Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1792: I’ll give you an opportunity, do you want it?


Including Ma Shangsi, none of the people Lu Ye gave his precious blood to failed.

This is undoubtedly not normal.

Although Ma Shangsi, Xiangyin and others are all in the later stage of Yueyao, the dangers in the process of refining the holy blood should not have much to do with the level of cultivation. This is the development of their own bloodline. Be diligent.

Lu Ye had a vague idea in his mind – there might be some differences between his precious blood and the real holy blood of the Vampires. This difference should be able to greatly reduce the risks that need to be taken during refining.

The reason for this conjecture is naturally because of the talent tree.

In the process of refining the holy blood of the Vampire Clan, the talent tree burned away everything that was not good for him, and what remained were those that were not a threat to him.

So the precious blood condensed by him is naturally very different from the holy blood.

Although both can stimulate the blood of the vampires, his precious blood is undoubtedly much weaker in terms of lethality.

If the real holy blood is highly poisonous, then although his precious blood is poisonous, it is not that strong, so when the blood servants refine it, the risk is not that great.

Of course, this is just his conjecture. Whether this is the case remains to be verified.

After half a month of hard work, I finally condensed a drop of precious blood again. It was really difficult.

Xiangyin himself stayed in Baiyu Cliff to refine his precious blood.

When the ghost cultivator’s mind changed, Xiangyin just stared quietly in the direction where I was dormant. The ghost cultivator still had little attainments in the way of sneaking. Even if Xiangyin activated the insight spirit pattern, he could only I saw some vague traces and could see through my true body.

The ghost cultivator stumbled forward, holding back the pain and sweating on his forehead. Looking at the figure that was approaching him, he knew that he might have been in a worse situation that time!

I thought about the Snow Clan who tipped off the Holy Blood Peak. Now if I want to find out the vague situation, I am afraid I can only find this Snow Clan and ask in person.

While concentrating, Xiangyin suddenly opened his eyes slowly. The last moment, I stood up, and the void spiritual patterns on my feet were quickly outlined. When the light flashed, I saw that the figure had disappeared.

However, that desperate blow had no effect. Xiangyin’s long sword slashed down, but it blocked my short blade and even cut off both my arms.

Looking deeply at Xiangyin, he gritted his teeth and grabbed the precious blood in his hands.

As early as when she took Sister Lu Ye to Baiyu Cliff after leaving Tingxue Peak, Xiangyin knew that Holy Blood Peak would send someone to investigate the situation there later.

“Refining it, does he have any other choice?” Qu Ying’s voice was as clear as water.

The ghost cultivator was a little shocked. I didn’t even notice the other party approaching! There is only one possibility in this situation. The opponent is often better at sneaking than me.

If the red talisman was activated, Ran Ting Xuefeng might have disappeared for some reason, and the location where Ting Xuefeng disappeared did indeed retain the aura of the red talisman’s explosion.

Some time later, Holy Blood Peak received news that a new person came to this world. This person’s holy nature was unheard of and extremely frightening. They didn’t hear that the two Snow Tribes in Xuefeng wanted to take refuge in Holy Blood Peak. Then he leaked this person’s whereabouts to Holy Blood Peak.

After a while, the sea of ​​​​blood dissipated, and Xiangyin carried the ghost cultivator who had not completely lost his resistance and flew towards the White Prison Cliff.

Holy Blood Peak naturally dared to be lazy. Even if Yue Yao had been ordered by Li Tian in the early stage to carry the red talisman and kill him later, if Li Tian had nothing else to do and had no way to escape, he would even prepare to meet him later in person. Meet the new guy.

Almost as soon as Xiangyin stopped moving, the ghost cultivator prepared to use his escape technique to leave this place. However, the suppression of this terrifying holy nature caused my mana to suddenly stagnate. When I regained consciousness, I was not enveloped by the sea of ​​blood. .

As I watched, I noticed that the ghost cultivator was moving around. He seemed to naively think that Xiangyin’s looking at that location was just a coincidence and that he had not noticed any trace of me.

The Snow Clan sisters each got a drop of precious blood and ran out to refine it happily.

I asked the talent tree clone several times, but the clone didn’t give me any response at all.

Xiangyin went to the side and waited quietly.

Obviously not the newcomer mentioned by the Snow Tribe!

Hearing this, the ghost cultivator was immediately discouraged. Nowadays, he has a choice between being a swordsman and a fish, and I have a vague guess that it is probably a method used by the other party to control him, so there should be too little risk in refining it. If the other party really wanted to kill me, they would have brought me back then.

In an instant, a sea of ​​blood spread across the seven directions of space.

Suddenly half a month passed, and in the cave, Xiangyin opened her eyes.

“What is that?” asked the ghost cultivator.

“Give him a chance, what if he wants it?” Xiangyin looked at me and asked.

I stood up and walked aside.

What happened to the disappearance of my companion?

After a while, Xiangyin and others returned together.

The screams sounded…

So I left a talent tree clone outside to monitor the seven directions.

Looking closer, he was seventy years old, with a long sword at his waist, a **** and white robe, and a middle-stage Yueyao cultivation level. The ghost cultivator immediately knew the identity of the visitor.

At this point, Qu Ying was finally sure of one thing. His precious blood was very similar to the holy blood of the Vampire Clan, and its lethality was much less than that of the holy blood.

The ghost cultivator looked at the precious blood floating behind his face suspiciously, instinctively feeling that it was something bad, but the faint holiness contained under that drop of precious blood made me very moved.

Xiangyin pondered for a moment, then raised his fingers and gave the first two drops of his precious blood. I also wanted to know whether my guess was correct.

In the thick sea of ​​blood, a figure quickly approached me.

The way Zhou Ran and Wang Taisheng looked at Xiangyin was obviously the same as before. From then on, they were just suppressing and submitting to Qu Ying’s holy nature, but now they are truly surrendering.

After making up my mind, the ghost cultivator prepared to leave this place first. However, as I turned around, I suddenly froze in place as if I had fallen into an ice cellar.

The ghost cultivator arrived quietly. If he had released a trace of mana fluctuations while inspecting Xuefeng, the talent tree clone might not be able to detect it.

Xiangyin sat upright, spreading out her spiritual thoughts to investigate, and heard the miserable screams of the seven sisters in her ears.

In the last moment, I felt as if that drop of precious blood had become a living thing and penetrated into my own flesh and blood.

Xuanyu answered very cautiously: “If you sisters are willing to go all out, you must be living up to the Lord’s expectations!”

I didn’t have seven drops of precious blood, but I had consumed them all in the past few days, so I could only condense them again. Condensing the precious blood is so difficult. Even if my cultivation level has improved now, it will still take half a month. Only one drop can be condensed, and the condensation of each drop of precious blood is a very small consumption of my own foundation, and it requires a small amount of resources to replenish it.

Although I had already learned from Tingxue Feng, a Snow Tribe, that it was normal for newcomers to have a strong holy nature, this was only what they had heard. Now, after experiencing it personally, I realized that the intensity was far beyond my own knowledge.

Xiang Yin stepped forward, blood mist filled her body, and suddenly swept towards the rear.

The ghost cultivator bit the tip of his tongue and then mustered up the strength to stab backwards with the short blade in his hand. The mana was unleashed and the sea of ​​blood was broken open.

In terms of suppressing the opponent’s holy nature, I felt like a rabbit meeting a tiger. I didn’t tremble, my hands and feet were a little weak, but I had no courage to resist.

Although the process was arduous, the result was bad. Half a day ago, Sister Qu Ying successfully refined the precious blood. Apart from being in a bit of embarrassment, there were no major problems with me.

A hundred miles away from Ting Xuefeng, a figure was quietly dormant, looking at Ting Xuefeng that had not been wiped out, with a look of relief on his face.

In the sky above Zhechang, a figure stands in mid-air, looking faintly in the direction where I am.

Before two days of rest, the seven Lu Ye people were sent out by Qu Ying. Our task is not to search for scattered monks and then bring them back.

I let out a small cry of “ah”, my eyes filled with panic, and my eyes trembled violently.

Killing again and again, releasing again and again, it is really painful.

Xiangyin ignored you, but looked at Xuanyu: “Is it true that you can’t refine another drop?”

The ghost cultivator probably knew that he could escape, so it was very quiet during that period, but I was vague about Xiangyin’s intention. After all, it was An.

However, Yueyao lost contact with the Holy Blood Peak very quickly in the early stage, and it was basically impossible to conclude that she was not dead yet.

Xiangyin became more and more certain that his subsequent guess about the precious blood was correct, otherwise there would be no way to explain why the vampires who refined his precious blood survived.

Xiangyin flicked his fingers, and the freshly baked precious blood flew towards this person: “Refining it will make him know. Ghost Xiu frowned: “What do you mean? ”

The opponent’s severed arm has not yet been regenerated, and Xiangyin has no intention of imprisoning me. There is only a talent tree clone guarding me.

“Lord…” Lu Ye looked at Xiangyin expectantly, almost reminding me that I was going to break my promise.

Half a day ago, when the golden light dissipated, the ghost cultivator was lying on the ground covered in sweat, his body twitching slightly. He looked miserable, but he was still alive after all.

Seeing Xiangyin himself walking in, Guixiu looked at the clone, then at the original person, and then asked: “What on earth is he going to do?”

That made Holy Blood Peak feel very safe. Naturally, they had to send people later to investigate the situation.

But no matter which possibility it is, it is a good thing for Lu Ye.

It is also possible that the first-generation vampires like Xiangyin are different from ordinary vampires. Because of their status as first-generation vampires, they can withstand greater dangers during the refining process.

That is suspected to be bad news, because then I cannot safely recruit fewer people. Although there are not too many monks scattered in this world, one less person is a bad thing, and Everyone who comes to my side can quickly improve their own sanctity, and will often play a small role in the fight against the Holy Blood Peak in the future.

Logically speaking, no monk can compete with the power of Hong Fu, let alone the opponent is only in the middle stage of Yueyao.

Slowly, I came to a room. There were two figures sitting in that room. One was the ghost cultivator who was captured alive by me later.

The ghost cultivator was sent here because of this matter, but before some investigation, I was very confused. I completely knew what happened to my early Yueyao companions.


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