Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1057: Soul Cutter



There is a layer of prohibition on each stone platform, and the things on the stone platform cannot be taken away without breaking the prohibition.


The way to break the ban is also very simple. It is to consume the corresponding amount of battle merits. In the Battle Merit Pavilion, there is no need to fight wits and courage with any force. Battle merits are the best pass.


But it’s just to check the nature and function of the treasures on the stone platform, but it doesn’t need to spend military exploits.


Lu Ye raised his hand and pressed it on the ban on the stone platform.


Soul Cutter


This thing is a Horcrux, it can be collected into the sea of ​​​​gods. If you encounter a battle between gods and spirits, you can kill the enemy!


Before the Divine Sea Realm, the cultivators used various means of fighting, but after all, it was only a contest of the fleshly body. All attacks and techniques were motivated by spiritual power.


But when you reach the Divine Sea Realm, it will involve the battle of the gods and souls.


The battle between the overhaulers of the Divine Sea Realm is often divided into light and dark. What you can see is the battle of their own means. What you can’t see is the battle of the divine sense, especially the battle of the divine sense. Fights have a huge impact.


It can be said that the party with the strongest spiritual sense can often take full advantage in the battle. Of course, unless the strength gap is too large, it is not so easy to defeat the opponent’s spirit in the battle.


In the past, Lu Ye didn’t need to understand these things. Before the realm was reached, it was useless to understand them.


But now that he is also a member of the Divine Sea Realm, it is time to understand this.


The appearance of the Soul Chopping Saber was a pleasant surprise. It seems that the Wargong Pavilion has also noticed the improvement of his realm, so such a thing will appear.


In terms of the soul, he has a tower to keep the soul from being broken, but this is only a passive defense after all, and the attack method of the soul is lacking.


Actually, he also has the means of attack. Whether it is to charm the soul or control the soul, it is barely a means of attack.


But when he is really fighting against the enemy of the Divine Sea Realm, he can’t always charm or control the soul. This is unrealistic.


And it’s okay to simply mobilize the spiritual sense into a shock, just like what Ning Hu, a traitor from Xianxia Mountain did, at that time, everyone in the third team was shaken by the shocking soul and fell into the lake.


But that’s because the gap between their cultivation bases is too great, so they have that effect.


If the cultivation bases are different, then the pure and direct attack of the soul can be easily resisted by the enemy.


Only by turning one’s own divine soul power into a truly effective attack can it be regarded as a divine soul attack. If Ning Hu had mastered a real divine soul attack that day, the third squad would lose their combat effectiveness in an instant.


The power of the soul is like a weapon without a blade. Mastering the means of attacking the soul is like opening a blade to this weapon, and the damage it exerts is incomparable.


So everyone in the Great Cultivation of the Divine Sea Realm will practice some magic of the soul, either attacking or defending.


In addition, you can also use Horcruxes, such as the Soul Chopping Blade in front of you, which saves the time and energy of practicing Divine Soul Mysticism.


But Horcruxes are very rare, and they can’t be refined casually. There are quite a lot of Divine Sea Realms in Kyushu, but how many of them can have Horcruxes is probably less than half of them.


This shows the preciousness of Horcruxes.


If this is just a knife, even if it is a spirit treasure level, Lu Ye will not be tempted, but since it is a Horcrux, it will be different.


In no hurry to exchange the Soul Chopping Sword, Lu Ye looked at the other stone platforms.


Without exception, they were all Horcruxes, and they were prepared for both offense and defense. He was dazzled by the sight.


I have to say that the items on the newly-appeared stone platforms this time are all very good things. Lu Ye wants them all, but he also knows that the Horcrux is not a lot of essence, and it has a lot of protection. The Soul Tower is enough for the time being. What he lacks at the moment is only the means of attack.


Wandering around, I came to the Soul Chopping Blade again.


The reason why I decided to choose it is not only because it is in the shape of a knife, but more importantly, this thing is not a Horcrux in the general sense.


Orthodox Horcruxes can only be contained in the Divine Sea. They seem to be between the real and the real, but the Soul Chopping Blade in front of them is not. It can be dissolved in the real thing.


For example…Iwayama sword!


It does not have a fixed shape, and it changes back and forth between different styles of long swords, so it is completely no problem to integrate it into the Iwayama sword, which is equivalent to blessing the Iwayama sword with a power that can hurt the soul.


Once you hit an enemy with such an Iwakiyama sword, it will cause a shock to the enemy’s soul, which is a bit overwhelming.


Imagine how frightening the wounds of the flesh turn into wounds of the soul when fighting the enemy. In a fierce battle, a momentary loss may mean life and death.


Lu Ye checked the price of the Soul Chopping Blade, and in the next instant, his face darkened.


500,000 military exploits


It doesn’t make sense


The Soul Tower is only 188,888 points of merit, so how could the Soul Chopping Knife need 500,000 merit? These two things are Horcruxes, even if there is a difference in quality, there is no difference. so big.


So far, the most expensive thing in the war merit pavilion is the golden body order, which is a total of 300,000 war merits.


But it’s a life-saving thing, and there’s a reason why it’s expensive.


What’s the reason for this slasher


Check the prices of several other Horcruxes, and they seem to be different from the Soul Tower, or even worse than the Soul Tower.


How come this one I value is ridiculously expensive.


Lu Ye seriously suspects that the Zhangong Pavilion is a place to watch dishes. He only got a large sum of military merits rewarded by heaven on his forefoot. He collected a million, and there was a 500,000 thing on his back. It was still the one he was looking at.


Left out, right in, Tianji is really a good abacus


Lu Ye was a little angry, but there was no reason to deal with it. He could only grit his teeth and exchanged the Soul Chopping Sword.


I didn’t go to see other Horcruxes. I didn’t need them, and I exchanged them again. His military exploits were gone. He came to the stone platform of the golden spirit lottery and exchanged ten golden spirit lotions. Exit the Battle Hall.


Silver Jiao warmly greeted “Come again next time.”


“Never come again” Lu Ye replied angrily.


What a profiteer!


Silver Jiao was confused and had no idea what was going on.


Leaving the Temple of Heavenly Secrets and returning to his residence, Lu Ye took out the Panshan Saber, placed it on his lap, calmed down, raised his hand and brushed the blade.


Where the big hand passed, a dark liquid was born out of thin air, slowly wrapping the Iwayama sword.


After a while, the Soul Chopping Sword wrapped the Iwayama Knife, just like what he imagined, it turned into the Iwayama Knife’s sword coat. From the outside, there is no difference at all, because the shape and color of the Soul Chopping Knife are also the same. The black color fits perfectly with the Iwayama sword.


After weighing it a little, the Iwayama sword seems to be a lot heavier, but it’s a good thing for him.


With the improvement of the realm of cultivation, the previous weight was a little inappropriate. Although the current weight is a little heavier, it is still manageable.


Just when he was about to check the power of the Panshan Knife, the knife clothing suddenly changed. Lu Ye clearly felt that the knife clothing attached to the Panshan Knife was like quicksand falling into the water and quickly merged into the Panshan Knife. , disappeared in the blink of an eye.


This change made him stunned, and he was a little confused for a while.


But in the next moment, a scene that made him distressed appeared.


The prohibition within the Iwayama Sword is breaking and shattering at an extremely fast rate.


The quality of the magic weapon depends entirely on the number of bans. The more bans, the higher the quality.


The Panshan Sword has been upgraded several times, and it is now a long sword at the level of a magic weapon. Naturally, the number of restrictions inside is not small. Logically speaking, unless the blade is extremely damaged or broken, the restrictions inside are not enough. may be destroyed.


But this kind of thing happened right under Lu Ye’s nose.


The Soul Chopping Knife obviously has the effect of dissolving the ban!


In the Zhan Gong Pavilion, Lu Ye didn’t see these when he was investigating the introduction of the Soul Chopping Blade. Of course, the introduction of the treasures in the Zhan Gong Pavilion was relatively general and not particularly detailed, such as the introduction of the Soul Soul Tower. , in a word, guard the sea of ​​​​divine.


As for how to guard the soul and how effective it is, users should pay attention to observe it.


A monk is not a child, he has his own judgment, and many things do not need to be so detailed.


But this time the situation is different. The prohibition in the Iwon Mountain Knife is disappearing at an extremely fast speed, and the quality of the entire knife is also rapidly Lu Ye wanted to stop it, and quickly urged his spiritual power to pour it into it. , but it has no effect, watching the long sword that accompanied his growth and cultivation from falling from the level of the magic weapon to the top-quality spiritual weapon, and then to the top-grade, mid-frequency, and low-grade…


In the end it turned into a long knife without any restrictions.


Lu Ye’s forehead jumped with blue veins.


The Soul Chopping Sword is so expensive, if it can really play its due role, then that’s fine. After all, it is used against the enemy.


But this thing has not done any good, and it has destroyed his own Iwasama sword, which is a bit too much.


Of course, it is not correct to say that it was destroyed. The Iwayama sword is still there, and it has not been substantially damaged. As long as it is returned to the furnace and recast, it can still restore its original quality.


Now Lu Ye can barely do such a thing himself, without the need for outsiders.


But that requires a lot of time, energy, and some special refining materials. Each forbidden construction requires different materials.


Frowning his brows tightly, he was immersed in mental perception. Soon, Lu Ye showed a look of surprise.


He could clearly perceive that there was something more in the Iwayama Knife, which should be the black liquid that formed the Soul Chopping Knife. These things filled every corner of the Iwayama Knife and were perfectly fused with the blade body. divide each other.


And after dissolving all the restrictions, these strange things also settled down, and Lu Ye tried to manipulate them like arms and fingers, mellow and smooth.


He can control these peculiar things, and according to his own mind, gather and scatter within the blade, and even pull them out.


I didn’t think too much at first, but gradually, Lu Ye’s expression became solemn, and a bold idea surged wildly in his mind.


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