House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 995: Those things about voting (1/4)



As for the head teacher Li Ruolan, she prefers to see more activists in the class who want to be the monitor. Appropriate competition can promote the growth of these children. Even if they lose the election, they will be in other positions. In the future, I will work harder to get closer to my desired position.


Therefore, Li Ruolan praised these children so diligently in the front, hoping that they could feel the sense of honor of the cadres on duty. I hope that in the election later, more children will rush to be the monitor!


About ten minutes later, the candidates for monitor took to the stage to give speeches one by one. Teacher Li was very pleased with the eager expressions of the children.


There are still many children who are willing to participate in the election of the monitor, not to mention the super activists like Cao Ruolin.


There were also a few children who just wanted to be captured by Li Ruolan, but they were hesitant to raise their hands, worried that they would not be embarrassed to compete, so they were embarrassed to raise their hands… Fortunately, Li Ruolan walked on, Encourage them to get to the podium.


Now the last candidate Wang Leilei is giving a speech on the podium. This little boy with a flat head is still very nervous and his voice is hesitant, saying: “I, I, I want to be the monitor, yes, yes, It’s because, because my dad wanted me to be the monitor…”


The candidates just now were all subjective, but when they arrived at Wang Leilei’s place, they actually became the instructions of their parents!


His speech made the children in the audience burst into laughter. There were a few naughty little guys, like Chen Yuxuan, who winked with his tablemates and put on a nervous posture of Wang Leilei , and then the two of them laughed at Wang Leilei on stage.


“Everyone be quiet, we want to give Wang Leilei a round of applause, because he has the courage to stand on this podium, and the teacher hopes that you will have the courage to stand up too!” Li Ruolan saw everyone’s laughter, which made Wang Leilei even more embarrassed and embarrassed. She couldn’t wait to bury her head in her chest, so she had to come out to maintain order.


No way!


Looks like someone is missing?


Li Ruolan couldn’t help turning her head to look at the middle back seat. At the back of the classroom, Xixi was sitting honestly in her seat, watching the speeches of her classmates with relish.


“Why didn’t she come to run?” Li Ruolan couldn’t help frowning.


Actually, Li Ruolan really hopes Xixi will participate in the election. This child is very obedient, speaks and does things well, and has good grades. He is the best candidate for monitor in Li Ruolan’s mind!


So, after Wang Leilei stated his original intention of wanting to be the squad leader, after coming down, Li Ruolan glanced at Xixi again, raised her voice and asked if anyone else wanted to run for squad leader?


However, Xixi still watched the play very calmly, and like other children, she smiled with crooked eyebrows, and seemed to have been out of the way.


On the contrary, other candidates were anxious, especially Cao Ruolin, who was the first to give a speech. She looked anxiously at the teacher on the stage for a while, and then looked around at the classmates in the class.


She seems worried that more people are coming to her.


Fortunately, Xixi was still unmoved by the teacher’s words. She didn’t even know whether the teacher said it to her, or sat in her seat and watched curiously.


Li Ruolan had nothing to do. She wrote the names of several children who had just appeared on the blackboard, and then asked each child to take out a blank piece of paper and write the name of their favorite monitor: “…Please wait. Each group of students sitting at the back will help the teacher to collect their votes.”


She still did not impose her will on Xixi in the end. Li Ruolan still hopes to be as democratic as possible in this class cadre election.



It’s time to vote!


Xixi carefully tore off a piece of white paper from her draft book.


“Xixi, can you give me one?” Lu Xiaoyu, who was beside Xixi, turned around for a long time, but couldn’t find a blank piece of paper in her draft book, “I don’t have any more, wait for me. I’ll take it home and return it to you!”


Xixi generously handed the white paper she just torn to Lu Xiaoyu, smiled and said, “You don’t need to pay it back!”


This kind of conversation about borrowing stationery is not considered to be chatting in class – after all, it is impossible to say a word for the whole class, just don’t say some whispers that have nothing to do with the class!


Xixi tore off a piece of paper by herself. At this time, she began to think about which classmate to choose as the new monitor.


There were so many students who gave speeches on stage just now, but only a few people left a deep impression on Xixi, including the serious Cao Ruolin and the serious and funny Wang Leilei.


Xixi didn’t want to choose Cao Ruolin, and finally, her attention fell on Wang Leilei’s name.


“Wang Leilei? Wang Leilei…Okay!” Xixi prefers to follow her inner guidance, and now she only has Wang Leilei’s name left in her mind, although she has never thought about why she chose Wang Leilei, but since it was already confirmed in her consciousness that it was him, the little girl still carefully wrote down Wang Leilei’s name stroke by stroke on her white paper.



When it came time to count the votes, Xixi watched with great interest a classmate was counting the votes, while Mr. Li Ruolan drew the correct characters under the names of the candidates.


“Cao Ruolin…Du Yuqian…Jiang Chen…”


The result of the counting of votes is a bit surprising. With so many candidates, their votes are relatively average, and none of them are particularly top-notch!


On the other hand, there is a very small, more tragic Wang Leilei who only got two votes – I don’t know if the other vote was for himself.


Except for Wang Leilei, the votes of the other candidates were relatively average, with five, six or seven votes, while Cao Ruolin got nine votes. Compared with the total number of people in the class, she got the most votes. The number is definitely not too much!


But compared with other candidates, Cao Ruolin won!


This result is unexpected for many students!


You know, Cao Ruolin is really not very popular in the class!


However, this is also because too many candidates have evenly divided the votes. Of those candidates, who has few good friends? But they voted for one point, and Cao Ruolin became the big winner.


If there were only two candidates, I’m afraid Cao Ruolin would still have so many votes, right? And the remaining votes can completely crush her!


But it’s useless to say this now, according to the rules, the class leader with the highest number of votes!


Cao Ruolin looked surprised, pushed up her glasses, and looked at the final statistics on the blackboard in disbelief. She saw that she had won so few votes before, and thought she was cold, but she didn’t expect to win!


“Let’s congratulate Cao Ruolin for becoming the monitor of our class this semester! I hope you can continue to work hard in the next semester…” Li Ruolan finally announced with a smile.


Her views on Cao Ruolin are not as extreme as other children. She feels that Cao Ruolin is still very cooperative with the teacher, and being a monitor is easy to offend people. Isn’t this normal?



“You chose Wang Leilei!” In the back car, Xixi and Lan Xin chatted in the back about this more interesting and fresh class cadre election, Lan Xin exclaimed, ” I chose Du Yuqian, she is my roommate! Why didn’t you choose Du Yuqian? Now Cao Ruolin is the monitor again!”


“Hee hee, I don’t know! But I think it’s interesting that Wang Leilei said he wanted him to be the monitor!” Xixi giggled.


“So you think whoever speaks is interesting, so who do you choose?” Yang Yi smiled and added a sentence.


“Yes, Baba, isn’t that the case?” Xixi asked in confusion. Looking at her carefree appearance, it seems that she really didn’t take this class cadre election to heart.


“It’s okay, Dad is just talking.” Yang Yi smiled slightly, “You vote, you have the right to vote for anyone.”


Lan Xin ignores this meaningless monitor, she said proudly at this moment: “But, but, Xixi, let me tell you, I voted for you, and then I also let mine Vote for you at the same table.”


“Huh? Didn’t you say Xixi didn’t run for the squad leader?” Yang Yi couldn’t help asking listening to their interesting conversation.


“No, Xixi is not going to be the monitor, she is the entertainment committee member!” Lan Xin hurriedly replied.


Xi Xi stretched out her hand to hug her father’s seat, stuck her head over her little head, and explained to her father with a slightly raised voice: “It was Mr. Li who said that I can dance and I can be a cultural and entertainment committee member. Yes!”


“Then how many votes did you get?” Yang Yi asked curiously.


“I got fifty-seven votes!” Xixi said happily, “Baba, many classmates voted for me.”


After all, Xixi is very popular!


Lan Xin pulled La Xixi and couldn’t wait to ask for credit: “Xixi, I voted for you the most!”


Where does it come from? Isn’t everyone one vote? This Lan Xin…


But Xixi was excited and didn’t think too much. She pulled Lan Xin sweetly and said with a smile: “Hee hee, thank you Xiner!”


“Then who are you running for the cultural and entertainment committee?” Yang Yi heard that her daughter got fifty-seven votes, which means that most of the classmates in the class voted for Xixi, while his opponent only had a few votes .


Yang Yi is very curious, that guy is so tragic?


“Wang Leilei!” Lan Xin and Xixi responded in tandem.


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