House Dad’s Literary Life: Xiao Han’s new book “I’m Really Not a Cameo Dad”



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Xiao Han’s new book is called “I’m Really Not a Cameo Daddy”. In fact, from the title of the book, everyone can tell that this is another nanny essay, and it is somewhat similar to “Yang Xiaoluo”. The little protagonist, our smart and cute Wanwan is not the daughter of the male protagonist.


In fact, in “Daddy’s Literary Life”, Xixi’s character setting is also a bit similar, after all, Yang Yi is also a soul wearer.


But this time, in “I’m Really Not a Cameo Daddy”, Wan Wan has absolutely nothing to do with the male protagonist Yang Jing! And it’s not like Luoluo, who has been taking care of her since she was a child, it’s no different from whether she is related by blood or not.


And the point is, Yang Jing likes Wan Wan’s mother, Liang Xiaoyun’s setting will be explained in Chapter 2, she is a very brave and hard-working single mother!


As stated in the introduction (not to mention spoilers), Yang Jing likes her delicate and gentle, but more like her indomitable, strong and stubborn character.


The reason why I like it so much is also related to Yang Jing’s setting. After all, Yang Jing’s body is a soul from another world powerhouse. He has no emotional experience, but he will be more compatible with a character like Liang Xiaoyun! Because in that world that pursues strength, weakness will only be bullied, and weakness cannot survive!


Of course, Xiaohan is not writing about this topic to explore why Yang Jing likes Sister Xiaoyun. Instead, I want to explore how Yang Jing can resolve Xiaoyun’s heartbreak, how to break through the world’s vision, and how to convince her parents and family to come together with Xiaoyun…


Of course, the relationship between Yang Jing and Wanwan’s cameo dad and temporary daughter is also very interesting. It’s different from Xiaohan’s previous books, which were very pure love and care. “I’m Really Not a Cameo Dad” Wanwan is a very smart little girl, and it is not an exaggeration to describe it as a genius!


But Wanwan is just smart, she is not a transmigrator, she is still a very simple five-year-old girl, she will also have the idea of ​​a normal child who longs for fatherly love and the company of adults!


How to write Wan Wan so special, yet normal and likable, this is also a big challenge for Xiao Han!


As for Yang Jing’s concern for Wanwan, it’s really not because of Sister Xiaoyun’s relationship. As you will see later, Wanwan’s cleverness and sensibleness have also given Yang Jing from another world a love for her. Also “daughter” and friend’s confidant!


Family, is to love and support each other!


The description of the relationship between Yang Jing and Wanwan is also a new challenge for Xiaohan!


I also ask everyone to be more patient and let Xiaohan tell everyone this warm and joyful story slowly! I believe Xiaohan, the cute baby is always there, there will be no less happiness, just read it easily!


(PS: The growth story of Xiao Sui Tang will also be interspersed in the author’s words in this book to meet you, thank you for your love for Xiao Su Tang!)


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