Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1036: Prepare for battle



In the following days, Lu Ye will refine the array while urging the power of the talent tree to devour blood crystals for cultivation.


Nearly two hundred array plates are refined almost every day.


Feng Wujiang would come to him every two days and take away the array he made.


Although he stayed in the room and never went out, Lu Ye still had a sense of urgency.


He knows that time is running out for the Holy Land.


The four fronts of the blood clan, the army of more than one million must have been on the way to attack, and it will not be long before the troops will be under the city, and the survival of the Holy Land will only be overnight.


Months pass by in a blink of an eye.


During this period of time, Lu Ye successively refined as many as five or six thousand arrays, and the blood crystals he swallowed were difficult to count.


There is no need to continue refining the array, because it is enough to use.


Just the time to devote yourself fully to your practice. After another ten days, the spiritual power in the body was pure again, the spiritual power turned nine, the invisible air waves swept through, and Lu Ye slowly opened his eyes.


The real lake is nine-tiered.


It’s only one step away from the Divine Sea.


There is not much time left to allow him to cultivate to the Divine Sea Realm, and the battle with the blood race is about to start, so he has no intention of continuing to cultivate.


I didn’t get up immediately, but took two days to consolidate my cultivation.


Only then did I walk out the door, I found the waiter in Tsing Yi who had been staying on the holy mountain, and ordered him to find some materials for me.


The Tsing Yi waiter has no choice but to stay here because he was instructed by Feng Wujiang to meet all Lu Ye’s needs.


An hour later, the Tsing Yi waiter brought all the materials Lu Ye needed, and Lu Ye started to prepare them.


The waiter in Tsing Yi watched curiously, and then asked, “What is your lord doing?”


Lu Ye explained: “The tattoo is used.”


“Tattoo” Tsing Yi waiter puzzled, what is that thing


“You’ll know just by looking at it.” Lu Ye didn’t explain, and asked casually, “How is the enemy’s situation?”


The waiter in Tsing Yi looked solemn: “I heard from the Holy Master before that the blood clan army has already begun to cross the sea of ​​​​the divine tower. It will take six or seven days in short, and ten days and a half in the long.”


Lu Ye nodded, there was enough time.


After half a day, when all the materials were prepared, Dao Shisan, who was standing beside Lu Yechong, beckoned, and Dao Shisan obediently stepped forward.


“Take off your shirt, lie down.” Lu Ye pointed to the wooden bed in front of him.


Dao Thirteen did what he said.


When everything was ready, Lu Ye took out the set of needles that his master had given him, and began to pierce the spirit pattern on Dao Shisan.


The thorns are naturally the same spirit pattern.


Although you already have the same qi linking array, you can easily form a battle with your partner’s qi machine as long as you are within the range of the array’s power.


But after all, there is a drawback, that is, the formation plate may be captured by the enemy and used by the enemy.


And in the battle, once the formation plate is shattered, the formation will not break itself. After all, the formation plate itself is not a particularly strong thing.


But the tattoo is different, there is absolutely no possibility of being captured or broken, unless you die!


Lu Ye is going to stab Dao Shisan and the blood slaves under his command with thorns of the same spirit. In this way, they themselves can replace the formation plate, and it can be said that each of them is a formation plate. , can be connected with other popular machines at will.


It is even said that throwing these tattooed soul slaves into the army of human cultivators can also act as a substitute for the formation, and may be able to play a miraculous effect at critical moments.


Lu Ye hasn’t studied the thorn pattern for a long time… The last time I studied this thing: .. was still in the Huitian Valley Spirit Land of the Yunhe Battlefield, .. stabbed the wolves with thorn patterns. ..


Since he embarked on the road of cultivation, based on the way of spiritual patterns, he has come into contact with too many outsiders, the way of formation, the way of tattoos, the way of refining tools, etc. He may come into contact with more in the future. But a person’s energy is limited, and naturally it is impossible to know everything.




The only result of getting through everything is getting loose.


Cultivation is what he needs to do the most. Maybe one day when his own cultivation base is unable to advance, he will study more outsiders, but it is not possible right now.


Although his accomplishments in the way of the thorns are sparse, thanks to the talent tree, the thorns are really not too difficult for him.


Otherwise, I wouldn’t have chosen Dao Thirteen first.


The waiter in Tsing Yi stood aside and watched Lu Ye dance into a phantom with one hand. The thorns and patterns were changing, and a complex spiritual pattern gradually appeared on Dao Shisan’s chest, which was a bit amazing.


Not long after, Dao Shisan got up and put on his clothes again. Lu Ye summoned a blood clan soul slave and did the same.


Not all vampire soul slaves have tattoos on their chests.


These vampires, some of them are female vampires, can only choose to be tattooed on the back, and the chest is not flat, which also affects the performance of his tattooing.


It took two days for Lu Ye to tattoo all the blood clan soul slaves.


This is where they begin to practice.


The so-called drill is nothing more than to familiarize them with the evolution of the battle.


Lu Ye has already asked from the senior brother for a lot of training methods, just to prepare for today, there are the defensive basalt moon-watching formation, the white tiger smashing the sky formation that tends to kill, and the unpredictable Canglong Seven Suspension Array.


The names of these battles sound very powerful, I think


The effect will not be too bad in actual combat.


And depending on the number of people, the formations that can be formed are also different.


If there are only two people, you can form two dragons and water arrays, and there are three heaven and earth arrays, fourth-level Tusita arrays, and nine palaces of nine people.


The Jiuzhou Tianji has sent a lot of people to the blood refining world over the past few hundred years. Each one has a lot of knowledge and experience. These battles are provided by those seniors, including the essence of Kyushu for at least a thousand years.


Under normal circumstances, it is basically impossible to master the changes of the formation in such a short period of time, even if the people forming the formation are familiar with each other.


Not to mention an existence with a flawed intelligence such as a soldier, who will never be able to understand what a formation is.


However, with the help of Tongqi Lianzhi, the Taoist soldiers actually practiced well.


The biggest difficulty for monks to form a formation is the connection of qi and machine. Everyone’s qi and machine fluctuations are different. If you want to connect with qi machine, you have to accommodate each other and fit each other, just like yin and yang when building a spirit pattern. Binary.


Each spiritual pattern is composed of countless yin and yang elements combined in different ways, which can form a whole.


The spirit pattern of the same qi and branches perfectly solves this biggest difficulty, and the rest is naturally simple.


After training like this for several days, Lu Ye led the group of Taoist soldiers and flew out of the holy mountain majestically.


Having asked about the location of the senior brother, Lu Ye rushed over there.


Shao Qing, on a small outlying island, saw the figure of Senior Brother.


There is a city on the small island, but it is not used to live in people. All the people on the holy land are concentrated on the big island in the center. The small islands on the periphery, and even the city on the island, are just fortifications.


Many human monks in the city are busy, making the final preparations before the war.


Feng Wujiang is standing on the city wall, beside him – Dao Dao figures are sitting or standing, at least there are seventy or eighty people, the senior brother is obviously assigning the task of defense, and at this moment, those who are qualified to stand beside him are all They are all the top powerhouses from Kyushu.


After decades of development in the local area, although many Divine Sea Realms were born, their cultivation bases are not too high, and they are not qualified to attend such occasions.


When Lu Ye arrived, a pair of eyes immediately looked over.


There is no coercion, but Lu Ye still feels a mountain of pressure.


I looked up and saw that almost all of these people had white hair and beards, and there were few middle-aged people.


There are a few female nuns who are as well-maintained as Yueji, and they look youthful and beautiful. Among such a group of people, they really stand out from the crowd.


Lu Ye saw Jian Guhong, impermanence and Meng Jie, and the mother-in-law…


Falling down, a large group of Taoist soldiers also fell behind them, all with dull expressions and dull eyes.


In comparison, Dao Shisan is undoubtedly much more normal.


“Holy Master, this is your junior brother who sees the head but not the tail of the dragon.” A white-haired old man asked, and the others looked up and down Lu Ye with interest.


Feng Wujiang laughed and hugged Lu Ye’s shoulder affectionately: “Yes, this is my junior and junior brother, seniors, watch how the back waves push the front waves


Lu Ye hurriedly saluted in four circles: “Lu Ye of Bingzhou Jade Blood Sect, I have met all the seniors.”


It’s not okay to be respectful.


No way, the people here are the real seniors, each of them is a powerful figure in their own era, stirring up the situation in Kyushu, no matter whether they are from Haotian League or Wanmoling, now All their own.


Lu Ye actually likes this kind of atmosphere very much. Everyone works together for one purpose, and there is no estrangement between them.


Unlike in Kyushu, there are many open and secret battles even among people of the same faction.


There is no personal enmity between the artists of different car camps, but the confrontation between the camps has a difference


The reason why the knives face each other.


The white-haired old man stretched out his hand to stroke his beard and smiled slightly: “It’s true that there are talents from all over the world.”


Lu Yezhen Lake’s ninth-layer cultivation is in their people


People who do not buy 1TA and 2 are not allowed to use the means shown by Lu Who are they not


Know, no one knows


Originally this time, the Sanctuary didn’t have much confidence in the encirclement and suppression of the blood clan, because the limited information we heard showed that the blood clan’s troops dispatched this time were far better than before, and there were many strong blood clan hidden in the army. Among them, there must be a large number of Holy Seeds.


Obviously, the blood clan also knows that as long as the outer defense line of the Holy Land is broken this time, there will be a chance to remove this tumor from the sea of ​​​​the divine tower and eradicate this serious concern.


To this end, the blood clan also made great efforts.


This led to a very low chance of winning in the Jade Blood Holy Land. Before Lu Ye appeared, the seniors in the Holy Land were even divided into two factions. One faction advocated taking the current human race monks out of the sea of ​​​​divine towers. Find another place to resettle for the follow-up.


It’s just that this is too difficult to do.


After all, this is the blood refining world, and the blood clan is the master of the family. Feng Wujiang was lucky to find the Divine Tower Sea to create the Jade Blood Holy Land. There is no other Divine Tower Sea in this world that can provide such a benefit to the Jade Blood Holy Land. terrain.


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