House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 994: Class cadre election



With Yang Yi’s “cold” poke, Xixi’s plan to save “money” suffered a setback, and Lan Xin’s dream of ever-moving gold coins was finally shattered! It’s a pity for the two little girls. They thought that the turning point of their lives had come!


But when you wake up, you still have to face reality!


The new semester has begun, and the two little girls are going to be diligent again.


Not only Lan Xin needs to study and exercise hard, Xixi also needs to take back the distraction of playing, otherwise, her good student punch card will encounter the first time without a grain for a whole week!



“Yang Xi and Lu Xiaoyu, you two, during class time, you can’t talk to each other. Even if you know what the teacher says, you should pay attention to the class and don’t affect the learning of other students!”


On the first day of school, in the first class, Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu were severely named and criticized by the teacher in English class!


Obviously, the last sentence the teacher said was Xixi!


After the little girl was criticized by the teacher, her originally excited little emotions suddenly faded: Oops, I forgot to speak in class.


Actually, Xixi didn’t deliberately want to violate the discipline of the classroom… The little girl was just too excited to play this holiday. My roommate continued to chat about the topics they had not finished talking about before class – Lu Xiaoyu also went shopping with her mother and bought a hooded sweater dress!


But after being criticized by the English teacher, Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu didn’t dare to talk anymore, their little heads were lowered in dejection, and Lu Xiaoyu was even more worried that she would be beaten when she went back.


“The teacher can’t see me, the teacher can’t see me…” Lu Xiaoyu buried her head in the book and prayed in her heart.


Lu Xiaoyu can only hope that after the English teacher finishes her class, she will forget her mistake, so that the head teacher Li will not know about it, nor will she report it to her father.


Actually, Li Ruolan had no intention of complaining to the parents about trivial matters, and regardless of the fact that the English teacher did forget about it after class, even if the English teacher told her, Li Ruolan had no idea about such trivial issues. They will only call the two little girls to the office, and at most they will only educate them.


But Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu didn’t know that the English teacher was so forgetful!


This matter, like a shadow, casts a shadow on the hearts of Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu, and the two little girls are not interested in joking all day long.



In the afternoon, after the second get out of class is over, because today is the first day of school, the teacher of each class will host a class meeting, so the interest classes on this day are suspended.


Xixi sat obediently in her seat, looking anxiously at Teacher Li who stepped onto the podium.


She was still a little apprehensive: “Will Mrs. Li criticize me by name?”


However, the theme of Li Ruolan’s class meeting this time was the selection of class cadres. With a warm smile, she first introduced to her classmates the performance of several acting class cadres in their class in the past semester Happening.


“…Last year, the reason why we implemented the system of acting class cadres was mainly because everyone had just arrived at the school and became a member of such a large group for the first time. Therefore, we adopt the system of acting as class cadres, so that all students can understand the responsibilities of class cadres, and let some students who are interested in becoming class cadres try to get in touch with these jobs in the positions they are interested in. After several rotations, some students went to his more suitable positions, some stayed, or some new students took the first step bravely!”


“Here, the teacher would like to commend the following students and thank them for serving as class cadres for a period of time last year. They performed very well and gave the teacher a lot of support and help…”


Here, Li Ruolan played a trick. Although she said she just wanted to praise a few of her classmates, in fact, I saw her talking freely, spending a long time, and almost every applicant was an agent class. The cadre’s classmates called out once, and she glanced at her notebook from time to time to read some impressive things they had done.


These spiritual incentives are very effective, such as Cao Ruolin, who has served as the acting monitor twice but was isolated by her classmates because of her love of suing, Chen Yuxuan, who has poor grades and loves playing basketball but once served as a sports committee member, etc. Wait, every child whose name is called is looking forward to it, as if being illuminated by the dawn, their chests are raised, and there is a somewhat excited smile on their faces.


Xixi was also named. When she started school, she was named by Li Ruolan as the acting cultural and entertainment committee member. She was re-elected for two months. Later, when someone applied for this position, Xixi stepped back to the second line. .


However, this experience does not seem to have a particularly great sense of accomplishment for Xixi, because when she was the cultural and entertainment committee member, there was no need to organize any cultural and entertainment activities in the class. In the music class, according to the teacher’s instructions, lead the students to sing…


However, Li Ruolan still found a “bright spot” to praise Xixi.


After Xixi was named, she raised her head in a daze, and was still a little uneasy, only to hear Teacher Li say on it: “Mr. Yang Xi has also served as an acting cultural and entertainment committee member for two periods. Last semester, I got first place in the school’s December dance competition! This has earned a lot of credit for our class! Let’s all give her another round of applause, okay?”


It seems that the reason for this compliment is far-fetched!


However, with her good popularity in the class, Xixi still received warm applause.


Xixi opened her mouth a little flattered, and her little face that was a little nervous now also showed a happy smile.


This is a compliment!


After Mr. Li named and praised many students in the class, he finally came to the main topic.


“Starting from this semester! We will no longer implement the system of acting class Because everyone is already familiar with it, so we will vote for our entire class by means of elections. Semester class cadre, monitor, vice monitor, study committee member, and entertainment committee member…” Li Ruolan pointed out every position, except that the section representatives are left to the teachers of each section to appoint themselves, these positions need to be selected through democratic elections come out.


“Okay, now, let’s start the first process, which is to elect the monitor! Students who are interested in taking the position of monitor, please stand up bravely, come to this podium, and state why you want to be the monitor. The students will vote for you according to each candidate’s statement and performance, and the one with the highest number of votes will be elected as the monitor! Of course, those who are not selected to be the monitor, don’t be discouraged, you can continue to work hard, we have other positions, etc. After you!” Li Ruolan said with a smile.


Before Mr. Li started, several activists were eagerly looking at the podium, such as Cao Ruolin, who helped her glasses, her eyes sparkling with excitement.


However, these activists do not include Xixi, nor Lan Xin and Lu Xiaoyu.


These little girls are just waiting to watch the show with relish. They don’t like being the monitor. They don’t like the monitor, because Cao Ruolin likes to make small reports…


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