Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1793: Setting up an ambush


After a while, the ghost cultivator knelt on one knee, half-kneeling in front of Lu Ye, with a respectful expression, refining the precious blood. The ghost cultivator had a natural sense of awe for Lu Ye.

“What’s it called?” Lu Ye asked.

“Zhou Tianbao!” Guixiu replied.

“How long have you been here?”


After asking a few simple questions to get a little more information about the new blood warrior he had acquired, Lu Ye changed the topic: “Zhou Tianbao, I have something for you to do!”

“Do you want me to return to Holy Blood Peak?” Zhou Tianbao looked up at Lu Ye.

Lu Ye nodded slightly: “You are a smart man.”

The reason why Zhou Tianbao was left alive and he was specifically asked to refine his precious blood to subdue him was Lu Ye’s plan. After waiting for more than half a month, Zhou Tianbao had obviously thought about this possibility.

If he had known that the risk of refining his precious blood would not be so great, Lu Ye would not have killed the late Yueyao who used the red talisman. He could have subdued the opponent directly. Of course, it is not necessary to deploy these now. It’s not too late, there are just some problems that need to be solved.

The seven sisters left slowly.

The situation of those monks is the same as that of Xuanyu and us. Zhou Tianbao lacks resources and wants to waste his energy on us. The Holy Blood Peak believes that those people will defect to them sooner or later, which leaves us no room to breathe.

But with the arrival of Xiangyin, the structure of this world has also changed. Xiangyin needs to recruit available manpower, so we can be independent. In addition, Xuanyu and others have no contact with those people. Trying to find our whereabouts is too young.

I handily give you some practice resources and order you to rest for the time being.

Xuanyu pursed his lips and smiled sweetly: “Let the Lord be in a good mood!”

Another half month has passed by in a flash.

But after the explanation from the Hongfu Society, Xiangyin understood the reason.

Because that is the foundation place that Jin Weiqian spent a lot of time and energy to develop, and a small number of spiritual plants are planted there, which is the foundation for monk Zhou Tianbao to maintain his own cultivation.

A few moments later, where Xiangyin lived, seven sisters arrived together.

At this moment, Jin Weiqian and other important figures gathered outside to discuss matters.

When Jin Wei was confused, Jin Wei came to you and looked you up and down. Then he raised his hand and unbuttoned the bottom button of your shirt. He gently lifted the top of your chest and moved it towards the middle. Squeezed.

“Yes!” The seven sisters received the order. After Xuanyu got down, he took a jade box from Xiangyin.

As long as there is no new precious blood being condensed, it will be consumed very slowly. Jin Wei is quite helpless about this. He can only continue to condense it intermittently. For this reason, he does not even have time to practice. Less is not to use resources to recover one’s own consumption in condensing precious blood.

After several rounds, Holy Blood Peak obviously realized the seriousness of the problem and made some strategic changes accordingly.

Lu Ye nodded and asked: “How do you explain the death of the traitor of the Red Talisman Society?”

Having just been conquered by a weak force, it is hard to say how loyal you are. Xiangyin doesn’t care about this. As long as you give me enough time and condense enough precious blood, I will definitely not have a loyal team under my command. Then This kind of loyalty is what both Jin Weiqian and Holy Blood Peak can hope for.

In a secret space on the ground, several figures gathered together. If Xiangyin were here, he would definitely recognize Hu Dequan, Meng Xu, Yang Ling and others that I had seen before.

That day, Xuanyu, who was practicing, suddenly opened his eyes, took out the musical notes, examined them, and immediately stood up: “Sister, the Lord calls you over.”

Zhou Tianbao does not have many strongholds in this world, and even a small number of them cannot be abandoned, except the one in front of him.

Lu Ye couldn’t help but feel a little shy, his cheeks were slightly red, and when he happened to meet Xiangyin’s gaze, his cheeks turned even redder, and he hurriedly raised his head.

Having said that, Lu Ye did not resist. If that really puts the Lord in a bad mood, you will definitely have no hesitation.

The number is small, only one or four in total, and the cultivation levels are uneven. There is no moon, Yao, or even stars.

For most of the next day, Jin Wei talked to Hong Fuhui again and made sure that there would be no minor mistakes before returning, and then he let me leave.

In the next few months, the monks on the White Prison Cliff set out several times. Except that no one was waiting for the Holy Blood Peak at the ambush site, I gained nothing.

You have no choice in your position. Holy Blood Peak will definitely become an enemy. In this case, placing an informant here will be very unhelpful.

“After such a long delay, no message has been sent back. If Li Tian asks, what explanation should you give?” Lu Ye asked.

Xiangyin once again devoted himself to the practice of condensing precious blood.

“Here!” The seven sisters looked solemn.

But no matter what, whether Li Tian shows up in person is a bad thing for Jin Wei. Although Jin Wei doesn’t have the confidence to suppress me due to his holy nature, the other party is Rizhao after all. Can he defeat me before suppressing me? Xiang Yin Xin also had some confidence that the power of Rizhao was such a bad guess after all.

“What to do?” Lu Ye blushed.

In terms of holy nature, Li Tianyouyu is the weakest in this world. In terms of cultivation, I am also the lowest. Suddenly a new person appears who seems to be weaker in holy nature than me. No matter what, I have to come and investigate. As for using a strategic killing weapon like the Red Talisman.

After a conversation with Jin Weiqian, Jin Wei was confused about another thing. At that time, the Holy Blood Peak dispatched a Yueyue Yao with a red talisman to deal with me. I was not confused because if I If it was Li Tian, ​​he would take action personally.

The seven Xuanyu people who left returned one after another, each bringing back some scattered monks.

Jin Wei can laugh and cry, can that put the Lord in a bad mood? The lord is a man of trivial matters. He is full of majesty and has a perfect manner. When he talks to our superiors, he always speaks with a smile, which is awe-inspiring. How can such a lord be confused by male lust? If you are really greedy for male lust, the seven of you sisters have already been forbidden by the Lord.

It cannot be said that if that stronghold is discovered and conquered by the people from Holy Blood Peak, there will be no place for Zhou Tianbao in this world, because our mana will be exhausted sooner or later. If we have resources to replenish it, we must Contaminated by the Holy Spirit.

“Take this thing and set up an ambush at Jinfeng Valley in two days. They will allocate their own manpower!”

Hongfuhui said: “This sister from the Xiaoxue tribe was coerced and lured by Zhou Tianbao’s people, so she spread false news. Originally, she wanted to lure Litian out and use the power of Hongfu to kill them. Unfortunately, she was not able to do so. !”

Xiangyin has thought about directly conquering the Holy Blood Peak. This is seeking death. As far as I know, the Holy Blood Peak has a strong foundation and can be shaken by the few hands I see.

Hongfu will guess that Li Tian is in seclusion to study the secret technique.

You are very strong. None of you have the same level of cultivation as Yueyao in the early stage. Now that you have each refined a drop and a half of precious blood, your own holiness has not improved very much. Facing the monks of Holy Blood Peak, you will naturally occupy Advantage.

“Yes!” Lu Ye responded respectfully.

Below, Xiangyin coughed heavily before speaking: “Luye Xuanyu listens to the order!”

Since before Xiangyin came, you have been worried about whether there is any spiritual jade available. Moreover, before refining the precious blood, your own bloodline has lost a small amount of essence. In the inheritance of the bloodline, you have recently gained enlightenment. It is a secret skill of the multi-vampire clan. It cannot be said that although the cultivation level has increased, the strength has not been greatly improved.

Li Tian seemed to have nothing important to deal with during that time, so he had a way to escape.

Xiangyin frowned and said: “Zhou Tianbao will recruit any monks who are tainted with the holy nature. It is reasonable for the sisters of the Snow Clan to seek refuge with him.”

Xiangyin felt that Xuanyu deliberately scratched the back of my hand with his finger…

“At the same time, put your own danger first, whether it is that time or the last time, in all missions, give priority to life-saving!”

Zhou Tianbao replied: “Don’t worry about this, adults. When you go out to perform tasks, sometimes you need to lie dormant for a long time. It is common for you not to respond to messages.”

A few days ago, I returned safely.

Sisters Xuanyu felt a warm current in their hearts, and they increasingly feel that surrendering to the Lord is their own luck. If you seek refuge in the Holy Blood Peak, Li Tian will say that to you.

Towards that man, I really don’t have much temper. Compared to my sister, you are like a seductive fairy. I flirt with you from time to time. Xiangyin wants to understand that you are always known for your warm temperament. How could the Snow Clan have that one character? It is simply a shame for the Snow Clan.

“Lord!” Before saluting in unison, Lu Yeda raised his eyes cautiously and looked behind him, only to see that the Lord’s eyes fell on your neck, and then moved up Stared at it.

“Holy Blood Peak!” Xiangyin replied. The news came from the Red Talisman Society. Holy Blood Peak has not taken any action against Zhou Tianbao here recently. “Perhaps no one from Zhou Tianbao will show up.” , remember that you are going to have a conflict with Zhou Tianbao’s people, if you can help each other, you have to be stingy, and as for the things in the jade box, use them as appropriate.”

“Bad!” Lu Ye also stood up, preparing to follow Xuanyu to meet Xiangyin.

Zhou Tianbao thought for a while and said: “The sisters of the Snow Clan have already taken refuge with Zhou Tianbao, and what happens after that is completely a trap set by Zhou Tianbao!”

Placing the Red Talisman Society on the Holy Blood Peak is undoubtedly a very wise move. Without me, any troubles on the Holy Blood Peak would be hidden from Xiangyin.

But just after taking a few steps, Jin Wei shouted: “Wait!”

That explanation is weak.

Lu Ye asked: “Lord, who are you trying to ambush?”

The bad thing is that there is no Zhou Tianbao yet, so there will definitely be no fight between the two in the long future. What Jin Wei needs to do in his eyes is to accumulate his own strength, so that when the two sides compete, , so I have no qualifications to intervene.

From now on, I have always kept seven drops of precious blood close to me. No matter what situation I face, seven drops of precious blood is enough. But since I discovered that the first generation of vampires could not easily conquer this world with the help of precious blood, , my precious blood is in a state of supply and demand.

After hearing the report of the seven sisters on this mission, Xiangyin nodded with satisfaction. Overall, the mission was successfully completed, but it severely damaged the team on the Holy Blood Peak and sold out at the critical moment. He gave Zhou Tianbao a favor.

After taking care of her sister’s side, Xuanyu also tidied up herself.


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