House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 997: Let’s build one by ourselves (three/four)



In February, the second season of “Extreme Challenge”, which was scheduled to be broadcast at prime time on the weekend, began its joyous journey again. Although the premiere was not as stunning as last year, and it did not set a new record again, its ratings were still at the top of the variety shows in the same period, and even reached the top when the second episode was broadcast.


This shows that “Extreme Challenge” already has a group of very loyal fans. As long as the main six members are not exchanged and the show does not have major problems, its ratings can basically be guaranteed!


However, in Jiangcheng, the preparatory work for a new variety show created by Jiangnan TV and Zhongxing Productions has been basically completed. one recording.


This is probably a big opponent that “Extreme Challenge” will have to face in the future-although they are of different types, and they are the works of the same boss, but in the same time period, in terms of ratings and public opinion competition On, the two programs are bound to have a contest!



Today, Yang Yi and Murphy also came to Jiangnan TV station, ready to visit and experience the richness and pride of Jiangnan TV station, a music temple-like recording hall specially built by Jiangnan TV station for their program. It was unexpected by Yang Yi.


Outside Jiangnan TV, there is always a shortage of reporters. Yang Yi’s car slowly drove into the compound and stopped in the parking lot. When he and Murphy got out of the car, there was a sound of clicking, The sound of snapping pictures.


Yang Yi turned his head subconsciously to see that several paparazzi were excitedly standing outside the fence holding their cameras, frantically pressing the shutter.


This kind of scene, Yang Yi is now no stranger to it, his eyes just swept over them, but the expression on his face did not fluctuate. Afterwards, Yang Yi locked the car, stretched out his hand and gently embraced Murphy who was holding Xiao Jiao, and the two walked calmly towards the direction of the TV station building.


Hong Yumin came out to greet them. Coincidentally, under the building, Yang Yi and the others also met Wu Xiangdong, director of Jiangnan TV, and his assistant Qin Yu.


Wu Xiangdong smiled when he saw Yang Yi, but he had to preside over a work meeting later, so he asked Qin Yu to greet Yang Yi.


There is no need to repeat those polite remarks. The main purpose of Yang Yi and his party is to visit and test the new recording and broadcasting hall of “I Am a Singer”. Soon, they arrived at the recording and broadcasting hall.


As soon as you enter, the door is closed, and any movement from the outside world seems to have been isolated. The perfect sound insulation effect makes Yang Yi and Murphy’s so picky ears only hear the buzzing of the staff on the scene. Voice.


The recording and broadcasting hall is about 1,200 square meters. It is not big, but it can support a small stage.


The circular stage, like the Temple of Heaven, is surrounded by several steps, giving people a competitive feeling of the PK stage in the middle of the ancient Roman Colosseum! The decoration of the stage is very luxurious. The bright black tiles are made of special material. It is a kind of decoration that can reflect light but does not reflect too much conspicuous light like a mirror. Lights of different shades will shine on it to a certain extent. Amplification effect.


There are naturally all kinds of spotlights and colored lights behind the stage. However, what is more eye-catching is the row of line array speakers. They are like the sails of a sailboat. hang down.


“Thanks to the support of Jiangnan TV. Our equipment is very good, such as audio, L-;KUDOV-DOSC for main amplifier and L-;HIQ15 for stage return…” Hong Yu Min was a little excited to introduce to Yang Yi, and a long list of complicated brand models could be blurted out.


(Note: These are some materials from the real “Singer”.)


Neither Yang Yi nor Murphy are outsiders. Although they cannot be said to be audio equipment experts, they still know what kind of position these devices really occupy in the audio industry.


“It seems that none of Eason’s concerts can be performed on such a large scale. Director Hong, can I try it out later?” Murphy’s eyes showed excitement, and he asked Hong Yumin with a smile. road.


“No problem. We completed all the wiring yesterday. Today is mainly for debugging. You can also help us to test the sound effect!” Hong Yumin said with a smile.


The equipment at the scene is luxurious. In addition to these speakers, there are also Ferraris in the mixing console; SD5, SD7, as well as top microphones, wireless systems…


Of course, with such good equipment, it still needs a top team to support it. But there is no need to worry about this. After the tempering of the first season of “The Voice of China”, and the subsequent recruitment of more top tuners, radio engineers, and music producers in the industry, Zhongxing produced the equipment for Hong Yumin. The professional team is also a luxurious lineup!


Qin Yu is worthy of being an assistant to the director. He knows how to be a man very well. He knows that he is not a professional. When Hong Yumin introduced Yang Yi, he was very knowledgeable and just listened with a smile.


I don’t know if he understood, anyway, he smiled and nodded from time to time, as if he understood.


“In the end, it’s the TV station in our hometown that has given us a lot of support. For such an expensive equipment, you can buy it if you say it!” Hong Yumin complimented Jiangnan TV in a timely manner.


This is when Qin Yu was speaking. He smiled and waved his hand, saying, “Where? Mr. Yang and Mr. Hong, you are famous. It is also our luck that our TV station can cooperate with you.”


Qin Yu stretched out his hand to cover his mouth lightly, and whispered a few words intentionally: “Don’t lie to Teacher Yang, here we have grown a lot of strength in Wutai, after all, the relationship between Teacher Yang and Mayor Guo is in the Here, this program must cooperate with you wholeheartedly, so the resources must be equipped with the best for you!”


Then, he laughed loudly, returned to his normal voice, and said with a smile: “Of course, the TV station has also made an assessment, and feels that under the background that “The Voice of China” has heated up the music variety show market, we This program has a novel format and has a better effect in terms of star calling, and it can be made into a major signature program of our station, so it is normal to give more support.”


Yang Yi felt uncomfortable listening to these official voices. Although Qin Yu was also flattering, there was probably a lot of hypocrisy in it.


Fortunately, Qin Yu quickly closed his mouth and pretended to be a transparent person next to him, so as not to disturb Yang Yi and Murphy’s audition.


The process of Murphy’s a cappella singing audition, Hong Yumin arranged for someone to watch the camera and turn on the audio equipment to record it. These are all tidbits used for the promotion of the “I Am a Singer” program in the future.


“The effect is very good!” After Murphy finished singing, Yang Yi smiled and applauded, commenting, “I’m listening below, it’s a wonderful feeling, it seems that every change of your voice is in my ear. It’s better than listening to non-destructive music with top-notch headphones! And the sound pressure caused by the sound at the scene is exactly the same as the concert, and the feeling of listening to the scene is great!”


“You also come and sing Let me try it!” Murphy pulled Xiaojiao to his side, urging Yang Yi, she also wanted to feel the effect of this level of sound array on the scene. The ultimate music enjoyment.


The two played the stereo as if no one else was there.


After listening to Yang Yi’s live performance, Murphy couldn’t help but give a thumbs up and said with emotion, “A good sound is different!”


She glanced at Hong Yumin and Qin Yu next to her, pulled Yang Yi, and asked secretly, “You said, can we borrow this place? I suddenly felt that this kind of place is very suitable for fans to shake hands. Yes, we will occasionally hold such small events, not necessarily such a large-scale concert, but it is also a good feedback to some fans who have always supported us!”


Murphy is a little uncertain, because the venue and equipment here are all owned by Jiangnan TV. If you want to borrow it, I’m afraid it will use the favor of Guo Ziyi’s father.


Yang Yi smiled and said, “Why borrow someone else’s? If you like it, let’s buy a piece of land near the company, rebuild a small theater, and build our own venue on this scale. ?”


This money, Yang Yi can still afford to squander.


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