Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1058: Unbreakable



The black fluid is perfectly integrated into the blade body, but it is controlled by its own spiritual sense, so can you use these black fluid to build a ban in the blade body?


If this is the case, as long as enough restrictions are built, the Iwayama sword can restore its original quality, and even… exceed it.


This means that from now on, the Iwayama sword will become a personal weapon whose quality can be changed according to his wishes. If this kind of thing can really be done, it will be of great help to Lu Ye.


Lu Ye has always had a faint worry.


That is, with the growth of one’s own strength, how far can the Iwayama Sword accompany him.


This is also the embarrassment of most military repairs. Bingxiu has high requirements for his personal weapons, long-term companionship, growth, and killing the enemy, so that Bingxiu can communicate with his own weapons, such as arms and fingers, and the Panshan sword in hand, Lu Ye can exert his full strength. , the same is true for other military cultivators, but if it is replaced with another weapon, no matter how much the strength is weakened, it will eventually have some impact.


The strong compete, and any external influence can be fatal.


So all along, Lu Ye would rather spend more merits to upgrade the Panshan Knife, and he has no idea of ​​changing a long knife. If he wants to change it, there are many long knife-like instruments in the War Merit Pavilion. for replacement.


But the foundation of the Panshan Knife is too weak. It was originally just a low-grade spiritual tool. It can be upgraded to a high-grade spiritual tool and even a magic weapon, but can it be upgraded to a spiritual treasure?


Maybe, maybe not.


In the process of upgrading, there are also great risks. Once the upgrading fails, the Panshan Knife may be broken. At that time, even if Lu Ye finds someone to customize a tailor-made one that is exactly the same as the Panshan Knife, it will not be a Panshan Knife. The mountain knife is gone, and it needs to be warmed up again and reconnected with it.


In particular, Lu Ye’s cultivation has improved rapidly, which has led to a high frequency of upgrading the Panshan Knife, increasing the risk of subsequent upgrades.


He is now in the Divine Sea Realm, and the quality of the Panshan Knife is not suitable for him to use now. It is time to upgrade again.


Originally, he planned to wait until he was free to deal with the matter himself and gain more experience.


I always go to the treasure house of heaven to find outsiders to upgrade the product. There are too many uncertain factors, because there is no guarantee that people will pay attention to the upgrade of the Panshan knife.


The improvement of the cultivation base will lead to various follow-up problems, all of which need to be dealt with.


But the change in front of him made Lu Ye see a possibility.


If his conjecture comes true, then he will no longer have to worry about the upgrade of the Iwayama sword. He can change the quality of the Iwayama sword anytime and anywhere to make it more suitable for his current state of play.


After thinking about it for a while, Lu Ye felt that this should be feasible.


The black fluid that makes up the Soul Cutter can be controlled at will, which is a signal in itself.


With determination, Lu Ye’s spiritual sense surged and poured into the Panshan Knife.


The master of the black fluid needs to rely on his own spiritual sense, which Lu Ye has just verified, and urging spiritual power has no effect.


Under the surging spirit, the black fluid turned into tiny yin and yang elements in the Panshan Knife, and quickly formed a spiritual pattern.


When the spiritual sense was withdrawn, the spirit pattern was fixed inside the Iwashan sword. Because it was integrated with the Iwashan sword, it did not damage the interior of the Iwashan sword in the slightest.


This is a ban. It really works!


Lu Ye was interested and continued to act. After a while, there were nine more prohibitions in the Panshan Knife, which were low-grade spiritual weapons.


Try to urge spiritual power to pour into it, the restraint works freely and works perfectly.


After playing for a while, Lu Ye dispersed the restraint.


It was just an attempt, and now that it is certain that the idea is feasible, it is time to plan for it.


The foundation of prohibition in a spiritual tool is the spiritual pattern. A sharp spiritual pattern is forbidden, and a solid spiritual pattern is also forbidden, and its effects are different.


Spiritual tools of the same quality, some are heavy, some are sharp, some are elegant, not only because of the different refining materials, but also because of the proportion of forbidden types inside.


The more restrained ratios, the stronger the spiritual tool, the more sharply restrained, the sharper the spiritual tool.


How to match the prohibited types, this is what Lu Ye needs to consider now.


In the past, when the Iwayama Knife was upgraded, he always looked for that Master Yu, put forward his requirements briefly, and then Master Yu was free to play, whether the finished product was good or bad, whether it could meet his requirements or not, whether it was suitable for him or not. It depends on Master Yu’s own refining level.


“All Worlds”


But now it’s different. What he’s doing now is that he’s tailoring it for himself.


Only you know what you need most.


For a long time, Lu Ye’s requirements for the Panshan Knife are heavy. After all, he wants to fight against people with a knife. If it is not heavy enough, it will be easily damaged.


Therefore, the ratio of consolidating the ban should be higher, so as to ensure that the Iwayama sword will not be damaged in the battle.


Feng Rui must also have it. Although he basically urges the sharp spirit pattern to bless the long sword when he kills the enemy, if the Iwaki sword itself is not sharp enough, it will not be enough.


In the future, it will be necessary to fight against the Divine Sea Realm. With this level of cultivation, the support for oneself is very strong, and the blade that is not sharp enough will not play a big role in the battle.


Pressure is a good thing, it must be added, and the amount cannot be less.


Although the Panshan Sword itself is not light, it is not too heavy, but if you press the spirit pattern in the fierce battle…


Obviously it was cut down with one knife, but after receiving the move, it was discovered that it was the weight of a mountain, and I asked if you could stop it.


Of course, the facts will not be so exaggerated, but the existence of heavy pressure and prohibition is bound to make Lu Ye even more powerful when fighting the enemy, and can give full play to the power of Lu Ye’s body to a greater extent.


The thorns are available.


Sometimes it is difficult to effectively kill a strong enemy, and the existence of the ban on thorns can make a small injury into a serious injury.


Is it possible to add restrictions such as lightning, golden arc, etc. to the Iwayama sword?


Obviously it was slashed with a single knife, but the result was triggered by lightning and golden arc slash. It seems that it can also catch the enemy by surprise?


Lu Ye found that there are too many optional bans


The root comes from his talent tree. Now there are 40 spirit patterns activated on the talent tree. Although many of them are not suitable for building in weapons, there are quite a few that are suitable.


After thinking for a long time, I finally gave up some of my fancy ideas. The prohibition in the sword is the same as what the monks learned. They are all expensive and not expensive. Compared, it may not have much effect.


If you really want to activate the spell, Lu Ye can do it himself, there is no need to waste the forbidden allocation of the Panshan Knife.


Finally determined the plan, the internal prohibition of the Iwon Mountain Knife is based on the sharpness, supplemented by heavy pressure, and added two thorns.


Immediately I started, my spiritual sense surged, and the black fluid in the blade was used to build a spiritual pattern prohibition.


Time passes.


The spirit patterns that Lu Ye chose were all activated spirit patterns on the talent tree. They were easy to construct and didn’t take much effort at all.


The master of the black fluid is like an arm and a finger, and the two are compatible, and the quality of the Iwayama sword continues to improve with the increase in the number of prohibitions.


Low-grade magic weapon, middle-grade, high-grade, top-grade, low-grade magic weapon, middle-grade magic weapon…


In just a few moments, work has already ended.


Carefully examine the Iwayama sword lying on his knees. At first glance, it does not seem to have any changes. It is still a black blade, plain and simple.


But today’s Iwayama sword has been reborn compared to before.


Although the previous Iwon Mountain Saber was a magic weapon, it was only a low-quality magic weapon with seventy-two restrictions.


After all, the last time Lu Ye upgraded the Panshan Knife to the Cloud River Realm, the Yunhe Realm cultivator couldn’t use anything too high-quality.


In the entire True Lake Realm, he has not upgraded the Panshan Sword. Strictly speaking, the Panshan Sword has actually been unable to keep up with his cultivation.


Nowadays, a total of 180 prohibitions are hidden in the Panshan Sword, and this long sword that follows Lu Ye to the south and north has finally been promoted to a top-quality magic weapon.


The next step is the Spirit Treasure level. In fact, Lu Ye can also promote the Panshan Sword to Lingbao. After all, for him now, this kind of thing is to build a few more spiritual patterns, which is very simple.


The reason why it didn’t build is because he needs a familiar process.


From a low-grade magic weapon to a spiritual treasure, the improvement is too great, and it must have a great impact on his own strength. Now the quality of the Panshan sword is just right.


Furthermore, the texture of the Iwayama sword itself is also a problem.


Nowadays, the Iwayama sword is from the hands of Master Yu. Although she added some materials when she was refining it, she was limited to improving the quality of the Iwayama sword to the level that it is forbidden to carry a magical instrument.


If Lu Ye really upgrades the Panshan Knife to Lingbao quality, it may not be able to hold it according to the current quality of the Panshan Knife.


He didn’t want the Iwayama sword to be damaged suddenly during the fierce battle.


It’s easy to solve just need to return to the furnace and recast it, find some precious materials to add to it, and make the texture of the Iwayama sword better.


Lu Ye can accomplish this by himself, and it will not be too late to toss when there is time and opportunity in the future.


Pick up the Iwayama sword, urge spiritual power to pour into it, and immediately feel the difference of the Iwayama sword.


The consumption of one’s own spiritual power is more than three times greater than before, because the number of internal restrictions is much larger, and it takes spiritual power to activate those restrictions.


This will undoubtedly make it easier for him to exert his strength. On the dark blade of the Panshan Knife, there is a layer of imperceptible aura ups and downs, which is a sharp aura.


The restriction that Lu Ye built in the Panshan Knife this time is not small, and once it is activated, it will naturally be sharp.


Looking at the Panshan Knife, Lu Ye was extremely satisfied. This is really not breaking and not standing, breaking and then standing. The things in the Zhangong Pavilion are really fair in price, the old man is not deceived, and the 500,000 battle merits are not wronged. If I had known that the Soul Chopping Sword had such characteristics, not to mention 500,000, it was a million, and Lu Ye would not. will hesitate.


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