House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 996: Yu Xiaowei’s gift (2/4)



Xixi was finally elected as the literary committee member of their first grade and third class, and Wang Leilei, who actively participated in various elections, but accompany her all the way sadly, finally Li Ruolan couldn’t bear it, and let him serve as the team of their group long work.


What does a team leader do?


It doesn’t seem to be anything special, it’s just helping the department representatives receive and distribute homework. Even the appointment of the four group leaders did not require elections. Except for one student who actively wanted to be the group leader, the other two needed an “invitation” from Li Ruolan, and finally reluctantly agreed to become the group leader.


Wang Leilei was also directly invited by Li Ruolan, but he was still quite satisfied with the title of the group leader.


The team leader, the team leader, is only one word behind the class leader when you read it! Go back and report to your parents, there must be a card!



Let’s not talk about Xiao Wang, Xixi, who once again served as a literary and art committee member, has not yet felt any difference between her study and life from the previous semester.


When she was in class, she still chatted with Lu Xiaoyu and played with Lan Xin during recess.


It’s not like Cao Ruolin and several other vice squad leaders. They all seem to be officials. They go to the teacher’s office when they are free all day. They are more attentive than the department representatives who are going to get homework.


Of course, Xixi has no interest in those powers and struggles. In comparison, she is more willing to seize the hard-won precious time between classes and tell her friends about what she experienced at her grandpa’s house during the winter vacation. Some interesting experiences.


However, in the third recess on Tuesday, Yu Xiaowei, who hadn’t seen each other during the holidays, came to look for them!


This is the first time for Yu Xiaowei to come to the teaching building of the younger brother and sister of the lower grade. She is standing outside the door of the third class of the first grade with a small bag in her hand, her face is exposed. A nervous and hopeful look.


“Hey, isn’t that Sister Xiaowei?” Lu Xiaoyu, who was sharp-eyed, was the first to find out, and she happily told Xixi about her discovery.


“Wow, Sister Xiaowei!” Xixi turned her head to look and called out excitedly. She quickly moved her chair away and happily greeted her with Lu Xiaoyu.


Yu Xiaowei brought them gifts. Seeing Xixi and the others coming out, she laughed too, revealing her white teeth. Yu Xiaowei, who used to be introverted and couldn’t laugh at school, has improved a lot now. Not only can she talk to others, but she often grins when she is happy.


“Xixi, Xiaoyuer, I went to Yangcheng with my mother this holiday, and then we went shopping. I saw these sunny dolls are very beautiful, so I bought them back.” Yu Xiaowei said seriously , “You all have it, and Xiner has it too.”


I saw Yu Xiaowei untied the bag and took out the three boxes inside, two of which were handed to Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu respectively.


“Wow, this is a gift from Sister Xiaowei!” Xixi still didn’t know what the Sunny Doll was, but she was very happy when she received the gift, and said happily holding the small box.


“Xin Er went to the toilet!” Lu Xiaoyu said.


Xixi remembered that Yu Xiaowei mentioned the keyword “Yangcheng” just now, she couldn’t even care to open the box to see what was inside, so she couldn’t wait to say to Yu Xiaowei: “Sister Xiaowei, you and your Mama go to Yangcheng play?”


“Well! My mother, and my grandmother.” Yu Xiaowei said.


“I’ve been to Yangcheng too! Also, Sister Xiaowei, I, Baba, Mama and my brother, four of us also went to Gangcheng. Gangcheng is very close to Yangcheng, but it’s fun, let’s go Playing in the amusement park is super fun, and there is a Ferris wheel…” Xixi was excited and told a story of her own.


Under Xixi’s rapid speech, Lu Xiaoyu could only listen in amazement, let alone Yu Xiaowei who was sluggish.


Fortunately, Lan Xin came back and rescued Yu Xiaowei.


She can continue to explain her little gift to Xixi and the others!


“These are Sunny Dolls, and then my mother said that we can also call them Sweeping Lady.” Yu Xiaowei said in a low voice when she saw Lan Xin taking the first two blue and red Sunny Dolls from the box, “Said It’s when it’s raining, hang them up and it won’t rain! That’s why it’s called a sunny doll…”


“So cute!” The two little girls, Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu, forgot to open their boxes. Instead, the two of them saw Lan Xin take it out and were attracted by the two ceramic pendants in Lan Xin’s hands. A little girl approached excitedly and looked down with her head down.


“I like it very much!” Lan Xin fondly touched for a while, and finally nodded her head in affirmation, “Hee hee, thank you Sister Xiaowei!”


“Xixi, Xiaoyuer, you have them too!” Yu Xiaowei reminded that she saw Xixi and the others liked them, and there was a little nervousness on her face, but it disappeared at this moment, and the rest was Happy smile.


What could be more satisfying than the satisfaction of meticulously preparing gifts for your friends and then being recognized and liked?


“Hey, that’s right!” Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu just remembered the box they forgot in their busy chat, and they giggled.


Outside the classroom of the third class of the first grade, the spring sunshine warmly filtered through the branches, flowing in this bright corridor, and also spread on a few cute little faces.



It was almost time for class, and Xixi walked back from the classroom in a hurry. She even had to put the box in her hand into a drawer, so she quickly picked up the textbook and listened to the teacher’s lecture.


This class is obviously a bit torturous. It has nothing to do with the teacher and the content of the course. Xixi is eagerly looking forward to leaving the get out of class soon, and she will continue to play with the pair of cute and chubby ceramic dolls.


Finally, after class, Xixi took out these two sunny dolls from the drawer. Because they felt the texture of ceramics, just like the vases at home, the little girl was a little worried that they would break, but she was very careful hold them up.


“Xixi, where are you going to put them?” Lu Xiaoyu didn’t have so many concerns, she grabbed it in her hands excitedly, and discussed with Xixi, “I heard from sister Xiaowei that she has already hung it up. On the schoolbag, I also want to hang it on the schoolbag, it will look good!”


“No, you can’t hang it on your schoolbag, it will break!” Xixi shook her head reluctantly and said, “I’m going to hang it at home, but I want to ask where I hang my papa .”


“I don’t want to hang it at home. I think it looks better on a schoolbag. This sunny doll is very hard! How could it be broken? I think others are hanging things on their schoolbags!” Lu Xiaoyu insisted own opinion.


“It will break.” Xixi whispered with some concern. She is actually a little less confident in her own judgment, but she is more willing to take a safe approach, so even if she refutes a friend, her own A little lack of confidence, “How about, little fish, you hang it on your schoolbag, and I hang it at home, okay?”


“Yes! I like to hang it on my schoolbag, hehe, because then I can see them often!” Lu Xiaoyu turned around happily, took her schoolbag hanging behind the chair, and began to gesture left and right, See where it hangs better.


She muttered more generously: “Xixi, it’s okay, you hang at home, you can usually see me!”


Xixi also enthusiastically helped her friends find the best position: “Hang it here? There is a button here, and I think it will look good when you hang it here, you are carrying a schoolbag! “


After confirming the location, Xixi put her sunny doll back, and reached out to help the clumsy Lu Xiaoyu cross the line: “I’ll help you!”


These two little girls were fiddling around in their positions, chatting non-stop, and finally succeeded in attracting the attention of others. Chen Yuxuan, who was sitting behind Xixi, couldn’t help but leaned over his head: “You guys What are you doing? Hey, what is this from? It looks good!”


“I can’t show you!” Xixi quickly covered Yes, I can’t show you! “Lu Xiaoyu hugged Xixi and covered Chen Yuxuan’s sight with her body.


Who made Chen Yuxuan play tricks in the class? And there is also a criminal record for peeking at Xixi’s test paper, Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu are both on guard against him!


“If you don’t show it, don’t show it!” Chen Yuxuan sat back angrily.


Is there any way… He can’t bully two girls, can he?


Cao Ruolin is staring at her in front of her. If he dares to bully his classmates, she, the newly appointed monitor, will surely set one of the first three fires (tell the teacher) on his head!


Of course, he said it as if he could bully Xixi and Cao Ruolin…


Not to mention that Xixi is taller than him, stronger than him, and can use swordsmanship… Let’s just say Lu Xiaoyu, his father is a policeman!


Neither of these two girls are good friends… 嘤嘤嘤, let’s not provoke them!


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