Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 913: Three-level real lake



The Great Sacred Wind of Humanity Rises in Kyushu Chapter 913 True Lake Three-layer Realm Because a golden spiritual lotus can last longer than a day and a night, Lu Ye has been unable to make daily inspections since the beginning of his practice. .


Only every other day can be inspected.


Fortunately, there is no enemy in Cangyan Mountain Pass. Nianyuexian sits here for a day, but Wanmoling dare not attack for a day. The deterrence of a top ghost cultivator in the Divine Sea Realm is too great, and no one will Knowing where she will hide, if anyone dares to hide, it is impossible to reveal the whereabouts at any time, and she will be killed.


The transaction with the Law Division was also carried out as scheduled, and the explosive fire spirit stone that Lu Ye refined while he was cultivating was enough to meet the needs of the mission.


Time flies, nearly half a month later.


The last of the ten golden spiritual signs was completely consumed, the golden vortex in front of him slowly disappeared, and the practice ended.


Lu Ye opened his eyes, looked at his own cultivation, and felt the rapid growth in the past half month.


The benefits brought to him by the transformation of the talent tree are even greater than expected, because when the roots of the talent tree penetrate into the golden vortex to absorb the pure and rich spiritual power that devours the world in the vortex, the efficiency will be reduced. The height is not comparable to the small funnel of gathering spirits.


He initially thought that there was a three-fold difference in the environment, and the practice efficiency was three times the difference.


It was only when I actually practiced that I realized that it was not the case.


If the cultivation method of constructing a small funnel for gathering spirits is called absorbing, then the cultivation method in which the roots of the talent tree penetrate into the world opposite the vortex is completely plundering


One is passively accepting the spiritual power flowing from the golden vortex, and the other is active acquisition, which is completely incomparable.


Lu Ye felt that the efficiency of practicing with a golden spiritual lottery was more than ten times faster than normal.


Of course, the difference in the internal and external environment of the whirlpool is also one of the reasons for this result.


Outside the vortex, there is pure spiritual power that can be directly absorbed, but inside the vortex, it is the kind of spiritual liquid that has already liquefied.


In half a month, his cultivation has undergone earth-shaking changes. It can be said that since his cultivation, he has never experienced such a terrifying promotion speed, even in the Yunhe realm.


It’s not always a good thing to improve his cultivation too quickly. In addition to practicing during this time, he also occasionally enters the mirage to sharpen his body, just to make himself familiar with the growth of his cultivation as soon as possible.


The golden spiritual lottery that was exchanged for ten paths has been used up, and Lu Ye is not going to exchange the golden spiritual lotion for cultivation in a short period of time. The feeling of rapidly improving his cultivation is certainly infatuation, but he will never indulge in it.


The state of oneself must be stable for a period of time before continuing to practice.


He led Amber and Yiyi out of the bamboo building and was about to inspect the surroundings when a fragrant wind suddenly lingered on the tip of his nose.


When Lu Ye returned to his senses, Nian Yuexian was already standing in front of him.


Less than a foot from each other!


Lu Ye was startled, and quickly took a few steps back, clenched his fists and saluted “Sir”


My own lord is always so elusive. He didn’t even see a shadow for half a month before, but he suddenly appeared today.


At this moment, Nian Yuexian looked at Lu Ye in surprise, with a pervasive spiritual sense, and he carefully investigated. Although he has come to a conclusion, he is still not sure that “the real lake is at the third level”


Half a month ago, when Lu Ye returned from Haotian City, it was the real lake.


After half a month, he actually reached the third level of the real lake


Around is Nian Yuexian has a lot of knowledge and has never seen such an outrageous thing.


And how could such a thing happen? The cultivation of the real lake requires the spiritual power to turn nine. Every time the cultivation level is improved, the spiritual power required is extremely huge. There are enough military exploits to maintain the state of practicing with the golden spiritual lottery, and it is impossible to rise to two levels of small realm in half a month.

try{mad1(‘gad2’);}catch(ex){}  可这么离谱的事,居然就发生在自己眼皮子底下

try{mad1(‘gad2’);}catch(ex){} But such an outrageous thing happened right under my nose


Nian Yuexian has always felt cold to Lu Ye, but now her face is full of surprise and shock, and there is some visual contrast, which makes people feel funny.


Lu Ye didn’t dare to laugh, but replied with a serious face, “Your eyes are like torches.”


It is not surprising that Nian Yuexian can see through his cultivation. Lu Ye is not surprised. The gap between their cultivations is here, and his spirituality is swept away, and his cultivation is naturally invisible.


Nian Yuexian was stunned for a moment.


Lu Yejing waited for a while, she didn’t mean to speak, she could only say, “If the lord doesn’t tell me, I will go to the inspection.”


“Go.” Nian Yuexian nodded.


Watching Lu Ye’s back leave, she still hasn’t recovered for a long time.


Once again, a familiar figure appeared in my mind.


The last time she was seriously injured and dying, Lu Ye did not know what inexplicable means to bring her back to life, when she saw the figure of that person from Lu Ye’s body in a trance.


Back then, she almost encountered the same danger, and that person also rescued her like a magic weapon. Since then, she has followed the service with all her heart, until the person died in battle.


Today is also the case


The improvement of that person’s cultivation base was so fast that it made people feel incredible


As for Lu Ye’s secret, she didn’t have the heart to explore anything, and she didn’t say that Lu Ye was her subordinate, but said that she had saved her life last time.


I was in awe, the Jade Blood Sect… would such a monster always be born?


I heard before that the major sects in Wanmoling regarded him as a thorn in their eyes and thorns in their flesh. She also felt that Wanmoling was making a big fuss. No matter how well Lu Ye performed in Lingxi Battlefield and Yunhe Battlefield, it was just a spirit The little guy in the river realm and the cloud realm can’t affect the situation of the two camps.


But now, it seems that there are clearly people in Wanmoling, plus the previous incident, I feel a little bit afraid of the rope after being bitten by a snake for ten years.


For this potential danger, it must be strangled in the cradle.


The real lake is three-layered…


If so, that event may be on the agenda.






Originally, she had long lost her thoughts about that matter, but since she was saved by Lu Ye and saw his miraculous means, she couldn’t help but think about it again, because if there was such a means to help, She might have a chance at success.


And once she gets that thing, her strength will definitely improve greatly. If she finds an opportunity, she will be able to kill Wanzhanggang!


The thoughts in my heart turned, and Nian Yuexian had made a decision.


Several dozen miles away from Cangyan Mountain Pass, Lu Ye stood still and looked in the direction of the crater.


At the end of the previous offensive and defensive battle of Gushan City, he chased after Nian Yuexian with the safety of Nian Yuexian in mind. It is not clear how the battle will go to him later.


However, judging from the situation at the time, it was no problem for the Wanmoling cultivator to defend Gushan City, but there must have been a lot of casualties.


He doesn’t care about the situation over the Lonely Mountain City, he only cares about the crater.


In the underground cave, there are many fire spirit stones that have not been mined…


Although he now has a stable channel to obtain Fire Spirit Stones, and he hasn’t used up what he looted last time, but now every time he cultivates, the power of the talent tree needs to consume the reserve fuel.


His current state of cultivation is basically inspiring the power of the talent tree while absorbing the energy of the Fire Spirit Stone, which consumes a lot of money.

try{mad1(‘gad2’);}catch(ex){}  天赋树上还有许多树叶没被点燃,这才是最需要火灵石的地方。

try{mad1(‘gad2’);}catch(ex){} There are still many leaves on the talent tree that have not been ignited, and this is where the fire stone is most needed.


If you don’t want to make more money, you will have a day of sitting and eating.


Go and see


Although I feel that there is little hope, if there is any gain, there is nothing to lose if I take a look.


I was busy practicing before and didn’t have time to think about it. Today, I can’t hold back when I think about it.


As we hurried away, before we reached the crater, we saw a lot of silhouettes flying around in the distance, busy in full swing.


When Lu Ye saw it, he knew that his plan was out of the question.


Wanmoling is obviously starting to mine the Fire Spirit Stone in the underground cave, and any good things in it will be swept away.


Although Lu Ye could use Wan Moling’s battlefield imprint to infiltrate it, but the last time he was able to go so smoothly, it was really the enemy of Gushan City, and no one had verified his identity.


This time, if he does the same thing again, it may not be smooth. Once someone wants to verify his identity, he can’t justify it.


In addition, even if it is mixed into it, it will be helpful. He can’t just rely on him to secretly mine the fire spirit stones, and how much can be collected


Unless he has the ability to sneak into the treasure house of Lonely Mountain City and loot the place


Lu Ye quickly rejected this thought, the thought was too dangerous.


Just as he was about to retreat, he suddenly saw a familiar figure flying out of the crater.


After taking a closer look, it is really the person I know, and the spiritual power fluctuations displayed on his are obviously not something that can be possessed by the Yunhe level.


She is also promoted to Zhenhu!


Looking at the direction of its flight, it seems to be heading for Gushan City Pass.


After a little pondering, Lu Ye didn’t bother others. Although there was a period of time to get along day and night, and there was a brief cooperation, the camp’s position was different after all.


But then again, when Lu Ye was still returning to the Heavenly Valley Spirit Land, there was a time when many monks in Wanmoling were going to encircle and suppress him, but this woman secretly informed Lu Ye and told him to escape.


Although Lu Ye didn’t escape in the end, he still owed someone a favor.


So if you really meet with swordsmen in the future, you can consider showing mercy.


When I returned from the inspection, I happened to see the monk who came to pick up the goods from Haotian City standing outside his bamboo building waiting.


This person is under the command of Gan Wudang, who is specially responsible for taking the refined explosive fire spirit stone from Lu Ye. He is called Cheng Xiu. He has met Lu Ye a few times, and he is barely familiar with it.


But at this moment, the situation of this military cultivator with a cultivation base of the 5th layer of the True Lake seems to be a bit unfortunate.


He stood stiffly in front of the bamboo building, he didn’t dare to move, his face was as pale as paper, a pea-sized sweat dripped down his cheeks from his forehead, and his clothes were already wet.


He held one hand on the saber at his waist, tight but not hairy, and the knuckles of his grip were whitish.


Without him, Nian Yuexian was sitting on the trunk of a big tree not far away, with his hands on both sides, his two long legs swaying, his expression seemed to be leisurely, but there was a fierce energy that permeated the four directions, affecting Cheng Xiu’s will.



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