Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1804: Heavy losses


Zhou Ran, who had cultivated in the later stage of Yueyao, died inexplicably. Under the distant grasp of the precious blood clone of the Blood Ancestor, he turned into powder without any resistance.

The energy and blood are floating, as if being pulled, and thrown into the precious blood clone body!

The group of people watched with horror, because no one could see clearly how the precious blood clone moved its hands. The moment she gently clenched her fist, there was no fluctuation of power, but Zhou Ran still looked like a They were crushed to death like ants, which was obviously unreasonable.

It would be understandable for everyone to say that the precious blood clone is showing off the powerful monk in the sun at this moment, killing Zhou Ran from a distance, but what we just saw doesn’t seem to be the case.

Almost everyone didn’t know the reason, only Lu Ye had a vague insight into the truth.

Zhou Ran is considered to be the first generation of blood clan. His sanctity comes from the precious blood clone of the blood ancestor. Therefore, when the precious blood clone comes, he can take Zhou Ran’s life. She is taking back what belongs to her. strength!

Not only Zhou Ran is like this, but also the blood servants under his command are probably like this, because each of them had their own holy nature before Lu Ye arrived.

Just when Lu Ye was thinking this, the Precious Blood Clone turned his head again and looked at the other Blood Warrior.

Seeing Zhou Ran’s tragic end, the Blood Warrior was extremely frightened. He raised his magic power and turned around to escape from this place. However, it was still too late. As the Blood Ancestor clone clenched his fist again, this mid-Yue Yao person The Blood Warrior followed in Zhou Ran’s footsteps.

“Run!” Lu Ye shouted quickly when he saw that the situation was not right.

The space was distorted, and Zhou Ran had an extremely strange feeling. It seemed like he was in that world, but also like…

Furthermore, we young people in this world have never seen this man. It is obviously reasonable to say that there are no such weak people in Holy Blood Peak. If this is true, how can there be no place for the Red Talisman Society in this world?

Zhou Ran looked at the direction of the source again, but he could see nothing, whether there was any light, whether there was any breath coming out, and even the breath of the precious blood clone.

But I didn’t expect this situation.

The position where the source was located was later covered by a small array arranged by the monks of the Red Talisman Society. The light ended and the source’s aura flowed out.

“What kind of fame does this man…have?” Hu Dequan still had no fear, mainly because the deaths of the blood servants under Zhou Ran were so bizarre.

In the final analysis, Mr. Fang is the original consciousness. Since he is the original consciousness, he naturally does not have the ability to control the power of this world to a certain extent, just like the senior cannot control the power of the four states.

Facing the precious blood clone of the Blood Ancestor, the blood servants will not play any role, but will also increase your power. For this purpose, you can only run away quickly, and you can run away one by one.

In an instant, the precious blood clone disappeared.

In that short two-day battle, Yueyao suffered only a hundred casualties and Rizhao lost one person. It was definitely the seventh most tragic battle that Zhou Ran had ever participated in.

That’s the fundamental reason why I survived.

I knew I could block the Precious Blood clone’s attack from the air, but I didn’t want to sit still and wait for death.

In other words, the imprints in the holy blood that originally belonged to the blood ancestors have been refined by the talent tree. Therefore, although Zhou Ran will still be suppressed by the weaker holy nature when he activates the holy nature, it will be like blood. The attendants were also taken away from them by the Blood Ancestor.

The precious blood clone, who was standing there looking for Zhou Ran with doubts on his face, immediately turned his head and looked towards the location of the source. In the last moment, your figure was like lightning, like a shark that smelled the fishy smell, heading towards Kill them at the source.

I wanted to see what the situation was like here, but I dared to rush in at will. I can imagine that the original consciousness should be competing with the precious blood clone at this moment.

As those words were spoken, a strange portal suddenly appeared in the void. Xiangyin and Xuanyu were not firm at all, and they rushed back, and their figures disappeared.

Escape or escape, as Sister Xiangyin was withdrawn into the big flower world by me, Zeng Fen clearly felt the eyes of the precious blood clone falling on her body.

When you retreat to that space in the future, all the erosion of this world tends to the surface. Today, it is difficult to use Li Tian’s deployment to break through the blockade and come out there. Before you feel the breath of the source, you will naturally have to Wait.

Yes, we are cowardly enough. The persistence of such a young man and resisting the sunshine like Li Tian have already proved our courage, but the abilities displayed by Li Tian and the Precious Blood clone are completely comparable.

Thanks to the low intelligence of the precious blood clone, otherwise you can defeat Fang Lao by simply attacking at will. After all, Xue Zengfenyan has been eroding this world since he was young, and he has no certain degree of control over this world. Control, that level of space exile, cannot be broken at will.

But Zeng Fen was clearly standing right in front of you.

The Precious Blood clone rushed behind me for a while, its already confused expression became even more confused, and it was constantly looking left and right, as if looking for Zhou Ran.

In an instant, one after another figures fled away. Seeing this, the surviving monks of the Red Talisman Society did not dare to stay any longer, and they dispersed one after another. The performance of the Precious Blood clone was really too shocking, and we were completely confused. Come up with the idea of ​​​​competing with it.

Zhou Ran’s fleeing figure suddenly paused, and then he flew behind you, raised his hand a little behind you, and said slowly: “Back away slowly!”

The power that banished Zhou Ran also disappeared at that moment. The moment the seven-week space returned to normal, Zhou Ran’s figure reappeared.

Even I myself, when I finished speaking, hurriedly fled forward.

However, I soon realized that something was wrong with me!

It’s just that this kind of competition is not a complicated battle, but a deeper contest.

Zhou Ran took a long breath, feeling like he had saved his life.

With seven eyes facing each other in the air, Zeng Fen used all his strength to protect his whole body, and the power of his soul also fluctuated fiercely. The spirit pattern guards and the divine pattern guards were built crazily at the same time, superimposed layer by layer.

Zhou Ran held his breath and sighed, knowing that due to Fang Lao’s methods, the Precious Blood clone had not lost its position.

While escaping, Zhou Ran vaguely noticed that his blood servants were dying one by one. In just a moment, only the Xiangyin sisters were left. At this moment, the seven sisters were like frightened rabbits, urging them with all their strength. body shape.

“Lord!” Xiangyin looked at Zhou Ran with a sad look, full of pleading. You also noticed the death of the other blood servants, and knew that it would be the turn of the seven sisters soon, and even more Knowing that the Lord might have something to do in that situation, but at the critical moment of life and death, he still instinctively looked at Zhou Ran.

Zhou Ran recognized Mr. Fang’s voice as soon as he got up, and immediately froze his body, even restraining all his magic power.

The space rippled seven times, ups and downs in seven directions, and at the same time an old voice sounded in Zhou Ran’s ears: “It’s moving!”

At that moment, Zhou Ran’s heart beat almost a beat faster.

Zhou Ran, who was just glad that he had escaped death, his face darkened, knowing that he might have been worse off that time.

The first one was undoubtedly the battle with the small armies of the two tribes of Insect Blood in the Qifang Galaxy. In this battle, even Rizhao lost several people.

While watching intently, the Precious Blood clone raised a hand towards where I was, and then clenched its fist heavily.

Because when I was refining the holy blood of the Vampires, the talent tree would burn away anything that was not beneficial to me, and what was left behind would be useless to me.

Although he is suffering from the erosion of the blood of the Blood Ancestor, Mr. Fang has a way to completely control this world like a senior, but at the critical moment, it is still a question of interfering with the first space and expelling me deeper into the space to help me survive. It’s small.

Seeing that the precious blood clone was getting closer and closer to him, Zhou Ran suddenly caught a glimpse of a ray of light coming from an unknown place out of the corner of his vision. In the blink of an eye, it was behind him and then hit the space where he was.

I turned around and looked around, but there was no one there.

Waiting for a moment, Yang Ling, Hu Dequan and the remaining monks from the Red Talisman Society rushed over and met me.

Even though the precious blood clone exerted the power of the Blood Ancestor at its peak, it only exerted 10% of it, which I, Yueyao, could resist.

After several years of fighting, the Precious Blood clone finally arrived here with the help of Li Tian’s arrangements. What he did was not to erode the origin. This was the blood ancestor’s will left in the Precious Blood, and it was the first step that the Precious Blood clone needed to make. A trivial matter.

Has your ignorant intelligence given you too little ability to think? So when you saw Zhou Ran was dying, you ducked towards Zhou Ran, your speed was extremely slow.

As for my Blood Warrior…only the Xiangyin sisters who were not withdrawn from the Great Flower Realm the end, I thought of using the Great Flower Realm, but the Blood Ancestor was too slow to do so. Even if I finally After using the Big Flower Realm, we can save a few blood servants. Furthermore, the size of the Big Flower Realm is unlimited.

I can see that the precious blood clone controls the holy power, and I am sure that the other party committed suicide himself, so I have something to do.

After thinking about it, Zeng Fen summoned him to go out together.

After thinking for a while, Zhou Ran knew what was going on.

Because if I have any normal feelings, it means that the absolute control of the holy nature by the precious blood clone has no effect on me.

You have suspected that you are aware of the strong holy nature contained in your body.

Seeing that Zhou Ran was still alive, Yang Ling looked relieved. I had escaped just now. When I looked back, I saw the precious blood clone chasing Zhou Ran from a distance. I thought that Zhou Ran was dead, but I didn’t know. It can be said to be a blessing to have survived.

Nearby, the Blood Ancestor tilted his head slightly, with no doubts on his expression. He was obviously confused as to why Zhou Ran did not die like the other monks, but remained unscathed.

The action of rescuing Zhou Ran just now is suspected to have exposed the origin.

The direction of your escape is the same as that of Zhou Ran, because when Zeng Fen shouted these words, you instinctively moved closer to Zeng Fen, as if you wanted to seek some understanding, but you Who knows that at this moment, Zeng Fen himself has no sense of danger at all.

Zhou Ran quickly closed the door again, stood still, turned around, and looked back at the area where the blood clone of the Blood Ancestor was located.

In the previous battle at Holy Blood Peak, everyone was dead from bottom to top. The Red Talisman Society also suffered heavy losses. Only a dozen or so people at the front survived.


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