House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 999: Personality (1/4)



“I said baba, we can go and see how others do the blackboard newspaper!”


On the morning of Tuesday, after the first get out of class, Xixi excitedly gathered her friends and Du Yuqian, like a round table meeting, gathered around and discussed it.


“Okay!” Du Yuqian said without thinking, giggling.


“Who are you going to see?” Lan Xin asked her question as no one followed suit.


“You can go to see Sister Xiaowei’s class! Xiaoyu’er, do you remember, we went back to find Sister Xiaowei to play, and there is a blackboard newspaper in the back of their class?” Xixi had already planned, The idea is very clear.


“Well, I remembered. Yes, we can find Sister Xiaowei!” Lu Xiaoyu nodded.


These little girls chatted about the news on the blackboard, with a lively look, which still attracted the attention of some boys who like to join in the fun.


Chen Yuxuan leaned on the desk, leaned out, and came over curiously to listen.


However, he doesn’t want to work. As soon as he heard these girls talking about what to do with the blackboard newspaper, Chen Yuxuan immediately retracted his head, as if he was worried that Xixi and the others would pull a strong man!


However, how would the girls pay attention to him?



During the big class break, Xixi took her three “teammates” and aggressively attacked the sixth class of the third grade, which is Yu Xiaowei’s class.


“Do you want to read the blackboard newspaper?” After listening to Xixi’s explanation, Yu Xiaowei led Xixi and the others to the back window, where five people stood in a row, peeking through the window.


The third grader’s blackboard newspaper is still very good. After all, they also have two years of experience. These blackboard newspapers, which were produced last semester, still look brand new.


Lines of text are separated by color frames and patterns, which can make more reasonable use of space, and make the layout more orderly and more beautiful!


The big title is also very beautiful. It is estimated that the edges are drawn with chalk, and each stroke looks very three-dimensional.


The edges and corners of the text box are also interspersed with small patterns, giving people a cute and fresh feeling, and of course, the overall look and feel will not be boring because of too many words!


“It turns out that the blackboard newspaper is like this!” Du Yuqian sighed in a low voice while watching.


“Sister Xiaowei, has your class’s blackboard newspaper won an award?” Xixi asked curiously.


“I didn’t win the award…” Yu Xiaowei was a little embarrassed to say it outside her class, looked left and right, and then said in a low voice, “I have read the blackboard newspapers of the three classes that won the award, they are beautiful Yes! They painted a lot of pictures, and there are a lot of interesting things, they are amazing!”


“It’s okay, Xixi can draw too!” Lan Xin pointed at Xixi and said proudly.


“I don’t know, because I use chalk to draw, and I haven’t painted with chalk yet.” Xixi hesitated for a while, but quickly said energetically, “But I can try, little one. Sister Wei, can you win an award if you draw beautifully?”


Yu Xiaowei pondered for a while, shook her head, and said, “I need to write the blackboard newspaper well. Yes, yes, our teacher said that our handwriting is not very good-looking.”


Will there be beautiful chalk writing? Several little girls were lost in thought.


The big class break also passed quickly. Not long after, the four first-grade girls who finished visiting the blackboard newspaper in Yu Xiaowei’s class were going back.


However, when she said goodbye to Yu Xiaowei and was about to go downstairs together, Du Yuqian said enviously to Xixi: “Xixi, you are really amazing, you also know the senior sister Xiaowei, she knows a lot. !”


“Sister Xiaowei certainly knows a lot! Because they have done a lot of blackboard newspapers!” Lan Xin shouted nonchalantly.


But their words gave Xixi an idea, her eyes lit up, she turned and ran back, holding the hand of Yu Xiaowei who was still watching them.


“Sister Xiaowei, can you help us?” Xixi was a little excited, took Yu Xiaowei’s hand, twisted her body, seemed to be asking coquettishly, and said, “Everyone said you I know a lot, can you help us see how the blackboard newspaper does it?”


It’s the equivalent of hiring a designer!


Yu Xiaowei was stunned for a moment, and asked nervously: “Is it really possible? But I haven’t done it either. I just read some blackboard newspapers.”


“It’s okay, you know more than us!” Xixi thought very clearly, she said earnestly, “Okay? Sister Xiaowei, just help me, okay?”


Although Yu Xiaowei has no sense of presence in their class, and the class cadres are discussing making a blackboard newspaper, they will not ask for her opinion, but Yu Xiaowei still wants to participate in some activities!


So, when Yu Xiaowei heard Xixi’s invitation, her expression was a little surprised. Now, when Xixi invited so sincerely, Yu Xiaowei was even more happy. She pursed her lips and smiled at the corners of her eyes. Said, “Well, I want to try it too.”



After saying goodbye to Yu Xiaowei, several little girls rushed down the stairs and rushed back to their classrooms.


Du Yuqian was a little excited. She ran beside Xixi and said with a slightly uneven breath: “Xixi, that’s great… Well, with the help of Sister Xiaowei, we will definitely be able to do this blackboard report!”


Xixi giggled and said, “It’s not enough, didn’t Sister Xiaowei say that we have to write beautifully? But, we can’t!”


“Yes, then what should I do?” Du Yuqian was helpless again, and could only look at Xixi eagerly.


“I have a solution for this!” Xixi said affirmatively, “I tell you, I have a good friend. He writes very nicely. I said that his Baba is a calligrapher!”


Unfortunately, the class is about to begin, and the teacher was about to enter the classroom. Xixi didn’t have time to talk to Du Yuqian in detail, and the little girls quickly returned to their seats.



When school was over in the morning, Xixi and the others added another general to their blackboard newspaper team.


“Yuqian, this is Nan Zhaoyu!” In the dining hall, Xixi found Du Yuqian who was eating and introduced her, “Nan Zhaoyu is also super good, he can write beautiful words, and then I can also recite poems and read a lot of books!”


Du Yuqian blinked, she was still eating in her mouth, and looked straight at Nan Zhaoyu, which made Nan Zhaoyu a little embarrassed, and the little boy blushed.


Du Yuqian asked curiously, “Is Nan Zhaoyu also the older brother?”


“Hehe, that’s not it!” Xixi saw Du Yuqian misunderstood and quickly explained, “He is from Class the same grade as us!”


Lan Xin and Lu Xiaoyu next to each other grabbed each other’s hands and laughed and laughed: “Du Yuqian calls Nan Zhaoyu a brother…”


“Then, will Nan Zhaoyu help us make the blackboard newspaper too?” Du Yuqian asked worriedly. She felt that they were all in the same grade. How could this boy help their class make the blackboard newspaper?


“That’s right!” Xixi thought it was a matter of course, she took credit and said, “I invited Nan Zhaoyu!”


“I will help.” Nan Zhaoyu saw Du Yuqian questioning, and couldn’t help but say, “Because Xixi and I are best friends!”


Du Yuqian laughed and said, “That’s fine! It’s great, we have so many people doing the blackboard newspaper together!”


Du Yuqian saw that there were so many people helping her, and her confidence increased. They will definitely be able to do this blackboard newspaper well, and maybe they will win awards and praise from teachers and mothers?


It’s all because she has a good partner, Xixi!


This network is amazing!


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