Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1803: The Precious Blood Comes


【Great Sage of Humanity】【】

“What’s going on?” Hu Dequan flew over and asked.

“I don’t know!” Lu Ye shook his head, “But it’s definitely not a good thing.”

Everything that happened before Li Tian’s death was too weird. Looking back now, this guy seemed to have a feeling of actively seeking death. Not only that, he didn’t care about the life and death of the monks under his command. Otherwise, with the background of Holy Blood Peak, Our own camp will not win so easily.

Combined with the current events, Lu Ye couldn’t help but make a bold guess. Li Tian did have a back-up plan, but this back-up plan could only come into play after his death. This was very strange. They’re all dead, so what’s the point of leaving behind?

Without time to think deeply, Lu Ye shouted: “Let’s take action together!”

No matter what Li Tian’s back-up plan is, it is right not to let him get what he wants, so as long as the blood ball wrapping the bones is broken, and then find a way to destroy the bones, no matter what Li Tian is planning, he will get rid of the bamboo basket. .

Having just won a victory, many monks who had no time to breathe took action together again, bombarding the blood ball indiscriminately.

However, what is frustrating is that no matter how fierce the offensive is, it cannot shake the blood ball at all, and can only make it turbulent in the void.

Suddenly, Lu Ye suddenly stopped and his spiritual thoughts spread out.

He vaguely noticed something approaching from all directions!

Everyone in the Holy Blood Peak is dead, but the Red Talisman Society and the Blood Warrior are still alive. Once the blood of the Blood Ancestor comes here, that space may have hope for life again!

However, complex lines appeared on the surface of this blood cell.

Blood light exploded!

All the monks who were not staring at the blood ball were in a daze at that moment, and the divine sea was in turmoil.

Is that the precious blood clone of the Blood Ancestor?

The blood warriors are refining, and the energy and blood will naturally remain in the area where the monk died.

Zhou Ran also has a case…

Xiangyin said that if one day the Red Talisman Society and the Holy Blood Peak decide the winner, the blockade of this world will be broken. That is a matter of course, because fundamentally speaking, the Red Talisman Society will The battle with the Holy Blood Peak is not a battle between the original will and the will of the precious blood. No matter who wins the first defeat, the realm must be sealed again.

Thoughts flashed through Cheng Qing’s mind, and I immediately understood one thing – there would be less trouble.

Zhou Ran was also affected, but it was less severe than the others.

Some people dare to act rashly, even if the Precious Blood Clone does not feel threatening at the moment, the little terror it brought to everyone when it arrived still lasts for a long time.

Suddenly, the light of this blood ball was dazzling to the extreme, and then there was a distortion and transformation in front of everyone.

I stared at this blood cell that was undergoing drastic changes and drawing strength from its well-known place. Many of my doubts were suddenly answered at that moment…

This will is the will of the precious blood of the Blood Ancestor. Only without it can a Rizhao be willing to die for himself.

I immediately understood that what Mr. Fang said was wrong. Although the precious blood of the Blood Ancestor gave birth to his own will, that will was not perfect and was still in a state of ignorance.

Zhou Ran’s heart was beating wildly!

We are all obviously affected by this blood pupil Lu Ye, and the little terror brought by the coming of the precious blood will makes everyone have the slightest strength to resist, especially the blood servants, all of them have become The soft-footed shrimp is the natural suppression of blood.

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【Great Sage of Humanity】【】

Is that considered a blood rebirth?

You must know that the Blood Ancestor has known that you have been dead for many years. Your corpse has been united into several pieces and transformed into several bad realms, but a drop of your precious blood has come back to life in a strange way.

The Lu Ye alone has too little effect, but it can resonate with the precious blood will inside and give it guidance. In this way, there is no flaw in the blockade of the core space.

Perhaps just because of the will, this drop of precious blood will come directly.

Judging from this, the first piece of news Zhou Ran heard from Xiangyin was correct.

I care about my own life and death. It’s not that I really want to live or am afraid of death, but that I am affected by a certain will. My death, and even the deaths of these Holy Blood Peak monks, are all for Be prepared for that moment!

This will will come to the original space!

Looking at the Precious Blood clone, his ignorant eyes were full of doubts, as if he had seen something strange. Then you stretched out a hand in the direction of Cheng Qing and shook it hard.

It is not my own ability that Li Tian can carve the broken blood pupils under his own bones, but there is some will to assist me secretly, so that I can accomplish something that is almost possible.

I raised my hand to wipe the corners of my mouth, and looked back intently. As far as I could see, the blood cells disappeared.

I thought that killing Li Tian was the beginning of the war, but unexpectedly it was just the end of the nightmare!

However, even without our efforts, the qi and blood attracted from all directions cannot be intercepted completely. The qi and blood are continuously thrown into the blood cells, making the color of the blood cells become richer.

It was not at that moment that the void shook and the buzzing stopped. In the dark, there seemed to be no weak force coming from the unknown place and falling under the blood ball!

Looking around, whether it was the Blood Warrior under his command or the young monks from the Red Talisman Society, all of them looked pale and their bodies were trembling.

Looking at it this way, you can use the bones of Li Tian and the blood of the first generation vampires to shape your body. The plan to come here is not something you can perfect, so Li Tian must not have contributed to it!

In the void, the figures of the Red Talisman Society and the Blood Warriors stood silently, each of them staring dumbfoundedly at the sudden appearance of the Precious Blood clone. No one was confused about what was going on and why no living being suddenly appeared.

A mysterious and strange aura spread out from the blood ball…

After only a few dozen breaths, the red light had not emitted from the blood cell, and there were lines all over it. The red light shone in all directions. The blood cell at this moment was almost indistinguishable from the blood moon that Zhou Ran observed inside later, and The various lines inside are connected and interlocked, making the blood cell look more like a narrowed eye, which is terrifying.

I feel bitter in my heart. What Li Tian said was wrong. No one can win that battle!

Zhou Ran took a moment to take a look at the blood ball. He was extremely anxious, but he had something to do.

The young monks who were attacking the blood **** were startled when they heard this. They quickly investigated and soon discovered the problem, and immediately used various means to stop it.

It is not the situation that appears when Li Tian’s energy and blood wraps up the bones alone. If the energy and blood that was attracted are allowed to mix and recede, the situation will still be different.

Zhou Ran even spread out his own sea of ​​blood, turning it into a river of blood, and worked together with my blood servant to seal off such a small area.

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【Great Sage of Humanity】【】

Even though I had known for a long time that the precious blood of the Blood Ancestor gave birth to my own will, I still dared to believe it when I saw that scene.

If there is any energy and blood, it will gather towards the blood cells again. Everything that should be intercepted will be intercepted by the blood cells. Those who are intercepted will be absorbed by the blood cells.

After the small battle, the Blood Warriors dared to refine our Qi and blood at will before killing these Holy Blood Peak monks, because the Qi and blood of the Holy Blood Peak monks also contained holy nature, so they rashly refined it There is no risk to the Blood Warriors. It is the same as our bathing in the blood rain and refining the powerful holy nature contained in the blood rain.

Soon he knew what it was. It was actually the power of qi and blood scattered in this space, and the roots of these power of qi and blood were the remains of the monks from the Holy Blood Peak before they died.

Cheng Qing quickly shouted: “Stop the blood!”

In that silence, the Precious Blood clone suddenly turned his head and looked in one direction. This location was where the spirit pattern was.

The light dissipated, and the little terror that shrouded the body and mind also disappeared. The turbulent sea of ​​​​spirits became intense at that moment. In contrast, every monk was spitting blood.

When I met with Mr. Fang later, Mr. Fang said that the place where Xuecheng Qingning retreated was, so if it wanted to infect the origin, it could only rely on the monks of the Holy Blood Peak to cut off death. Before those monks died, The remaining holy nature will quickly infiltrate the origin of Fangcun Mountain. This is not what Cheng Qing saw at first. Before I could help, the origin’s condition had deteriorated a lot.

With just one glance, Cheng Qing felt a sense of impending danger, and his expression became extremely frightened.

The already dazzling light of the blood cell suddenly dimmed.

According to its future methods, perhaps in a few years, sooner or later, the origin will not be completely corroded by the holy nature. Once this happens, the origin space will have the power to block it again. If the origin is infiltrated, the core world will be protected. Blood Will is in control, but this time is too Blood Will is obviously slow to wait.

Zhou Ran never expected that the remaining qi and blood would gather in that direction at this moment, and the source of the gathering was probably not this weird blood cell. It seemed to have no ability to attract the holy qi and blood. !

In its place was a slender and graceful figure, covered with strands of hair and with smooth curves. The strange thing was that there was no temptation at all, but instead it was filled with an exaggerated sense of explosion.

Although Zhou Ran is so helpful, but under the influence of the blood-pupil Lu Ye, he is also uneasy and the sea of ​​​​spirits is churning. If it were not for the protection of Yicai Shenlian, his situation would be worse than others, that kind of In fact, there is no way to stop anything.

This is a very short man with long blood-colored hair hanging loosely, covering his front and back. His skin is fair, and his eyes are blood-colored, but there are lines all over the pupils, as if they were two dilated wheels. A **** blood moon is embedded below.

Li Tian is not proficient in the way of Chengqing, so since entering this world, the Red Talisman Society and the Blood Warriors have only mentioned that matter, otherwise someone might have told me such important information.

That space has been blocked by the origin. The Blood Ancestor’s precious blood wants to come and be its relative. Otherwise, if such a young man came up, it would have succeeded long ago.

During his panic, Zhou Ran slowly discovered one thing. This was not the eyes of the precious blood clone. It was so turbid, with a sense of ignorance and chaos.

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【Great Sage of Humanity】【】

At this moment, the Will of Precious Blood is based on the bones of Rizhao, and based on the blood of the first generation vampires, it builds the Blood Eye Lu Ye in the original space!

The will of precious blood can be based on Li Tian’s bones and come here!


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