I am God Chapter 301: : Shaw’s Stone of Wisdom


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Dream world.

God Yin walked through the sea of ​​sun flowers and stood on the edge of the land bestowed by the gods. . .

You can see the continuous light of prayers turning into golden waterfalls flowing down from the island and pouring into the cup of God below.

The Cup of God is slowly spinning.

The outer layer of light and shadow constantly emerges with various characters and strange patterns.

The cup of God carries all existing laws, and the cup of God is engraved with the marks of all items.

As long as it has appeared in this world, it has been artificially created.

There are records on the Cup of God.

Extraordinary props.

Also an item.

However, it is very special, and it is listed as a separate column on the Cup of God.

The other side of the God’s Cup finally turned to Yin Shen’s feet slowly, and the sequence of props on it was also revealed in front of Yin Shen.

The top four are still the Stoun badge, the sacred boat, the goblin’s hot air balloon, and the abyss.

As the names emerged one by one, after the original sequence number 17, the abyss appeared behind the right hand of the ranking sequence number 18 Polik.

An interesting description appeared.

[Divine Artifacts: Destined String Puppet]

【Serial Number 19】

【Second-generation saint Stan Tito is a master craftsman. He once left behind a masterpiece called The Puppet of Fate. That ancient work has long since disappeared in the years, but he The story and past are still remembered by posterity; this magical prop is made according to the work of Saint Stan Tito, and the person who made it changed fate into destiny, because it not only symbolizes destiny , is also an indelible agreement that has been passed down through the ages. 】

Yin Shen stood quietly on the edge of the land bestowed by the gods, not knowing whether he was looking at the ranking of the item sequence or the dream of the law.


It is immersed in the brilliance of the golden waterfall.

Beside Yin Shen, the figure of the master of dreams appeared at some point.

She kept her head down and looked at the sequence of props until the Cup of God turned around completely.

Sheila suddenly remembered a question, a question she had been curious about but never asked.


“What is the difference between props and people?”

“Why does Stuun still have the existence of the villain in a bottle, which is also called a prop?”

“Obviously they all already have wisdom and independent selves.”

Sheila felt that such an existence could almost be called life.

They have their own intelligence and independent will, why are they still props?

Yin Shen said: “Because all its divine blood was not conceived by itself in the natural birth of life.”

“Even if they have wisdom and self, they never belong to themselves.”

“Their wisdom comes from others, their personality does not belong to themselves, and their destiny is controlled by others.”

“This is the prop.”

The words of God Yin are very understated, but they describe the reasons why the two are classified as props; in summary, the mythical blood possessed by life is naturally conceived at the beginning of life, and the mythical blood of props comes from to others.

Even in this sentence, the reason why they finally ended is vaguely pointed out.

Sheila felt that this was too cruel.

She feels that even if it is a prop, when it is born with free will and wisdom, it is no longer a prop.

“Perhaps, when wisdom is born from props, it is doomed to be a mistake!”

“They should not have real wisdom, let alone give them the desire to live.”

“Such a rule should be set up that does not allow props to give birth to wisdom…”

Yin Shen turned his head and looked at Sheila and shouted her name: “Sheila!”

Sheila raised her head and looked at Yin Shen with her golden eyes.

Yin Shen shook his head at her and continued.

“Even if it is a god!”

“Even if it’s you…”

Yin Shen shook his head: “It is also impossible to decide the birth and ending of everyone.”

“All you can do is shoot recklessly!”

“This is the right of the gods, and it is also the willfulness of the gods. It is the existence called the gods that is superior.”

“You will be willful, and I will be willful.”

“Because we have power.”

“However, everything we do does not necessarily lead to the end we want.”

“No one can know what the ending will be, and no one can truly control all fate.”

Yin Shen took a step forward, his body turned into light and scattered into the sea of ​​sun flowers.

“That’s why.”

“The world has infinite possibilities.”


Thunder Swamp.

Silver Fish Island.

It has been almost a month since Xia Na’s letter was sent.

Forget it, the family will receive the letter every month, and it should have been received by now.

And should have written back to him.

Xia Na left the house where he was staying and headed outside.

Carmon seems to know that Shaner is leaving, and even more aware that he is about to launch the final action. This time going out is the key to the final action.

“It’s time for the next Lost Kingdom to appear.”

Xia Na nodded: “I know.”

“I will deal with it as soon as possible, and then we will leave here together.”

“But if it’s too late, we can only wait for the next time.”

Xiaana thought that Carmon had been waiting for a long time, so he comforted him.

“Are you tired of staying here?”

“It won’t take long, we will succeed soon.”

Carmon opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something.

But the two of them stood in a daze for a long time, and in the end Carmon only said one sentence.


“Whatever you want to do, I will support you.”

“I will definitely help you complete your mission and kill any enemies that block your mission.”

Xiaana patted Carmon’s shoulder with his hand and said with a smile.

“Didn’t you save my life? We also experienced life and death at sea together, and traveled across the ocean to come here together.”

“You are not only my friend, but also my brother.”

“I trust you.”


Xia Na finally set off, leaving and saying again and again.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely solve it.”

He stepped back and waved at Carmon.

The sun is shining brightly on the island.

The boatman fishing, the woman drying the net, and the noisy child bumped into Shana.

Xia Na boarded the boat, carrying a leather bag by his side, the animal skin on it was a little worn and shiny.

The boatman couldn’t help asking when he saw the paper and pen in Shana’s leather bag.

“Mr. Shaner?”

“Have you finished your poem yet?”

Shaner was a little embarrassed, his words were just excuses and excuses.

He didn’t know how to write poetry, and he wasn’t really a scholar.

“It will take a while.”

“You know, great work always takes time.”

The boatman nodded: “That’s right!”

“My child likes Master Shaner very much? He keeps saying that he is waiting to read Master Shaner’s poems.”

It was even more unbearable for Xia Na to hear the other party call himself a master.

“I’m not a master.”

The boatman laughed even louder: “It will definitely be in the future!”

After some conversation, Xia Na’s emotions became agitated.

Although he may not be able to become a master, if he can complete the mission given to their family by the gods, they will definitely receive the gift of the gods.

What kind of gift would that be?

Xiana thought of what kind of people are those who help the gods to complete their missions in the legend?


“That’s right, our Shana family is the apostles of the gods.”

Xia Na suddenly felt his blood boil, and even his face turned red.

He stood up, suddenly eager for the family’s reply.

“It’s just one step away.”

“Next time I must get the thing from the depths of the garden. It must be something that the **** lost in the capital of the oldest king.”

“God must have lived there once, but I don’t know what He left behind?”

The boat entered the dense water jungle, and his heart gradually soared.

The two rowed to a swamp forest east of Thunder Swamp.

The water here is very shallow, mostly less than half a meter deep.

But the jungle has also become denser, making it impossible to row through.

Xiaana asked the boatman to stop in the waterway outside, while he entered the jungle.

Following his induction, he found the rainbow tree.

Xia Na passed through the illusory barrier and stood under the colorful flower tree half submerged in the water.

He wiped his wet hands on his clothes, prayed, and finally put his hands into the tree hole.

“I’m Shana!”

“Messenger of the gods, I beg you to pass on your thoughts from afar to me!”

Xia Na seemed a little anxious, and his words were hasty.

He was looking forward to his family and his grandpa to give him the way he wanted. He excitedly got the letter from the rainbow tree hole.

To be precise, it is not a letter, but a piece of image and information.

He opened a small box, and a burst of light bloomed in the box.

In the light.

Shaner’s grandfather is sitting cross-legged on a bench.

The old man held a wooden crutch in his hand, and looked much older than when Xia Na came out.

“Little Shayna, I’m glad you found the Crown of Sheensay.”

“We finally waited.”

“But what we need is not the crown of Heinsay, but the stone of wisdom inlaid on it. You need to get it.”

“Heinsay Crown has three abilities. The first ability is to temporarily transform a person’s body into a spiritual body, immune to most damage, but it no longer has a master, and this ability is meaningless.”

“The second ability can form a barrier that isolates everything. Even a powerful fourth-order apostle cannot easily break through this barrier. It was this ability combined with the ritual array that blocked your investigation before.”

“The third ability is to have a powerful counterattack ability, but it is also because there is no master, so there is no condition to activate it.”

The old man got off the bench with a cane and approached a little bit.

“So you have to solve three problems now, the first is to cross the flower sea formed by the cup of blood mist, the second is to break the self-excited barrier of the crown of Xiyin Sai, and the third is the tomb of King Xiyin Sai Ritual array.”

“The magic item, the crown of Heinsay, has an obvious weakness. It has no sense of the life that lacks wisdom, and it will not resist.”

“Because when this crown was first refined, it only had wisdom and no spiritual desire or knowledge.”

At this point, Xia Na still didn’t understand.

But Shana’s grandfather quickly explained to him: “Ghost is a kind of existence that completely lacks the part of wisdom, and it can get it directly regardless of the barrier of the Crown of Heinsey.”

“As for such a large sea of ​​flowers in the cup of blood mist, there is also the ritual array on the tomb of the king of Siyinsai.”

“It’s really troublesome.”

“But I gave you a powerful item beyond imagination. It is the most powerful thing our family has found. Powerful.”

“But with it as the core, you can create a very powerful ghost.”

“It must be able to resist the erosion of the cup of blood mist and the sea of ​​flowers, and penetrate the ritual array on the tomb of the king of Siyinza, which is enough for you to get the crown of Siyinza.”

Xia Na was puzzled: “Create a ghost?”

“What is a ghost?”

“How to make it?”

The grandfather in the video seemed to hear what he was thinking.

The old man raised his head, and a cold light burst out from his sunken eye sockets.

“Of course it is the employment.”

“Little Shaner!”

Xia Na was stunned for a moment, he couldn’t understand what it meant to use people to make.


The image came to an abrupt end here.

Light of light rushed into Shana’s forehead, and during a dark ceremony, taboo secrets about sacrifices and ghost transformation appeared in Shana’s mind.

Xia Na broke out in a cold sweat just looking at this dark ceremony.

He couldn’t imagine what kind of existence could create such a ritual, transforming a large number of living people into existences like ghosts, and then through the fusion and devouring of ghosts, finally create the most powerful ghost body.

People are not human at all in front of the existence that creates this ritual.

It is a material.

It’s like a rolling ball in the ground.

The arrogance and ruthlessness are completely reflected in this ceremony.

“Why is there such a ceremony?”

“Is this a ritual left by the gods? No, no, no…impossible…”

“How could a **** create such a terrible thing.”

Xia Na stood under the rainbow tree with a pale face.

It wasn’t until he exited the enchantment of the rainbow tree that he came back to his senses.

Xia Na looked at the box in his hand, and saw a shard of glass in the box.

That is.

The remaining fragments after the death of Anhofus, the villain in the bottle.

The bottle that was crushed by Stoun at that time, this is one of the remaining ones.

In this era, it was also scattered on the giant island of Ruhe, and was found by the Shana family.

Although the villain in the bottle died and the door of truth fell into Asai’s hands, the bottle, which held the evil **** back then, still retains some of its power.

And the most powerful thing is not only the power above, but the remaining characteristics above.

Xia Na stayed in the swamp jungle for a long time, and he fell into deep doubts and hesitation about his mission.

Half a day later.

Xia Na held the box tightly, lowered his head and set foot on the way back.

“No way!”

“This method will never work, there is a problem.”

“Grandfather, what does this mean?”

Shaner even began to wonder what kind of **** his family believed in.

“Will the gods allow his apostles to do such a thing?”

“How can we do such a thing?”

Before he knew it, he had arrived at the place where the ship was docked.

The boatman is still waiting here: “I’m back.”

Xianer boarded the boat in despair, and the boatman also saw Shaner’s loss.

“What’s wrong? Things didn’t work out?”

Xia Na raised his head and suddenly asked the boatman.

“What do you think the gods… are?”

The boatman was stunned. He had never met anyone asking him this question.

However, Shana asked again: “Could the gods be evil?”

The boatman waved his hands again and again: “How can you say that.”

“This is blasphemy!”

Xia Na did not speak, and then no one spoke.

The boat rowed farther and farther, through bare swamps, and through dark caves.

Pass through lush aquatic jungle.

In the end, it passed through a winding and criss-crossed water channel with trees, and finally arrived at the place where Silverfish Island is located.

At this time.

It’s getting dark.

The boat docked, and it was not completely dark tomorrow, but there was no one on the shore of the island.

The boatman parked the boat, and then followed Shaner ashore.

The boatman was a little strange, instinctively felt that it was too quiet.


“Why so quiet.”

Usually at this time, the children on the island have not yet returned home. They are either helping on the shore or just playing around.

Xia Na has always been immersed in his own world, thinking with his head down.

When the boatman said this, he felt something was wrong.

He raised his somewhat bewildered face and said something along with him.


“Where did everyone go?”

The two walked towards the inside of the fishing village, set foot on the road formed by the steep slope, and walked towards the high place little by little.

“What about people?”

“Why are you not at home?”

The boatman looked into the houses on both sides of the road and found that the houses were empty and no one was there.

The door of a house is opened and the boatman enters.

As soon as he entered, the boatman suddenly felt that the ground beneath him was muddy.

Because the light was a bit dim, he couldn’t see what it was.

He bent down to touch it, then sniffed it.

The boatman suddenly changed his face.

He shouted: “Blood!”

“It’s blood…”

Xia Na also ran over.

He drew his sword.

A light glowed on the blade, illuminating the house.

Only seeing bloodstains everywhere on the ground, and the room was rickety, Xia Na suddenly had a bad feeling.

Two people pushed open one door after another, and no one could be seen in every house.

There are bloodstains in many places, but no body can be found.

Boatman: “How did this happen? What happened?”

Xia Na was also in a daze: “Who did it?”

“Is the person still alive?”

“Why is there only blood but no corpse?”

Boatman: “Yes, some are still alive…some are still alive…”

The boatman suddenly remembered something, and he ran towards the center of the island.

That was his home.

Xiaana also lived in his family’s house, especially Carmon lived there, and Shana immediately rushed back with him.

Both were very anxious and very fast.

However, when they ran to the center of the island, the faces of the two people turned pale instantly.

I see.

In the center of the island where the houses are densest, there are dense white silk threads criss-crossing.

The silk thread came from nowhere, intertwined and turned into a big net.

If experienced and powerful people observe carefully, they can even see the big net gathered into a ritual formation.

Ghost Transformation Ritual.

The ritual has already begun, and it locked the consciousness of all the dead in the ritual, and only the last step is to fuse into a powerful ghost body.

Dense corpses hang down from the net.

Everyone was killed, men, women, and children.

No difference.

Everyone is controlled by a thread, like a puppet.

As soon as the wind blows on the island, it ripples along with it.

This scene.

How horrible it is.

The boatman on the other side finally found his child, his wife, and his elderly parents.

The boatman couldn’t say anything, just lying there crying.



He wanted to take down his family’s body, but the other party was hanging high in the air, unable to touch it no matter what.

He could only cry and roar sadly, turning around on the ground like a headless fly.

Xia Na collapsed directly on the ground, looking up at the sky, his eyes were dull.

“Tick tock!”

Blood fell from a height and sprinkled in front of Shana.

Xia Na raised his head and looked at the corpse hanging in the air. It was the mischievous child he saw when he first landed on Silverfish Island.

Beside the child is his mother.

Xia Na’s expression changed in an instant, from sluggish to ferocious, boundless anger gushed out of his chest, igniting him.

His excited face was ferocious like a ghost, and his hair was scattered and burst.

“Who did this?”

“Who did it?”

Xiana drew his sword and roared around like a madman.

He controlled the water to rise up and cut towards the net in the sky.

But the net didn’t seem to exist, no matter how much he cut it, he couldn’t touch it at all.

“You come out to me, you come out to me.”

“I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you.”

Xiaana suddenly remembered someone, he stood up and shouted.



“Where are you, are you still alive?”

“I’m Xana, Carmon…”

The moon emerged from the clouds, and a ray of light completely illuminated the center of the island.

A man also emerged from the darkness with the moon, and appeared in the center of the web.

He is the chief culprit who weaves this net and kills the entire population of Silverfish Island.


Camon shouted in Shana’s mouth.

At this time, Carmon’s expression was completely different from usual. It was no longer that wanton and bold, nor was it greedy for money and vulgarity.

He has no expression, exactly the same as the dead man hanging below.


“You are back.”

Looking at Carmon, Xia Na didn’t understand why he appeared on the net at first.

But after thinking about it again, no matter how stupid he is, he probably understands something.

He opened his mouth and closed it, opened it and closed it again.

Finally, I still asked: “What did you do?”


He even said the name Carmon, not calling him.

It is asking instead.

Are you really Carmon?

Carmon did not answer directly, but talked about what he said when Shana left the island today.

“Didn’t I tell you?”

“I will definitely help you complete your mission, kill all enemies and remove all obstacles for you.”

“If you can’t make up your mind, I will make it for you.”

“If you can’t overcome the obstacles, I will help you.”


“You are about to get the crown of Heinsay, you can’t stop and hesitate.”

Xia Na didn’t understand that he had just come back, and Carmon knew why without saying anything.

And calculated according to time.

When I received the letter, Carmon had already started to do it.

Of course he remembered what Carmon said in the morning, but he never thought about it.

That’s what this sentence means.

“Are you from the old man?”

“Are you from the Xana family?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Didn’t you say that you only like killing bad guys, and the feeling that people cheer for you and regard you as a hero?”

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?”


Xianer asked one question after another. He didn’t want to get an answer from Carmon at all, but he had already determined the answer in his heart.

He asked one question after another.

It was almost roaring to vent out the answer in his heart.

Carmon turned his head to look at the boatman who was scurrying around on the ground, trying to take down his family’s corpse.

He waved his hand, and a few white lines in the void controlled the boatman and hoisted him up.

Xia Na reacted immediately, and rushed towards the boatman.


“Stop it.”

However, Carmon raised his other hand. At this time, a thread appeared above Shana’s head, directly controlling Shana.

Xia Na couldn’t move, and could only watch as Kamon hanged the boatman to death.

He shouted hoarsely, his voice was a little hoarse.


“What are you doing?”

“Carmon, please stop.”

“Stop it for me.”

The boatman breathed a sigh of relief in front of Shana, and was dragged up into the sky.

Several corpses collided together, as if hugging.

Or a reunion.

The boatman finally got his last wish.

Touched one’s own family and all were together.

Camon killed the last survivor of Silverfish Island in front of Shana.

He had no expression on his face and said in a natural tone.

“The people on the island know too much. They all know you and me. They can’t survive.”

“And as a sacrifice, one more is also good.”

Carmon waved his hand and let go of the string controlling Shana.

Xiaana was furious all of a sudden, he waved his sword and rolled up the water waves, and he rode the waves to the sky.

The Ring of Steel in his hand intensified, and another magical prop in his chest also activated.

Three kinds of extraordinary powers, ordinary second-order powers are definitely not Shaner’s opponents.


He couldn’t touch Carmon’s side at all.

Carmon just moved his fingers and controlled Shana again, hanging him in the sky.

Shaner is like a funny puppet hanging high, swinging his limbs uncoordinatedly.

Carmon looked at Xia Na and shook his head.


“You can’t resist fate.”

“So do I…”

The other party has been hiding for a long time. Not only does he possess extraordinary power, but the power is so weird that Xia Na can’t imagine.

Carmon stretched out his hand, and Xia Na took out the box from the bag as mechanically and stiffly.

Carmon reached over and took the tiny shards of glass in the box.

Carmon looked at Shana and said: “The ghost transformation ceremony has been arranged, and the sacrifices are also in place.”

“It’s up to you.”

“Xia Na, you are the key to the core.”

Xia Na looked at Carmon, he was dumbfounded.

“You are so strong, why don’t you go directly to the city of God’s descent?”

“Why don’t you go find the crown of Heinsay by yourself? Why do you want to play this scene with me?”

Shaner’s teeth were chattering when he spoke, and all his muscles stiffened into one piece.

There are incomprehensible emotions in his eyes, with anger beyond all.

“You guys.”

“Why are you playing with me?”

“Do you find it interesting? This is a whole island of people, this is countless lives.”

Carmon shook his head at Xia Na: “I can’t.”

“I’m just a line, I can only control others.”

“Only you, only Shana can find the lost part of God.”

Xia Na still didn’t understand, he looked at Carmon and said.


“Who the **** are you?”

“I don’t understand you, what are you going to do when you come to me?”

Carmon did not explain or explain, but said: “This is a fateful choice.”

His gaze is like a machine without any emotion, but it reveals a deep coldness.

“You and me!”

“It’s a fateful line and couple.”

Carmon dragged Shana to the sky above the ghost transformation ritual array, and then started the ceremony.

A strange light came out from the glass shards at the core of the magic circle, turning all the corpses hanging in the sky into a strange black gray, and a large amount of mythical blood was drawn out and incorporated into the glass shards.

The power of the fragment is stronger and more strange.

Under its influence.

Transparent figures stepped out of the corpse one after another.

The ghosts are entangled with each other and merged with each other.

In the end, it turned into a huge ghostly shadow tens of meters high. The terrifying shadow twisted and squirmed, emitting powerful energy fluctuations.

The shards of glass flew up and landed between Xia Na’s eyebrows.

His brow glowed with a fiery light.

Integrating the power of props, this is the special power of the Shana family.

The Shana family can be integrated into other props to use their power.

The shadow of the ghost roared and squirmed on the silver fish island, and finally got into the shadow cast by Shana under the moonlight under the control.

Shana could feel it.

He can control the power of ghosts, which is a power so powerful that he could not imagine before.

Even so, he still couldn’t get rid of Carmon’s line.

So far.

The ceremony is over.

The densely woven nets in the center of Silverfish Island were finally put away, and all the threads got into Shana’s body.

Xia Na couldn’t resist, so he could only let the opponent control him.

It’s almost dawn at this time.

A new day is coming.

Carmon put Shaner down, sorted Shaner’s messy clothes and hair like a friend and brother, and said in his ear.



“To complete the mission you should complete.”

He gave Shaner a hug and patted Shaner on the back.

It was as if he was really seeing him off and saying goodbye.

Xia Na didn’t finish speaking, or any words at this time were useless.

Xia Na turned around stiffly and left, heading for the beach of Silverfish Island.


When Shana boarded the boatman’s boat and was about to go to the boat deep in the Thunder Swamp.

Camon stood on the shore, and suddenly asked Shaner again.


“If there is no interference of fate, what do you want to do?”

Without waiting for Xia Na to answer, Carmon asked and answered by himself.

“If it were me.”

“I want to be an adventurer, and I want to see how big the world is.”

“Go and see what the outside world is like.”

Carmon’s dead-like face finally revealed an expression, and he shook his head and said to Shana.


“This is fate.”

Xia Na was mechanical and stiff, rowing the boat like a pair of puppets.

Travel to the lost kingdom in the sky.

In the early morning.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a fire erupting in the Yinyu Island behind him, and gradually the entire building on the island turned into a sea of ​​flames.

The corpses of all the residents of Silverfish Island, all traces of their existence, everything they once owned.

All burned.

Those figures kept flashing in front of Xia Na’s eyes, some simple and honest boatmen, those naughty and cute children, and those innocent old people on the island.

Xia Na opened his mouth, and a hoarse voice came out of his mouth.

Like a mute, make an uh-uh sound.

He was clearly able to speak, but in the end he could only make such a sound.

Tears welled up in the corners of Shana’s eyes.

The boat rowed farther and farther.

He reached the depths of the Thunder Swamp.

The weather today is not very good, thunder after thunder exploded from the depths of the swamp.

The sky was also gloomy, but the “Lost Country” still emerged from the clouds on time.

Xia Na skillfully entered the City of God’s Descend, skillfully rushed into the Palace of Wisdom, and skillfully found the cup of blood mist and flower sea.

The ghost body in the shadow rushed out and broke into the sea of ​​flowers.

The sea of ​​flowers in the cup of blood mist was also touched, and it came alive like life.

Dense blood mist gushes out and covers the ghost.

The red power and the ghost’s power are entangled together, and it can be seen that the ghost immediately appeared in chaos.

But before that, it had rushed to the covered mausoleum deep in the sea of ​​flowers.

A beam of light lit up, and the ritual array that functioned according to the Crown of Heinsey was activated.


The ghosts tore open the sarcophagus that protected the mausoleum of King Siinza.

In the sarcophagus is a corpse that has long been turned into stone.

The ghost embraced the stone coffin, and carefully removed the crown worn on the other’s head.

Even if it is a ghost, even if it needs the opponent’s crown.

Don’t dare to offend the king.


The ghost closed the sarcophagus and rushed out of the blood mist again.

The blood mist became more and more dense, and the gorgeous red flower cups also began to sway, as if they were singing in unison.

The moving speed of the ghost is getting slower and slower, and it is about to be swallowed by the blood mist.


Ghost let out a long and sharp howl, and sprinted hard for the last section.

Rush to Shana’s side.


It seemed to be roaring loudly, letting Shana pick up what it finally got.

Xiana stood in the corridor and stretched out his hand, catching the crown that belonged to the king of Sinnsay.

A long howl.

The blood color completely soaked the ghost.

In the end, the ghost was forever left in the blood mist.

Xiana held the crown of Heinsai and touched the crown with his hands.

“The Crown of the Oldest King!”

“Is this what God wants? Is this what our family is looking for?”

The moment the stone of wisdom touched Shana, it immediately turned into a puddle of liquid and merged into his body.

Powerful power erupted from his body, and the fourth-order mental power rushed out of his body, sweeping around.

Xia Na has incomplete, part of the fourth-order power.

Everything went as planned.

Everything is going as planned.

As in.


Xia Na didn’t stop and walked outside.

He did not take the crown of the king of Siyin Sai, but put it in the palace of wisdom.

At this time, the clouds outside are about to close.

The door to the outside world is about to close.

It was too late for Xia Na to slowly row back. Like a precise calculation, he rushed to the edge of the lost country on time.

He jumped down from a high place with precision.

It fell into the sky and smashed into the lake like a shell.

A huge wave set off, and a powerful spiritual barrier protected Shana.


Water pressed from the surroundings, and a large number of air bubbles surged upward from the water.

Xana let the lake drown him, let himself sink to the bottom.

Dense threads escaped from Shana’s body and disappeared outside.

He is no longer under control.

But I don’t want to move at all.

He wanted to sink to the bottom of the lake forever like this, and he was unwilling to accept what Carmon said.

That fate.

He didn’t even dare to go back to see the silver fish island that used to be like a paradise.


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