Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1035: Blood Warriors



“Can Junior Brother be in charge of refining that Array?” Feng Wujiang said.



“No problem, I meant it.”



“Okay, I’ll go back and have someone send you the materials you need.” Feng Wujiang was delighted, just now he saw Lu Ye refining the array plate. Now, at least 200 yuan can be refined in one day, which is enough time.



As Feng Wujiang went in the other direction, after a while, he came to a cave at the foot of the holy mountain, the entrance of the cave



There are several monks at the place, and when they see Feng Wujiang, they all salute: “Holy Lord!”



Feng Wujiang forehead, led Lu Ye towards the expert.



In the beginning, I walked straight forward, and then I saw Banzhi 1r, and then I reached a huge one hundred feet deep in the ground



In the cave, the fire flickered around the cave, and the light was not dim.



Lu Ye looked around and saw that there was a large water tank-like container in every gate in the cave. The water tank



There are also round things in it.



He didn’t see what those round things were at first, but when he focused his vision, he couldn’t help but be slightly startled: “Master, these are…”



“Dao Soldier!” Feng Wujiang stood beside Lu Ye with his hands on his back and replied softly.



“So many!” Lu Ye exclaimed.



The number of water tanks in this cave is nearly 100, and the round things he sees are all heads!



The key is that those heads have pointed ears on both sides. These soldiers are obviously not human races, but blood races!



Over the past few decades, the Holy Land and the blood clan have fought several times. Each time the blood clan suffered heavy losses, naturally many blood clans were captured by the Holy Land.



The vampires captured alive were all refined into Dao soldiers by Feng Wujiang, which is what Lu Ye saw in front of him.



The method of refining Taoist soldiers was obtained from somewhere in Kyushu. Taishan also learned how to refine Taoist soldiers. Taishan can refine it, and he can also refine it.



It’s just that he felt that Dao soldiers were too harmful to the world, so he never made them.



But he is obviously not a pedantic person who doesn’t know how to adapt. It would be harming to use the human race to refine Dao soldiers, but there is no problem with the blood race.



Among the vampires who have been captured alive in recent years, he has selected many of them with good aptitude and set out to refine Dao soldiers.



But the casualty rate of refining Taoist soldiers is outrageous, and the birth of Taoist soldiers is one in a hundred. After decades, only these hundreds of Taoist soldiers were born.



Lu Ye stepped forward to the nearest water tank to investigate, and found that the water tank was filled with a strange liquid, with a strong medicinal fragrance, and I don’t know how to prepare it. Among them, the eyes are tightly closed, and only the head is exposed on the water.



His breathing was almost non-existent, but Lu Ye could sense that he was not dead.



“These are all finished Dao soldiers, but because they are blood races, although they are successfully refined, they are born with some rebellion. Under normal circumstances, there is no big problem, but if they are attacked or too painful, It is very likely that he will defect and cannot be used in the war, so it has been sealed here.”



Lu Ye immediately reacted: “Senior brother wants me to enslave them?”



Feng Wujiang’s forehead: “Originally, I thought that these Dao soldiers would not be of much use, but since you have the ability to control people’s minds, Junior Brother, these Dao soldiers may be handed over to you.”



Yesterday I heard that Lu Ye had such a method, and Feng Wujiang immediately thought of these sealed Dao soldiers, but the Dao soldiers that had been refined hard could not be used because of concerns. After all, it was a pity.



“No problem.” Lu Ye responded quickly.



“But Junior Brother, are you sure that this method can also be effective for these vampires? This matter can’t be taken lightly, this



Every Taoist soldier in the sect is higher than your cultivation base, and once the master is eaten, it is no joke. “



“They are in the Divine Sea Realm?” Lu Ye was shocked.



Feng Wujiang’s forehead: “It’s all in the Divine Sea Realm!”



The blood races he selected are all very suitable for refining Taoist soldiers, and they also have secret techniques to catalyze and squeeze potential



Li, after decades, it would not be a problem for them to be promoted to Divine Sea, but the price paid is that these Dao soldiers have damaged their intelligence, and there is no possibility of diligence, just like Dao Thirteen.



Lu Ye raised his eyes and watched. Hundreds of Dao soldiers meant hundreds of Divine Sea Realm. Even if these Dao soldiers were not high in the Divine Sea Realm, the Divine Sea was the Divine Sea.



Pulling out such a force would definitely be of great help to the Jade Blood Holy Land.



“So I want to make sure that your methods will not go wrong, Junior Brother.”



“Absolutely not.” Lu Ye assured, “Senior brother doesn’t know anything, my method is actually a divine pattern. If it is a divine sea realm with normal spiritual intelligence, it may be possible to devour the master. Damaged Dao soldiers have absolute **** and suppression.”



“God pattern?” Feng Wujiang was surprised, “That’s not…”



Although he is not a spirit pattern master, he also knows what a divine pattern is. It can only be constructed by activating divine sense. Lu Ye is clearly only a real lake.



Halfway through the words, Feng Wujiang sensed a divine sense emanating from Lu Ye.



“Junior Brother, you actually have a spiritual sense!” Feng Wujiang was really surprised, even he had never seen such a bizarre thing before.



How can a True Lake Realm give birth to the Spiritual Mind? Even if his junior and junior brothers are already at the 8th-layer Real Lake Realm, there is no precedent for a True Lake to nurture a soul body in this world.


“I once had the chance to get a lot of soul cleansing water. After taking it for a long time, my soul became strong. After a chance coincidence, I gave birth to a soul body and gave birth to a spiritual sense.



There is no need to hide too much in front of my senior brother, and the second senior sister and Nian Yuexian also know about this,



Besides, when you use means to enslave these Dao soldiers, the senior brother can also notice.



Feng Wujiang didn’t know what to say. He thought his life experience was bizarre enough, and he never thought about Lu Ye more.



After making up his mind, Feng Wujiang said: “Then let me see the methods of the younger brother.”



Lu Ye smiled, raised his hand and placed it on the soldier’s forehead, his spiritual sense motivated.



Dao Bing is in a deep sleep, obviously it is Feng Wujiang’s method, just like yesterday he made Dao Shisan lose his ability to move with one finger, and fell asleep on the spot.



Naturally, there is no resistance to Lu Ye’s methods, and the spiritual wisdom of the Taoist soldiers is in short supply.



After counting the time before and after, Lu Ye withdrew his hand.



Feng Wujiang turned his head and looked at him, asking for advice, Lu Ye said: “It’s alright, senior brother wake him up.”



Feng Wujiang walked behind the soldier, raised his hand and pressed it on the back of the soldier’s head, not knowing what he had done, the sleeping Dao soldier woke up suddenly.



In the dim environment, the eyes opened like two blood lights, and then he stood up, his spiritual power surging uncontrollably, the large vat containing the body was broken, and the medicinal liquid inside was flowing all over the ground.



Feng Wujiang waited and watched quietly, only waiting for any inappropriate actions of this soldier to kill him.



But this soldier just glanced left and right, and then stood obediently in front of Lu Ye, his head lowered, and he looked respectful.



The chaotic spiritual power gradually calmed down.



After confirming that there is no problem with this soldier, Feng Wujiang was relieved.



Lu Ye has already walked towards the other big vat, following the same steps.



-Walking down the road, -oO people uL1, a sleeping Taoist soldier woke up.



Less than half of the clothes were spent on the front and back, and all of them were planted by Lu Ye.



Almost every Taoist soldier is a little disordered in the first day of waking up. This is the sequela of the long-term slaughtering of the stone, and they will instinctively move and






For example, their cultivation base is very clear in Ye Yi Shi’er.



The elder brother is right, these Dao soldiers are all in the Divine Sea Realm, and none of them are under the Divine Sea.



The level of cultivation is also very average, basically concentrated between the second and fourth layers of the Divine Sea, and there are very few fifth-layers, only five.



The Thirteenth Dao is also the fifth level of the Divine Sea.



From this point of view, although this method of refining Dao soldiers is useful, it has too many defects and a very high failure rate. Once it fails, it is death.



It can be seen only from the number of Taoist soldiers in front of him. Although Lu Ye doesn’t know how many blood clans Feng Wujiang has captured over the years, standing in front of him, there are only about a hundred people in total.



“These Dao soldiers will be handed over to Junior Brother in the future.” Feng Wujiang said.



“Senior brothers, rest assured, we will let them play their due value.”



“Go out.”



A group of three came in, but when they went out, it was mighty.



Feng Wujiang had something to do, so he left first.



Lu Ye led a large group of vampires back to the top of the Holy Mountain, but the azure-clothed waiter was quite frightened, subconsciously thinking that the vampires had already come.



In the room, a waiter in green clothes walked in tremblingly: he was carrying a long robe… Yuanren, this is what the Holy Master ordered me to give you. “



Lu Ye reached out and took it: “It’s hard work.”



“It’s not The waiter in Tsing Yi squeezed out a smile and stepped out boldly. He disappeared in a puff of smoke.



There is no way. There are hundreds of Vampire Divine Sea Realm standing in front of Lu Ye’s door.



In the room, Lu Ye checked the contents of the storage bags. Two of the storage bags were filled with various materials for the refining array, and the remaining two were filled with blood crystals.



Lu Ye poured out one of the bags of blood crystals, and a hill was immediately piled up beside him.



Looking at these blood crystals, Lu Ye let out a long sigh. Now, there is no shortage of resources to advance to the ninth-layer real lake.



Not only were these blood crystals extremely numerous, but they were also of good quality. Lu Ye picked up one of them, felt the surging power contained in them, and immediately concluded that this was a blood crystal of the blood of the gods.



He has never obtained the blood crystals of the Divine Sea Realm blood family.



The number of blood races who died in the archipelago around the Holy Land was extremely large, and naturally there was no shortage of Divine Sea Realm.



Throw it directly in the mouth and chew it.



The taste is still the same.



Feeling the energy in the blood crystal, Lu Ye was extremely satisfied.



He jumped up directly and sat on the hill-like blood crystal, activating the power of the talent tree, and the invisible roots extended out, poking into the blood crystal beside him, and swallowing it up to his heart’s content .



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