House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 990: Xixi has a bold idea



“Take out the money and put it here for my sister!” Yang Yi reminded Xixi.


I saw the little girl nodded obediently, she turned the small schoolbag she was carrying to the front, opened the zipper, and took out a thick stack of change from it – at home, her father has already helped her Use rubber bands to tie coins of different amounts so that they won’t get loose in the bag.


Don’t ask why Yang Yi let Xixi carry so much money in her small schoolbag!


In fact, there is no hidden danger of insecurity – how could Yang Yi not consider these issues!


Yang Yi is driving, so there is no danger in the journey from home to the bank. After getting out of the car, he also made an excuse to help Xixi carry her small schoolbag, and it was not until she picked up the number and began to wait in the bank that Yang Yi handed the small schoolbag to Xixi.


The teller sister saw Xixi standing sideways and trying to concentrate before putting a large bundle of change into the groove. A clear light flashed in her eyes, although she still smiled and did not express I came out, but I still sighed inwardly: “Sure enough!”


But in the next scene, she was dumbfounded!


I saw Xixi. After putting away the bundle, she didn’t give up and took out a bundle of money in her schoolbag. When everyone thought she was all that was needed, Xixi started to take out money again. This time, It’s a big stack of red bills…


At this moment, Miss Teller’s heart is racing, and she wants to cry without tears: Are all the children now so rich?


And looking at Xixi’s movements, she has no intention of stopping.


Miss the teller grabbed the large bundle of big bills that Xixi had stuffed in her hand, and silently weighed it. By the way, she made up Xixi’s “New Year’s money” with the hundreds of dollars she shamelessly received this year. a comparison.


“Wow!” In her heart, the young lady burst into tears with sadness.



After depositing the money, Xixi handed the card to her father for safekeeping. She happily clutched the deposit receipt, couldn’t wait to go home, and then ran to her mother.


I saw the little girl laughing and spreading her hands forward: “Mama, look, look, I saved a lot of money!”


“Alright, alright, I wish you an early day to become a millionaire!” Murphy said angrily, looking at the little girl’s proud appearance showing off to herself.


If anyone has the ability to read minds, it is estimated that they can see Murphy’s muttering in his heart at the moment: Humph, it’s not as much as a fraction of my mother’s!


After showing off with her mother, Xixi went back to the bedroom upstairs. She would put the deposit receipt in her treasure chest where she kept some interesting little things.


However, at this time, the little girl glanced at the wooden treasure chest that contained her gold coins.


Yes, I still have some small assets!


The little girl happily sat on the bed with her wooden treasure chest in her arms, opened it, and began counting her gold coins in a jingle.


Before the Chinese New Year, Xixi still saved some “gold coins” because she was very diligent in helping her father clean the house and pack up the luggage that she brought back to her hometown.


After counting, Xixi was pleasantly surprised to find that she had twenty-six gold coins!


“It’s not enough for a hundred gold coins!” Xixi thought.


The little girl had a bold idea in her heart.



In February, in Yangcheng, spring flowers are blooming. Although the traditional Spring Festival flower markets have ended, the public places such as parks and squares are still full of flowers and flowers are still blooming!


In this beautiful season, the local government of Yangcheng also held the Lingnan Book Fragrance Festival, so that the fragrance of books and flowers together edified this beautiful city.


Yu Ying also brought Yu Xiaowei and her mother to Yangcheng as a guest!


As one of the top ten outstanding authors selected by Sahara Press last year, Yu Ying is of course qualified to be selected by Sahara Press as a representative to participate in this book festival in Yangcheng.


For the first time to participate in such a large-scale event, Yu Ying was a little flattered.


You know, participating in the Book Festival is not just a business event, it’s as simple as signing autographs for fans of books! According to the itinerary given to her by her editor-in-chief Wen Xuefeng, Yu Ying has to give a keynote speech on behalf of the authors supported by the “Children’s Book Author Support Fund”, and will also participate in an important author salon.


These are all important steps for her to become a celebrity writer!


Of course, Yu Ying also understands that it is because her book “Little Bubbchi’s Adventures” sold so well that Sahara Publishing House did such great efforts to package and promote her this year.


No matter what, from the itinerary, Yu Ying didn’t have any plans today. She decided to take her daughter and mother to the famous commercial pedestrian street in Yangcheng and buy some beautiful clothes.


It’s all women after all!


When you come to Yangcheng, why not go shopping for clothes?


On the pedestrian street, they didn’t feel tired at all. They got in and out of the shops. They laughed and laughed along the way. Even the shy Yu Xiaowei had a happy smile on her face. .


“Mom, let’s go and see that, shall we?” The little girl also put forward her own wishes, pointing to a boutique shop next to the milk tea shop, and said to her mother with great interest.


“Let’s go, Mommy will buy you whatever you want to buy today!” Yu Ying’s pockets have swelled up in the past few months, although she is not willing to spend extravagantly – the money has been temporarily saved by her to buy more Several houses, but at this time, she also said generously.


In the boutique, Yu Xiaowei held her mother’s hand and turned her head to look left and right Some were dazzled by these beautiful trinkets and pendants.


But in the end, her eyes still fell on a row of small sunny doll pendants.


Others are a little too bright, delicate, and even bells and whistles! On the contrary, these sunny dolls with simple styles and simple and cute colors and patterns are more suitable for Xiaowei’s taste.


The smiley face outlined with three curved lines is extremely simple. The only color is its neck. Some are a small blue tick line, some are a small red tick line, and other parts are It’s pure white, not to mention, this small sunny doll is really pretty!


Yu Xiaowei reached out and touched, the ceramic material, her fingertips returned a smooth and delicate touch, and some cool comfort, which made the little girl even more fond of it.


“Do you like this?” Seeing this, Yu Xiaowei knew that her daughter was excited, and said with a smile, “You can buy a pair! It’s very beautiful to hang on your schoolbag!”


Yu Xiaowei pursed her happy little mouth, turned her head, a little embarrassed, and asked her mother in a low voice, “Mom, can I buy more? I want to give it to Xixi and the others.”


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