before, and responded in a targeted manner at this moment.

“The golden blood of the Singhi family will never be a thing of the past.”

“A clown like you will never try to steal something that belongs to the golden blood.”

Hearing this voice, the elder of Miracle City immediately recognized who it was.

His face changed slightly, but he remained calm.


In the dark.

An old snake man came out slowly.

It is different from the elders of Miracle City who are healthy, strong, and spiritually in their prime.

The opponent’s body is full of old age, but those eyes are not aging and dull.

On the contrary, with the decline of the body, the infinite longing for everything that he can’t get.

The elders of Miracle City watched Hingis walking step by step, with strong pressure, but without any fear or panic.

On the contrary, she gradually calmed down.

The other party is a third-level authority, and I am also a third-level authority, so there is nothing to panic about.

“Your Excellency, Great Elder!”

“I suddenly came to Miracle City, what do you want to do?”

“If necessary, you can summon me to meet you in the City of Lights.”

Old Snake: “No, I can’t wait.”

“I want to take a look, how are you using the things that the Alchemy God gave you? Are you worthy of this honor?”


“The God of Alchemy chose you, not me.”

His old and hoarse voice reveals a smile.

“Look at you, how young you are.”

“I have talents beyond me.”

“A thief who wants to take the glory of the Xinji family, a thief who wants to steal the glory.”

“If you can take everything away from you.”

The more Hingis talked, the more excited he became, and he got closer to the Great Elder of Miracle City: “That… is really a beautiful thing.”

The elder of Miracle City was completely sure that the other party was not kind, and the strong malice pierced into the depths of its consciousness like a sharp knife, but before he did not expect that a dignified elder would come to his city to punish him. black hands.

“Are you dissatisfied with God’s arrangement?”

“Still dissatisfied that I have been recognized by the God of Alchemy?”

“Hingis, are you here to kill the god-approved me, the future apostle?”

The old snake man walked out of the shadows with his lamp of divine deed.

I just don’t know when, the metal lamp of the divine contract became dilapidated, covered with rust.

The flames inside turned black.

So just now in the shadows, this lamp did not emit the slightest light.

“God’s approval?”

The old snake man laughed, but the laughter was full of anger.

The old snake man opened his mouth, and the darkness kept pouring out of his mouth, and the mouth cracked to the extent that it is absolutely impossible for an ordinary person to grin.

Almost, the whole head is divided into upper and lower parts.


The old snake man directly swallowed the metal, bit by bit chewing on his own lamp of the divine deed, everything he had ever had.


Then swallowed it.



The light flickered through Hingis’ body and finally merged into his head, his eyes, ears, and nostrils bursting with flames.

“No need for god’s approval.”

“Don’t give it to God.”

Hingis’ expression became more and more terrifying: “I’ll get it myself!”

After swallowing the lamp of the divine deed, the flames on his body became more and more intense.


He released flames all over his body, as if he had transformed himself into a powerful lamp spirit.

Since he sold his body and himself to the evil **** of original sin, some strange changes seem to have taken place in Hingis’ body, and he has the ability to seize the power of foreign objects.

He swallowed his lamp of divine deed, so he no longer needed the lamp, and he could directly release the power of the lamp.

The old snake man’s figure swelled to three meters, and he looked down at the elder of Miracle City.

“Look, I don’t need the power of God.”

“This is my strength.”

The inspiration for Hingis to do this seems to have come from Tut not long ago.

The elder of Miracle City was completely stunned. He had never seen such a crazy scene before.

He pointed at Hingis and said in disbelief.

“The power of the abyss!”

“Are you crazy? You dedicated your strength to the abyss?”

“Which king of the abyss have you been tempted by? Afoan, the king of the demon fire abyss? Or Meld, the king of the black mud abyss?”

The elder of Miracle City was really taken aback, and immediately backed away.

He hurriedly stepped back to the center of the room, and at the same time summoned his own lamp of divine deed, ready to deal with the current situation.

But at this time, the ritual array under his feet lit up, communicating with an unknown world, and transmitting its power from the far side.

Darkness swirls on the ground, opening what looks like a door to the depths of the earth.

The ritual array on the ground was changed to another ritual array at some point.

That is.

Abyss sacrifice ceremony.

The elder of Miracle City lowered his head, and saw a gate in the darkness.

The dark red mythical gate.

Made of flesh and bones.

The elder of Miracle City now fully understood who Hingis had betrayed himself to.

“Not Avon, nor Meld.”


“The Cthulhu of Original Sin.”

The darkness directly suppressed the power of the elders of Miracle City, and completely blocked this place.

Even if it is a god.

As long as you don’t foresee what will happen here, you won’t be able to sense what happened to the elders of Miracle City.

He wanted to summon the lamp spirit, but the lamp in his hand did not respond at all.

“It’s over!”

This is the final thought of the elder of Miracle City.

And this time.

The snake man, whose height swelled to more than three meters, rushed up and grabbed the head of the elder of Miracle City.

Then tore his head off.

Blood spattered all over Hingis, and Hingis roared and threw the head into the opened gate of the abyss.



“The thief who stole the golden blood.”

Then, Hingis pushed down the body of the Miracle City Elder.

Watching him fall into the dark abyss with icy eyes.

“Let’s fall!”

“Don’t even think about going to the kingdom of the alchemy god, just fall into the darkness with me.”


He grabbed the divine deed lamp of the elder of Miracle City from the ground.

It is a lamp made of precious stones, which looks extraordinarily gorgeous.

This time he didn’t choose to chew and swallow, but pressed the lamp directly into his chest.

“Be my strength!”

“Be my food for eternal life!”

“The power of greed!”

“Swallow it for me.”

The lamp of the divine deed of the elder of Miracle City seemed to melt into the mud, and was pulled in by Hingis’ flesh and blood, becoming a part of his body.

Hingis’ heart turned into a gemstone a little bit, turning into a shining gemstone.

And because of this, he has part of the power of the former Miracle City elder.

But then.

Hingis kept making nauseating sounds as if he was full.

He was a violent vomiter, throwing up everything he couldn’t swallow.


Hingis breathed flames, accompanied by residue.

Hingis’ own Lamp of the Deed, he spat out the metal residue from it, completely merging into the light.

The lamp of the deed of the elder of the Miracle City, he spit out the lamp and took away all the spirituality in it.

The power of the old snake man in front of him swelled far beyond the previous level in an instant, the spiritualized metal lamp merged into his heart, and the powerful spiritual power directly soaked into his body.

He seems to be doing this, condensing his own mythical organ.

Step into the rank of apostle.

But in the end, it stopped because of insufficient strength and wrong method.

Hingis’ terrifying form also slowly recovered, turning into an ordinary snake man.

But at this time, he seemed much younger.

Hingis stood there naked, his dry skin and rickety body improved greatly.

Sturdy muscles and a strong body made Hingis unbelievable.

The pleasure of plundering others, the comfort of constantly gaining strength.

It’s really hard to extricate yourself.

Hingis seemed to be crazy, his mouth was drooling, his eyes revealed madness, and he kept flicking his tail excitedly.


“Take everything from others.”

“What God does not give me, I will take it myself!”

“If I don’t have it, I will take it from others.”

“If you don’t have talent, take away the talent from others.”

“If you don’t have enough power, take away the power of others.”

At this moment, Hingis seemed to be a different person.

It’s never the same again.

Desire is like a stone falling from the top of a mountain. When it starts to eat you up, there is no stopping it.

It will only get faster and faster, and then unstoppably crush all those who stand in its way.

He caressed his own body, which was bestowed with greed and original sin by the God of Original Sin.

He’s addicted to it all, and he wants more.

“How powerful!”

“The original sin of greed!”

Hingis didn’t notice his greed, his body, everything about him.

It’s faintly not enough to bear the greed of the evil **** of original sin.

He didn’t even notice that this method of taking power from others has only two consequences.

One is to become a ignorant prop, and the other is to sign a contract with the abyss before becoming crazy and become a part of the abyss.

The stronger it is.

The more depraved.

It was also the moment when he fell into the abyss.

After killing the elder of Miracle City and taking away his power, Hingis immediately left here.

Hingis destroyed the ritual formation on the ground, leaving behind a symbol of ouroboros.

A snake bites its own tail, as if it wants to swallow itself.

This is also hereafter.

The mark of the Order of the Abyss.



Behind the Gate of Original Sin, ripples were set off in the endless black rain.

A head floated up from the darkness, towards the flesh and blood stars in the sky.

On the flesh and blood stars, there is a throne made of flesh and blood, and a long table made of bones.

On the throne of the horrible and **** **** who makes people sick.

Sitting there was a skinny man in ragged clothes.

He looked very inconspicuous and unremarkable, just like an ordinary passerby.

But when he raised his head, those eyes could not be ignored. No matter who saw those eyes, he could feel the power of conviction.

The evil **** of original sin.


Xiao is holding a letter in his hand at this moment, which is a letter sent by Oran to Tut, which records the incomplete oracle of Insay.

It is not a positive expression, Xiao can only find what he wants to know between the lines.

However, because of this, Xiao was able to obtain some information that other demigods could not know, the information that the fairy Saint Rafael casually said.

And at this moment.

A head flew up and landed in front of Xiao.

It landed on the long table of bones.

This is the head of the elder of Miracle City.

Xiao didn’t move at all, as if he had known for a long time that this head would be sent to him at this time.

On the table, a ceramic doll the size of a finger jumped up, bouncing towards the head.

Knocked on the skull.

“Memory recall!”

The images in the head’s mind projected from the eyes one after another, and finally it was frozen at the scene when the Alchemy God bestowed on him the Divine Favor.

Silver cups of desire bloom all over the earth.

A figure kneels in the sea of ​​flowers, facing the **** in front of the mythical gate in the distance.

“The age of the gods is coming, I will choose the right seeds from among you.”

“Some of you will become my apostles and receive the divine grace from me.”

“And this is just the beginning.”

God gave him and another person divine grace, and then said another sentence.

“This is not my era, nor is it the era of one or two people.”

“This is not the last era either.”

“A new era has opened, and I need everyone to join me in creating a future that belongs to the power of alchemy.”

The screen disappears.

The human head was also swallowed by Roshan and disappeared.

Xiao finally raised his head at this time, put the letter aside, and tapped his fingers on the letter paper.

The two are corresponding, and the authenticity and content of the oracle of Insai can be basically confirmed.

“The age of wisdom has completely come.”

“This is the era of the gods, and the gods are competing on the earth, vying for the position of the true god.”

“The fruit of wisdom is the proof leading to a higher gate, and it is also the proof of establishing a **** system in the world, but to do all this, one must have one of the mythical gates of spirituality, wisdom, desire, and knowledge. The person of the demigod.”

Xiao looked at the Gate of Original Sin.


“I lost my status as a demigod, and I also lost the door of original sin.”

“It has become a mythical prop.”

The ceramic doll showed a very unwilling emotion, it seemed to be even more angry and excited than Xiao.


“That guy A Sai, and that guy Vivien.”

“God of Original Sin!”

“What should we do? Just give up like this? Don’t we have any chance?”

Xiao looked at the ceramic doll, and pressed down on the noisy ceramic doll with one finger, as if holding down an annoying alarm clock.

“Don’t make noise!”

Xiao, the evil **** of original sin, held the doll and played with it in his hand.

It seems to be casual, but he is actually thinking seriously.

“Anything, don’t look at the appearance.”

“It’s about seeing it for what it is.”

The evil **** of original sin waved his hand, and the picture he had seen appeared in front of him again.

The moon of the gods opened like a door, revealing the source of wisdom.

A mysterious tree shadow grows from the ground of the root, bearing four fruits.

The ceramic doll immediately shouted: “Fruit of Wisdom!”

“It is the essence of everything.”

“If we want to grab it, we will definitely get the chance to become a true god.”

The ceramic villain is really not very smart. Just now Xiao said that there must be a demigod and a door of mythology, but it didn’t remember it.

It is more like an ugly plaything with strong emotions, the clown of the evil **** of original sin, dancing funny dances at his fingertips.

Xiao’s mind was running fast.

In terms of understanding of wisdom and power, Xiao, who once spelled out the path of wisdom, is the first mortal who has opened up the path of demigod.

Xiao, the evil **** of original sin, stared fixedly at the world behind the door, the source of all wisdom.


“It is the root of wisdom, and there is the essence of everything.”

“All the spirits of wisdom are born from there, and the power of wisdom is derived from there. It is the root that governs everything.”

“It is the source of wisdom and power, the source of wisdom myth.”

“It is…the external manifestation of the Creator Spirit.”

Xiao thought of the myth of the Sanye people, an ancient story he had heard since he was a child.

In the myth of the Sanye people.

The three gods respectively inherited part of the authority of the Creator, which is the original myth.

The king of wisdom, Laidlich, got the spirit of God and gained the kingship of wisdom.

Sally, the mother of life, obtained the form of a god, and possessed eternal life and the authority to create life.

Sheila, the ruler of the dream world, obtained the domain of the gods, and gained the power to rule the dream world and create miracles.

The scene that Xiao saw at this moment was the most fundamental authority inherited by the King of Wisdom, Laidlich, from the Creator Insay.

“Fruit of Wisdom!”

“Establish a **** system on earth.”

“The root of wisdom.”

“Spirituality, Wisdom, Desire, Knowledge!”

“The Four Fundamental Laws of Wisdom.”

Xiao repeated over and over again that these are the most fundamental things that make up wisdom and power, and they build up the existing system like a pyramid.

Xiao looked at the place where wisdom originated, and finally spoke.

“The fruit of wisdom is just an appearance, it should be a mark, bestowed by the God of Sai.”

“A channel that allows demigods to have access to the source of wisdom.”

“The demigod has incomplete eternal life, if he can pin himself on the root, will he have real eternal life?”

Xiao’s gaze became sharper and sharper, and his consciousness became deeper and deeper.

Xiao thought about the difference between a true **** and a demigod a long time ago, what kind of gap is there between incomplete immortality and true immortality, and how to achieve true immortality.


Everything seems to be answered.

“If you don’t take the four fundamental principles, don’t take the fruit of wisdom as the threshold.”

“Is there any other way to rest on the root of wisdom?”

Xiao talked to himself.

“Is there a way?”

“Is there a way?”


After thinking about it for a long time, I couldn’t think of any good solution.

It seems to be endless.

Behind the door of original sin is a world of Filth, Shaw, and Ceramic Dolls.

An empty world.

A lonely person.

Say repetitive things and do repetitive things.

At this time, the ceramic puppet heard someone outside praying to the abyss again.

The ceramic doll took out a booklet and added another name to it.

“Hateful oath of the abyss.”

“Keep us here and don’t let us out.”

The ceramic doll said viciously.

Xiao suddenly stood up from the throne and looked at the ceramic doll.

The ceramic doll froze for a moment, wondering if he had said something wrong again.

Xiao suddenly woke up: “The oath of the abyss species?”

He was talking to himself again: “Yes.”

“This oath is to restrain all species of wisdom from the root of wisdom.”

Xiao stood on the star of flesh and blood, looking at the world outside the Gate of Original Sin.

Looking at the entire abyss.


“Not a constraint.”

“It’s… guarding.”

Xiao has been looking for another path ever since he became a mythical prop.

And now.

He seems to have really seen another way.

An unorthodox, but seemingly equally feasible path.

But Xiao himself only has a vague concept and idea, and he doesn’t know if it’s feasible, let alone how to do it at this stage.

At this time, the ceramic doll received prayers from mortals to the evil **** of original sin.

And it’s a familiar name.


Hingis prayed to the evil **** of original sin. The **** of alchemy and desire had already known about the death of the elder of Miracle City, and sent lamp spirits and followers to investigate.

Ceramic doll: “What should I do?”

“Will the **** of alchemy and desire take revenge on us?”

Xiao didn’t care.

“If a believer can fall, it means that he belongs to the abyss.”

“Fallen people return to the abyss.”

“This is the power given to the abyss by the crown of wisdom.”

“A demigod will not care about a fallen believer, but he may care that I made this believer fall.”

Xiao looked at the name of Hingis on the roster of ceramic dolls.

“It seems that he is far from the real king of greed.”

“He is not greedy enough to maximize the power of the original sin of greed. He should not be able to bear it after swallowing it a few times.”

“True greed.”

“There should be a heart that can swallow everything and accommodate everything.”

“His appetite…”

“Too small.”

The ceramic villain looked disgusted: “Then what role does he have?”

Xiao pointed to the world.

“The human world is the real battlefield, and it is the place of contention for the road to the true god.”

“I need a hand that can interfere in the human world.”

“And those who yearn for darkness, yearn for the fallen.”

“Need a…”

“Abyss Cult.”


Sky Miracle Garden.

Iva, the God of Alchemy and Desire, stood beside the Golden Queen and received worship from the Lamp Spirit.

These lamp spirits went to the lower realm and attached themselves to the believers to investigate the disappearance of the elders of Miracle City, which has been making a lot of noise recently.

One of the chosen apostles suddenly disappeared.

And there is no return of the luminaries in sight.

There must be a problem, even the **** of alchemy and desire, Iva, has paid attention.

Because this is related to his plan to establish a **** system on earth, the two preparatory apostles are the beginning of this plan, leading to all the seeds.

Hingis did not guess wrong.

The reason why the God of Alchemy and Desire chose the apostles was to establish a human **** system.

Then follow up to select from among the apostles qualified servants who can become myths.

The **** of alchemy and desire asked the lamp spirit: “Who made it?”

The lamp spirit replied: “The great alchemy god.”

“We found the last place where the elder of Miracle City disappeared, and there are traces of abyss erosion.”

“Someone opened the gate of the abyss in Miracle City and communicated with the darkest power.”

“And left such a mark on the scene, it should belong to an unknown force, a force that believes in the abyss and evil gods.”

The God of Alchemy and Desire looked at the lamp spirit, and saw a mark of ouroboros.

This imprint.

Since then, it has become a mark of corruption, a symbol of the abyss.

The God of Alchemy and Desire did not speak, and probably understood something.

The evil **** of original sin has been choosing a new king of the abyss in the world, and all demigods know about this.

Deng Ling continued: “At the same time, we also found some other things.”

“The elder of Miracle City and his son brutally killed many alchemists belonging to the alchemy school, and even imprisoned their lights and destroyed their lights.”

“He used extreme methods to suppress the alchemists of the school and treated them with the harshest methods.”

God Iva can’t figure it out now, the owner of Miracle City is a believer who has passed the test of faith, how could he do such a thing?

What is this guy up to?

As my own believers, I persecute another group of believers who believe in me.

“What is he trying to do?”

“Is it fallen?”

“Did he give up his belief and fell into the abyss?”

In this case, it seems that there is a clear answer.

The lamp spirit told God Iva: “God!”

“He did not fall, he was killed.”

“At least as far as we know, someone killed him,

Deng Ling went on to say: “As for all the cruel things he did, suppress the alchemists of the school.”

“Because he thinks it!”

“People of the school are not worthy to enter your kingdom, God Iva, that’s why they did so.”

God Iva was also taken aback for a moment, he didn’t expect such an answer.

God Iva was a little angry at first, but at this moment he felt a sense of loss.

Is this your own believer?

Chosen by oneself, the future apostle?

It might even become a future myth and follower.

“Why would I choose such a person?”

Such a question mark appeared in Iva’s mind, which was more important than the question of the abyss.

The lamp spirits disappeared one by one and returned to the lamps one after another.

At this time.

God Iva looked at the golden queen beside him: “Is he devout?”

“The cup of desire tells me that he is a very devout believer.”

The elder of Miracle City has passed the inner test of the Cup of Desire. He himself firmly believes that he believes in God Iva and is willing to give everything for his belief.


Is the piety that Iva thinks I really need?

He suddenly realized that he hadn’t thought about who he should choose to be his apostle and the future of alchemy.

The Golden Queen also saw the mood of God Iva.

God Iva is no longer the blank paper that just came, and the Golden Queen is not the wayward little girl she used to be.

Everyone changes with time and age.

“I want to!”

“You don’t want such piety.”

“Such self-righteous, self-centered piety.” (to be continued)


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