Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1800: Planning strategies


In the void, Yang Ling’s figure swept across the sky, his expression solemn.

As he continued to move closer to Li Tian, ​​a faint red light began to fill his body, like a layer of blood mist.

The red light is getting stronger and stronger, and its power is getting more intense.

Li Tian, ​​who had been standing quietly, finally noticed, turned his head and looked in the direction of Yang Ling, with a disdainful sneer appearing on the corner of his mouth.

Finally, Yang Ling stood three hundred miles away from the sky, covered in red light. The power of the red talisman had been pushed to the extreme and could be activated at any time. The powerful power made Yang Ling’s clothes hunt. Noise, hair flying.

He stared at Li Tian with a solemn expression and concentration. Whenever the other party made any inappropriate move, the power of the red talisman would be activated immediately.

Looking at each other, Li Tian raised his hand slightly, pointed it at Yang Ling, then hooked his fingers, and a sarcastic voice came out: “Do you dare?”

Yang Ling didn’t respond!

Although apart from him, Hu Dequan and Meng Xu each have a red talisman with them, but these are the only red talismans left in their Red Talisman Society. If you use one, you will lose one, so he really doesn’t have it. Dare to take the initiative.

The power of the red talisman is certainly terrifying, but he has no idea whether he can kill a Rizhao. But once he activates the red talisman, if Li Tian does not die, he will definitely die.

Then you saw Hong Fu pause and head back into the sea of ​​blood.

Seeing this situation, the Xiangyin Society monks who had received the message from Sister Lu Ye would not be determined and took advantage of this opportunity to kill them.

Once the war breaks out, it will be calm.

In the void, Li Tian was still standing quietly outside. Eight hundred miles away, there was Yang Ling who secretly activated the power of the fragrant sound as a deterrent. Even though he had not yet learned that the monks of the Holy Blood Peak had almost been driven away and killed, I also dare not relax at all, and stare at Li Tian with a pair of eyes. As long as the other party does not do anything appropriate, Xiangyin’s power will be activated immediately.

The monks of the Xiangyin Society were flying around, avoiding being swallowed by a sea of ​​blood while using various methods.

The red talisman’s strong holy nature continues to activate, the sword is in the formation, the light of the sword flashes, and the killing is launched.

Seeing that Yang Ling did not move, Li Tian snorted softly and ignored him. His spiritual thoughts spread out and he could vaguely sense that the monks under his command were dying, but he was still unmoved, just with a face. The next one is shrouded in mystery.

Without such a monk leader, Holy Blood Peak would have to endure the suppression of the Holy Nature again, which would lead to the Xiangyin Society’s team being able to kill the enemy as quickly as they did in the beginning.

Those monks are all the ones who have been in this world the longest. Thousands of years of bathing in blood rain and refining various resources have allowed us to accumulate a considerable amount of strong holy nature in our bodies.

As long as I am not defeated, that battle will be the real end. There will no longer be Holy Blood Peak in that realm.

Hong Fu finally took action.

In just two days, the monks at Holy Blood Peak were almost completely slaughtered.

After stopping, Hong Fu moved his body again and rushed in another direction.

Under a meteorite, Fu Zhiwei, covered in blood, returned and landed next to Hong Fu. Although his expression was not tired, his spirit was extremely exciting: “Brother, you are planning a strategy!”

“Does he think I will answer him?” Yang Ling responded enthusiastically.

I have no idea what Li Tian’s plan is. Although I secretly conquered some Holy Blood Peak monks during that time and accidentally discovered another secret, the information about Li Tian is As soon as you know.

Fu Zhiwei thought about it carefully and agreed: “What you said is wrong.”

While the red talisman and the power of the talisman flew towards Li Tian’s position, a team of monks from our own side also received orders to move closer.

In this direction, the war is also breaking out without anxiety, and the ferocity is normal.

Hong Fu turned his head and glanced at me: “Li Tian is still alive.”

In addition, Qin Lin suspected that Li Tian took action simply because he was restrained by Yang Ling. If I were in Li Tian’s position, with so few men under my command dead, I would have to give it a go. As long as I could withstand it, If I can stand Yang Ling’s fragrant voice, I will take anyone’s life on this entire battlefield.

The smallest reason is that there are not many monks at Holy Blood Peak, and their holy nature is so weak that even sisters Lu Ye can’t compare with it.

Fu Zhiwei nodded solemnly: “So you have to deal with me!”

I can feel that none of the monks under my command have rebelled, and there is only one, but these few traitors will only affect the overall trend of the war.

Hongfu turned around and looked at the Qin Lin sisters who were standing in Ruzui, and found that although you were not injured, you were not in any serious condition, but you were just not in a bit of a state of embarrassment.

“There has been no movement from Li Tian. You can take a look from a distance later. Although Yang Ling used the power of Xiang Yin to contain it, it stands to reason that with such heavy losses at Holy Blood Peak, Li Tian is As for whether I made any movement at all, I have been staying here since before I retreated outside. You are afraid that I am not cheating.”

Hongfu’s eyes flashed: “Which one is right?”

Suddenly, a stream of light quickly came from a certain direction. Sensing the unfamiliar aura, both Lu Ye sisters looked slightly shocked.

My unmotivated look made Yang Ling frown. He instinctively felt that nothing was wrong, but he dared to think deeply to avoid losing his mind.

The small sea of ​​​​blood suddenly collapsed, revealing the figures of nearly ten monks hiding in it, all at a loss and with horrified expressions.

Hongfu’s eyes were deep, looking behind him, and the feeling of security in his heart became stronger and stronger.

This battle must be won!

Never before had Bai Yuan competed, and Qin Lin had failed so heartily.

You have been stalling for time, waiting for the last moment, and you who have personally experienced the horror of the sacred nature of the Red Talisman naturally know what will happen next. You immediately surged with your spiritual thoughts and sent a message to your own monks to do evil. Preparation for counterattack.

And in this sea of ​​blood, there are monks from the Holy Blood Peak hidden. With the sea of ​​blood as our basis, we have an absolute disadvantage.

Although our own personnel did not suffer losses, and the losses were even considerable, before that battle, Li Tian’s wings on the Holy Blood Peak were almost completely cut off.

The last moment, exclamations rang out, even from a long distance away, when this terrifying holy nature burst out, Sister Lu Ye’s whole body went limp…

After a while, the battlefield became quiet.

The enemy had no casualties, and our own side also suffered casualties one after another. Fortunately, the power of Holy Blood Peak was weakened at first. Otherwise, if the situation develops as it seems, the situation will be very serious for Xiangyin. It is profit.

The Lord is here!

Hongfu nodded: “No deceit is the best. Everyone knows what my plan is, but they don’t have any idea… All the men under my command are dying. No matter what my plan is, I don’t care. There is no one available. Although the sunshine is terrible, I am only alone. We don’t have more than 80 people in sight. If we join forces, we should be able to catch me.”

As time passed, one Holy Blood Peak team was eliminated one after another. The overall strength comparison between the two sides went from being crushed, to gradually becoming balanced, and then reversed…

In this battle, even if Li Tian was restrained by Yang Ling, he took action personally. Why did these Holy Blood Peak teams gather together before they realized that the situation was wrong? Instead, they still maintain the form of a large group and wander around? Logically speaking, if we were to gather together, our ability to protect ourselves would be greatly reduced. However, if we did not do that, our gathering would undoubtedly give our own troops the opportunity to defeat them one by one.

Before the monks of the Qin Lin Society attacked them, the originally anxious battle immediately turned into a one-sided massacre.

In just two days, Fu Zhiwei has seen the terrifying ability of Red Talisman to dispatch and kill enemies. No one of the Holy Blood Peak teams will suffer disaster regardless of my instructions. If there is Red Talisman, that one will It is possible for the war to retreat so smoothly.

As he spoke, Fu Zhiwei frowned again: “Brother, you feel that something is not quite right.”

The two flew back together.

He didn’t dare to gamble, so even if Li Tian ridiculed and provoked him, he would just ignore it and only do his job well.

I stood outside, and although I could detect the decline of vitality with my spiritual thoughts, I could not explore the specific circumstances of the war, so there was really nothing wrong with it.

Yang Ling became increasingly wary and hesitated for a while before saying, “What?”

A battlefield is located, and the fighting situation is relatively calm.

The faces of all the young monks of the Xiangyin Society were filled with we have never experienced such an uncomfortable war. In the past, every time we faced off against the Holy Blood Peak, we were in a Absolute advantage, keep hiding xZ.

At present, there is only one Li Tian left in the Holy Blood Peak. Although there is no sunshine on our side, there are not many fragrant sounds, and there are so many monks still alive. Heaven is up.

Of course, that was not the main reason why I had to take action.

At that moment, the note of the red talisman vibrated slightly. I checked it out and said, “The first Holy Blood Peak team has been destroyed. It’s time to deal with Li Tian!”

The blood servants he installed inside Holy Blood Peak were exposed one after another. The Holy Blood Peak team also realized that something was wrong, so they acted more cautiously.

Suddenly, Li Tian looked at Yang Ling, seemingly confused: “How did they do it?”

Fu Zhiwei had a solemn expression: “Let’s go, it’s time for you, a sweet-sounding and gentle young man, to see the light of day.”

Li Tian sighed: “That’s all, it doesn’t matter what you say… it doesn’t matter.”

Sister Lu Ye is in such a sorry state that she dares not get too close to this sea of ​​blood, because the monks from the Holy Blood Peak who preside over that sea of ​​blood are weaker than you due to their holy nature. Once you are swallowed up by the sea of ​​blood, This is bound to be more bad than good.

Looking back at that time, so few monks in Holy Blood Peak were driven out by us. We didn’t even use a few of the formations we deployed later, and the location of the origin was never exposed.

Li Tian Youyou said: “In terms of strength comparison under the bright light, your Holy Blood Peak is several times more powerful than their Xiangyin Club. How did they kill the monks under your command so cleanly? Not yet… what did they use? How did you instigate these traitors?”


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